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9 Best CMH Grow Lights Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best CMH Grow Light Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you want your plants to grow strong and powerful even when cultivated indoors, you’ll need the help of the best CMH grow light on the market. Going through numerous product reviews, we have concluded that an item worth your attention would be the TopoLite CMH Grow Light Fixture Kit. It comes available in various intensities, depending on the plants you are looking to grow and the surface of your crops. One single bulb provides a wide-enough light spectrum to be used for bloom stages. The product covers an area of 4×4 feet, helping you harvest more by reducing the costs of electricity bills. The new TopoLite provides a higher temperature, creating a type of light that resembles the one provided by the sun, so your crops will have all necessary conditions to grow strong and thrive. If this CMH light is not available for sale right away, a good alternative would be the TopoGrow Horizontal Enclosed Reflector.



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9 Best CMH Grow Lights (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Growing plants indoors or in small greenhouses has never been easier with the help of CMH grow lights. Showcased below, you can find a list with some of the most sought-after models on the market, together with their in-depth reviews, so you can find the most suitable type of light for the surface and the plants you are growing.



1. TopoLite CMH Grow Light Fixture Kit


Available in various sizes and power options, this professional horticultural lighting system benefits from the latest CMH technology, delivering a broad light spectrum similar to the sun itself.

The product can be used as a primary veg light or a supplemental full spectrum light for large flowering operations. It is designed to deliver a higher temperature, allowing crops to reach maturity faster for enhanced harvests. The full spectrum CMH lamp has more light in green, red, and yellow spectrums, suitable for all stages of growth, from seedling to flowering.

It is shipped with a solid suspension system that features an adjustable heavy-duty rope hanger. One bulb is enough to cover a total area of 4×4 feet, which means reduced electricity bills and bigger harvests. In total, the light has an expected lifespan of 20,000 hours.

The rope hangers are compatible with all-round and parabolic reflectors and perfect for hanging light fixtures, carbon filters, reflectors, and others.



The item is designed to deliver approximately 20,000 hours of continuous bright light.

The new CMH technology features more light in red, yellow, and green spectrums, meaning the light can be used for full growth, from the earliest stages of seedling to flowering. It also creates a higher temperature that is much closer to the one of the sun.

The reflector is made of imported German aluminum, lightweight and durable at the same time, capable of withstanding high temperatures and various weather conditions.

The unique open rated lamp construction will reduce the radiant heat from the arc tube.



The light is very hot, so before installing it, make sure your greenhouse or indoor growing lab benefits from improved air circulation or a flawless air conditioning unit. In the summertime or in temperatures that exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, you’ll even have more trouble with the unit running hot.

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2. TopoGrow Horizontal Enclosed Reflector


This CMH grow light is available in many different sizes and is optimized for the bloom phase. It features more red light that will produce the goods in both flower and vegetable. Besides, it delivers a light spectrum similar to the one of the sun and a higher temperature that will benefit your plants.

One standard light bulb is designed to cover a 4×4 feet area, which means reduced costs for your electricity bills and a bigger harvest in the long term. Standard MC bulbs count for approximately 10,000 hours of light but the latest CMH lights like this product can deliver around 24,000 hours, which is why more horticulturists prefer them.

The item features a sturdy reflective hood made of high-quality aluminum that is lightweight and boasts 98% reflectivity. Its unique texturing and contour design eliminates dead zones and hot spots for enhanced performances.



Benefiting from the latest CMH technology, this product is designed to last longer than other HID grow lights, counting for up to 24,000 hours of light, enough to assist your plants throughout their life cycles.

The balanced light spectrum is suitable for all grow stages and will deliver the UV supplementation necessary for your flowers and veggies to stay strong and healthy.

One light bulb is powerful enough to cover a 4×4 feet area which means a decrease in your monthly electricity bills and a boost in performance or bigger crops.

The product is made of high-quality aluminum that is lightweight and sturdy at the same time, eliminating all dead zones and hot spots for uniform lighting.



There is no power switch coming with this light which means you’ll either have to connect one yourself or get used to plugging in and unplugging the light every time you want to use it.

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3. Vivosun 5-Mode Adjust Grow Light


The product boasts a sturdy reflective hood made of high-quality Italian VEGA aluminum and rated at 98% reflectivity. Thanks to the unique texturing and contour design, it will eliminate dead zones and hot spots, delivering a uniform light to cover the entire surface of your indoor garden.

The quality CMH fixtures run cooler than conventional lighting setups and won’t require cooling with fans. In the long run, this will significantly drop your electricity costs and increase efficiency so you can enjoy bigger crops.

The unit delivers enough light to cover a 9-square-foot area during vegetative growth and an area of 6 square feet during the bloom phase. It provides a more efficient spectrum for growing than standard HPS systems.

The item features an 8-foot power cord with a 3-pronged plug, suitable for standard North American outlets and is easy to install without requiring professional tools.



If you’re looking for a grow light that is efficient and will last you a long time, you can count on the Vivosun 5-Mode Adjust to meet these requirements.

The body is made of high-quality, lightweight yet sturdy aluminum rated at 98% reflectivity, which means more light and increased temperature to accommodate all growth stages of your plants.

The included 315W lamp represents a smart single-light choice for both flowering and vegetative stages and can cover a 9 square feet area during vegetative growth and approximately 6 square feet during the bloom phase.

You can adjust the reflection area according to your plant’s needs and make sure it receives enough light throughout its life cycle.



The light bulb isn’t double jacketed so it won’t provide the necessary protection against harmful UV rays. We suggest wearing professional UV glasses when working with the lamp to prevent any inconveniences.

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4. Vivosun 5-Mode Adjust 315W CMH/CDM Grow Light Fixture


Made of 99.9% pure VEGA premium aluminum, the product represents a reliable choice for indoor growers. The aluminum is rated at 98% reflectivity, and, thanks to the body’s unique design and texturing, it will eliminate dead zones and hot spots. As a result, the heat and the light will be distributed equally, promoting healthy growth for all your plants.

The high-tech adjustable ballast comes equipped with advanced low-frequency square-wave technology to deliver improved efficiency, more reliability, and remove electromagnetic interference.

As opposed to other conventional lighting setups, CMH lights run significantly cooler, which eliminates the need of using powerful AC units or ventilation systems that would raise your monthly energy costs. In other words, the product represents a more affordable and convenient way to grow plants indoors and enjoy bigger crops.

Vivosun recommends using one light bulb for a 6 square feet area during the bloom phase and a 9 square feet area during the other life cycle stages.



Benefiting from the latest technologies in the field, this CMH light runs cooler than others, lowering the risk of burning the leaves of your plant.

It also eliminates the need for using AC units and high-performance ventilation systems to remove extra heat that would significantly increase your energy costs.

One light is enough to cover an area of 6-9 square feet, depending on the growing stage of your plant.

The body is made of high-quality aluminum at 98% reflectivity to eliminate dead zones and hot spots.

It is easy to install without requiring professional tools and promises to deliver around 24,000 hours of light.



Keep in mind that this fixture doesn’t come with the actual light bulb which you will have to purchase separately to start growing your favorite plants indoors.

Make sure to carefully check the contents of the package for missing parts before accepting it.

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5. Vivosun 3152W CMH/CDM Grow Light Kit


If you haven’t heard about the benefits of a CMH grow light so far, continue reading this review and see for yourself why it is high time you made a change in the way you grew your indoor plants.

The product’s body is made of quality Italian VEGA aluminum that is 99.8% pure and delivers a reflectivity rate of 98% which means extra bright light without the unnecessary heat that might damage the leaves of your plants. Thanks to its design, it removes all dead spots and emits a uniform light on the entire growing area.

You won’t require additional ventilation systems or AC units when using this CMH light, meaning you will end up paying less for your monthly energy bills while still providing enough UV light for your plants to thrive.

The product is compatible with standard North American outlets and is delivered with a 120V to 240V adapter included for more power when needed.



The kit features all necessary elements to start growing your favorite plants indoors, nourishing them and providing them the perfect conditions to thrive.

The CMH light technology is brighter and more powerful, allowing your plants to grow faster and for you to enjoy bigger crops.

The aluminum body is lightweight and resistant at the same time, providing 98% reflectivity, while the unique shape will make sure the light is distributed evenly on the entire area.

It runs cooler than other products, helping you to reduce your monthly energy bills by eliminating the need to use powerful AC units for air ventilation.



Bear in mind that the product isn’t delivered with a bulb, so you’ll have to purchase it separately to make sure the unit is up and running.

It lacks an on/off switch which means you’ll have to plug in the unit every time you want to use the light and remove it from the outlet to turn off the light.

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6. Vivosun CMH/CDM Grow Light Kit ETL Listed


The hood of this product is made of Italian VEGA aluminum that boosts the reflectivity by up to 20% compared to other aluminum reflectors from competitive brands. The unit also benefits from excellent light reflectivity, making the most out of the light emitted so your plants can grow stronger and your crops bigger.

The unique contouring of the reflective surface eliminates hot spots and dead spots, which means the light emitted is uniform, covering the entire surface of your plants.

Depending on the growing phase, Vivosun recommends using this particular light for a total area of 3×3 feet during vegetative growth and 6 square feet during the bloom phase. There is no need for additional lights as this product mimics the natural sunlight, delivering the right amount of light to stimulate photosynthesis.

It can be used extensively, for around 20,000 hours, twice as much as other grow lights.



The unit is made of high-quality aluminum that is lightweight and sturdy at the same time, delivering increased reflectivity so you can make the most out of the light the bulb emits.

As opposed to other grow lights, the CMH technology not only delivers a brighter, more powerful light but also minimizes heat so your plants won’t get burnt. Therefore, you eliminate the need for using additional AC units or powerful ventilation systems that would increase your energy costs.

It is designed to last for approximately 20,000 hours, enough to cover all your plants’ life stages.

The unit comes with a power cord, a plug adaptor, and a rope hanger, so you’ll get a complete suspension system for easy mounting.



The main downside of this CMH grow light is that there isn’t any power switch to turn the light off so the only way to do so is to unplug it.

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7. iGrowtek CMH 3000K Grow Light Bulb


The bulbs from iGrowtek adopt first-class ceramic tubes to ensure a long lifespan. The specially designed Rare Earth Pill inside the tube delivers full-spectrum light to resemble natural light as much as possible and increase the overall efficiency of the product.

The ceramic arc tubes can withstand higher arc tube temperatures, resulting in higher PPF. In other words, the bulb will shine brighter while the heat remains the same so it won’t affect the leaves of your plants. By replacing your old grow lights with these CMH bulbs, you will eliminate the need for powerful AC units that increase your monthly energy bills.

On average, the bulb will deliver approximately 15,000 hours of light, 50% more than other non-CMH grow lights.

The enhanced red light is suitable for the bloom stage of your plants and even represents a better choice than LED lights, especially for small growing surfaces.



The product is designed to emit the perfect amount of UV-A and UV-B rays, blocking the harmful UV-C that could harm your plants. As a result, it resembles the natural sunlight and provides all types of necessary lights to sustain the growth of your plants throughout their lives.

The enhanced red light is perfect for the bloom stage but the light bulb can be used on all types of plants during their life stages, ensuring bigger crops.

The ceramic arc tubes ensure higher arc tube temperatures, resulting in increased lighting efficiency. The heat delivered will be significantly lower, which means it won’t damage your plants or burn the leaves.

One bulb can deliver up to 15,000 hours of light, which enhances the efficiency of energy consumption and helps you reduce the costs.



Keep in mind that the only thing you will receive is the grow bulb. To boost the product’s properties you’ll require an additional hanging system and an aluminum cover.

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8. Vivosun Ceramic Metal Halide Upgraded Cooling


Benefiting from the same top-quality as all other Vivosun lights, this improved version of the company’s famous CMH 315W light features a redesigned hood for even coverage. The patent-pending design boasts mirror panels that are connected with textured corners to provide even coverage and remove all dead zones and hot spots.

The unique vents applied will regulate the temperature and prolong the life of the ballast. The reflective surfaces found on this product are made of sturdy aluminum with 98% reflectivity, enhancing the performances of the light and delivering the perfect amount of UV-A and UV-B rays so your plants can thrive.

Unlike other grow lights, CMH ones can withstand higher temperatures without delivering unnecessary heat. As a result, the plants will grow faster and you eliminate the risk of burning by exposing them to too much heat. You won’t need additional AC units or high-performance ventilation systems either.



Featuring an improved design, the patent-pending coverage is equipped with mirror panels connected with textured corners to cover the entire surface of your growing area, removing all dead zones and hot spots. As a result, all your plants will benefit from the same amount of light to thrive and deliver bigger crops.

The attached vents are designed to regulate the temperature and prolong the life of the ballast, eliminating the need for high-power AC units that would increase your electricity costs.

All reflective parts are made of high-quality Italian VEGA aluminum with 98% reflectivity to enhance the lighting performance and reduce your costs in the long term.

It accepts both 3100K and 4200K lamps, depending on your plant’s requirements.



As with many other similar units from the same manufacturer, the main disadvantage is that this product doesn’t come with an on/off switch. Thus, every time you want to turn off the light, you’ll have to unplug it.

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9. BloomGrow Hydroponic CMH 630W Bulb


By going through this CMH light review, you’ll understand why this particular light system represents one of the most popular choices on the market.

This CMH light is designed for long-lasting performance, withstanding high temperatures and delivering up to 24,000 hours of light, as opposed to other grow light systems that rarely exceed 10,000 hours.

The case is made of high-quality aluminum with 98% reflectivity to enhance its performance and deliver a brighter light, suitable for all your plants’ growth stages. Besides, the CMH bulb provides a full-light spectrum, so there is no need to adjust the colors according to the growing phase. Therefore, it is suitable for both vegetative stages and bloom ones.

The product boasts a solid suspension system with one pair of adjustable heavy-duty rope hangers so it can be easily mounted without requiring professional assistance. The V-shape hanger is made of stainless steel and won’t break, chip or corrode in time.



One light bulb is enough to cover a growing area of 4×4 feet, which means a bigger harvest for reduced costs.

As opposed to other grow light systems, the CMH one delivers enhanced performance and increases the lifespan of the bulb, allowing for up to 24,000 hours of light. By comparison, regular lights rarely exceed 10,000 hours, meaning you’ll have to replace them more often.

They deliver more light without increasing the amount of heat emitted, so your plants won’t risk being burnt. You can place your hand 2 or 3 inches below the bulb and you will feel the heat but it won’t burn your skin.

The product is well-built and features a sturdy hanging system to help you mount it right away.



You might want to attach a light switch for increased convenience, as otherwise, the only way to turn off the light would be to unplug it.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Ceramic Metal Halide Lights or CMH Grow Lights are suitable for most indoor vegetable gardeners, growers, and enthusiast horticulturists looking to make the best out of their grow rooms. If you’re looking for the best CMH light to help with your indoor crops, here is everything you need to know about them and how to choose the right one.

Superior PAR efficiency

As opposed to other grow lights, CMH ones feature first-rate Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) efficiency. In other words, they are more efficient than HPS and MH lights, known for their high energy consumption.

If your indoor growing area is small, you might probably not notice substantial changes in your monthly electricity bills but as your growing area increases, you will soon need AC units or good ventilation systems to prevent overheating your indoor garden when using regular HPS lights. By comparison, CMH lights deliver an increased temperature and more heat without necessarily requiring additional AC units.

The reason is that ceramic arc tubes perform better under high temperatures. And, thanks to their unique design, they will deliver a balanced distribution of light rays across your crops.


Prolonged life

Even when choosing an affordable CMH light you will immediately notice the benefits. These products are equipped with the latest technologies that prolong their lives, making them more efficient in the long term.

Thanks to the ceramic coverage that performs well under heat, CMH lights will have a higher lifespan than other types of growing lights. On average, a regular grow light can deliver approximately 10,000 hours of light, while CMH lights can raise the value to 24,000 hours.


Sufficient UV lighting

When opting for a new CMH grow light it is important to check that it provides more UV light by comparison to other light brands. If your indoor grow room lacks sufficient natural light, your plants won’t grow as fast and strong as they should, which means smaller crops.

Luckily, CMH bulbs are powerful enough to supplement the necessary amount of UV light, guiding your plants throughout their life cycle. These lights contain more greens, reds, and yellows, which makes them the most efficient choice in all grow cycles, from vegetative to bloom stages.


Less heat consumption

As we previously mentioned, CMH lights run at high temperatures but this doesn’t automatically mean a higher emitted heat. On the contrary, these items are known for delivering less heat by comparison to other types of lights, which will allow your plants to grow healthily, without burning the leaves or the soil.

Adjusted at the proper height above your future crops, CMH lights will not negatively interfere with your plants’ life cycles but will nurture them and help them grow strong, covering them with a constant warm light.


Lightweight design

Featuring a high reflectivity aluminum body, these products are lightweight and easier to handle than other types of lights. Most of them won’t require professional assistance to install them and allow you to adjust the heating features, so that they cater to the needs of all types of plants, regardless of how much light they might need to grow properly.

However, you might want to stay away from a cheap CMH light as it may easily overheat and damage your plants in the long term. Look for online CMH light reviews and read what other customers have to say about various brands and models so you can pick the most suitable product for your plant’s needs.

Are CMH lights dangerous?

The answer to this question depends on how familiar you are to this type of light and your plants. As opposed to other types of lights, CMH emits higher UV rays that mimic almost perfectly the sun’s natural light. On the one hand, this technology allows you to use one type of light for all the plant’s life cycles, without worrying about additional reds, greens, and yellows to balance the heat so your plants grow strong and healthy.

On the other hand, prolonged UV exposure is harmful to the human body, so you might consider some protective measures whenever getting in contact with these lights. We suggest wearing UV protection glasses whenever you water your plants and keep your hands, neck, and legs covered by thick fabrics.

Think about these powerful UV lights as being similar to the ones used for tanning beds – depending on your skin type, you won’t last more than 3-4 minutes without causing damage to your skin.

That being said, as long as you wear glasses and don’t spend more than a couple of minutes watering your plants daily, CMH lights are not dangerous.



Another aspect you should take into account when opting for CHM lights is the initial cost. While other grow light kits (including the reflector, bulb, and ballast) are sold for around $200, a complete 315W CMH kit will at least double your costs, which is one of the reasons why small farmers are reluctant to invest in them.

However, in the long term, these lights last more and deliver a constant, uniform distribution of light on all your plants, which will increase the crops.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a CMH grow light?

Growing plants indoors is a challenging activity because you constantly need to balance the heat and lighting source to accommodate the growth phase of your plants, making sure they receive enough light for the photosynthesis process.

Ceramic metal halide (CMH) grow light bulbs have come to the rescue of most farmers and gardeners who live in areas where there isn’t enough daylight throughout the year to constantly grow plants.

They serve as an alternative source of UV rays, providing plants with everything they need to thrive indoors. As opposed to other conventional MH bulb products, CMH lights feature a ceramic arc tube that withstands high temperatures better than quartz glass tubes.

The main advantage of this technology is that it offers a more accurate variation of the light spectrum, accommodating all your plant’s life stages, without having to constantly adjust the greens, yellows or reds from vegetative stages to blooming.

Q: Are CMH lights good for flowering?

Thanks to their unique construction and set of characteristics, CMH lights are suitable for all stages of a plant’s life, including flowering. Unlike LED lights or other types that constantly need to adjust the colors to accommodate different growth stages, CMH lights mimic almost entirely the sun’s natural light, delivering the right amount so your plants can thrive.

One of the greatest advantages of CMH lights is that they provide a higher PAR or the amount of light usable by plants per watt than other types of grow lights, which makes them a more suitable choice in the long run.

The light spectrum contains UV lights of all types. However, these lights use a UV-C blocker since it is harmful. In exchange, the plants receive enough UV-A and UV-B rays, which many farmers consider to be beneficial to the yield quality. Therefore, there is no need to supplement CMH lights with other lights during flowering or any other plant growth stage.


Q: How do you use CMH grow lights?

If you opt for a complete kit, you’ll receive everything required to install the lights without the help of a professional. All lights come with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions so your plants can start benefiting from more light right away.

The first step is to decide on the perfect height to place the light above your plants so they receive full light without getting their leaves burnt. Each kit comes with a long cable that counts for at least 7-8 feet, enough to place the light at the perfect height between the ground and the ceiling, depending on what types of plants you’re growing.

Keep in mind that CMH lights emit less heat by comparison to other grow light products, meaning you can place them a few inches closer to the plants without affecting their growth in any way. However, if you have difficulties installing the lights on your own, we recommend asking for professional help.




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