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10 Best Organic Fertilizers – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 25.02.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Organic Fertilizer + Reviews


Healthy and nutritious soils are essential for plants to thrive, so investing in one of the best organic fertilizers is a must for every farmer. However, finding the right one for your plants and soil might be hard, especially if you have little time on your hands to do the research. This is why our team has reviewed some of the most effective products on the market and has analyzed their quality of ingredients to help you find the one that suits your needs. We have concluded that the Jobe’s Organics 9026 Fertilizer 4 lb is a great choice because it has a special formula that contains a mix of bacteria, fungi, and Archaea that is very effective in decomposing materials into micronutrients, keeping the soil nutritious and your plants strong and healthy. It is 100 percent made of organic ingredients, very easy to apply, and keeps insects away. If this is not available in your area, the Unco Industries Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer is also a great option.



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10 Best Organic Fertilizers (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Finding the best organic fertilizer can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are working hard and don’t have enough time to investigate what product suits you best. This is why we have analyzed the most sought-after products and thoroughly reviewed each and every one of them to help you make a good choice.



1. Jobe’s Organics 9026 Fertilizer 4 lb


This Jobe’s Organics fertilizer is a great choice compared to other similar products in the line especially because it has a formula specially made for edible plants that is very effective and you will be able to see the results of using it very quickly. It comes in the form of granules and you will have to reapply it every month or up to every 6 weeks.

It contains Jobe’s Biozome, a mixture of bacteria, Archaea, and Mycorrhizal fungi that will enrich the soil. These organisms will help your soil have higher quality because they break down the minerals and complex materials so that anything you plant can thrive. The roots of the plants will grow stronger and they will also be healthier.

If you are looking for a fertilizer that is fully natural and effective, this is a great choice, especially because Jobe’s Organics has the reputation of providing quality products and this fertilizer will raise up to your expectations.



The ingredients in this awesome product are organic and work in a way that is unique compared to other similar products because it has the special bacteria mix that comes with the benefit of keeping damaging insects away.

It is very easy to apply and it has great effects from the beginning, you will not have to apply it multiple times until it does its job. It doesn’t have such a bad smell as many other products in the line have.

You only have to reapply it every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the soil healthy and you will see the effects it has on the soil year by year, as it benefits the soil in the long run, not just when you apply it.



When you first apply it, it has a strong odor, but that fades after some time. However, the product is so effective that this will seem like the smallest flaw that such a fertilizer can have.

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2. Unco Industries Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer


If you have never heard about worm castings before, you should know that they are essentially earthworm poop. Yes, that is the essential ingredient in this fertilizer from Unco Industries. The great thing about worm castings is that they are 100 percent organic and work very well when it comes to fertilizing the soil.

You can use earthworm castings for many types of plants like vegetables, flowers, and even houseplants. This is the great thing about this fertilizer, that you can also use it indoors because it is odor-free. It has an NPK of 1-0-0, which means that it has low amounts of nitrogen and zero amounts of phosphorus and potassium.

This fertilizer is a long-term fertilizer and will feed your veggies and flowers for a long time and not just immediately. The earthworms used to make this natural fertilizer are fed organically and only very nutritious food, so their castings will be nutritious as well.



Worm castings are a 100 percent natural ingredient that is not modified in order to be effective, it works just like having earthworms in your soil but without the damage that they do to your plants.

You will not have to endure a bad smell because the product is odor-free, so you will also be able to use it for indoor plants.

The fertilizer is very nutritious and has a long-term effect on the soil, meaning that you are making a longtime investment in keeping your garden healthy.

Your plants will be able to easily absorb the nutrients because this fertilizer works just like nature intended it to, so the effects of using it will be increased.



This fertilizer does not prevent the arrival of whiteflies or other insects that can be harmful to your plants. However, it is a great fertilizer that will make your veggies and plants thrive.

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3. Jobe’s Tomato Fertilizer Spikes 18 Spikes


This fertilizer comes in the form of spikes and it has a special formula that works very well for tomatoes. So if you are a tomato lover, this product is the way to go because it is really effective. It comes in a resealable bag that has 18 spikes, but you can also order it in other quantities.

Using spikes is a great way to fertilize the soil because you do it from within so you will diminish waste and reach the plants exactly where they need it the most, at their deepest roots. The manufacturers recommend that you use them at the beginning of the season or when you first plant the tomatoes because this is how you get the best results.

The nitrogen and phosphorus are released slowly to ensure a long-term feeding of the soil so that 1 spike will be able to feed your plants for 8 weeks.



A great thing about this product is that it is really easy to use and reaches into the deep roots of the plants without the need for extra work on your part.

Due to the fact that you have to stick it into the ground, you will be able to reduce waste and make better use of your money. This also will increase the effectiveness of the product because all the ingredients are used.

The spikes come in a resealable bag, which prevents the deterioration of the quality of the ingredients used.

The formula releases nutrients slowly and you will be able to use a spike for as much as 8 weeks, which is a lot more than other similar products last.



This fertilizer is specially made for tomatoes and will not have the same beneficial effects on other plants. But for what it does to tomatoes, it is absolutely worth spending your money on.

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4. GS Plant Foods Liquid Kelp Organic Seaweed Extract Fertilizer


This is a liquid fertilizer which is actually a concentrate. This means that you will have to use a sprayer and dilute the product to apply it. It is great for different types of plants for both outdoor and indoor use. It has an NPK composition of 0.3 percent nitrogen, no phosphorus, and 0.6 percent potassium.

It is made of a seaweed called Ascophyllum nodosum which is thought to be one of the most effective seaweeds when it comes to fertilizing the soil. It will help the roots of the plants to grow stronger and healthier and will also help the flowers bloom faster.

It helps the plants have a higher resistance when it comes to insects and external factors that could damage them and has all the microorganisms that will allow more nitrogen to get fixed into the soil, which means higher nutrient intake for the plants.



This fertilizer is made of seaweed in the highest quantity available on the market, which makes it one of the most effective in the line.

Your plants will grow stronger naturally, without having to use chemicals, and will be more resistant to wind and external weather factors that could damage them.

You can use this fertilizer on different plants, it is not restrictive in this way, and the product can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It will increase the chlorophyll present in the plant which will ensure that the plant will be able to easily metabolize the nutrients it gets and will eventually grow stronger.



The only flaw we could find in this product is that, due to the fact that it is a concentrate, you will have to dilute it and use a spray to apply it. However, it adds such a high value to the quality of your plants that this should come as a tiny inconvenience. All the efforts are worth it.

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5. Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Edibles Plant Nutrition Granules


This fertilizer comes in a container that resembles the packaging of car oils. It is suited for all sorts of edible plants like tomatoes and other vegetables, fruits and herbs. It comes in the form of granules and has an NPK of 7-6-9. With the amount of product provided in the container, you can fertilize an area of up to 220 square feet.

Using this product you will be able to see results in as little as 7 days and you will have to reapply the product every 4 to 6 weeks for it to be effective in the long run. It is made of feather meal, soybean meal, nitrate of soda, sulfate of potash, phosphate rock, sunflower hull ash, and bone meal.

Do not be fooled by people who advise you to dissolve it in water and spray the solution as you would with liquid fertilizers, the manufacturers specify that the product only works if used dry, exactly like you receive it.



You get a very good cost-effectiveness ratio and you will be able to save a lot of money due to this product’s coverage area of 220 square feet.

The ingredients used in this product are all proven to be very effective for fertilization and the formula used by the manufacturers, who use certain amounts of every ingredient, has better effects than you could imagine.

The handle on the container makes the product very easy to apply and the fact that the container is a bottle will allow you to perfectly seal the product so that it will not deteriorate over time.



It has a bad smell in the beginning, so it is not suited for people who expect an odor-free product for indoor use. However, it does a great job of making plants stronger and if you are not bothered by a little bit of bad odor, you should try it because it will really benefit your plants.

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6. Dr. Earth 708P Organic 9 Fruit Tree Fertilizer In Poly Bag


This fertilizer has a formula that makes it particularly effective on fruit trees. The formula that makes it so effective for fruit trees has an NPK of 5-5-2. It is made of a combination of earth microbes that includes 7 different strains, probiotics, ectomycorrhizae, and endo mycorrhizae.

It comes with a lot of benefits for fruit trees due to this combination, as these organisms transform the soil in a very nutritious one that gives the trees everything they need to grow quicker and healthier. The ingredients are non-GMOs and are all-natural, offering you the possibility of growing organic fruit.

The roots will grow a lot stronger and the overall health of your trees will allow more fruits to grow. The product comes in a resealable bag and weighs 4 pounds. Even if it does not contain animal manure, it doesn’t smell great because of the high amount of microorganisms it has. However, you will not need to use it indoors and the odor will fade in the fresh air.



It is made of ingredients that are not genetically modified and are all-natural but do not contain sewage sludge or chicken manure.

It is not an all-purpose fertilizer, which means that it has a special formula that works very well on fruit trees, which means that it is more effective than other products when it comes to this purpose.

It contains a lot of microorganisms that should be normally found in the soil, so the fertilization process will occur naturally, not artificially.

The ingredients will remain active for a few months, but will also act immediately after application. This is why this product is great when it comes to the cost-effectiveness ratio.



In some states, phosphorus-containing fertilizers are not allowed on soils that are not used for agricultural purposes, so you should pay attention to how much product you use and also stay away from water sources because phosphorus can damage water quality.

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7. GS Plant Foods Organic Hydrolyzed Liquid Fish Fertilizer


This is a liquid fertilizer made of fish that is organically grown and does not contain any unhealthy chemicals that can be found in fish that grow in polluted waters. Its content allows the plants to assimilate more micronutrients and also macronutrients.

Unlike many other similar products that claim to have the same ingredients, this fertilizer is not diluted so the benefits that come along with it are higher compared to products in the same line. The soil quality will be improved and the fertilizer will have beneficial effects when it comes to root growth.

It will make the plants more resistant to external factors and they will also give a more intense color. This means that the amount of chlorophyll in the plants will grow. Due to the fish oil, the nutrients will be retained in the soil in a more effective way and your plants will be able to feast on them.



This fertilizer is very easy to apply and you get instructions on how to use it on different types of plants.

It is great for lawns because it will deepen the roots of the grass and the grass will be greener, but this time on your side, not on the other.

It is more concentrated than other similar products made of the same ingredients, which means that it is a lot more effective and you will get better results using it.

The fish are grown and fed organically, so the fertilizer does not contain any contaminating chemicals.



Even if the manufacturers instruct you on how to use this fertilizer for houseplants, you will not be able to use it indoors unless you want your home to have a bad odor. However, it is great for outdoor use and will make your plants healthier and better looking than ever before.

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8. Espoma PT18 Plant Tone 18-Pound


This is an all-purpose fertilizer that is very effective when used on veggies, flowers, shrubs, and trees. It has an NPK of 5-3-3 and has a slow release combination of ingredients that is also long-lasting. It has 100 percent natural ingredients and will make your flowers have more rich and vibrant colors.

It works great on the roots and it will make your plants grow stronger, larger, faster and have better-looking foliage. Espoma uses a formula that is a combination of microbes that allow the soil to get richer and better feed the plants that depend on it. The formula is called Bio-tone, this is where the name of the fertilizer comes from.

The package is big and contains 18 pounds of product and it is produced in the United States. It is very gentle to the plants compared with products that are not organic and it is also really easy to apply.



This product is great for different kinds of plants, but especially for those which are decorative because of their flowers. It makes the flowers bloom faster and they are richer and have more vibrant colors.

It does not contain any GMOs or chemicals and the ingredients are all organic, this is why the plants are really fond of feeding on this product.

It is an all-purpose product that can be used for different plants, even for vegetables, because it does not contain chemicals.

The package weighs 18 pounds so you will get enough product to use around your garden.



If you have dogs, the odor might attract them and they might be inclined to ingest the product. So be careful while using it and if this happens, you should stop using it. It’s not the same with all dogs and yours might not like it; however, pay close attention when you use it.

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9. EcoScraps for Organic Gardening Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food


This organic fertilizer is mainly made of organic leftovers from the food industry. Food leftovers are known to be one of the most effective natural fertilizers, besides animal fecal matters. It is great for tomatoes and other vegetables feeding and will make a big difference for your edible plants.

It has a granular texture and the manufacturers say that each granule of this product has evenly distributed ingredients to offer the best nutrient ratio to every plant that you use it for. It is great if you have engaged in only growing organic vegetables because this product has only natural ingredients and no added harmful chemicals.

As a lot of food is wasted all over the world and this waste causes a lot of environmental damage, it is a great idea for these leftovers to be used as fertilizers. This makes this product a very environmentally friendly one, an even better reason to use it. Furthermore, the results you get are worth it.



It can be used for all types of vegetables and has great results, allowing you to grow rich and full of flavor veggies.

It is made of leftovers from the food industry, which is great for the environment but also for the quality of the nutrients that this product comes with.

It is very easy and safe to use in any conditions and has no added chemicals that can compromise the quality of your veggies.

The ingredients are evenly distributed to provide your plants with the right amount of ingredients.



You should keep the product away from dogs because it is very dangerous if they ingest it. Unfortunately, they are attracted by this fertilizer so a good practice would be to keep your dog out of the garden so that you avoid intoxication. The product does miracles to your veggies so it would be a pity to have to give it up for this reason.

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10. Purely Organic Products Organic Lawn Food


Specially made for lawns, this organic fertilizer from Purely Organic has an NPK of 10-0-2 and comes in a package that weighs 25 pounds. It is plant-based and will help the soil that feeds your lawn to retain a lot of water. This will be beneficial to the grass because the water will be easily absorbed by it.

The roots will grow stronger due to them and the grass will have a more intense color. It does not contain any phosphorus which is great especially for people who live in states that have special regulations concerning this ingredient. This is great also because you will be able to use it near water sources without damaging its quality.

The product will cover an area of 5,000 square feet and the manufacturers offer detailed instructions on how to use it on the package. If you use it correctly, you will definitely see great results in no time.



You get a large quantity of product for a fair price and you will be able to use it on a relatively large area.

You will be able to use it near water source areas because it has no phosphorus. Also, it is perfect for using it in states that prohibit phosphorus-containing fertilizers on lawns.

The manufacturers offer very specific and detailed instructions regarding how you should apply the product for it to be effective.

It doesn’t have an unpleasant odor like most of the similar products in the line do and it is very easy to apply.



If you have been used to products that are not organic and use chemicals to make your lawn grow faster, you might be disappointed by the results. You should be patient because using this fertilizer will not get you immediate results, it will be more like a healing process that takes longer but offers exceptional results over time.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


The quality of the soil is very important for any type of agricultural activity. If you have a small garden in your backyard, don’t think that you don’t have to enhance the quality of nutrients that your plants get. Using an organic fertilizer for vegetable garden is a good practice if you want to have a productive harvest and it is a lot safer than using one that has a lot of chemicals.

Fertilizers are not just important if you grow vegetables, they make a difference even on your decorative plants and lawn and will help you enjoy a beautiful view. Using an organic fertilizer for lawn will make the grass a lot greener and healthier. You will not have to apply it that often as you would have to with using other types of fertilizer and you will save money.

The answer to the question ‘what is organic fertilizer’?

An affordable organic fertilizer is a solution that you apply to the soil that will enrich its quality by providing your plants with different nutrients that they need to grow healthy, that is made of organic ingredients and that do not contain any chemicals that could be harmful. This helps you go back to the natural way of growing edible or decorative plants.

The difference between organic fertilizers and the ones made of chemicals is that the organic ones also feed the soil, not just the plants. Also, they release nutrients slower which means that you will not have to reapply them very often to be effective and you will save money in the long run.

You can either choose to buy a product or use a homemade organic fertilizer; however, when you make your own product you may not have all the knowledge you need to combine the right ingredients in the right amounts. This is why purchasing an already made one will have quicker and more effective results.


The soil

Before choosing one of the products from our organic fertilizer reviews, you should consider the type of your soil. You probably have a combination of clay, sand, and loam, but you should know first because the fertilizer should be picked according to your soil type.

You should also test what nutrients your soil lacks in order to apply the fertilizer to compensate for this lack. Cheap organic fertilizers do not contain enough nutrients for some soils, but might just compensate for what you need.

The NPK ratio

If you buy organic fertilizer for tomatoes, for example, you will probably see some numbers on the label that look like this: 6-12-0. This means that the product has 6 percent nitrogen (N), 12 percent phosphorus (P), and 0 percent potassium (K). This is an indicator of what you are going to put into your soil and is eventually going into your plants.

Affordable organic fertilizers usually have a similar amount of every one of these micronutrients because they are usually the most effective. However, depending on your soil needs, the NPK ratio can differ.

Every organic fertilizer review on our list has the information you need to choose the best fertilizer for your needs, so make sure to read them thoroughly before purchasing one. If you take into account our recommendations and check upon your needs in advance, you will end up having very healthy plants.



Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: What is organic fertilizer used for?

You can use organic fertilizers for three types of plants: edible plants, lawns, and ornamental plants. In general, fertilizers are used to enrich the soil so that the macronutrients and micronutrients that the plants get from the soil help them have stronger roots and grow healthier and faster.

People who want to grow healthy plants usually prefer organic fertilizers because they do not contain any chemicals and are made of organic ingredients. This is very healthy for the soil as well because a soil that is not chemically treated will be able to retain more water and have a healthier composition.

A cheap organic fertilizer, for example, can help a lot even if you feel like you are not spending enough money on it. It is a lot better than the chemically made ones because it is a lot healthier and will keep the overall quality of your soil for a longer period of time.

Q: What are the three major types of organic fertilizer?

Mineral-based organic fertilizers – When you want to achieve optimal growth, the pH of the soil is very important. This is when mineral-based products come into action. They usually contain salts, calcium and other minerals that help with keeping normal pH levels.

Animal-based organic fertilizers – Animal-based fertilizers are great for when you first plant vegetables or your lawn. They are usually made of manure, blood meal and bone meal that decompose and offer a lot of macronutrients to the soil. They are very effective and will help the roots of your plants to grow and will level up the overall health of your plants.

Plant-based organic fertilizers – If you are looking for the best organic fertilizer for tomatoes, for example, the ones that are plant-based are a good choice because they are known to help the soil retain a lot of water and will also offer a lot of nutrients. They are usually made of cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, molasses, vegetables, and compost.


Q: Does organic fertilizer smell?

Yes, it does. This is the only minus that organic products have, that their smell can be a little bit powerful compared to the ones that use chemicals as ingredients. This happens because during the decomposition of the ingredients inside the fertilizer there are some substances that are emitted: methane and ammonia.

These have an unpleasant smell, but they will not last forever. Eventually, they will pass and due to the fact that the crops are usually outside, the smell will not bother you to the extent that you will have to start using chemically made fertilizers.

Some manufacturers have improved their formula and have managed to reduce the odor that organic fertilizers come with and produce them in the form of liquid organic fertilizer. However, the benefits that organic fertilizers come with are a lot higher than the small discomfort produced by a bad odor that these fertilizers come with.



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