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10 Best Wood Glues – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Top Wood Glues – Guide & Comparison


Wood is a wonderful natural material and having more information regarding the best wood glues on the market is important in order to choose the right product for any specific type of woodwork. Our in-depth wood glue review and buying guide can help you find the option that is best for your needs. After analyzing and comparing what the top-rated products in this line have to offer, we have concluded that the Gorilla Indoor/Outdoor Wood Glue is the one you should consider. It is a versatile glue that can be used for softwood, hardwood, and natural wood composites. It provides a strong hold for a variety of projects, including carpentry and household repairs. It is affordable, easy to apply, and can be cleaned with water. If this product is not available for purchase, we recommend taking a look at Titebond 5004 II Premium Wood Glue, a product with similar benefits.



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10 Best Wood Glues (Updated Reviews) in 2024



If you are looking for the best wood glue that will suit your needs, whether it is for carpentry, household repairs, or craft projects, check out our wood glue reviews below. We have examined the value of the top-rated wood glues on the market, in order to provide you with updated information.



1. Gorilla Indoor/Outdoor Wood Glue


Whether you need to fix some broken pieces of furniture or have a creative wood project in mind, a good wood glue is a must-have. The Gorilla wood glue is versatile enough to be used by professional carpenters as well as people with no experience in woodwork. Also, it works just as well on hardwood as it does on softwood and natural wood composites.

The design of the bottle makes it easy to apply, and it has a light texture due to its water-based composition. It requires 20 to 30-minute clamping time. Keep in mind that any glue for wood requires a day or two to fully dry. This adhesive takes 24 hours to become completely dry, and the result is a strong hold, with a natural color bond line.

Thanks to its strength and water resistance, this wood adhesive can be used indoors as well as outdoors.



If you are looking for a cheap wood glue that is strong enough for fixing broken wood items around the house, and that’s also easy to use, the Gorilla wood glue is a safe choice.

This water-based glue dries fast and becomes fully cured in 24 hours; plus, the end result looks good because it dries in a natural color. 

It’s a versatile wood glue that can be used outdoors or indoors, for repairs, carpentry, or DIY wood projects; it offers a strong hold, and it is tested for water resistance.



It has a runny texture, which means that it can drip easily if you over apply; make sure to wipe any dripping with water before it dries. 

Also, if you’ve applied too much, it might take longer than 24 hours to completely dry; plus, for best results, it’s advisable to sand the surface beforehand, with sandpaper.

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2. Titebond 5004 II Premium Wood Glue


The Titebond II wood glue is particularly good for outdoor applications because it is tested for water resistance, it sets up fast, and it is freeze/thaw stable. Unlike cheap wood glues, this premium adhesive provides excellent bond strength with a fast drying time so that you can do more in less time.

It comes in a 16-ounce bottle, and it has a cream color, which becomes translucent when it dries. That is why it’s a great choice for light-colored furniture. Plus, it’s easy to use for beginner woodworkers, and it can also be used with various gluing systems. It is also easy to clean with a wet cloth, in case it drips.

Due to the fact that it is non-toxic and solvent-free, it’s also suitable for indoor use, and it is FDA-approved for indirect food contact, which means it can be safely used for culinary items such as cutting boards.



This weatherproof wood glue is excellent for any exterior use, from outdoor furniture to birdhouses, because it is freeze stable, quick-drying, and water-resistant.

It’s FDA-approved for indirect food contact and is thus non-toxic and safe to use for culinary wood items. 

Due to its natural color and translucent finish, it’s adequate for light-colored pieces of furniture; plus, with the 16-ounce bottle, you get a long-lasting amount for a good price. 

It works well with different gluing systems, like radio frequency or hot press ones, and it’s easy to use for both professional or beginner carpenters.



The 16-ounce bottle may be too big for gluing very small parts or narrow cracks.; however, you can simply dip a small brush into the glue or use a syringe.

Remember to keep the bottle tightly closed; plus, make sure the top of the bottle is clean after each use, otherwise, you might not be able to take the top off.

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3. Elmer’s E7310 Carpenter’s Wood Glue Max


Elmer’s wood glue is a great option for household repairs as well as any outdoor project, including house renovations. It comes in a 16-ounce container that is practical and easy to use. Its texture is not too runny, and it looks clear when it dries out. 

One of the strongest wood glue options on the market, this adhesive creates an extra-strong bond, with a 20 to 30-minute clamp time and a total drying time of 24 hours. It is safe to use because it’s non-toxic, and it doesn’t release dangerous fumes. Plus, it’s easy to clean up with a wet cloth.

This versatile wood glue is great for the outdoors because it’s not only water-resistant, but also resistant to heat, mold, and mildew. It offers a great-looking end result, thanks to the fact that you can sand, paint, or even stain the item after using this wood glue. 



Due to its innovative formula, this waterproof wood glue is also stainable, and the finished look will be even better if the glue is not entirely dry when you stain; you can also sand it and paint over it.

It provides a very strong bond for wood items, and it’s great for household repairs; it is also great for exterior projects because it’s resistant to mold, mildew, and heat.

It’s easy to use thanks to the bottle and top design, and it’s also easy to clean with water; also, you don’t need to worry about safety because it’s non-toxic. 



Keep in mind that you need to allow the wood glue enough time to dry, for best results; this wood adhesive has a 20 to 30-minute clamp time and bonds completely after 24 hours.

Also, it’s advisable to prepare the surface before using the glue so that it can adhere perfectly.

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4. Titebond 5063 Original Wood Glue


Titebond Original is an affordable wood glue that is great for indoor use, household maintenance, and regular repairs. It’s also adequate for musical instruments such as guitars. Beginners can use this wood glue successfully right away, without having to mix it with something else or moisten the surface before gluing.

The 8-ounce bottle is easy to use and doesn’t spill. It has a fast setting time and doesn’t require more than half an hour for clamping. This allows you to be more productive in a shorter time. Plus, it’s not messy, and you can easily clean it up with water if it does drip or if you overapplied.

This wood glue is designed for professional strength, without spending too much money, and it’s also versatile, which means that sanding or other finishes won’t damage it. Also, thanks to the non-toxic composition, you don’t need to worry about safety.



If you are looking for a high-quality wood glue for indoor maintenance or music instruments repairs, that is also affordable, Titebond Original is a good choice as it provides professional bond strength, with fast drying time.

It can be used right away because it doesn’t require mixing or getting the surface wet before using it, which makes it great for beginners; plus, the nozzle of the bottle ensures a versatile application.

Another positive aspect is that it is non-toxic and can be easily cleaned up with water; also, it is not affected by finishes, so you can sand it with no problem.



The Original version is an indoor-only wood glue, and, despite its extra-strength, it cannot be used for outdoor projects because it is not water-resistant. 

Also, make sure you store this product at a proper temperature, otherwise, it might freeze, and you won’t be able to use it.

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5. Titebond 1415 III Ultimate Wood Glue


The best glue for wood should be extra-strong, suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, and also easy to use. The Titebond III wood glue has the qualities that make it a great option for professional use. It offers superior strength while also being waterproof.

Despite its strength and high water resistance, it can still be cleaned up with water, while it hasn’t dried. Plus, it doesn’t contain solvents or toxic substances, and it is FDA-approved for indirect food contact, which means it’s safe to use for culinary items.

The superior bond strength of this adhesive makes it great for furniture manufacturing. The 32-ounce bottle has an applicator designed for easy use. Plus, it has a thin consistency that seeps into the wood and also allows more time for adjustments before clamping. It can even be used for filling in case of mistakes, by simply mixing it with some sawdust. 



It provides superior bond strength, which makes it adequate for professional carpentry and woodwork. 

This is a versatile wood glue that can be used for exterior applications because it is waterproof, as well as for culinary wood items because it is FDA-approved.

Compared to a fast-drying wood glue, this one takes more time to set up in order to allow adjustments before clamping; it can also be used for fixing mistakes, by mixing it with sawdust.

Although it is a powerful adhesive, the product is non-toxic, solvent-free, and can be cleaned up by using water. 



Titebond III is not one of the most affordable wood glues; also, keep in mind that once you use it, you cannot go back to fix a mistake because the bond is very strong.

Remember to clean the tip after every use because it tends to clog, and the dry glue is difficult to remove.

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6. Gorilla Indoor/Outdoor Clear Glue


This versatile glue can bond not only wood, but also glass, ceramic, metal, and stone. That is why it’s great for fixing everyday items or for DIY creative projects. It comes in a convenient 5.75-ounce bottle with an applicator for easy use that doesn’t clog. 

You can use it right away, just keep in mind that non-wood surfaces should be slightly damp before applying the glue and that you need to ensure the right pressure for the glue to set.

When you apply it, it doesn’t foam, and the end result looks clear without turning yellow over time. Plus, it works well for exterior applications, too, because it is water-resistant. It provides a strong bond, and it can be used for a variety of items. The 2-hour clamp time is longer compared to other wood glues, and it also requires 24 hours to become completely dry. 



This glue works well for a variety of materials, from wood and stone to glass, ceramic, and metal, which makes it a versatile option for different items.

It comes in a 5.75-ounce bottle with an applicator, and it’s easy to apply; also, it doesn’t foam up, and it provides a clear finish that doesn’t change over time. 

Plus, it is water-resistant, which means that it can also be used for outdoor applications. 

This clear glue is not only versatile and easy to use, but it also provides a very strong bond.



This glue is not adequate for polyethylene or polypropylene plastic; also, it is not waterproof, only water-resistant, which means it should not be continuously exposed to water.

Another downside is that it is not fast drying; you have to apply pressure to the surfaces you have glued together and then let the glue set for 24 hours.

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7. Titebond 3703 Cross-Linking Polyvinyl Acetate Dark Wood Glue


Most wood glues have a light yellow color and a translucent or light finish, which is suitable for softwood furniture and various wood items that have a lighter shade. However, they don’t look good on hardwood. This Titebond glue is specifically designed for medium to hard types of wood, such as walnut, oak, teak, or rosewood.

The dark brown color of this wood glue is adequate for any type of hardwood furniture, which is darker than softwoods. Plus, it works well as a wood floor glue for laminate floors in darker shades. It can also be used for exterior applications because it is water-resistant and even weatherproof. 

This dark wood glue provides the same strong bond and fast drying time as the Titebond II regular version. It comes in an 8-ounce bottle with a convenient applicator for easy application. Plus, it is also sandable and compatible with other finishes.



This dark brown wood glue dries down to a very dark shade that is suitable for hardwoods, especially walnut, oak, and rosewood, as well as wood floors in darker shades.

It can be used for interior, as well as exterior woodwork projects, due to the fact that it is water-resistant and weatherproof.

It’s as strong and quick-drying as the regular Titebond II wood glue, and it’s also adapted for sanding and other types of finishes.



Due to its dark color and finish, this wood glue can only be used for wood items and pieces of furniture that are dark; this also means that it’s not advisable to use light paint over it.

Also, keep in mind that this dark wood glue requires the same clamping time as the lighter wood glues and a 24-hour period to be fully cured.

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8. Titebond Instant Bond Thick Wood Adhesive


This wood glue is specifically created for quick repairs and projects that involve pieces of smaller sizes because it sets very fast, with a shorter clamping time than what is usually required, or even no clamping at all. It takes less than a minute for this glue to set.

It is also a versatile adhesive, which works well not just for wood, but also other types of surfaces, such as PVC, acrylic, natural rubber, and MDF. It comes in a 2-ounce bottle with an applicator that doesn’t clog, which is great for a fast and easy application. 

Plus, this glue is triple distilled in order to have a thick and clear consistency. Unlike thinner ones, it’s not messy, and it sets fast. Thanks to its thick texture, it works well for filling gaps. Heat resistance and solvent resistance also make this fast-drying wood glue a good option for outdoor applications. 



When you don’t have enough time to wait for a wood glue to set or to clamp the pieces together, this wood adhesive is a practical choice that saves time. 

The product sets in a few seconds, without clamping or with minimal clamping, and is also a good option for small pieces.

It has a thick consistency, obtained through a process of triple distillation, that doesn’t drip, isn’t messy, and helps create an instant bond; it’s thick enough to be used for gap filling as well.

This is a versatile and practical glue, and it’s adequate for a variety of materials, from wood and MDF to natural rubber, PVC, granite, and acrylic. 

It comes in a small bottle with an applicator that doesn’t clog, which is good for fast applications.



For an instant bond, this wood glue requires adding an accelerator; however, even without one, it still has a fast setting time.

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9. Titebond Quick & Thick Multi-Surface Glue


If you are looking for a versatile glue that is easy to use and clean, the Titebond Quick Glue is a good choice. Although it is water-based, it has a thick consistency, and it dries faster than typical water-based glues. It’s adequate for porous materials such as wood, as well as various semi-porous materials, including glass, ceramic, stone, or leather.

It’s a great choice for indoor applications, such as household repairs, craft projects, or filling gaps. Thanks to the practical applicator and thick consistency, it can be applied easily without making a mess. Plus, it takes only a few minutes to become tacky.

Before it becomes dry, it can be easily cleaned with water. It provides a strong bond, and it dries clear, which makes it adequate for finer objects, such as musical instruments or frames for paintings. It comes in a convenient 2-pack of 8 ounces each.



Ideal for indoor projects that require fast drying time, this glue is easy to use because it allows a precise application, without dripping, it becomes tacky fast, and it’s easy to clean with water. 

It dries clear, so it can be used on light-colored objects or delicate objects, and you can also paint over it without any problems.

It is also a versatile glue for a variety of surfaces, from wood or stone to glass and leather, so it can be used for different types of home repairs or creative projects.

Plus, it comes in a practical 2-pack, and each bottle is 8 ounces.



This wood glue is not adequate for outdoor applications because it is not water-resistant or weather-resistant. 

Also, keep in mind that it dries in a very short time; therefore, be careful about making mistakes because you won’t have too much time for readjustments.

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10. Titebond Wood Glue Molding and Trim


Working on finish trims, crown moldings, or window casings is a special type of carpentry that requires precise control, fast drying time and, in many cases, applying the wood glue vertically. The Titebond wood glue for moldings and trims is specifically designed for this type of woodwork. 

Plus, because it doesn’t have a runny consistency, it can be successfully used for filling gaps or cracks. It has a very thick consistency that doesn’t drip, therefore allowing vertical applications as well as horizontal ones. With an application time of 4 to 5 minutes, it’s suitable for any type of project that requires fast drying time, while also allowing sufficient assembly time. 

Keep in mind that it requires 24 hours to fully cure. It comes in a 16-ounce bottle and has a beige color. Before it starts to set, it can be cleaned with water. Also, it can be sanded.



Specifically designed for vertical application and narrow or small surfaces, this wood glue is great for finish trims, crown moldings, and window casings; also, it’s adequate for filling small cracks or gaps.

Unlike other types of glue that are runny and messy, this wood glue has a thick consistency, it’s easy to apply without getting messy, and it dries quickly, while still giving you enough time for assembly. 

It has an application time of no more than 5 minutes, it can be cleaned with water, and it is also sandable.



Remember to clean the top after each use and to put the cap back on, otherwise, the glue might become dry inside the bottle; also, you could store it upside down as this will make it easier to use for your next application.

This isn’t the most versatile wood glue, but it’s good for specific applications on moldings and trims.

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Our comprehensive buying guide


Wood is still one of the most widely used building materials due to its important qualities, which include durability, natural color, and a unique, porous texture that makes assembly easier. These particular characteristics require the use of a specific type of glue, which can create a bond that is stronger than wood, for long-lasting results, and that doesn’t affect the quality and finish of the wood itself. 

Wood glues are, therefore, specifically designed for wood. However, there are significant distinctions between them, and knowing what things you should consider when choosing the wood glue for your next project will help you get an excellent result.

Wood glue composition 

There are several types of wood glues with different compositions. The type of wood glues that are most commonly used are based on polyvinyl acetate, which is why they are called PVA wood glues, also known as white glues. This water-based composition is adequate for wood and derivatives, such as cardboard and paper. It ensures sufficient time for assembly.

Another advantage of PVA wood glue is that any excess or dripping can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth, as long as it is still not dry. The main disadvantage is the extensive cure time, generally 24 hours. Also, it typically has a runny consistency, and application can get messy.

Other types of wood glue are designed for specific purposes. For example, CA glue or instant glue is based on cyanoacrylate, it bonds in a very short time, and it sometimes eliminates clamping. It’s also good for filling gaps. Molding and trim glues have a very thick consistency and are best for any type of woodwork that requires a vertical application.


Drying time

For the best results, you need to follow the wood glue dry time indications. Most wood glues require applying some kind of pressure on the parts that have been glued together for a specific amount of time. 

The time between applying the glue and clamping is known as the open clamping time. This is when the assembly is actually done. Then, the closed clamping time indicates how long the pressure must be applied. Most PVA wood glues have a 20 to 30-minute clamp time. A glue cures or sets completely in 24 hours. 

Application and safety

It’s best to choose wood glues that are non-toxic, without harmful fumes, which are safe to use. Texture is important for the type of project you are working on. Adhesives with a thin consistency are not good for filling cracks, but they can be easier to work with and easier to clean. 

Always keep a wet cloth at hand and try to protect the surrounding area from eventual drippings. If you are working with softwood, choose wood glues that have a clear finish when they dry. For hardwood, you can go for dark adhesives that will match the color of the wood. 



Keep in mind that all wood glues have a shelf life. Once you open a bottle, you need to use it in a limited time. It’s also important to make sure that the applicator is clean after each use and that the cap is on, otherwise, it can clog, and you won’t be able to use the rest of the glue. Also, it’s advisable to store it at the proper temperature.



Frequently asked questions


Q: How long does wood glue take to dry?

‘How long does it take for wood glue to dry?’ is an important question, and the answer depends primarily on the type of wood glue that you are using. Most PVA wood glues require a 20 to 30-minute clamping time and 24 hours to fully cure. 

This means that after the application and the assembly, the parts that have been glued need to stay bound for a certain amount of time. After removing the clamps, it takes approximately a day for the wood glue to cure.

If you want to reduce the clamping time or even to eliminate it completely, you can use a CA wood glue, which has a different composition and consistency. This type of glue takes less than a minute to set and only a few hours to cure. However, instant glue usually requires the additional use of an accelerator, and it offers less time for assembly.

Q: Is waterproof glue a must?

Most household repairs, craft projects, and any indoor carpentry can be done with wood glue that is not water-resistant. Water-resistance is an essential attribute only for outdoor applications. 

Therefore, you can use a versatile wood glue that works for both interior and exterior applications, or you can choose wood glues that are specifically adapted for the outdoors.

Wood glues that are adequate for exterior projects need to be waterproof and also resistant to extreme conditions such as frost or heat. Some of them can be applied at a lower temperature. Plus, some are even resistant to mold and mildew. 

These characteristics ensure a long-lasting result for outdoor furniture or any other woodwork that is designed for the outdoors. 

Water-resistance is an essential quality for exterior applications, but it is not a must for regular indoor projects. Wood glues that are designed for interior use are not waterproof.


Q: Is wood glue stronger than screws?

When it comes to wood glues, the first question people ask is ‘how strong is wood glue?’. Wood glues are continuously evolving, and their strength is increasing more and more. Wood glues were designed to be stronger than the wood itself. 

This literally means that, if you tried to break two pieces of wood that have been glued together, they would break somewhere else, and the glued section would remain intact. This is how strong wood glue can be.

Wood glue has numerous uses. In various carpentry projects, it is often used for holding large pieces of wood together while the screws or bolts are being attached to the wood. In other projects, it can be successfully used instead of screws.

Therefore, it depends on the type of woodwork and the type of wood itself. Wood glue can be stronger than screws, but this doesn’t mean it can completely replace them.



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