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10 Best Tractor Seats Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Tractor Seat Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you spend a great number of hours driving your tractor, using the best tractor seat is mandatory in order to prevent back pain and discomfort. Thankfully, the market does not run short when it comes to such items, yet this means that finding the right one for your needs might prove to be a time-consuming task. To simplify your shopping and decision-making process, we have taken a closer look at several such products and concluded that the first option to consider is the Stens Waterproof High Back Seat. This product was built to pair the hours you spend catering to your farm-related needs with comfort and thus features a design that promotes a healthy back position so that you can reduce any discomfort or lumbar pain. The materials used were selected based on their durability, and the seat should withstand the test of time. What’s more, the vinyl employed is fully waterproof. If this item is temporarily out of stock, a reliable alternative in terms of quality is the Northern Tool Black Talon Highback Kubota 530000BK .



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10 Best Tractor Seats (Updated Reviews) in 2024



When it comes to the comfort and safety of your back, a cheap tractor seat might not do the work. Look for an item that provides increased support to the lumbar area and is wide enough for you to move freely and prevent fatigue. Showcased below you can find some of the most critically-acclaimed tractor seats on the market and their in-depth reviews.



1. Stens Waterproof High Back Seat


Built to add comfort to the time you spend driving your tractor and keep up with extended use, this seat is an option you might want to consider before you decide on a product. Driving a tractor for hours to cater to various farm-related needs will have a word to say if you don’t use a comfortable and thoughtfully-designed tractor seat. That’s why Stens came up with this model.

The seat features a design that provides back support and thus helps reduce fatigue and discomfort. Besides making it more comfortable for you to drive your tractor for hours, this product was built to make sure that you get to use it for a long time before replacement is needed. 

The materials employed for its construction are corrosion-resistant, and the vinyl featured is fully waterproof. This is a replacement part and fits the following models: John Deere Gator XUV 825i, Gator RSX 850i,  and Gator XUV 855D Diesel.



If you’re on the lookout for a tractor seat that is comfortable and durable, this model from Stens is worth considering as it was built to deliver such benefits.

The product features a high-back design that will support your back and thus help you reduce fatigue and discomfort when engaging in long tractor rides. 

Using it for a long time shouldn’t be a problem as the seat is equipped with corrosion-resistant materials that are not only durable but also easy to clean. 

The vinyl used is fully waterproof and won’t allow moisture to soak in, and the seat also comes with a central drain hole to prevent water from accumulating. 

Thanks to the multi-hole mounting design, installing it is nothing complicated; plus, the unit fits various tractor models. 



This seat uses SAE bolts, so make sure that you use the right ones when installing it in order not to cause any damage. 

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2. Northern Tool Black Talon Highback Kubota 530000BK


Made of sturdy materials, this metal tractor seat will last you a lifetime. The heavy-duty vinyl covering adds comfort and cushion and won’t break or cut easily. The product features integrated vinyl and polystyrene foam molding to absorb shocks and ensure increased comfort in the long term. It is designed to keep your back in the right position, preventing lumbar pain and fatigue.

The contour lines on the back and base of the seat ensure proper air ventilation between the seat and operator, which translates into a more comfortable product that won’t cause overheating or sweating even in high temperatures.

The item is designed to fit a wide array of compact tractors, including selected models from other manufacturers such as Kumiai, Mitsubishi, Rhino, Mahindra, and Massey Ferguson. And, have we mentioned the five compressed discs technology that absorbs shocks during bumpy rides? Thanks to it, you can say goodbye to your lumbar pain for good.



With the right mounting bracket, this seat can accommodate various tractor models and manufacturers, including Mitsubishi and Kumiai.

The steel structure and high-quality vinyl exterior ensure maximum durability without feeling too hard on your back.

The soft foam filling is designed to absorb shocks and provide increased comfort for your back, behind, and arms, even when operating your vehicle for long hours.

The seat also benefits from contour lines on the back and base to promote proper air circulation and prevent overheating and sweating.



We suggest you carefully read these tractor seat reviews to identify the compatible models and avoid purchasing an item that will not fit your vehicle or will make for a wobbly fit that doesn’t provide enough sturdiness.

The covering material seems rather thin so it may cut or wear out in time, especially if you’re driving your tractor for many hours daily.

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3. Sunbelt Lawn Mower Seat Black Universal B1LGT100BL


Available in three color choices, including yellow for a pop of style, this seat is designed to fit many models from Bobcat, Ford New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Allis-Chamers, John Deere, and others. It is made of heavy-duty steel and features a molded vinyl cover to add cushion and support for your back and the entire lumbar area.

It is wide enough to fit you comfortably and will absorb shocks during a bumpy ride. The drain hole in the seat is specifically designed to promote air ventilation and ensure maximum breathability for you. This way, you won’t get that sticky, sweaty sensation even when it’s 100 degrees outside.

What we like about this seat is that it fits many models of UTVs, ATVs, tractors, golf carts, lawnmowers, and other construction and farming equipment, meaning you won’t have a hard time mounting it on your vehicle, thanks to its numerous mounting holes.



It may not be exactly a universal tractor seat but, thanks to its multiple mounting holes, it can fit a wide array of brands, models, and construction or farming equipment, including tractors, lawnmowers, and even ATVs, and golf carts.

It is made of strong, durable, and reliable materials that won’t bend, break or cut even when exposed to constant wear.

The vinyl cover provides increased cushioning and comfort for your lumbar area, absorbing shocks and providing a smoother ride on various types of terrains.

If you cannot make your seat to exactly match the holes in the mounting plate of your vehicle, you can always drill new holes for a perfect fit.



Despite its wide design, the seat is not adjustable at the back, so you may have a hard time finding the right position for your back or neck if you’re a person taller than the average.

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4. Trac Seats Black Brand Waffle Suspension Seat


Why not drive your vehicle in style with the help of this garden tractor seat? The product is specifically designed to fit many Ford New Holland tractor models, including Jubilee, NAA, 9N, 2N, and 8N, so you can easily mount it in less than an hour with the proper tools.

The heavy-duty steel construction will resist wearing and will maintain its sturdiness for many years. The high-quality vinyl cover is thick enough to prevent tearing and cuts, while the extra padding adds support and comfort to your behind, neck, and back.

The sturdy construction of the seat will also absorb shocks and will make even the bumpiest ride feel comfortable. The item supports a total weight of 265 pounds and, thanks to the 5-position angle tilt, it allows forward and backward adjustment for people of various heights. However, the backrest’s height is not adjustable, so it may not provide the back support you are looking for.



Designed with sturdiness in mind, the product features a heavy-duty steel construction that will last you many years.

The Trac seats feature a unique suspension system that absorbs shocks and puts less pressure on your spine and tush, even when the ride is bumpy. This way, you can keep a straight back posture and prevent pain and fatigue.

The extra-quality vinyl covers are UV-resistant and waterproof, making the seat suitable for a wide array of vehicles, including lawnmowers.

The seat comes with plenty of mounting holes to match various vehicles and tractor models.



The open-back design of the seat might provide increased air ventilation and breathability but it won’t support the lower back and your lumbar area, which may lead to pain and even injuries and fractures. If you’re constantly dealing with bumpy and irregular terrains, we suggest opting for a full tractor seat that offers cushion to your entire back area.

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5. Husqvarna 583171701 Lawn Tractor Seat


If your old lawn tractor seat no longer provides you with the comfort you need and a new one is required, this model from Husqvarna might be of interest, given the way it was built and the fact that it is compatible with many lawn tractors. 

The manufacturer’s official website offers the list of models this unit works with. This is a replacement part, so make sure to check the list before purchasing it to learn more about its compatibility. Considering its design, this lawn tractor seat should help you cater to your needs and provide you with back support and comfort. 

The unit was designed not only to reduce your back discomfort and fatigue while you’re driving your tractor but also to last, hence the quality materials used. Installing it should not pose any challenge as long as your tractor is among the ones included in the compatibility list and you use the right bolts.



Easy to install and compatible with a variety of lawn tractors, this seat should not go unchecked before you decide on a product. 

This is a replacement part designed to fit many tractors; just make sure to check the list of compatible models prior to your purchase.

Since yard-related jobs or similar activities that include the use of a lawn tractor might stretch over hours, this unit was built to provide you with back support and thus help you reduce fatigue. 

The product comes with a manual to help you install it properly and easily, so even if this is the first time you install such a product, the process should not pose any insurmountable challenge.

Besides the comfort ensured, the unit features a design that should complement many riding lawn tractors.



This seat model is designed only for Craftsman lawn tractors, and the box does not include a safety switch. 

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6. Al Products Deluxe Mower Seat High Back


This item is available in three color choices, including grey and yellow, so you can pick the right one according to your preferences. The durable construction ensures you will enjoy the same comfortable ride many seasons from now on, no matter where you choose to mount the seat on.

And, speaking of, this almost-universal product is suitable for a wide array of tractor manufacturers and other vehicles, including UTVs, ATVs, golf carts, lawnmowers, and other farm equipment.

The seat is made of high-quality materials and features a waterproof vinyl cover designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain and snow. The multiple holes underneath allow you to easily mount the product in less than an hour, provided you have the tools and knowledge.

The drain hole at the bottom is perfect for keeping the rain away and ensures proper air ventilation at the same time, keeping your body cool and dry, regardless of the temperatures outside or inside the tractor.



The classic design of this seat makes it suitable for numerous tractor models and other vehicles, while the multiple-hole pattern ensures easy mounting.

It features a drain hole in the seat, perfect for keeping water away from damaging the vinyl cover. Besides, it ensures good air circulation to prevent overheating and sweating.

The product is weatherproof and waterproof, making it a great choice for people who ride their vehicles in all weather conditions, including when it’s raining or snowing outside.

The item provides enough cushion and back support to increase comfort and prevent fatigue or back pain.



This product lacks certain features such as a safety switch or a seat adjuster which may not add comfort in the long term.

Although the manufacturer claims it fits various models of lawnmowers and tractors, we do suggest that you carefully compare the measurements of this seat to the ones of your vehicle to make sure this is the right product.

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7. All States Ag Parts Compact Tractor Seat


Classic and sturdy, this lawn tractor seat is compatible with various vehicle manufacturers, including New Holland, Ford, and Mitsubishi tractors such as 1000, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1510, and others. Check the details for a full list of tractor models.

The steel frame construction ensures sturdiness and stability in the long term, while the black polyurethane cover provides increased comfort when sitting.

The seat is wide enough to accommodate people of various weights and body shapes and features a central drain hole to prevent water from doing any damage. Besides, it ensures proper air ventilation to keep your back cool and dry throughout the day, no matter the temperature outside.

The waterproof design makes the seat a great choice for various vehicles, including ATVs and UTVs, and the hole panel underneath offers easy mounting. Also, the item is delivered with all necessary mounting hardware and flip brackets.



Weighing 41 pounds, the seat features a strong and reliable steel frame and black polyurethane cover for added comfort and shock absorption.

The product is waterproof and won’t be affected by wear or harmful UV rays in the long term.

One of the great features of the seat is the drain hole that prevents water from accumulating and damaging the product. Moreover, the same hole is designed to allow air circulation and prevent overheating.

It absorbs shocks and provides enough back support to ensure a good level of comfort even when driving your tractor for the entire day.



The product is considerably narrower than other items within the same price category, so we suggest ordering it only after you’ve tested it on your own.

The overall construction feels rather flimsy and wobbly, so make sure this seat is suitable for your tractor model and better than the original accessory.

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8. Blue Trac Seats Brand Waffle Style Universal


Why settle for a dull seat when you can brighten the interior of your tractor with the help of this bold and blue product? Designed with comfort and style in mind, the seat features a heavy-duty frame and high-quality padded vinyl cover. The product provides increased comfort and enough cushion and support for your back and behind.

The adjustable suspension system ensures improved shock absorption and helps you enjoy a less bumpy ride, regardless of the terrain you are driving on. Besides, it supports a maximum weight of 265 pounds, enough to accommodate most customers.

The seat features plenty of mounting holes to match a wide array of tractors and other vehicle models, which makes for easy mounting. The unique suspension system looks after your back and lumbar area, providing improved cushioning and protection to prevent injuries such as bruises or back pain. In the long term, your body will learn to appreciate the perks of this seat.



Although not entirely a universal seat, the product matches a wide array of vehicles and tractor models to ensure a comfortable ride to millions of people worldwide.

The unique adjustable suspension system provides increased protection for people up to 265 pounds, absorbing shocks, especially in the lumbar area.

The adjustable fore and after slide track position adds extra comfort.

The item is made of long-lasting and durable materials that won’t break, cut or wear easily, even when exposed to harsh weather conditions such as rain or direct sunlight.



The frame of the seat is not made of heavy steel, which means the armrest can bend quite easily, especially if you’re a heftier person.

The open-back design provides increased breathability and air ventilation but not enough lumbar and spine support, meaning you will still suffer from pain in the area if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

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9. Sunbelt Outdoor Products Riding Garden Tractor Deluxe Seat


Available in black and yellow, this classic seat fits various models from Toro, Yazoo, Western, Gilson, Dixon, Massey or Murray Mowers. The universal design and multiple hole mounting make the seat a great choice for various tractors from Honda, Husqvarna, John Deere, Bobcat, Bad Boy, Bush Hog, and many others.

The durable steel frame construction adds extra sturdiness, preventing your product from bending or breaking. It can also absorb shocks and, thanks to the polyurethane cover, it will also add comfort and enough back support when sitting.

It is not adjustable or too wide, so make sure it fits your body structure before ordering it. It is also somewhat rougher than other items that come with cushioning, so we don’t recommend using this seat for more than a couple of hours daily. Luckily, mowing your lawn is not a job that will take all day long, so you don’t need to worry about back or spine pain.



Designed to fit almost all lawnmowers on the market, the product features a sturdy steel frame that won’t break or corrode easily.

The waterproof polyurethane cover prevents water from damaging the seat, meaning you can use it in all weather conditions, even when it’s raining or snowing outside.

It is easy to mount and won’t require the use of special tools. If the mounting panel matches the mounting holes in the seat, installation is done in under one hour, even by inexperienced people.

It absorbs shocks to some degree but given that we are talking about lawnmowers with limited motors, you won’t need a fancy seat to do your job in your backyard.



The polyurethane cover is not the best option for a seat that is mainly used on vehicles without windows. In the summertime, this fabric can easily overheat, leading to excess sweating.

The product doesn’t offer enough cushioning and feels less comfortable than other seats.

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10. RapartsInc High-Back Tractor Seat John Deere


Although not exactly universal, the item is designed to fit various tractor models from John Deere, including 4200, 4210, and 4410. The product is made of reliable and high-quality materials that won’t break, bend, chip, cut or corrode, even when used for extended periods.

It comes with a sturdy plastic structure that resists wearing, while the vinyl covering adds extra cushioning and keeps your back and spine protected. The ergonomic shape ensures extra comfort and a correct body posture to prevent back pain. It is wide and provides enough space for almost all people, regardless of their body shape.

It doesn’t feature armrests but its height can be adjusted to meet the requirements of all customers and tractor models. The drain hole ensures proper air ventilation and keeps extra moisture away from your skin. However, bear in mind that this particular model doesn’t feature a provision for the safety switch.



Designed with comfort in mind, this product offers all the necessary back and spine support to prevent injuries and back pain.

The molded yellow vinyl cover provides increased comfort when seated and will absorb most shocks so you can enjoy a smoother ride, regardless of how bumpy the road is.

It is wide enough to fit most people and body types, with plenty of room to move and stretch to prevent fatigue.

The multiple mounting patterns make the seat compatible with various tractors and ensure easy installation.



Keep in mind that the seat requires the use of SAE bolts that are not included in the package. You shouldn’t reuse the original metric bolts provided with your first seat as they won’t fit.

The seat’s structure is made of plastic and not steel, meaning it will break or change shape when used extensively. We also recommend a seat with more cushion if you’re a full-time tractor driver.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


The seat that you are currently using inside your tractor or farming vehicle may not be suitable for the long run as it may not provide the necessary cushioning and support for your back.

Under these circumstances, you require a replacement tractor seat to suit your needs and perfectly mold on the shape of your back. Keep on reading to find the most important features to take into account to make sure you walk home not only with an affordable tractor seat but with the right accessory for your specific needs.



Durable materials

One of the main reasons people replace their old tractor seats with new ones is that the old ones have worn out. Constant friction, excessive moisture, and the low quality of the cover will cause the product to break, cut or wear in time, making it useless. Luckily, you get the chance to buy a replacement, and this time you can choose the quality of your product.

Opt for one made of durable materials, preferably with a steel or metal structure to last you many years from now on. The cover should also be made of faux leather, vinyl or other similar fabrics instead of textiles as the latter won’t last against constant friction and increased levels of moisture.


Breathable design

Even if you turn on the AC in your tractor or want to mount your seat in an open vehicle, spending long hours against your seat will make you sweat. If you don’t want extra moisture to ruin the cover of your seat, you should opt for a product that ensures proper air ventilation.

Breathable fabrics, mesh panels or even drain holes are some of the most common techniques used by seat manufacturers to make sure their products don’t cause overheating and sweating, especially to those who spend at least 7-8 hours daily in their vehicles.


Size and cushioning

You want your new seat to be wide enough for you to fit perfectly, preferably with some room to spare. Moreover, cushioning is important to prevent fatigue, back pains, and adding extra pressure on your spine and tushy.

Therefore, pick a chair that will support your overall weight and that is big enough to sit comfortably in without worrying about fatigue after driving or operating your vehicle for the entire day. And, if your height is above average, you will want a tractor suspension seat with an adjustable backrest to avoid neck pain.



Although you won’t find a universal seat that will match all series, models, and tractor manufacturers, you want one that can be easily mounted on your vehicle.

Most products are suitable for certain brands and models, so it would be best to check the seat’s description and make sure it fits your vehicle’s dimensions. In this case, mounting holes are mandatory – the more you have, the better. However, even when the product doesn’t perfectly fit your tractor, there is always the option of drilling more holes into it and make it fit.

Unfortunately, this solution is not always the best one as you may have to deal with a wobbly seat that is prone to breaking sooner or later. Besides, it will make the entire mounting process longer and more difficult.

We do recommend carefully reading the online tractor seat review for the product you want to purchase and even asking verified customers for their opinion on the item, as well as any additional information you would find relevant.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are all tractor seats universal?

As we previously mentioned, there is no such thing as a universal tractor seat but most products are designed so that they can fit various models and manufacturers. If you want to make sure you purchased the right one for your vehicle, check with the seat manufacturer or ask online for advice.

However, even when the seat model allegedly matches your tractor, you might find it difficult to mount the new product. Some items won’t fit perfectly, which will make your seat feel loose or wobbly, especially when dealing with a bumpy ride.

If this happens, you can always find a seat replacement or drill new holes in the one you already purchased to match the holes from the mounting plate. Just make sure you have the right tools and you know what you’re doing to prevent damaging the seat beyond repair.



Q: Should I remove the plastic from my tractor seat?

Working with heavy equipment or in the farming industry, you must have seen or heard of at least one person keeping the plastic foil on their tractor seat. And yes, “why?” is also the first question that pops into our heads when thinking about it.

Apart from making the seat slippery, the plastic cover will also keep your back and tushy cold, especially in winter or when temperatures drop. It will even make you sweatier in the summertime.

But, besides these aspects, some people still choose to keep their plastic cover on their tractor seats to protect them and prevent voiding the warranty. So, unless your tractor is brand new and you are perfectly happy with the factory seat, please remove the plastic from it and sit like a human being, feeling the fabric and enjoying its comfortable design.


Q: How do I replace my tractor seat with a new one?

Replacing the old tractor seat with a new one is not a difficult task, as long as you make sure you have a model that fits. So, to avoid surprises or having to drill additional mounting holes, don’t forget to check the old seat’s exact dimensions and compare them to the dimensions of the replacement seat.

There are plenty of online Youtube videos that show you how to change the seat of your tractor step-by-step with only a few accessories. The first thing you have to do is look at the mechanism of your old seat – it should have some bolts and some handles underneath to tilt it back and forth.

Use a Frenchman to remove the bolts and screws and tilt the seat until it loosens up and you can easily take it off the tractor. Take the new seat and make sure to mount it in the right holes and fix it until it stays firms.




1) The Influence of Tractor-Seat Height

2) Tractor seat cushion materials

3) The comfort of tractor operators is important

4) Ergonomic evaluation of the tractors seat



Unavailable products


 Concentric Black Waffle Style Universal Ford New Holland


Designed to cover a wide array of tractor models, this premium seat is perfect for long hours of work. You will feel just like a CEO in a real office as this tractor seat chair is made of high-quality materials and covered in a vinyl molded cushion. It provides increased comfort for your lumbar area to prevent fatigue and back pain and is adjustable to various heights to accommodate most people.

The maximum supported weight is 265 pounds and the multiple hole pattern makes it easy to mount on different types of Ford New Holland trucks such as 2000, 2610, 2910, 3010, 3910, 4000, 4100, 4600, and others.

The seat also features adjustable five-position angle base mounting to release back tension and help you find the right position for your back, behind, and arms. The fabric is thick yet breathable enough to ensure proper air ventilation, and prevent overheating.



The product is made of high-quality vinyl that won’t break or cut easily, ensuring long-lasting performance in all weather and humidity conditions.

The extra cushion absorbs shock and ensures a proper back posture to release tension and prevent back or lumbar pains.

The fabric is breathable and won’t facilitate overheating or sweating, even in the hot summer days with temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is completely adjustable and supports a maximum weight of 265 pounds, making it suitable for most people, regardless of their height.



Although it is listed as a universal tractor chair, don’t expect it to perfectly fit all models, not even the ones it should fit. It cannot be used on a lawn tractor either so we suggest you carefully measure the dimensions of your old seat before changing it with this one.

The installation will take time and effort so we recommend you ask a specialist for help.




Concentric Black Waffle Style Universal Suspension Seat


The product is designed to cover various models of Ford/New Holland tractors, including 600, 601, 5000, 5600, 5910, 6610, 7610, and many others. Although not universal, you have higher chances of this product fitting your tractor but make sure to carefully check its dimensions and compare them to the ones of your old seat for a close-to-perfect match.

The seat comes with premium features such as sturdy steel construction and vinyl-covered molded cushion for extra comfort and shock absorption. The adjustable weight suspension can protect customers up to 265 pounds and make sure any bumpy ride feels comfortable on the seat.

The adjustable base angle and slides closely follow your body position, perfectly molding on your back to absorb tension and prevent back or lumbar pain. We also liked that this seat is wider than others with a similar market value, catering to the needs of people with different body structures.



The product is suitable for various Ford/New Holland tractor models and, thanks to the multiple hole-fitting design, it can also be easily mounted on various other farming vehicles.

The adjustable base angle and slides provide increased comfort in the long term.

The adjustable weight suspension can absorb shocks and reduce discomfort for people up to 265 pounds, even when dealing with bumpy rides.

We also liked the premium vinyl used for covering the seat that provides extra cushion. It is UV-resistant and weather-resistant, meaning the seat is suitable for other vehicles without windows.



Although most customers who purchased the product were pleased with its overall quality, the seat doesn’t feature an open back, which won’t absorb shocks as well as a full seat. The backrest isn’t adjustable either, meaning taller people might have a difficult time finding the right back position for them.



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