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9 Best Wind Chimes – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 25.02.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Wind Chime + Reviews


Whether you’re on the lookout for the best wind chimes to create that pleasant sonic ambiance for your place or you need such a product for your dear ones, this paragraph might be of assistance as it includes the information you need to make a decision more quickly. To find the best wind chime on the market, we have taken a closer look at the various features offered by top-rated wind chimes, and we think the first option to consider is the UpBlend Outdoors Bamboo/Aluminum Wind Chime. Designed with sustainable bamboo and aluminum, this wind chime will complement any decor with its stylish look and beautiful sounds. It is ideal for patios, gardens, and other places where the wind blows. The chime is easy to install and features quality materials that should create soothing sounds for a long time. If this product is currently unavailable, another model worth considering is the Epartswide 36″ Garden Aluminum Wind Chime.



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9 Best Wind Chimes (Updated Reviews) in 2020



It takes just a few accessories to create a fresh vibe for a place, and wind chimes can add a lot to the ambiance of a patio or garden. Finding the best wind chime for your needs might not be the easiest thing, though, considering the many beautiful wind chimes on today’s market. To simplify your decision-making process, we have compiled a list of wind chime reviews. Check it out for a more educated purchasing decision.



1. UpBlend Outdoors Bamboo/Aluminum Wind Chime


What you get with this wood chime is a product that will enchant you not only sonically but also visually, given its remarkable aesthetics. The chime features a combination of sustainable bamboo and aluminum and a minimalist yet stylish design that will complement any garden or patio.

Considering the nature of this type of product, this model stands out sonically as it features the pentatonic scale. What this means is that the chime does not only sound familiar, but it sounds great no matter the direction of the wind and how the various parts hit each other.

The product includes six aluminum tubes with varying lengths that range from 14 inches to 10 inches, and the entire item measures 29 inches in length. The choice of bamboo and black pipes cuts a fine figure visually and thus renders the item suitable for any home and a great option when in need of a gift.



The chime was designed to sound and look good, and therefore, comes with an inspired design built with quality materials.

The unit features aluminum and sustainable bamboo combined in a stylish way that should complement any patio or garden and help you create a soothing ambiance.

What makes this unit stand out is its pentatonic scale, which makes it possible for the product to create beautiful harmonies no matter the wind’s direction.

Installing it is easy as the chime comes with a silver ring that can be attached to a hook; plus, assembling the item is also straightforward.

This unit features matte black pipes, but the item is available in other color options, including bronze, silver, and cottage white.



The chime might not sound too loud, and a strong wind might cover the sounds it produces; that might be an advantage, though, if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors.

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2. Epartswide 36″ Garden Aluminum Wind Chime


Everything that goes into the construction of a wind chime affects the way it sounds, and Epartswide employed quality materials and a thoughtful design so that you can enjoy beautiful sounds and do so for a long time. Due to the expert tuning, the chime creates peaceful tones that will enchant.

The product is built with materials that don’t just sound great, but that should also keep up with extended use. The plate features heavy-duty wood that is weather-resistant, and the item also comes with sturdy strings so that you can hang the wind chime outdoors and use it for a long time.

The quality aluminum used for the 18 tubes creates crisp and clear sounds, and each tube has a different length. What’s more, the wind bell size and the many tubes help the chime produce clearer and more relaxing sounds than small chimes. The S-shaped design will also add a stylish touch to your garden, patio, or wherever you install it.



Whether you want to create a soothing ambiance for your place or you’re on the lookout for a special gift for your dear one, this wind chime is worth a closer look.

The product features quality materials and has been tuned in such a way to create pleasant and peaceful sounds for a long time.

The tubes feature quality aluminum and vary in length, while the plate is made from heavy-duty wood that is weather-resistant so that you can install and use it outdoors and in various weather conditions.

The sturdy nylon strings employed add to the product’s durability and render it suitable for extended outdoor use.

The large bell and the 18 tubes featured create clearer sounds than small chimes, and it takes only a breeze or soft wind for the unit to produce pleasant sounds.



Given the strings it features, the product might arrive tangled, and untangling it might take some time.

The sounds might not be as loud as expected, but that might be a good thing if you don’t want to disturb the neighbors.

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3. ASTARIN 36-Inch Deep Tone Wind Chimes


The first thing you’ll notice when it comes to this wind chime is its beautiful design, but the product isn’t just about stylish looks as it was built to create pleasant and relaxing sounds. The five tubes produce full, deep tones, and each of them is hand-tuned by tuning experts, which is one of the reasons why they sound the way they do.

The thick tubing also contributes to the deep sounds delivered, and the materials used for the product’s construction were chosen based on their durability as well. The suspension platform features quality wood, and the green paint used is waterproof so that it can maintain its beauty for a long time.

The heavy-duty nylon cording and the high-density wood striker also contribute to this product’s durability and the way it performs. The wind catcher comes with a beautifully-engraved life tree, and the tubes are available in golden color.



Stylishly-designed and expertly-tuned, this wind chime makes a great addition to any home from both a sonic and visual point of view.

The unit is packed with five metal tubes that create full, deep tones to help you relax, reconnect with nature, and create a soothing ambiance.

The unit was built with durable materials that should keep up with extended use, and it comes with a large sturdy hook that ensures ease of installation in a variety of places.

The platform is made from quality wood and features waterproof paint, while the cording is made from heavy-duty nylon.

Thanks to the adjustable bell length, you can change the sounds produced and thus make the necessary adjustments to get sounds from different scales.



This wood chime might fall a bit on the expensive side, but that’s to be expected, given the sounds produced and its stylish design.

Even though the paint used for the wood platform is advertised as being waterproof, it might come off if exposed to water and high humidity for a long time.

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4. ZOUTOG Handmade Wind Chimes 6 Metal Tubes


Featuring a contemporary design that will add a stylish touch to your place, this wind chime was built to please both sonically and visually. It is equipped with six aluminum alloy tubes that are rust-resistant, and each one is of a different length that ranges from 8.7 inches to 12.6 inches.

Every time the wind blows and the tubes hit each other, the unit produces pleasant sounds for a soothing ambiance. To withstand prolonged outdoor use, the product comes with a UV-resistant and strength-tested nylon cord. Plus, the strikers boast custom wood that is durable enough to keep up with outdoor use.

Thanks to how the central suspension system is designed, the tubes resonate freely, which prevents the sound-dampening performance of traditionally-designed chimes. The elegant design and color choice should also complement your place from a visual point of view.



The wind chime boasts a stylish design that will add a nice touch to your place, as well as quality materials that were put together in such a way to produce pleasant sounds.

To make sure the sounds delivered are clear and harmonious, the unit is packed with a central suspension system that allows the tubes to resonate freely.

Thanks to the aluminum alloy used for the tubes, the quality wood employed for the strikers, and the nylon cord, the item should cover your needs for a long time before replacement is needed.

The chime has six tubes, and their lengths vary; plus, they’re rust-resistant and available in a nice brown to cut a fine figure.

Given the S-shaped hook, installing it is easy, and you can attach it to trees or patios quickly and effortlessly.



The sounds produced might not be as loud as expected, but this might also be an advantage if you prefer them not to reach and disturb your neighbors.

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5. Bellaa 22890 27 Inch Rainbow Wind Chimes


If you’ve embraced a more eco-friendly lifestyle and you’re thus interested in using and purchasing natural products whenever possible, this wind chime from Bellaa might be cut out for you. What sets this unit apart is the material used and the way it was made.

The Rainbow Wind Chime features natural capiz seashells and bamboo wood, and it is handmade. The seashells are strong and translucent, and the sounds they create remind one of the ocean breeze. This model comes with beautifully colored seashells, as the name suggests, so that you can add a nice touch to your patio, garden, or where you want to put it.

Speaking of installation, attaching it to a roof or tree branch is nothing complicated as the unit comes with a ring that ensures easy on and off. You just need a hook installed in the place of interest. The wind chime is available in different color combinations.



If you’re a sea-lover or simply interested in natural products, this wind chime is worth taking into account as it features natural materials and is handmade.

The product is made of natural capiz seashells and bamboo wood that will get you a relaxing sound every time the wind blows, reminding of the soothing ocean breeze.

The seashells used are colored, which renders this chime suitable for gardens, patios, and any place that could use a visually vibrant accent.

Installing the product is effortless as it is equipped with a ring that can be attached to a hook for easy on and off.

This is the rainbow model, but the wind chime is available in other color options so that you can easily find the one that meets your preferences.



Although the product is designed for outdoor use, the color paint used for the seashells might not last if frequently exposed to rain.

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6. WOODMUSIC 35” Bamboo Wooden Birdhouse Wind Chime


Wind chimes should first be about high sound quality, given that every time the wind blows, they produce sounds, and this model was designed to create beautiful, relaxing sounds and even cater to the needs of the birds in your area. This unit combines two products that will serve different needs, namely a wind chime and a birdhouse.

Considering that you will thus get two items, the product also proves to be affordable. It is suitable for patios, gardens, and even as an indoor decoration. The wind chime is packed with six tubes of different lengths that were professionally tuned so that you can benefit from pleasant natural sounds.

The manufacturer employed quality materials, such as bamboo, as well as a thoughtful design that ensures easy installation/removal; it thus comes with a hook. The birdhouse/wind chime is available in two sizes, namely 35 inches and 36 inches, and two colors, including yellow and green.



This is a dual-purpose product that features a birdhouse so that the birds in your area can nest, as well as a wind chime to create a soothing ambiance.

Given the materials used and the fact that the chimes were professionally tuned, the product should create pleasant natural sounds whenever the wind blows.

Thanks to the hook featured, installing it in the place of interest or removing it should be an effortless and straightforward task.

The product is available in two sizes, namely 35 and 36 inches, and two color options, yellow and green, which should help you find the one that meets your needs with greater ease.

Considering that this is a 2-in-1 product, it is also an affordable option, especially if you’re a budget-conscious buyer.



Make sure that you get all the information regarding the real size of the wind chime and birdhouse as they might be smaller than what the pictures suggest.

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7. Kearui Solar Colorful Light Wind Chimes


With this product, you won’t just get a pleasantly-sounding wind chime but also a beautifully-designed lighting unit that is solar-powered. This model stands out through this addition as it combines soothing sounds with relaxing visuals for an enhanced sensorial experience. It thus makes a great decor accent for dinners and parties, as well as whenever you need a warm mood lighting.

Given the solar-powered design, the unit requires no external power supply or wiring. It is enough to leave it out in the sun for it to charge during the day thanks to the solar panels featured. When charged, the tubes will light up at night and thus create a relaxing ambiance.

The tubes will light up in different colors, such as red, green, blue, and orange, to name a few. When it is fully charged, the lights can last up to 15 hours. The product features a waterproof design, which means that exposure to water spills or light rain shouldn’t affect it. The ‘S’ hook included in the pack makes the installation process straightforward and easy.



This wind chime is designed to please from a sonic and visual point of view as it creates soothing sounds and lights up at night.

Since it is a solar-powered unit, the item charges in the daytime and then lights up at night; plus, the tube lights are of different colors for relaxing visuals.

Whenever the wind blows or you swing the chimes, they create soothing sounds, which renders the item suitable for both indoor and indoor use.

When fully charged, the lights can last up to 15 hours, so you can employ the item for late dinners or parties and thus create a relaxing ambiance.

The materials employed for the unit’s construction were chosen based on their durability, and the item comes with a waterproof design.



The string that holds the wind catcher might not be as durable as expected, and the lights often last only for a couple of hours, even after full-day sun exposure.

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8. Homemaxs 8 Tubes Rose Gold Wind Chimes


Featuring a stylish design that combines metal chimes with solid wooden boards, this wind chime will cut a nice figure both sonically and visually and complement any patio, garden, or room. The unit comes with eight aluminum tubes that have been expertly tuned to provide relaxing tones.

Thanks to the adjustable pads, you can tweak the unit to get different tones and sounds. The high-quality aluminum and solid wood employed for this unit should ensure longevity and withstand moisture and rain. What’s more, the manufacturer used a special treatment for the pipes in order to prevent them from rusting.

The ‘S’ hook included will help you install the wind chime easily, while the nylon string should last for quite a while and not get easily damaged by exposure to water and wind. For a more personal touch, you can draw or write something on the solid wood pendant.



Beautifully designed and thoughtfully built, this wind chime makes a nice addition to patios, gardens, and even indoor spaces, and it is also a nice gift option.

The item is packed with eight high-quality aluminum pipes that were designed and tuned to produce pleasant and soothing sounds whenever the wind blows.

The pipes have been treated to withstand prolonged outdoor use and resist rust, and the nylon string that keeps the various parts together should resist wind and water exposure.

The rose gold pipes and solid wooden boards will add a nice touch to the place where the unit is installed, and the wooden pendant can be personalized.

Thanks to the ‘S’ hook included, you can easily install it where needed and remove it when required, while the adjustable wood panels can help you get different sounds.



The unit is slightly more expensive than other items in this category, but given the materials used and the sounds produced, it should meet many needs nicely.

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9. Kearui Solar Color-Changing Wind Chimes


Whether you’re on the lookout for a pleasantly-sounding and stylishly-designed wind chime for your place or for one of your dear ones, this model from Kearui might be right up your alley. The product does not just create soothing sounds but also lights up at night.

The solar-powered unit charges during the day and then automatically lights up when it’s dark. All you need to do is set the switch featured to ‘on’ and expose the unit to the sun in the daytime. This makes it suitable for dinners, parties, and any patio or garden that could do with some colorful lights. The LED bulb lights up in different colors and can last for up to 12 hours when fully charged.

The wind chime comes with eight aluminum tubes of different lengths, and each pipe is tuned to produce pleasant and clear sounds. The IPX3 material, aluminum, and nylon strings employed for the construction of this item should ensure long-lasting performance even when used outdoors.



What you get with this product is a wind chime that creates relaxing sounds as well as warm lighting that will embellish patios, gardens, and other such places.

Thanks to the high-quality aluminum and expertly tuned pipes, the wind chime will help you relax whenever the wind blows and the pipes produce clear and soothing sounds.

It is enough to set the switch featured to ‘on’ and leave the unit in the sunlight during the day in order for the LED bulb to automatically activate and light up in different colors at night.

The ‘S’ hook included makes it easy to hang the wind chime to trees, fences, and other such places, while the materials featured were chosen based on their resistance to various elements.



This wind chime does not come with a wind catcher, and the unit might be a bit smaller than it looks in the pictures.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


It takes a few carefully chosen accessories to create a memorable and relaxing ambiance. Wind chimes are among the items that can refresh the way a place looks, and more importantly, outfit any space hosting them with beautiful sounds.

Luckily, the market offers a rich selection of awesome wind chimes so that you can find the right one for your needs and preferences. However, since there are various types of outdoor wind chimes, find the best ones for you might prove to be a time-consuming and challenging task.

The sounds produced by a wind chime depend on the material used, the tube length and diameter, and the way the tubes are arranged. All this calls for thorough research before adding any such item to your shopping cart.

There are a few key factors to consider in order to narrow down the many options available, and we have highlighted them below so that you can simplify your decision-making process and find the best wind chimes for you or your dear ones.

Wind chime types 

When searching for the best wind chimes, you will see that the search results include a variety of types, ranging from tubular to bell chimes. However, when thinking of a wind chime, many of us tend to think of the tubular ones. This category includes different types of wind chimes, though, based on the material used for their construction.

The traditional or classic chime features metal tubes and a wooden striker. In such cases, the wind catcher or sail is made of different materials, and the suspension ring features a wooden or metal construction. The tubes usually vary in length in order to produce different tones.

Other tubular chimes feature a bamboo or wood construction, and such items are, more often than not, handmade. Wooden wind chimes produce softer and more natural sounds.

Wind chimes are also made from glass, which shapes the sounds produced. Like their wooden counterparts, they create softer sounds based on the size of the glass pieces used. The glass is cut into pieces of different sizes and shapes and usually painted in different colors.

Capiz shells are also employed for wind chimes thanks to their durability, translucence, and the sweet little sounds they produce. What’s nice about them is that, just like glass, they can be colored for more vibrant visuals, and they create sounds even when the wind is soft.


Tones and sound quality

A wind chime is first of all about sounds, so it is always best to listen to the way a wind chime sounds before you buy one in order to find the best sounding wind chimes for your needs. You might also want to look for audio previews. Some wind chime reviews even include audio recordings of the items in question.

However, if you cannot find such audio previews, there are a few factors to help you get an idea of how a product sounds. The size of a chime is a good indicator of the type of tones delivered. Longer tubes produce lower, deeper, and fuller sounds and thus make a good option for those of you interested in relaxing sounds.

Many affordable wind chimes feature multiple medium to long chimes that create medium tones and thus serene sounds. Listeners usually find such wind chimes to be uplifting and cheerful. The market also offers wind chimes with short and narrow tubes that produce high tones.

Materials and durability

As we’ve said above, garden wind chimes are built with different materials that affect how they sound and how much they last. Metal chimes are some of the most popular ones, given that they can be tuned to specific notes.

What’s more, metal chimes are more durable than other materials, and since wind chimes are typically placed outdoors, superior resistance to various elements is thus required. The most commonly employed metals for wind chimes are aluminum, steel, brass, and copper. Aluminum is the most popular material used for chimes, considering its durability, weather resistance, clarity, and volume.

Wood and bamboo are also used to make wind chimes, yet they are less durable than metals. Without special treatment, such units can be affected by rain and various elements and thus might not keep up with extended outdoor use. Still, if you prefer a softer sound, wooden or bamboo wind chimes are more appropriate than metal ones.

As mentioned earlier, glass and shells are among the materials used to make chimes. They produce soft and delicate tinkling sounds. In case you want a chime that won’t cover your conversations or disturb your neighbors, then it is worth trying such a model. Reading a wind chime review of the product you’re interested in is also a good idea to see how it really works.

The materials used and the design of a wind chime influence the sounds delivered, but you should also consider the durability ensured by the materials employed.

Wind chimes can be used indoors as well to spice up your room decor, but they are mainly designed for outdoor use. This means exposure to elements, which calls for weather-resistant materials. Cheap wind chimes are likely to break more easily and be affected by prolonged exposure to the sun, wind, rain, and other elements.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do wind chimes keep birds away?

Wind chimes can actually repel and attract birds at the same time. Now, the effect they might have on birds depends on how loud they sound. On the one hand, larger wind chimes that produce deeper sounds might keep some birds away, but that’s not a certainty. Such a model might work great in some cases and have no effect on the birds in its proximity in other cases.

On the other hand, smaller wind chimes that produce soft sounds might attract birds, so different types of wind chimes can have opposite effects. The market even offers wind chimes that feature a birdhouse, which means that some units can attract birds and their sound might not stop them from nesting nearby.

If you want to use a wind chime not only to benefit from its relaxing sounds but also to keep birds away, keep in mind that the birds might be startled at the beginning only to get used to the sounds and ignore the wind chime altogether later.

Q: Where should you hang wind chimes?

As the name suggests, wind chimes need wind in order to chime, and, therefore, if you want to use such a product not only as a decorative item but also to help you relax with its soothing sounds, it is best to install the model you’ve purchased in a place that is exposed to wind.

You might get high-quality wind chimes, but if you don’t place them in the right place, they are likely to end up just as a nice decor accent. Many affordable wind chime models come with a ring and/or an ‘S’ hook to help you hand them in a variety of places.

Outdoor porches and patios are ideal for installing wind chimes. Once you have the right mounting tools, you can hang them on a wall or from a ceiling. You can also hang them from a tree branch, plant holder, or tall lantern. Just make sure that you place it where the wind blows in order to enjoy its beautiful sounds.


Q: Can you leave wind chimes out in the winter?

If you live in an area where winters get harsh, the wind is strong, and it snows frequently or heavily, it is best to keep the wind chimes indoors. In case the winter is mild, your wind chime is built with weather-resistant materials, and you still spend lots of time outdoors, you can leave the wind chime outdoors. However, make sure that the above-mentioned rules apply.

Therefore, it depends on what the winter looks like in your area and the materials employed for your wind chime’s construction. In some cases, the items can be used outdoors year-round without getting damaged as a result of the mild weather fluctuations.

A cheap wind chime is likely to break even when the weather is warm, not to mention when it snows, rains, or there are great temperature differences. Before storing it for the winter, make sure you clean it properly and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions and recommendations.



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