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9 Best Chipper Shredders – Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Chipper Shredder Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Here you’ll find out what the best chipper shredder is, whether you are considering acquiring one for the first time or upgrading to an electric model. After carefully examining the characteristics of the top-rated products and quite a few chipper shredder reviews, we have come to the conclusion that the Sun Joe CJ601E 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder is the one you should consider. This product is adequate for typical yard work and regular use, without taking too much space either. It’s powerful and fast enough for chipping 1.5-inch branches, and at a reasonable price. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and it can be operated immediately by simply plugging it in, with no maintenance required or extra costs. In case you are unable to find this chipper shredder, the Sun Joe CJ602E 15 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder is another advantageous option.



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9 Best Chipper Shredders (Updated Reviews) in 2024



We know how difficult it must be to go through every chipper shredder review, in order to make the right decision and find the best chipper shredder for your needs. That is why we researched the most acclaimed yard chippers and you can read a breakdown of their top features below.



1. Sun Joe CJ601E 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder


If you want to have a debris-free yard in no time, an electric wood chipper is one of the best options, because it allows you to recycle that debris into nurturing, organic mulch for your garden. The Sun Joe electric chipper is ideal for smaller yards and is easy to operate by women also because it’s lightweight, easily portable and has a compact design.

Chipper Joe is designed for shredding sticks and branches that are maximum 1.5-inch thick, with a 16:1 reduction ratio. Branches and brush are quickly turned into chips, thanks to its 14-amp motor and speed that reaches up to 4,300 revolutions per minute. 

If you are looking for a cheap chipper shredder, the CJ601E model is easy to assemble and to operate, while effectively chipping the debris from your yard. It also features a safety locking knob and a reset button, in case it is overloaded. 



This affordable chipper shredder is a great option for regular yard work, because it does a great job with branches and sticks around the yard, as long as they are dry and small enough.

Its compact design makes it lightweight, portable and, according to those who gave it a try, easy to set-up in a couple of minutes, plug in and start operating. 

Besides being fast and easy to use, this small electric chipper is also safe, it is ETL-approved and it features a locking knob and a reset button.



This chipper was intended for light-duty jobs, and therefore, it’s not effective for bigger branches or large, overcrowded yards. 

Overloading the chipper can cause jamming, but it is easy to simply unplug and unscrew the safety locking knob. Also, remember that branches should be made as straight as possible prior to chipping.

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2. Sun Joe CJ602E 15 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder


For the typical homeowner, the Sun Joe CJ602E is an effective tool for quickly getting rid of yard debris, by turning it into mulch for flowers and trees. Its 15-amp motor turns branches and brush into fine chips, perfect for garden mulch. Wooden limbs and sticks up to 1.5-inch thick are reduced up to 1/17th of their original size.

This electric shredder is equipped with an instant-start switch so that you can start operating as soon as you plug it in, and an automatic safety stop that activates when the hopper is opened. Plus, if you overload it, you can just press the reset button.

Assembly and maintenance are not an issue with this product, due to its compact design, which also makes it lightweight and practical. It also features 6-inch wheels, for better portability. For seasonal work around the yard, this compact electric chipper is easy to operate and affordable. 



This small electric shredder is much more practical and cost-efficient than a gas-powered wood chipper, especially for smaller yards or single homeowners. 

You can start using it right away because it’s easy to set up and it features an instant start switch.

It easily turns tree prunings, old grapevines, yard debris and brush piles into small-sized chips, that are great for garden mulch or compost piles.

As far as safety, it is ETL-approved and it also comes with a safety stop knob and a reset button, in case of overload. The producer offers a two-year warranty.



The downside of this product is that it might require some pre-trimming if the branches are curved or have many smaller branches because the chipper’s opening is quite narrow and could get jammed.

Keep in mind that it is ideally used for dry branches and twigs, while not so effective for wet and soft leaves or green bark. 

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3. Sun Joe CJ603E 15 Amp Electric Silent Wood Chipper/Shredder


If you are looking to declutter your yard and nurture your garden soil with organic mulch, this wood chipper shredder will do the job for you. Equipped with a 15-amp motor, it shreds up to 1.73-inch thick branches and twigs, with a high reduction ratio of 21:1, which makes it convenient for spring pruning and other small projects.

The Sun Joe CJ603E is light and easy to move around. It comes with an instant start switch and a forward+reverse switch. Also, the locking knob makes it safer to maneuver.

It’s also provided with hooks and a collection bag for the chips. You can safely shred branches and twigs, without worrying that they might get stuck or that the engine won’t be powerful enough. 

This chipper shredder is powerful but also not too noisy, fast enough for medium to light-duty jobs around the yard and a reliable companion for gardeners. 



This model is designed with a larger feed, that is able to chip and shred thicker branches and twigs, up to 1.73 inches. Its size is adequate for most tree prunings, old grapevine and brush piles.

It is one the most powerful chipper shredders, considering that it has a small, compact design and that it is not gas-, but electrically-operated. 

Another benefit is that it is able to operate continuously for several hours, without getting jammed and that it’s fast, because it feeds itself, chopping up branches while you are grabbing the next ones.

This electric chipper is, in addition, safe and quiet.



The collection bag that is provided for the Sun Joe CJ603E is quite small and not so durable, and therefore, you might find it more practical to use a larger, more resistant one.

If you are looking to shred green leaves or curvier branches, the chute could get clogged.

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4. Earthwise GS70015 15 Amp Garden Corded Electric Chipper/Shredder


Cleaning up your yard of brush and trimmings is easier and faster with the right tool. The Earthwise Chipper Shredder quickly chops up yard waste up to 1.75-inch thick, thanks to the powerful 15-amp motor with 4,500 rotations per minute. This way, you can turn fallen leaves and twigs into compost or mulch, with little effort and time.

This electric chipper shredder is made of durable plastic components, with steel blades and a sturdy yet compact design. The rear wheels allow you to easily move it around the yard. In addition to that, you won’t have to clean up after shredding, thanks to the fact that it comes with a 40-liter collection bin. 

For improved safety, this wood chipper shredder is designed with a leaf chute and a tamper tool for pushing down the leaves, so that your hands are protected, plus a reset switch, in case of overload. 



The Earthwise Chipper Shredder’s assembly is straightforward and fast, and its design is simple yet effective.

The large, 40-liter collection bin is a nice addition, that helps you clean up the mulch resulting from shredding.

This is a shredder that you can use for a long time because the steel blades it is equipped with are not only easy to sharpen, but they are also reversible, therefore the second edge can be used after a while. 

It’s practical and convenient for standard yards, as it doesn’t take too much space, it doesn’t require gas and it does the job in a reasonable amount of time.



Using the chute for smaller leaves and the tamper tool does slow down the process of shredding a bit, but these design features specifically keep your hands safe.

The producer recommends alternating moist leaves and dry branches, in order to prevent jamming.

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5. LawnMaster FD1501 Electric Chipper Shredder


This electric chipper is a handy companion for the typical homeowner or gardener when it comes to decluttering the yard and pruning trees. It’s a green alternative to gas-powered products and also maintenance-free, which saves you time and money.

It is equipped with a 15-amp motor that shreds branches up to 1 ½ inches but keep in mind that the type of wood and the shape of the branches will affect the cutting capacity.

The LawnMaster FD1501 has a compact silhouette and convenient design, which features two large wheels (8 inches each), for improved mobility, a push stick that protects your hands and a switch that ensures overload protection.

This yard shredder comes with a collection bag for the resulting chips so that it is easier to transport them and clean up. Another benefit is that the blade is two-sided and can be reversed, with the help of the provided changing tool.



This chipper shredder is easy to set up and operate, even for beginners. Thanks to its slim silhouette with large wheels and simple functions, it can be easily maneuvered by women also.

The resulting chips are collected and can be transported inside the bag, making the entire yard-cleaning process much faster and simpler.

Contrary to what one might expect, this electric shredder is also not that noisy.

This is a lightweight yard chipper shredder, designed for light-duty jobs around your backyard and it’s an efficient one in its range.



This product works best with softer wood, like pine or spruce, and it requires straight branches if you want to get the most out of it. On the other hand, branches with knots or hardwood such as oak will significantly reduce its efficiency. 

The manufacturer specifies that the LawnMaster FD1501 is not intended for bamboo or leaves.

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6. Wen 41121 15 Amp Rolling Electric Wood Chipper and Shredder


The WEN 41121 electric chipper is a powerful product, designed to convert branches, twigs and plants into high-grade mulch for your garden. It features two 7-inch blades that run up to 8000 cuts per minute.  You can expect a 17:1 reduction ratio, thanks to the 15-amp motor and powerful blades. 

The hopper is spacious enough for branches and twigs up to 1.5-inch in diameter, but you should always consider the type of wood you are shredding. 

Unlike industrial wood chippers, this electric shredder is very compact, you can easily move it around due to its 6-inch wheels and ergonomic handle, as well as store it without taking up too much space. 

This wood chipper also comes with extra features, such as a push stick and a collection bag, that will make your shredding job easier, and an internal safety mechanism. The manufacturer also provides a two-year warranty.



This electric wood chipper is one the most powerful models in its range, due to the 15-amp motor and two 7-inch rotating blades that reach 8000 cuts per minute, for fast and good results.

If you don’t want the hassle of a big, gas-operated wood chipper, this electric model is much easier to operate and store. 

It doesn’t need any maintenance, you can start using it as soon as you plug it in. 

The slim design also features wheels and a handle, for easy transportation, plus a support stand for better stability.

It’s designed with a hopper safety lock and it comes with a collection bag and a push stick. 



The chute might get clogged if you try to fit in branches that are Y-shaped or have knots. Keep in mind that this a rather small and lightweight electric chopper and it is recommended that you go slower, to prevent overloading.

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7. Powerhorse Chipper/Shredder 420cc Ohv Engine


Whether you are a professional or a hands-on homeowner with a significant property, you need the help of one the effective chipper shredders for turning your yard waste into nutrient-rich ground cover. The Powerhorse Chipper combines 2 knives, 10 hammers and 10 blades into a powerful and effective cutting mechanism.

This heavy-duty chipper/shredder combines the force of a 15 HP, 420 cc gas engine with the convenience of an electric start. It also combines a shredding hopper for brush and leaves with a chipper chute for branches up to 4 inches thick. 

It can be easily rolled over different types of terrain or loaded onto a vehicle thanks to its pneumatic tires and built-in handle. The resulting mulch can be added directly around trees, due to the low discharge chute, or collected in the bushel bag that is provided. The low oil shutdown feature and the belt drive maximize engine protection.



This chipper/shredder provides commercial quality cutting and is intended for heavy-duty jobs and heavily wooded lots. 

It effectively chops up to 4-inch thick branches and its dual feed unit is adequate for both chipping and shredding.

It’s powerful enough thanks to the 420 cc gas engine, but can be easily maneuvered by anyone, thanks to the electric start. 

In addition to that, the engine is protected by the cast iron sleeve, belt drive system and low oil shutdown feature.

Despite its size, the pneumatic tires and handle make it easy to roll or transport. It can collect the mulch or directly place it where it’s needed.



The bushel collection bag was not so useful for several of the people who have tried this product. They preferred to use a bigger and more resilient tarp.

It’s not as easy to assemble as lighter chipper/shredders and not as affordable.

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8. Efcut C30 Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher


This Mini Wood Chipper is suitable for forestry, gardening and landscaping projects that are not too complex. It can handle branches up to 3-inch thick, with a reduction ratio of 20:1. The 7 HP 212cc gas-powered engine and the extra-large hopper are designed for thicker branches. 

You can easily operate it, even on rough terrain, because of its lightweight and compact design. The two small windows, one in the front and a back one, are meant to help you change the blades faster and clear eventual blockages.

The hopper is high enough for a comfortable position while feeding it and the enlarged handle has a good grip. You can also adjust the discharge angle, for a more precise debris discharge. The EFCUT C30 Mini comes not only with a replacement blade but also with several free accessories, including a collection bag, a portable wrench, earplugs and protective glasses.



The EFCUT C30 Mini is solid and durable and its design is adapted for rougher terrain.

The strong engine and cutting mechanism do a good job with bigger branches and larger areas of land, fast and effectively. 

This model combines the convenient design of a smaller wood chipper with the efficiency of a gas-powered engine. It does what it says and at an affordable price.

Another remarkable thing about this product is that it comes with a lot of useful, free accessories, including a replaceable blade, a wrench, a collection bag and protective gear.



The resulting mulch is quite fine, and also generates dust; therefore, it might not be as suitable for chipping wood and it requires some extra protection for the dust discharge.

Unlike electric chipper shredders that you can start using right away, you need to make sure that it’s properly fueled, in order to operate it.

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9. Dk2 Power 7Hp 3″ Gas Powered Chipper Shredder


Intended for both landscapers and homeowners, the DK2 Power Chipper Shredder is a useful companion when it comes to turning thick branches and other yard debris into organic, nutrient-rich ground cover for garden flowers or trees. 

This gas-powered chipper/shredder is equipped with a 7HP, 208cc, CH270 KOHLER commercial engine, that works at a rate of 4000 rotations per minute and is powerful enough for fast and effective shredding. Also, the extra-large chute allows branches up to a 3-inch diameter. In addition to that, the cutting blades have double edges, so that you can use them for a longer period of time.

Additional safety is ensured through the key lock shut off feature. It is not only easy to operate but also easy to store, thanks to its compact design, with a tow bar that is removable and with locking wheels. The product comes with a 3-year commercial warranty.



This wood chipper shredder is equipped with a powerful, commercial engine, that is adequate for heavy-duty yard clean up. 

The 7HP engine and the large chute are designed for branches up to 3-inch thick.

The tow bar is ⅞ inches long and also removable, for more compact storage. 

The rugged wheels are adequate for various types of terrain and the directional chute allows a more precise wood chip discharge.

Its most unique feature is that it can be towed with an ATV, and the tow bar can also be removed. For extra safety, it comes with a key lock shut off feature.



A gas-powered chipper/shredder requires oil and gas in order to function and this can be quite costly and not good for the environment. Another downside of wood chippers that are powered by gas is that it takes a while to get them started. 

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Whether you have never owned a shredder before or you do know a lot about gardening and want to upgrade your landscaping game, it can feel overwhelming to choose among the best chipper shredders for your yard. Although the functions of this particular tool seem quite basic, there are different variations designed for specific needs. 

Based on the information supplied by manufacturers and many chipper shredders reviews, here are the most important aspects you need to consider when buying a chipper shredder.

Size and weight

Understanding the importance of the total size and weight of a chipper shredder can save you a lot of trouble in the future. On the one hand, you could purchase a shredder that is too small to actually get the job done but, on the other hand, you could end up with a massive tool that takes up a lot of space. 

Wood chipper shredders that are large and heavy are usually gas-powered and are meant for large trees and heavily-wooded areas. The ones that are lighter and smaller in size don’t have the same chipping capacity, but they are practical and easier to store. Therefore, it’s best to take into account the size and clutter level of the area you intend to work on, as well as the type and size of your trees.

If you compare the amount of yard waste that needs to be shredded with your available storage space, they should be proportionate. No matter how much work needs to be done, keep in mind that this is seasonal, which means that for a significant part of the year, your chipper will be stored and it should not inconvenience you.


Chipping capacity and reduction ratio

The chipping capacity depicts the maximum diameter of sticks and tree limbs that can be processed. This is usually between 1 and 4 inches. If you have large trees, you will need a bigger chipping capacity than if your yard only has bushes and a couple of trees. The reduction ratio measures the volume of the resulting mulch. The higher the reduction ratio, the smaller this volume is. 

A reduction ratio of 20:1 basically means that twenty bags of yard waste, such as twigs, limbs and trees, will be shredded down to one bag of mulch. This is also important to know if you need wood chips of a certain size or if you need mulch for composting. 


Power source and engine

The size and capacity of the engine on a chipper shredder are essential for the overall power of the product. A strong engine will be able to handle larger tree limbs but will require more gas or electricity. The cutting system includes steel blades and, depending on how complex it is, additional hammers and knives. 

The number of rotations per minute of the blades also indicates how powerful and fast the chipper is. Electric motors are not as strong as gas-powered ones, but they are more affordable, hassle-free, better for the environment and adequate for typical yard work. 

Gas-powered engines, on the other hand, are the best option for getting rid of massive tree limbs off of large properties. They do require gasoline, plus oil and air filter changes, which amount to additional costs, but they can be transported over large areas since there is no electrical cord to worry about, and they easily turn pieces of wood into chips.

You should always consider the size of your property and your largest trees. An electric shredder might be perfect for a small yard, but not for heavy-duty work.

Design and mobility

It’s important to determine prior to purchasing a chipper shredder whether you will be working on your yard by yourself or with help from someone. Smaller, lightweight chippers are easy to set up and maneuver and are also recommended for women and seniors. Shredders that are intended for heavy-duty work might require two people working together.

Most yard chipper shredders are equipped with wheels that can be simple or adapted for rough terrain and with a handle, that can also be simple or ergonomic. For single homeowners, with a typical yard, lightweight chippers are more suitable, because they are assembled and operated with ease. 

For rural areas and larger plots, chippers with rugged wheels, that can also be placed onto a vehicle, are more adequate.



Non-commercial chipper shredders are built for safe use around typical yards. Safety includes both the design of the chipper and the gear that the homeowner should use. When it comes to design, most chipper shredders are equipped with a safety locking knob, that prevents the tool from running while the hopper is opened. This allows you to safely clean any eventual clogging. 

Gas-powered chippers have extra features designed specifically for protecting the engine. Also, several models include an additional tool that you can use to push the branches inside, in order to protect your hands. 

Wearing protective gear while shredding wood is optional, but highly advisable. Goggles protect your eyes from eventual debris, gloves protect your hands and earplugs are recommended because some wood chippers can be quite noisy. 




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a chipper shredder used for?

The typical wood chipper is a big, heavy tool that cuts down thick tree branches and requires chainsawing beforehand. The chipper shredder is, in comparison, a smaller tool intended for yard work, that combines chipping and shredding at a smaller scale.

Yards become cluttered by overgrown bushes, fallen leaves, tree prunings and other twigs. Instead of wasting this material by throwing it away or spending money to get someone to pick it up, you can use a chipper shredder to transform it into organic mulch. This way, you are cleaning up your yard and also nourishing the soil. 

This tool allows you to chip smaller branches and, at the same time, shred leaves, which means turning them into mulch. The inside blades are designed to chip and shred. The resulting wood chips are very useful for your garden or around trees, by enriching the soil and protecting it from mold.

Q: Are all chipper shredders electric?

All chipper shredders have an engine, but this can be electric or gas-powered. A lot of homeowners prefer to use electric chipper shredders, because of their benefits. 

The best electric chipper shredder is smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to operate and to store. It only needs to be plugged in, and it’s more affordable. It also makes less noise, which is important to consider if you live in a city. 

Most electric chipper shredder reviews show that people with typical yards prefer this environmentally-friendly, hassle-free option. However, for massive tree branches and large surface areas, a gas-powered chipper is best suited.

Classic wood chippers are gas-powered and so are some of the chipper shredders. These options require fuel plus oil and air filter changes. Gas-powered shredders are usually heavier and more costly, but useful for thicker or more difficult types of wood. You can also find gas-powered chipper shredders with an electric start. 


Q: How do you maintain and clean a chipper shredder?

Chipper shredders are relatively low-maintenance, compared to other types of yard tools. First of all, it’s important to know whether you will have enough space to store them. The work you do with a chipper shredder is seasonal, so it should be properly stored during the rest of the year.

Electric chipper shredders require little to no maintenance, and that is why they are so practical. These products only need electricity, so all you have to do is make sure that the cord has no tears before you plug it in. 

Gas-powered chipper shredders, on the other hand, require more maintenance, like any other gas-powered tool or vehicle. You have to check the oil and change it regularly. The inside blades become dull over time and they need to be either sharpened or replaced. If you want to clean the chute, use dry rags and make sure the product is turned off. 



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