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10 Best Garden Ornaments – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 21.03.23


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Garden Ornament + Reviews



If you are set on buying the best garden ornament you can find, this is the buying guide that you should check out. After assessing the market by looking at what previous buyers had to say about available models, we have decided that the Collections Etc Amish Wagon Decorative is the product that you should consider. This choice has a design that allows you to showcase your favorite flowers and plants. It is durable given that it is crafted from wood and includes wheels made of iron. The unit measures 21.75 by 14.5 by 15.5 inches and it is particularly easy to install. Because of its durable construction, you can use it both indoors and outdoors, no matter the season. If this ornament piece is unavailable, take a look at the BigMouth Inc The Great Garden Gnome Massacre, as this alternative has also received outstanding reviews from buyers and the specialists.



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10 Best Garden Ornaments (Updated Reviews) in 2023



The best garden ornaments available are not simple to find, especially given that the market is packed with so many options for you to choose from. If you need help navigating through them, here is a short and inclusive list of models that have received great reviews so far.



1. Collections Etc Amish Wagon Decorative 


This decorative rustic wagon is perfect to be used both indoors and outdoors and it can be personalized with seasonal decorations per your liking. It is manufactured out of wood and it has durable iron wheels. Even though it does not come pre-assembled, the unit is not that difficult to put together.

Because of its design, it allows you to display your favorite plants and flowers in your home or your garden. The model can withstand the elements and, thus, you do not have to worry that it will get damaged if you install it outdoors. 

It measures 44 ¼ inches in length, including its handle, 14 ½ inches in width, and 15 ½ inches in height. The wagon is very versatile and it can also be given as a housewarming gift. It is available in different colors so that you can select the one that you like most. 



This wagon is crafted from quality wood and it includes a handle and sturdy wheels that are made of iron, a durable material.

It measures 44 ¼ by 14 ½ by 15 ½ inches, and it can be installed both in your home, as well as outdoors, as it can withstand the elements. 

The feature that recommends it the most is its versatility. By using seasonal decorations, you can display it all year round. 

This planter is perfect if you love showcasing your favorite flowers. It is available in three different colors. 



If you are not necessarily a handy person, installing this model might prove a bit difficult. If so, it might be better to ask for some additional help.

The choice is not very sizable. However, keep in mind that all interested customers are given the clear dimensions of the product so that they can make an informed decision. 

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2. BigMouth Inc The Great Garden Gnome Massacre 


If you have a soft spot for unusual garden ornaments, this is the one you should add to your list. This sculpture is a fun take on the conventional lawn gnome, as it depicts Godzilla massacring four gnomes. Given its hilarious design, it will surely make for a great addition to your yard or garden.

The model is made of durable cast polyresin and it can withstand the elements. Moreover, you can install it both indoors and outdoors, per your preferences. In total, this Godzilla is 9 inches tall and five inches in width. You can give it as a friend for that friend of yours who is a big fan of the Godzilla movie.

Besides, if you love funny ornament pieces, you should know that the manufacturer sells many other similar statues that you might like. The product is painted with quality paint and the details that it features are on point.



This hilarious gnome massacre statue is the ideal choice if you are interested in making your garden look fun.

It is made of quality materials such as cast polyresin, and, consequently, it can withstand the elements.

Because of its size, it measures 9 inches in length and 5 inches in width, this Godzilla statue can also be installed indoors.

If you want to, you can also give this product as a gag gift to that friend of yours who is both a jokester and a movie fan. 



In some cases, the paint job is not perfect. However, this is not a major drawback given the other features of the product.

This model is not that big when compared to classic garden gnomes. Still, it should be pointed out that the dimensions of this statue are included in the description. So, be sure to check out this aspect before you make a purchase.

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3. Doingart Garden Solar Lights Outdoor 


If you love butterfly garden ornaments and you also want to light up your garden, this is the option for you. This product consists of three solar stake lights that are shaped like butterflies and they are specially designed to light up automatically in the dark. You can easily install them in your garden to light up your pathway.

Each of the three decorative lights included in the deal features a stake that is 23 inches in height and it includes no less than 7 color-changing LEDs. When shipped the wings of the butterflies are closed. Before you install them, you should take the time to spread them out. You should not worry about damaging the product as it is made of sturdy materials.  

This option does not feature any wiring and it is waterproof. So, you can leave the butterflies in your garden for months on end without them getting damaged.



This innovative set of three butterfly-shaped lights can help you make your garden stand out. Each item features color-changing lights.

Because it uses 2nd generation solar lights, this product does not require any type of lighting and it is particularly easy to set up.

The stakes that these LEDs feature measure 23 inches. Given that they are waterproof, you do not have to worry about them getting damaged.

Moreover, the choice features a bigger solar panel that can convert sunlight into energy much faster and efficiently when compared to older panels. 



This deal only includes three butterfly lights. So, if you want to cover a larger area, you will have to order more than one set.

The wings of the butterflies come unopened, to protect them during transportation. Therefore, when you receive them, you’ll have to take the time to open them. Still, this is not particularly challenging as the material used to make them is durable. 

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4. Doingart Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Lights 


If you are searching for new garden and lawn ornaments that have a unique design, this option sold by Doingart might suit your needs. This 2-pack of artificial flower stake lights includes both purple and white lily lights and it can bring a pop of color in your yard.

The lights are beautifully designed and they can be installed to illuminate your garden and walkways automatically. The choice is fairly simple to install as no external electricity or wiring is necessary. The height of the product is 29 inches. 

Moreover, these outdoor solar lights are beautifully designed and the lilies are molded from a durable fabric that is lightweight and waterproof. The built-in solar panel that these options include can recharge during the day and turn on automatically in the evening. After the battery is fully charged, it can illuminate for up to 8 hours. Both the stems and the leaves can be bent to various angles.



The flowers and the stems are made of quality materials and they can withstand bad weather. They can also bend in case you want to reposition them.

Because the lights are powered by solar energy, you do not have to worry about installing them. In fact, they are quite simple to set up.

These lily-shaped stake lights are 29 inches in height and they can change their color. The product can display 7 colors.

You can install the lights in your garden, patio, yard, or your lawn, depending on your needs and preferences.



As time passes, the lights will become dimmer and, eventually, you will have to replace them. This is to be expected and, thus, it is not a major drawback.

You only get 8 lilies in the deal. So, if you want to cover a wider area, you will have to invest in more than one set of lights.

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5. La Jolíe Muse Garden Statue Snail Figurine 


This snail figurine is powered by solar energy and it is designed to illuminate at night. It is a very charming piece of garden décor that can be gifted as a present. It is simple to use, as you only have to place it in your garden or on your lawn and turn it on. 

The model was specially constructed to fully charge in 5 to 8 hours. Once its battery is charged, it will emit light for 8 to 10 hours. The choice is eco-friendly, and, on top of that, hassle-free. 

Durability-wise, it should be added that this product is weatherproof and that it is hand-painted with a type of paint that is UV resistant. So, you do not have to worry that its color will fade when left outdoors for a long time. Moreover, this small statue is made of resin, a material that can pass the test of time. 



This statue has a very nice design and it will surely look nice in your garden. It is manufactured from sturdy materials.

It runs on solar energy and it features a battery that can fully charge in a matter of hours. It can illuminate your yard for up to 10 hours.

The choice also stands out as it is hand-painted and covered in a UV-resistant coat that can protect the color from getting damaged.

It is simple to install and operate as it only comes fitted with one button that you have to turn on for it to work as expected.



This charming garden statue is rather small in size, So, before you buy it, it is recommended that you check out its dimensions, as they are provided by the manufacturer. 

The product does not include instructions. However, given how simple this model is to set up and use, this should not be an issue. 

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6. VGOODALL Butterfly Stakes, 50pcs 11.5inch 


This set of 50 butterfly stakes are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. They are made from PVC, a waterproof material. The stakes are manufactured from metal, and they are simple to bend. Even though the stakes measure 11.5 inches each, their height can be adjusted. 

The package includes 50 butterfly ornaments that you can use to decorate your garden. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and they are very easy to set up. The width of each butterfly is 3.5 inches. 

You can install them indoors, or you can use them to decorate your flower beds or your potted plants. They are suitable for a wide array of applications. Their design is simple and elegant, and, consequently, they will bring a pop of color no matter where you decide to install them. Because the deal includes 50 butterflies, you will have plenty of decorations to cover a larger area.



This product consists of no less than 50 butterflies that you can use to decorate your home or your garden with ease.

Each model includes an 11.6-inch stake and it has a width of 3.5 inches. The stakes can be bent so that you can easily decorate your home and yard per your liking.

The wings of the butterflies can be extended or closed. Consequently, you can use them for various kinds of displays.

Because they are made of sturdy materials, you do not have to worry about them breaking. They can be safely set up outdoors.



If they are left in the sun for an extended time, there is a risk that their color will eventually fade. This is to be expected with all such products.

If you live in a windy area, it might be a good idea to refrain from using them outdoors, as this might cause the wings that they feature to break. 

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7. LA JOLIE MUSE Garden Statue Lawn Ornaments Turtles 


If you are searching for turtle-shaped outdoor garden ornaments, look no further than this choice distributed by La Jolie Muse. This sculpture that depicts two cute tortoises is made of quality resin and it is painted in vivid colors that will surely catch your eye. It also includes delicate details that add to its overall appeal.

The model is waterproof and it comes coated with a special substance that is UV resistant. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that its colors won’t fade unexpectedly. Size-wise, this statue measures 9.3 inches in length, 5.1 inches in width, and 9.1 inches in height. It is quite versatile as you can install it both indoors and outdoors. 

Even though this statue can make a great addition to your garden, it should be noted that the manufacturer does not recommend that one places it in a fish tank, as doing so is not safe for your beloved companions. 



This statue has a very fun design and it can be used as an indoor or an outdoor décor piece that will surely brighten up the space that you have available.

It measures 9.3 by 5.1 by 9.1 inches, and consequently, it won’t take up a lot of space. So, if you have little room available, this might be the item for you.

The statue is manufactured out of high-quality resin and it is water-resistant. Therefore, it is safe for you to install it outdoors.

Given that it was hand-painted, the model features numerous details that only add to its beauty and uniqueness.



The colors used to paint these turtles are very vibrant. This is not necessarily a drawback as the colors make the design pop up.

This statue is rather easy to break when mishandled. This is the main reason you have to handle it with care when setting it up in your favorite spot.

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8. TERESA’S COLLECTIONS 31.5-inch Metal Peacock Décor 


This metal peacock is manufactured out of high-quality, durable materials such as stainless steel. Moreover, some of the pieces that it includes are manufactured out of glass. 

This piece of garden décor runs on solar energy and it features an on/off switch that you have to turn on for the battery that it comes fitted with to charge. It takes around 6 to 8 hours for it to fully charge, depending on the intensity of the sun. 

Another great feature that this model comes provided with is the fact that it has a light sensor that automatically turns the lights on and off.  So, you don’t have to constantly turn it on and off. In total, this peacock measures 31.5 inches and it is fairly simple to assemble. Step by step instructions are included in the deal. This product is rated as waterproof and it is safe to set up outdoors.



This décor piece is made of sturdy materials and, even though it does not come pre-assembled, it is simple to put together.

It is 31.5 inches in height and it is rated as waterproof. The solar lights that it includes are also waterproof and, thus, safe to use outdoors.

The model features an on/off switch that is very simple to use, as well as an auto sensor that turns the lights on during the night.

Given its beautiful design, this option can make for a nice gift. It can be set up in your garden or on your lawn, depending on your preferences.



This model is not shipped pre-installed. Still, given that clear instructions are shipped alongside the product, setting it up should not be that difficult.

At night, this statue is not very bright. Yet, considering the placement of the lights, this is to be expected and, thus, not a major drawback. 

B07KXN94X4?tag=silverlakean-20" class="amy_yellow_button">Buy from




9. Lanker Frog Garden Statues Frogs Sitting on Stone 


This product consists of three statues of frogs that are 5-inch each. Each of them is depicted in a different cute pose. The statues are crafted from quality materials and the colors used are durable and, thus, they will not fade easily. 

Because of their interesting design, you can set them up both indoors and outdoors. They can make for a great addition to your garden. You can also give these mini statues as a gift to that friend of yours who loves cute décor pieces. In fact, the product comes alongside a gift box package that you can use.

Plus, it is worth mentioning that on each of the stones that the frogs stand on, there is engraved one of the words “peace” “enjoy”, and “hope”. The words cannot be changed, nor omitted. Because they are so lightweight, if you intend to set them up on a table, for instance, it is recommended that you use glue to set them in place. 



This set of three frog statuettes is perfect to use to decorate your garden. The colors used to paint them are durable and will not fade when exposed to the elements.

Each statue measures 5 inches in height, 3.6 inches in width. They are rather lightweight and, therefore, simple to install in your preferred location.

Because the product is made of sturdy materials, you can use it both indoors and outdoors, depending on your preferences.

You can install the set in your garden, office space, or deck rail. The model has a very fun design and it can also be offered as a gift. A gift box package is included in the price.



These frog statuettes are rather lightweight. So, there is a risk that, in case of windy weather, they will get knocked out of place. 

When compared to traditional lawn ornaments and garden sculptures, this choice is a tad smaller. Yet, the dimensions of the frogs are made clear in the description of the product.

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10. Migargle Garden Bird Statue 


If you love the idea of decorating your prized garden with hand-made sculptures, be sure to take a close look at this product. This option includes two small and cute bird statues that measure 4.3 by 2.8 by 3.6 inches. They fit perfectly outdoors, near a birdbath, or indoors on your fireplace or bookshelves.

The statues are made of resin, a durable material, and they are available in a selection of colors. As a result, it is safe to say that you will surely find a model that best suits your preferences. These birds are covered in a UV resistant finish and their colors won’t fade quickly.

To ensure that they won’t get damaged during transportation, the manufacturer ships them packed in a Styrofoam container that is meant to protect each of them. You can also give the statues as a gift, especially if you have a friend that loves ornithology.



These two small and cute birds are made of quality resin and they are coated with a special substance that is UV resistant so that their colors won’t fade.

When it comes to their size, the birds measure 4.3 by 2.8 by 3.6 inches, and, therefore, they are also suitable to use indoors.

You can place them on your shelf, or your fireplace. Similarly, you can install them outdoors, in your garden, or near a birdbath.

Because they are hand-made, these statues are very unique looking. Besides, they are available in different colors that you can select from.



The statues are rather small. However, it should be mentioned that the size of the model is made clear in the description of the product.

Given their size, the birds might prove too small for garden decoration purposes. If you want to install them in your garden, you might have to set them near or on top of other decoration pieces.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you have plenty of garden ornaments ideas, but you have no idea how to browse through all the available choices, we are here to help. The following buying guide is packed with the features that you should consider before making a purchase. 


The durability of lawn and garden ornaments is given by the materials used to make them. To invest in a weather-resistant product, you have to consider the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Stone garden ornaments are a good purchase as they need little maintenance and they can pass the test of time. However, when it comes to ornaments made of materials such as stone, marble, or concrete, you have to pay close attention to how you handle them, as there is a risk that you might break them.

Options made of metal are also quite durable. They are also easy to clean and they are weather resistant. The one drawback that you should not ignore is the fact that, in the case of metal garden ornaments, the bigger the ornament, the more difficult it will be to move around, considering its weight. Additionally, in humid environments, units made of metal are prone to rust.

If you like the idea of buying lightweight ornaments, you should look for models made of plastic and resin. These choices are more affordable and they can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. Ornaments made of resin can suffer some damage if left outdoors for a long time, as they are not made to endure freezing and hot temperatures. 


Size and placement

Most garden ornaments reviews point out that the size of a product of this sort is essential. Before you make a decision, you should spend some time measuring the space that you have available. 

Moreover, before you buy any item, it is recommended that you pay close attention to its dimensions. This way, you won’t risk purchasing, for instance, owl garden ornaments that are too small to install in your garden. 

The placement of the ornament is also of importance. If you intend to set it up outdoors, the product has to be weather resistant and it should be coated in a substance that is UV protective. If the ornament is not coated in such a substance, there is a risk that its colors will fade due to sun exposure.

When it comes to the space that you want to decorate, you also consider its overall aesthetics. For example, if the area of your garden that you want to install the product in is already packed with other ornaments, getting one that is too big, or that does not match the theme of the other objects might not be a good idea.

Ease of use 

If you like cheap garden ornaments that run on solar power, you have to assess the quality of the batteries that these devices use. In some cases, because the products are not weather resistant, they will not pass the test of time.

On top of that, the item that you buy should be easy to install and use. This is particularly true when it comes to products that do not come pre-assembled. To make sure that the ornament that you like is not complicated to put together, it is recommended that you go online and that you read what previous buyers of the unit had to say about this aspect.  



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How do you decorate a farm garden?

If you are searching for ideas on how to decorate a farm garden, you should start by assessing the space that you have available. After you finish measuring the available area, you should decide on a theme that you want to create.

For example, you can look for rustic affordable garden ornaments such as bird statues, wood wheelbarrows, and other similar products. To avoid overcrowding the space, it is recommended that you refrain from buying too many items.

Instead, use one ornament as the central piece and look for other complementary décor pieces that can make it stand out. To ensure that the item that you like is made of sturdy materials, you should read a detailed garden ornaments review of that particular item. 

When you do so, look for info regarding the quality of the materials as well as info on whether or not the product is weather resistant. 

Q: How many unique lawn ornaments are enough?

If you are redoing your garden décor, you probably find it challenging to select just one affordable garden ornament. Given the numerous available options, this is to be expected. However, as we have mentioned before, to avoid overcrowding the space that you have available, you should keep things simple.

So, instead of getting all the products that catch your attention, you should first select a theme that suits the space and, then, buy a couple of ornaments that work with the aesthetic that you find appealing. You should never spend money on a cheap garden ornament just because you can afford it. 

If you are not that experienced when it comes to decorating, it might be a good idea to look for inspiration in magazines, YouTube videos, or on various blogs that you can find online. Another tendency that you should avoid is buying too many unique ornaments. As you imagine, packing your garden with too many funny or unusual ornaments will only make your space look weird and overdone.


Q: Where to place garden ornaments?

As a rule of thumb, you should place your newly purchased affordable garden ornament in an area of your garden where it will complement the other items that are already there. For instance, you can set up a rustic wheelbarrow near your favorite part of the garden where your favorite flowers are planted, as this will make it fit in perfectly.

Smaller statues or décor pieces such as those that depict smaller birds will look better if you set them up near a birdbath, as placing them in the grass will make them go unnoticed. 

If you want to make a funny statue stand out, you should install it in a corner that is unused or unnoticed. 

The most rewarding part of decorating is the fact that you get to experiment and to express yourself. So, feel free to let your imagination run wild! After all, your garden should, first of all, feel appealing to you!



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