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10 Best Earth Augers Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 25.02.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Earth Auger + Reviews


If you are searching for the best earth auger on the market and you don’t have a lot of time available to do extensive research on this topic, we can help. After looking at what previous buyers and the specialists had to say about the best rated choices out there, we have concluded that the Landworks Heavy Duty Cordless Auger is the device that you should consider getting. This auger is very durable as it was made of carbon-coated steel and it features alloy steel blades that can make drilling easy for you. On top of that, the model includes ergonomic grip handles that are made of silicone and that provide you with an improved balance during operation. It is cordless, and it is significantly silent when compared to other similar counterparts. The product does not produce smog. If this device is out of stock, you should consider the XtremepowerUS 1200W 1.6HP Electric Hole Digger.



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10 Best Earth Augers (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Buying an affordable earth auger is a task that comes with numerous challenges, especially if you are a novice that has never shopped for a product of this type before. To help, we have composed a list of high-quality models that you should check out before you make a decision.



1. Landworks Heavy Duty Cordless Auger 


This option comes fitted with a 6″ by 30″ augur that is made of sturdy carbon-coated steel. Besides, the blades that it features are manufactured of alloy steel for increased durability. Because this choice is battery-powered, and it does not run on gasoline, it is eco-friendly and it is significantly less noisy. Also, the brushless motor of the device makes the drilling process smoother.

For increased convenience, this model is equipped with wide-spaced handles that make the device more balanced during operation. On top of that, the augur has a planetary gear mechanism that guarantees a better transmission efficiency.

To prevent the powerhead from overheating, an overload protector has also been added to the design of the product. When shipped, this augur comes supplied with a 2 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion battery, as well as with a charger. Even though it has plenty of features, the model weighs 22 lbs.



Because this model runs on batteries and not on gasoline, it is less noisy and it does not produce smog. Thus, it is eco-friendly.

The cordless design of the unit makes it suitable for a wide array of applications. It can be used on different types of soil.

It has a reverse function that can come in handy when the product jams. This is particularly handy if you are a novice.

Given that this option is lightweight, you will have no issues carrying it around or using it for hours on end.



The product is compatible with a 4 Amp Hour battery. However, it is not included in the price and, thus, has to be purchased independently.

The instructions that are provided by the seller can prove difficult to read if you are not familiar with how devices of this sort work. However, this model is simple to utilize and it is, overall, very convenient.

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2. XtremepowerUS 1200W 1.6HP Electric Hole Digger 


If you want a device that is both strong and durable, this choice distributed by XtremepowerUS might be just what you need. This augur was made of manganese steel, a sturdy material that can withstand extrusions and impacts. Plus, because it comes sprayed with a special black paint, this device is rust-resistant.

The safety lock that the powerhead is fitted with prevents it from being triggered unexpectedly so that you are supplied with the needed security. The 1200W motor that the choice includes can deliver 90 ft-lb torque and it can reach 200 RPM.

To make the product easy to use, the manufacturer has designed it features ergonomic handles that are anti-skid and vibration-proof so that you are supplied with the needed comfort and stability while working.

Given its versatility, this augur can be used when installing decks, fence posts or when doing work on your lawn.



This augur is shipped alongside a 4″ bit, a hex spanner, and an instruction manual that you should read before you use the model for the first time.

It has a powerful 1200-Watt motor that can deliver the power that you need to drill perfect holes. It comes with a 4″ bit that can be used for various tasks.

Because it comes fitted with a powerhead safety lock mechanism, this product is safe as it won’t be triggered accidentally.

The handles of the device are comfortable and they come with two vibration-proof and anti-skid grips so that you get the leverage that you need while operating it.



If you plan on using this auger to dig holes in a piece of land where there are tree roots, it is advisable that you consider another product.

Depending on the location that you intend to use this option, you might have to purchase a long extension cord.

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3. Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Auger 


This alternative has a 1,200 watts motor, 1.6 HP, and 11-amps. In total, it delivers 90 foot-pounds of torque and it reaches a speed of 200 RPM. For safety reasons, it has a safety lock feature that prevents you from turning it on by mistake.

Even more so, this augur includes ergonomic handles that have an anti-vibration grip that offer users extra stability. This feature comes in handy especially when the device is used by a single person.

The augur of the model measures 4” by 30” and, because of its size, it can be used for numerous applications, including for planting trees, installing fence posts or other similar lawn projects. The option is easy to assemble and very easy to use, even by novices. However, if you have never used a product of this type before, it might be best to ask for extra help from a friend, as this item is quite powerful.



This choice was designed to be both powerful and safe. It can deliver a delivers a 90 ft-lb torque and it has a speed of 200 RPM.

It was made to provide users with the needed security and, thus, it includes a safety lock that prevents it from being started unintentionally.

The model has an ergonomic design and it comes with an anti-vibration grip so that you are provided with adequate stability when operating it.

Even though this device is powerful, it can be safely used by a single person. It has a 1,200 watts motor and it can be used easily, including by novices.



This choice is not suitable to be used in muddy soils, or in areas where there are many rocks.

Because this item does not have a reverse function, you have to dig it out by hand in case it gets stuck. This can be rather time-consuming.

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4. SuperHandy Electric Auger Cordless 


If you care about the environment, this model is the right choice for you as it is not powered by gasoline, and, thus, it does not produce smog. Because it runs on batteries, this cordless choice is quieter than other alternatives, as well as more convenient.

It comes provided with 2 Amp hour Lithium-Ion batteries and it can be recharged easily. The necessary charger is included in the price. Per one battery charge, you can use this model to dig up to 2340 inches.

This auger has a powerhead that includes a 3-gear planetary brushless motor that performs well under various conditions. It has a maximum speed of 325 RPM. It is equipped with a transmission overload protector that prevents it from overheating. The silicone grip handles that it features make it comfortable to use. It also has an RTC button that can come in handy when the augur gets stuck.



You can use this model in numerous load conditions. It has a high transmission efficiency and it can dig 30 holes per one battery charge.

The option is powered by a 2Ah battery. When you run out of power, you can recharge it by using the charger that it comes provided with.

Because this device does not run on gasoline, it does not pollute and, according to the seller, it is significantly less noisy.

The overload protector that this unit features, prevents the product from overheating. Therefore, you won’t risk breaking it.



Even though this option is also compatible with a 4 Ah battery, you have to purchase it independently from the same manufacturer.

Given all its features, it comes as no surprise that this auger is not cheap. Yet, it is cordless and powerful and it can help you get the work done in no time.

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5. DONSU 52CC Gas Powered Post Hole Digger 


This alternative has a durable construction and it is powered by gas. Because its motor is mounted straight and not on its side, it is more robust and easier to maneuver than other counterparts. It has an ergonomic construction and it comes fitted with a powerful, single-cylinder, air-cooled two-stroke motor. It has a total capacity of 52cc.

Given that it comes supplied with bits that measure 4″, 6″ and 8″, you can use it to drill holes of various diameters with limited effort. The device can be operated by one, or two people, depending on the project that you are trying to complete.

The choice is safe as it includes a handy bit lock. Without a bit, the model weighs 25.57 lbs. A tool kit that you can use when assembling the device is also provided, as well as a 12″ extension bar and a fuel mixing bottle.



This option has a 2.4 HP motor that is very powerful so that you can use the device for numerous applications. It has a cord starter system.

It can be operated by one or two people. It has a simple design and, therefore, you won’t have issued using it as a novice.

The model is shipped alongside a tool kit for assembly and a fuel mixing bottle that can come in handy. The three bits are simple to install.

Because the motor of the product is placed straight through its gearbox, and not on its side, it is more stable than other units.



When compared to electrical augers, this counterpart is heavier. Yet, it is highly versatile as it is shipped with three different bits that you can use.

This choice does not perform well if there are many roots in the soil that you are trying to dig into. Still, overall, it delivers great results.

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6. Tool Tuff Hand-Held Post Hole Digger 


This option is gas-powered and it comes supplied with two 6″ and 10″ bits that you can use to drill holes effortlessly. Moreover, depending on your needs, you can order the choice to come fitted with various bits of different sizes.

The auger has a 63cc, 3 HP, 2-stroke engine that is simple to start, even by a beginner. Because of its design, the device can be easily operated by a single person. It was built to feature a greaseable gearbox mechanism for improved convenience. The product is EPA approved and it has a 1.45-liter fuel tank capacity.

Besides, this option has an all-steel construction and it measures 30″ in length. The model is quite powerful and it can be successfully used to get various tasks completed in no time. You can use it in your garden, on your farm or when doing lawn work. It is lightweight.



It has a 63cc, very powerful two-stroke motor. Therefore, you can use this device for various tasks.

This auger comes with two bits, a 6″ and a 10″ one that you can use to dig holes of different diameters. It was built for a one-man operation.

If you are a novice, you will be happy to find out that this option is packed alongside an instruction manual that is filled with useful info.

The model is manufactured out of steel, and, as a result, it can definitely pass the test of time. It features a protective shield as well.



One aspect that you should be aware of before you order it is that this item does not feature a reverse function. Therefore, when it gets stuck, you have to dig it out yourself.

If you hit a rock while using this model, there is a chance that the impact force will knock you down. So, use this device carefully.

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7. HYYKJ-US 52CC Post Hole Digger 


This alternative is also gas-powered and it features a 52cc, two-stroke engine that can supply you with the needed power. It comes supplied with three bits, a 4″, a 6″ and an 8″ one. The bits are simple to install. This way, you can dig holes of various diameters.

To supply users with plenty of comfort, this item is ergonomically designed so that you can use it easily. Because it has a straight-through gearbox, this device is much more stable than other counterparts that come provided with a side-mounted engine.

The motor that this augur has can deliver 8500 RPMs and it can provide you with the needed power to drill perfect holes. You can use it to perform professional-grade work. The choice is shipped alongside a couple of accessories, including a toolkit for easy assembly, and a fuel mixing bottle. It has a bit lock system for increased safety.



This model weighs 22.82lbs and, thus, it is lightweight enough for you to use it comfortably throughout the day.

It comes supplied with three such bits that measure 4″, 6″ and 8″ and, thus, you can use this device for various applications. It is powered by gasoline.

Because the motor has a cord starter, you will have no issues powering it. The engine has a 52cc cylinder capacity.

The product has is ergonomically designed so that you can use it easily. It features a straight-through gearbox that makes it very stable.



The price of the unit might discourage some from considering it. However, given that it comes with plenty of accessories, it is worth it.

Given that this is a petrol-powered device, it gets a bit louder than other similar choices that run on power. Still, considering the other features that it includes, this is not necessarily a deal-breaker.

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8. BLIKA Solid Shaft Auger Drill Bit 


If you are searching for an auger bit that you can use when doing gardening work, this model should make it to your list. It has a 3-inch diameter and a total length of 12 inches, and, thus, it is perfect for planting vegetables, flowers, as well as for mixing seed or fertilizer.

The augur was manufactured out of a sturdy material, heavy-duty steel to be more precise, and it features a black painted finish that makes it even more durable. The item can be used with most cordless or electric drills on the market.

It is easy to use and it can be utilized to plant plenty of plants in a short amount of time. It can efficiently dig holes that are up to 11 inches in depth. For increased convenience, this model is delivered alongside a pair of gloves. No drilling machine is included in the price.



This auger bit is perfect to use by those who like doing gardening work. It is very simple to utilize and it can make gardening fun and efficient.

Because it comes shipped alongside a pair of gloves, you just have to plug it into a drill and start working.

The bit measures 3 inches in diameter and it has a length of 12 inches. You can use it to dig holes that are 11 inches deep max.

It was made of steel and, consequently, this option is durable. The added black finish adds to its sturdiness.



Depending on the soil that you intend to dig in, this bit might prove too thick for the job. This is not always the case.

If you don’t already own a drilling machine, this model is not suitable for your needs. Yet, it is easy to use and, overall, quite practical for gardening.

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9. ECO LLC 63CC Heavy Duty 


This model features a 63cc engine that allows for quickly drilling into different types of soil. You can utilize it when installing poles, fences or when planting trees. Therefore, it is highly versatile. Given its designed it can be operated by one or two people, depending on the project that you are working on.

The handle that the device features is ergonomically constructed so that you can grip the finger throttle and also switch the control that is placed on the handlebar at the same time. The unit is fitted with a 2-stroke, air-cooled motor that is powerful. You can start it easily.

Because it comes supplied with no less than three bits that can be interchanged effortlessly, you can dig holes of various diameters. The tank fuel is made of a transparent material so that you know when you have to refill it. A fuel mixing bottle is provided.



This item includes a tool kit for assembly, as well as an instruction manual that contains clear, step-by-step instructions that you can follow before utilizing it for the first time.

It has a powerful, 63cc engine that is powered by gasoline. This auger can be operated by one or two people at a time.

The model comes provided with three bits and with an extension set that comes in handy when you are completing challenging projects.

Given that the fuel tank that it features is translucent, you will always know when you have to refill it. This way, you won’t risk running out of fuel.



Because this is an auger powered by gasoline, it is not necessarily eco-friendly. So, if you consider this an issue, you should look at other alternatives.

Given all the features that it includes, this model does not come cheap. This can be a problem for those who are on a strict budget.

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10. SuxiDi Powered 52cc Gas Post Hole Digger 


This option is made of manganese steel, and, as a result, it can pass the test of time. It comes supplied with no less than three auger bits that measure 6″, 8″ and 5″. Hence, you can use this device for various tasks. This model is very simple and comfortable to use as it has ergonomically designed handles.

You can use this unit alone, or with the help of a friend to complete numerous tasks in a short amount of time. Because of its sturdy construction, this choice can also be used during the winter, if you are an ice fishing aficionado. So, the product is rather versatile when compared to other models.

It comes with a tool kit bag that you can use to transport the auger to various locations. Also, the bag makes it easy to store it, especially if you are short on space. It has a 1200 ml fuel tank capacity.



This product was specially designed for agricultural work, but it can also be used to drill holes in the ice when going ice fishing.

It is provided with three bits of different sizes, two fuel mixing bottles, a ground drill, two hex wrenches, a funnel, and an informative instruction manual.

The option has a 52cc engine that is made of a combination of copper and iron, and it can deliver no less than 6500 RPMs.

Because it is easy to install and use, it is the perfect choice for all novices out there looking for a convenient and powerful device that can help them get the job done.



This model can prove somewhat pricey for those who are on a strict budget. However, this item is made of high-quality materials.

When compared to other units, it could be argued that this option is not as quiet as those models that run on electricity.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Let’s be honest, purchasing a high-quality earth auger drill is not simple, as the market is filled with numerous alternatives you can choose from. To help you browse through all the options out there, we have prepared a short, yet comprehensive guide that can come in handy.


Before assessing the market, you should remember that there are four types of augers that you can opt for. A hand power earth auger is meant to be used by a single person. It is lightweight, compact and highly portable.

You can successfully use it when doing small jobs that require digging small holes, such as planting vegetables, digging holes or gardening. Generally, these models come with bits that measure between 4 and 8 inches in diameter.

Moreover, you can also shop for one-man drills that are suitable to be used whenever you have to dig large holes. These devices can be used when planting trees or when installing fences or doing work on your propriety.

Finally, you can invest in a two-man earth auger that is more heavy-duty. These alternatives are usually powered by bigger engines and they require two people to safely operate them.


Engine power and depth capacity

As you probably know from reading any earth auger review, an efficient model is one that is fitted with a powerful motor that has between 2 and 5 HPs. The bigger the engine, the better the device is at drilling in tough, root-filled soils.

Two-stroke units are more affordable than 4-stroke models. However, they are a bit noisier. If you want an eco-friendly cheap earth auger, it is recommended that you opt for an electrical device.

When it comes to depth, it should be pointed out that the best options are those who come provided with powerful motors. Depending on the unit that you select, the auger comes supplied with bits of various lengths. Extensions are also available.


Additional considerations

As most earth auger reviews state, the durability of a product of this kind is greatly influenced by the materials that were used to make it. Most of the choices that you can find online are manufactured from sturdy materials such as steel.

However, if you want to make sure that the unit that you have selected is likely to pass the test of time, you should take a close look at the reviews provided by former buyers.

If you are interested in understanding the main differences between gasoline-powered units and electrical augers, there are a couple of aspects that you should keep in mind. To start, gasoline-powered units are portable and, thus, practical to use if you have to carry the device to different locations. However, you can also get this benefit from cordless units.

By comparison, an electric earth auger is less noisy than one that runs on gasoline, and it does not produce any type of smog. Hence, these choices are suitable for eco-friendly customers. Still, the units that come provided with cords can be tricky to use in areas where there are no outlets where you can plug them in.

No matter the kind of product you decide to get, you should always remember that augers can cause injuries when they are not used accordingly. To avoid this, you should follow the instructions made available by the manufacturer of the device you decide to invest in.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is an earth auger used for?

An earth auger is a device that is meant to be used to dig holes. Depending on the actual specifications that a certain model features, you can use it for a wide array of applications. For instance, you can use smaller, hand-held units to plant vegetables or to perform other similar gardening tasks.

The devices that feature bigger bits can be utilized when installing fences, planting trees or doing lawn work. It should also be added that there are also large earth augers that are used to extract underground water and other similar resources or to remove the soil from a certain area. Augers are also the go-to tool when it comes to extracting soil samples.

If you are an avid ice fisher, you probably know that the market is also filled with units that were specifically designed to cut through ice. So, no matter the type of digging you have to do, you can definitely find a device that is perfect for your needs.

Q: How deep can an earth auger drill?

On average, an earth auger can drill holes that are up to 3 feet deep. However, if you need to dig deeper holes, some of the choices come provided with special extension rods that you can successfully use to get the job done.

Once again, the depth of the holes that a device of this kind can dig depends on the specifications of each model in particular. So, before you make up your mind and decide to order a specific product, it is recommended that you do the needed research by looking at what the manufacturer has to say about the augers that it distributes.

If you want to be confident that the unit that you like can get the task done, it can also help to get in touch with previous buyers of the same model. This way, you can get a first-hand review of how a certain item performs in various circumstances.


Q: What is the difference between an ice auger and an earth auger?

As the names of these two devices imply, ice augers are meant to be used to drill holes in the ice, while earth augers are suitable when drilling in soil. However, there are a couple of extra aspects that should also be pointed out.

For once, ice augers come fitted with special blades that are sharper and, thus, able to break through ice. By comparison, the design of the blades that an earth model includes differs, as it is constructed solely for breaking up dirt and, in the case of more powerful units, rocks.

If you want the best of both worlds, you will be happy to find out that there are also products that are advertised as being suitable to be used to drill holes in both ice and soil. Still, as expected, the efficiency of such alternatives depends from one device to another. At the end of the day, not all augers are constructed equally.




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