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10 Best Solar Garden Lights – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 25.02.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Solar Garden Light + Reviews


The best solar garden lights are not easy to find, especially if you are not sure what to look for. If you still don’t know what solar garden lights are best, you have come to the right place because our team has analyzed the most sought after products on the market and has concluded that the URPOWER Solar Garden Lights are a great choice for several reasons. Besides the quality of the materials used, these lights have a high lighting power even if they are relatively small. The panels that gather the energy needed for them to function are adjustable, and each light has a power of 200 lumens. You can place them anywhere in the garden, and they charge really quickly and discharge really slowly, maximizing the use of energy. If these lights are not available in your area, the GIGALUMI Landscape Solar Lights are also a great option.



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10 Best Solar Garden Lights (Updated Reviews) in 2024



If you are looking for the best solar garden light, you will have to search no more because we have prepared a list of the best solar garden lights reviews after analyzing each of their features in order to help you find the product that best suits your needs.



1. URPOWER Solar Garden Lights


The great thing about the URPOWER Solar Garden Lights is that they are really versatile in terms of placement, meaning that you can place them anywhere in the garden, even on walls, very easily due to their mounting system. Also, you will be able to adjust the direction of the power panels and also the direction of the lights.

If you thoroughly analyze these garden lights, you will see that they incorporate a lot of other great features, like the fact that they charge really quickly and discharge really slowly, even though they are very powerful and have a power of 200 lumens each.

The time that is recommended for recharging is four hours, sometimes five if the sun is not that bright during a certain day. They are easy to install and, even though they have cool light, which might not be everyone’s preference, they have two brightness settings that allow you to lighten your garden according to your preference.



They take a really short time to fully charge, and they take a really long time to run out of power.

The light that they provide is strong because every light comes with the power of 200 lumens.

The solar panels are adjustable, and you will be able to direct them toward the sun so that you maximize the amount of energy that they store during the day.

They are versatile and can be installed anywhere, and they also allow you to choose between two brightness settings.

Even though they are small, the light that they give out is very bright, and you will be able to have a well-lit garden without crowding it.



The light color that they put out is cool, which might not be great if you prefer warm light in your garden.

Some of their parts can be a little sensitive to shocks and deteriorate more quickly than the other if you don’t handle them correctly.

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2. GIGALUMI Landscape Solar Lights


GIGALUMI will not let you down if you are someone who wants to reduce their energy bills while still having a well-lit garden during the night. What our team has found very useful is the fact that these lights are made of stainless steel, which makes them waterproof.

Even though similar products are waterproof in terms of LED protection, these garden lights will not deteriorate due to contact with water, which means that they will not rust, and stainless steel also has non-corrosive properties. They come in a pack of 12 small lights that can be placed anywhere in the garden as long as you stick them into the ground.

They will light up your garden for about eight hours, and you can also order them in different colors, according to your needs and preferences. Due to the material they are made of, they also behave very well during the cold season. They also have a simple and elegant design, being suited for different types of gardens.



Installing the lights is easy, and you will not need any special tools or hard work put into it to be able to install them quickly.

The metal frame is really sturdy and will not deteriorate if it is exposed to the heat of the sun for a long time because the material they are made of will not crack due to heat.

They will behave very well during the rainy days and also during snowy days because stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion.

They are very durable and, even though they don’t make such a bright light, they come in a 12 pack.



They only last for eight hours in a row and, if they are on constantly for a longer time during the evening, they will not be able to lighten up your garden continuously throughout the whole night.

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3. SURSUN Bright Solar Garden Lights


Besides the fact that the SURSUN Bright Solar Garden Lights come with a long warranty period, they also come with high levels of quality, especially if you think about the fact that they are made of stainless steel. What is great about these lights is that they are small and easy to use to create different ambiances.

They can be used to light pathways or to brighten up your outdoor living space by creating different light patterns, according to how you let your mind be creative. They are durable, and you will be able to use them at their peak performance as long as you don’t step on them or hit them with your car.

They offer light for up to ten hours if they charge completely, and they are really reliable. Making them a great choice for people who are looking for classy and high-quality products.



You will be able to install them easily without the need for any wiring, which means that you will be able to place them anywhere as long as they have access to sunlight every day.

They are made of stainless steel, which is the perfect material for outdoor use because the lights will not deteriorate during rainy or snowy periods due to the fact that stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion.

They are a great choice, especially if you want to decorate your yard or garden using light, because they are small and versatile in terms of design.

They come with a long warranty period of 12 months, which is great especially if you compare them with other products in the line.



The solar panels can not be directed according to where the sun lays the most light, this is why the energy-storing can not be maximized according to individual needs.

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4. BEAU JARDIN Waterproof Solar Garden Lights


The BEAU JARDIN Solar Garden Lights have one great feature that is worth all your money: they are made of really high-quality materials. This is a feature that other lightning systems have, but the great thing about these garden lights is the fact that even the glass is made of real glass, not of plastic.

The bodies of the lights are made of a metal that will not rust and has a high resistance to water, and the part that gets inserted into the ground is made of really sturdy PVC. They come in an 8-pack, and what is great about them is the fact that they can be ordered in different colors, and there is even a version that changes color.

The stainless steel that they are made of is also very sturdy, besides being resistant to rust, which makes these lights really long-lasting and protects them from getting damaged.



The material that they are made of, stainless steel, is definitely a plus because you will be able to use them for many years in a row without them getting damaged.

They behave very well during any weather conditions, which makes them perfect for regions where the temperatures change dramatically from one season to another.

They can last for up to 12 hours in a row, which is far more than most products available on the market.

Due to the glass, which has an interesting shape, they offer a great design in terms of lightning.

They are extremely easy to install and assemble, and this procedure will require almost no effort.



You will not be able to direct the light the way you want to because they are not adjustable.

The power of the LEDs is not as high as the one of similar products, so you should check if they suit your needs before buying them.

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5. Aityvert Solar Garden Lights Torch Style


People who are looking for an illuminating source that will also have design purposes will be very happy with the Aityvert Solar Garden Lights because they offer a great ambiance to any outdoor space. They look like fire torches, and they even have that flickering that the fire has.

The light that they offer is orange and red, and they animate outdoor spaces. Despite the fact that they are designed to decorate your garden, they will also provide great amounts of light and for a long time. However, during the winter, they will be able to offer only five consecutive hours of light compared to the summer when they go up to ten hours.

They are waterproof and have a battery with a capacity of 2200mAh. They will also turn off when the day begins, which means that they will save energy and won’t work unless they need to.



They have an adjustable height, which will make them look more like real torches and will allow you to customize the design of your garden according to your needs.

They have very high efficiency in terms of water resistance, which means that you will be able to use them for a very long time because they will not deteriorate due to rain and snow.

They come with a flickering flame effect that will make your lighting system look more natural and will also animate your garden.

The lifespan of the battery can go up to ten hours during the warm season.

They come with lithium-ion batteries, which are known to work well for a very long time, especially if you take care of the lights.



This is not actually a con per se, but if you had the option of making them a little bit taller, they would make your garden look simply amazing.

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6. SUNNEST Solar Garden Lights 12 Pack


The SUNNEST Solar Garden Lights come in a pack of 12 and are made of high-quality materials that will ensure longevity. They are made of several parts, and you will have to assemble them. However, this process is really easy, and you will be done in no time.

Made of stainless steel, they will outlive many of their competitors mostly because stainless steel is rust-free and has great performance under any weather conditions, regardless of the temperature levels. What our team has found useful is the fact that they have an ‘on and off’ switch, which allows you to turn them on only when needed.

The pointed head that has to be stuck inside the soil is made of ABS, which is also a sturdy material. They behave really well during very hot days, and you will not need to worry about the material cracking.



Stainless steel always brings benefits to almost any product, and these garden lights make no exception; it is strong and will not deteriorate during extreme temperatures.

Water will not be able to deteriorate these lights because stainless steel does not rust, so they are safe during heavy rains and snowy winters; they come with an IP44 waterproof grade, so no worries here.

They will save energy because they are designed to automatically turn off when daylight arrives and automatically turn on during night time.

They come in a 12-pack, which is great mostly because they are relatively small, and the fact that you get 12 will allow you to play with the design of the light.



They provide cool light, and they are not really powerful, so the level of light that they produce might not be enough for some people.

The direction of the light can not be adjusted, and they will only illuminate the ground.

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7. Doingart Butterfly Solar Garden Lights


The Doingart Butterfly Solar Garden Lights will turn your garden in a place of fairy tales. They are designed in the shape of butterflies and have various colors. After they have recharged during the day, they will automatically turn on when it gets dark outside. The wings of the butterflies are made of fiber optic, and they are fully waterproof.

The wings are also adjustable, and you can determine the wideness of the butterfly. They have a unique design of a butterfly standing on a pole, which is also lightened from within. The LEDs can change color in order to animate your garden. They are versatile and can be used to lighten up gardens, patios, and yards. The stakes have five LEDs, which are purple.

They come with a 3-month warranty period, and the manufacturers offer you the opportunity to return the product within a period of 30 days, free of charge.



You will be able to use these lights in every outdoor space because they are really easy to install and be moved from one place to another.

The LEDs change color, which will animate your garden and give it a very cozy ambiance.

They don’t require any wires, and you will be able to place them wherever you want without any inconveniences.

They are not what you call regular garden lights and will make your garden look unique.

They are made of high-quality materials, so they will not deteriorate very quickly.



Even though the fact that they have a unique shape is a plus, it is also a minus because they are not very versatile in terms of blending in any type of garden or patio design; for example, they are not really suited for formal or very modern areas.

Also, they have a multitude of colors, which might not be suited for very colorful gardens.

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8. Dekugaa Solar Ground Garden Lights


The Dekugaa Solar Ground Garden Lights have a great design that uses eight LED lights for every light piece. They also come in a pack of eight disks that offer a great lighting design. What is great about them is the fact that they do not lighten the ground but, instead, the light goes upwards.

They come with an intelligent light control that will automatically turn off the LEDs during the day and turn them on during the night. They have a waterproof rate of IP65 and, because the lamps are made of stainless steel, they are resistant to oxidation.

It will take them 6-8 hours to fully charge, and they are able to stay on for 8 to 10 hours in a row. They also provide a warm white color, which mimics natural light and will change the ambiance in your garden into a more cozy and homey one.



The shape and the size of these lights will allow you to lighten up a larger area due to the amount of light that they provide.

They will give light for a very long time compared to many similar products in the line.

They are very durable due to the fact that they are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to rust.

They are fully waterproof, which also makes them long-lasting and suitable for many weather conditions.

They are really easy to install, and you will require no tools to place them where you want them to be.



You will not be able to change the direction of the light or of the solar panels to maximize the amount of energy that they store.

They don’t have a great performance during the winter because the coverage of the LEDs is made of a material that might crack when exposed to extremely low temperatures.

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9. WOHOME Outdoor Solar Garden Lights


These garden lights from WOHOME will be very much liked by our lady friends because of their design. They are perfectly suited for gardens mostly because they have the shape of flowers and are most often used as decorative garden lights.

They have an IP65 waterproof indicator and come with an ‘on and off’ switch that allows you to turn them off whenever you don’t want them to work. You can place them anywhere in your garden because they are very easy to install, and you will need no tools in order to mount them.

They are multicolored and work very well even during cloudy weather. However, the amount of light each of them offers is relatively small, and you will need to use several ones in order to have a well-lit garden. The steams and leaves are adjustable, so you will be able to customize the way they look very easily.



They have a unique design, which is really suited for gardens, rustic homes, and patios.

They are multicolored, which adds to the shape of the lights because flowers usually have many beautiful colors.

They are adjustable, and you will thus be able to create your own flower shapes according to your preferences.

They are very easy to install and maintain, and they are environmentally friendly.

They are made of stainless steel, which makes them long-lasting, resistant to water, and also very sturdy.

They have powerful batteries, which will make them last longer, especially during the summer nights.



They are not very versatile in terms of design, and they will not suit open areas of very modern homes or office spaces.

They come in various colors, which might not be so pleasant for people who don’t want to crowd their gardens in terms of colors.

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10. Biling Solar Disk Garden Lights


The Biling Solar Disk Garden Lights come in a pack of eight disks, and each disk has eight LEDs that give warm light. They come with many great features, which make them a great choice for people who want to illuminate their gardens. They have a conic leg that can be easily inserted into the ground in order for you to be able to fix it properly.

They are fully powered by the integrated solar panel, and they will not need any wiring. The great thing about them is that they can be installed in various places, like your lawn, a garden, and even on rocks, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.

They come with a 1-year warranty, and in the first three months, you can return them for free if something is not right or if they don’t meet your expectations. Moreover, they are fully waterproof, which ensures their durability.



The 1-year warranty is great because it is a sign that these garden lights are of high-quality and will not deteriorate quickly.

They are really easy to install, and you will not have to do anything for them to work properly, except for cleaning them once in a while.

They come with an integrated light sensor, which will make them turn themselves off in the morning when the sun begins to shine.

They are environmentally friendly because they use energy from the sun, a feature that will also allow you to save a lot of money.

They will offer 6 to 8 hours of continuous lighting, which is great during the long summer nights.



It is possible that, due to weather conditions, they will not work properly, especially if you live in areas where the winters are really harsh, so if you live in areas with really low temperatures, these garden lights might not be the best choice.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Choosing the best garden solar lights is not an easy task, and in order to get the best solar lights for garden areas, you need to know a few important features. This is why we have made a list of the things that you need to consider before buying one. Here are the key features that you should be looking for.


People who are looking to buy solar lights for garden areas do not always pay attention to the most important aspect that provides high quality: the materials that they are made of. The LEDs and the batteries are usually very durable, but if the body of the lights is not made of a material that is resistant to water, UV rays, and low temperatures, they will deteriorate quickly.

Therefore, the best products are made of stainless steel or very sturdy PVC, which will not crack during low temperatures and will also not deteriorate due to UV rays. This way, they will be able to remain waterproof for a very long time.


Illuminating power

Because most of the solar LED garden lights are really small, the cheap ones will not be able to emit a lot of light. Decorative garden lights solar powered models usually have a low illumination rate, and they start at 10 lumens. However, the more powerful ones will be able to provide a light power of as high as 2000 lumens.



Solar powered lights for garden areas can be adjustable, and these are the ones that you should look for. You will have the possibility to adjust the direction of the solar panels in order for them to gather the most amount of light possible. Also, it is really important for the direction of the LEDs to be adjustable.

Furthermore, if you buy bright solar garden lights and they are not adjustable in terms of brightness, you might be bothered because, at some point, you will not be able to create a cozy atmosphere.

So if you want high-quality garden lights, you should always look for models that will allow you to adjust different parts.



Versatility might not be a feature that you look for when you first buy garden lights, but it is something that you should pay attention to because you might want to change the appearance of your garden, and your lights should be able to go with the flow.

For example, when you first decorate your garden, you might want hanging solar garden lights. After a time, however, you might wish to hang them on the wall or stick them into the ground.

Solar decorative garden lights that are of high quality usually give you this opportunity, and you can rest assured that you will not regret it because, if you choose some that will last for ten years, you will surely want to redecorate.


There are various types of garden lights, and they are usually differentiated by their purpose and in order to suit every need. For example, some people might choose multi colored solar garden lights, and others might also want colour changing solar garden lights, so this is a type of light that is accessible to anyone.

Also, in terms of placement, there are different types of garden lights like solar garden path lights or garden lights that you can hang on the wall. The important thing is not to choose one of poor quality because it might let you down in just a few days.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do solar garden lights work in winter?

Outdoor solar garden lights work very well during the winter as well if they have enough light during the day to recharge. Even if the sunlight is not so strong, they will still recharge. If you choose affordable solar garden lights, you will have no problem with recharging.

However, many people have had bad experiences in the past because they have chosen cheap solar garden lights. These lights do not have a solar panel that is powerful enough, but this is not the main problem. The main problem is the fact that the materials that they are made of do not behave very well during cold temperatures.

Therefore, the materials might crack due to very low temperatures, and the internal circuit may get affected by water. So, if you want to get a product that will not deteriorate during the winter, you should look for lights that behave well during cold temperatures.

Q: How long do solar powered garden lights last?

In every solar garden lights review we have mentioned the material that the lights are made of because this is an essential aspect that affects the durability of the lights. The internal parts of the lighting system itself last for a very long time. For example, LEDs can last for up to ten years without deteriorating.

An affordable solar garden light will also have batteries that have a lifespan of up to four years. This is why the outer material of the system is important because, as long as the LEDs and the battery are protected from moisture, they will not deteriorate for years.

Solar garden lights that last for ten years will always need a change of batteries after three or four years. So if you decide to invest in a high-quality product, you will be able to use it extensively without having to replace it due to deterioration.


Q: How to clean solar panels on garden lights?

If you have used solar panel garden lights before, you most certainly know that the solar panels, if covered in debris, will not be able to gather enough energy in order for the lights to work properly. Therefore, an essential step that you need to take is to clean them once in a while.

The best way to clean solar powered garden lights is to wipe the bulb and the solar panel with a wet cloth until all the debris comes off. The only thing that you need to pay attention to is to squeeze the cloth thoroughly to prevent the water from getting into the panel.

The other parts of the garden lights can be cleaned with water and dish soap until you feel like they are in proper shape; then wipe them with a clean towel so that they don’t remain wet. You should pay attention when cleaning a cheap solar garden light because some of them are not waterproof.



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