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10 Best Walk Behind Mowers Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Walk Behind Mower Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Do you want the best walk behind mower on the market, but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place, as we have right here the information you require for an educated choice. Our researchers compared the various models available based on customer feedback, pricing, features, and sales figures, and concluded that the Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022 should be your number one choice. It serves as more than just a mower, as it can also take care of mulching, side discharge, and collecting clippings in a rear bag, for all your lawn care needs. The wide range of cutting heights – 7 in number – contributes to the high popularity of this unit. When you must store it away, the foldable handles make everything a breeze. If you can’t find this model anymore, we suggest the Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower is the next recommendation to replace it.



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10 Best Walk Behind Mowers (Updated Reviews) in 2024



When browsing through the available options for a walk-behind mower to serve you, you may notice that there are plenty of models available. While that’s a great thing, it may also make your job of choosing one more difficult than desired. We aligned here the most popular products, to narrow down your selection.



1. Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022 


If you want to count on your lawn mower to have enough power to go through the tall grass that seems to have grown overnight, choose this unit from Greenworks. It is an electric corded model, so it doesn’t have to rely on putting gas in. Powered by a 12-amp motor, it is a solid choice that will help you get a mid-size lawn in shape in no time.

Plus, it’s a cheap walk behind mower, so homeowners shopping on a budget have another great reason to consider it. Equipped with a 20-inch steel deck, it is a dependable choice, and you will be happy to take advantage of all its features.

Seeing how it comes with a 7-position adjustment system for the cutting height, you will be able to customize its functions with ease. Any walk behind mower reviews can tell you that this model is a reliable choice.



With just the push of a button, you will be able to kick this mower into gear, for convenience and ease of use unrivaled by others.

All the components used for the mower prove that everything is of high-quality such as the 12-amp motor and the steel deck.

It is a 3-in-1 model with excellent options that allow you to mulch, side discharge, or collect the clippings with maximum ease.

7 height adjustments tell you that this model was designed with a lawn owner’s needs in mind.

It comes with a 4-year tool warranty in place for your peace of mind.



For turf with high moisture content, the mulching mode may end up producing clogging incidents, so its functionality is somewhat reduced under the circumstances.

The maximum extension cord length you can use is 50 feet, something to bear in mind if you need to mow a large mown, and the electric outlet is not conveniently placed.

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2. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower 


If pricing is an essential element in your shopping strategy, this affordable walk behind mower could be an excellent choice for your needs. The fact that it’s reasonably priced shouldn’t make you think that its features and technical specs are mediocre. On the contrary, this model comes with a 13-amp motor that managed to cut 14 inches of grass side to side.

You can control the cutting height as the deck can be adjusted to one of the three positions available. As for cutting performance, you can rest assured that this tool is dependable, as the steel blade offers excellent precision.

Among the accessories, you will find a 10.6-gal bag to collect the clippings and a discharge chute that will make your job easy. The convenience of use is one of its main selling points, and you will be happy to see how comfortable the overall handling is.



You can count on this unit to be powerful and reliable since it comes with a dependable 13-amp motor that gets the job done in no time.

The cutting path has a width of 14 inches, which is ideal for small lawns and will help you use a mowing strategy that requires little effort.

For collecting the clippings, the unit comes with a 10.6-gal bag, as well as a discharge chute, so you will find it a good deal for the price.

As for cutting precision, the steel blade does its job, and you will notice that there is no evenly cut grass left behind.



While it’s great to have a mower bag included, it should be noted that the one found on this model is rather flimsy, and it may tear up if you’re not careful while emptying it.

This model is intended only for small lawns, and that shows in the width of the cutting path and the size of the clipping bag that must be emptied frequently.

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3. Lawn-Boy 17732 Self Propelled Lawn Mower 


You may want to use your mower on uneven terrain, and when that’s the case, you’ll need a proper unit to serve you as it should. This walk behind self propelled lawn mower is among the highest recommended choices because of its rear-wheel-drive system that ensures that you get proper traction when working uphill.

On the side of the mower, you will notice a lever that allows you to lock the cutting height into position. Therefore, if you want to cut the grass at a certain height, low or high, you will be able to do so. It must also be mentioned that the cutting path stars a whopping 21-inch width, so you will be ready to go over large lawns with ease.

While it may not be a commercial walk behind mower, it definitely comes closer as some of its components are of commercial-grade quality.



When it comes to ease of handling, you will discover that this model is unbeatable, and that makes it an instant hit with homeowners everywhere.

The 21-inch blade guarantees a wide cutting path so that you don’t have to move your lawn mower to and fro for hours in your efforts of going over the entire area.

The rear-wheel-drive system provides excellent traction, so you will find that it’s an excellent option for cutting grass over hilly terrains.

The large bag capacity is a pleasant surprise and will prevent frequent stops for emptying it.



It appears that the height-adjustment lever fails to lock in place properly, and that means that you might have the unpleasant surprise of having the cutting height modified by accident.

Make sure that you don’t allow your lawn grass to grow too tall, or this mower won’t be able to cut through it as efficiently as it usually does.

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4. Remington RM1159 159cc Walk-Behind Trimming Mower 


Some homeowners prefer a gas-powered lawn mower since the inconvenience of an electric cord may be too much of a nuisance. If you are one of them, this walk behind string trimmer mower is an excellent option. The 159 cc engine is powerful and will help you cut through tall grass, no matter how tough. Dealing with weeds is also easy, as this unit serves this purpose well.

The cutting path is 22 inches in width, which means that you will be able to get the job done in no time. If you need to trim the lawn around flower beds, borders, and fences, you will discover a great ally in this walk behind trimmer mower.

Another thing you will surely like about this unit is how easy it is to navigate rough terrain due to the ball-bearing wheels that guarantee smooth operation. The handle can be folded so that you can store the unit away without a problem.



You can count on this unit to guarantee cutting precision, due to the 159 cc gas engine that will help the blade go through tough turf without a problem.

No more time will be wasted on mowing your lawn, as it comes with a 22-inch blade that goes over large areas with ease.

More than just a lawn mower, this model does a great job as a trimmer and weed remover, as it goes along the fences, borders, and flower beds in your garden without hurting them.

Maneuvering this unit is a breeze, due to the large wheels.



While it’s great to have adjustable handles, tall people might encounter some discomfort while using this mower as they are not high enough for them.

A few design issues, such as the gas tank being located a bit too close to the motor, might take from the overall enjoyment of using this model.

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5. Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower 


If you don’t like the idea of stumbling over an electric cord all the time, but you’re not happy about using a gas-powered mower, this unit is right up your alley. It comes with a powerful battery kit that ensures you will get up to 45 minutes of operation on one charge.

You will also be glad to see that this walk behind lawn mower is more than just an ordinary tool. It can mulch, bag clippings or side discharge them, as you wish, so its functionalities will convince you that it is worth a second look.

To start the unit, the push of a button is enough. You will make great use of the height-adjustment lever that lets you switch the cutting height to one of the 7 available positions. Because you can store it vertically, it is an excellent choice for people with little space at their disposal.



Since the model comes with a 2-battery kit, you will be able to use one and let the other charge so that you never have to wait for the batteries to be full to get to work.

The mowing deck has 19 inches in width, so it will go rather quickly over large patches of yard without having to eat up a lot of time.

It is really quiet, something that you should bear in mind if the noise usually made by a lawn mower is a crucial downside for you.

Changing the cutting height is easy, and since there are no fewer than 7 levels available, you will be able to choose the correct one without a problem.



Mulching might not be that great an option when you have to deal with tough grass, but you can always choose to bag it instead.

The lack of instructions is a minus, as you will have to figure out everything on your own.

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6. Craftsman M105 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower 


When you purchase this Craftsman walk behind mower, you will receive a bagger and the necessary engine oil to get it to start. The engine used is a 140 cc gas model, and it guarantees that you will have enough power to go through the overgrown grass on your lawn without a problem.

The cutting width is 21 inches, so not too shabby, so you can count on this wide walk behind mower to get the job done in no time. Certain things should be mentioned about the engine used, such as the recoil and auto choke features that ensures that it’s easy to start, unlike what you may see on other models.

To make things as convenient as possible, the manufacturer designed the unit to be foldable, so it will take up little space in your shed. It should be said that this model is among the cheap walk behind mowers you can find right now.



It is a 3-in-1 model that allows you to side discharge the clippings resulting from mowing, use the rear discharge, as well as mulch, for maximum convenience.

The motor is equipped with features that guarantee its long lifespan, such as recoil and auto choke, both useful for ease of use.

Because it folds for easy storage, you may find this model more convenient than others available on the market.

The unit requires minimal assembly upon arrival, and you will be able to put it together with no mechanical knowledge whatsoever.

For small and mid-sized lawns, this unit is ideal due to its 21-inch cutting path available.



Although the manufacturer advertises this model as being easy to start, you might experience some difficulties with it, so be aware of this nuisance.

Like other gas-powered models, it is noisy, and that might be an essential downside for people who prefer quiet units.

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7. EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Walk Behind String Mower 


If you need a mower capable of trimming and removing the weeds in your garden, you’re looking at it. In this short walk behind mower review, you will find out various aspects that make it an excellent choice.

An essential aspect of this particular design is that despite its powerful engine, it’s still quiet compared to other gas engines. The 150 cc Viper engine deals with the most stubborn brush and removes tall weeds with high efficiency. The overall construction is something to write home about, as it is highly durable.

The deck is made from a single piece, so you won’t notice any annoying vibrations. Because of the high wheels, the unit won’t have any issues with navigation over bumpy terrain. That contributes to maneuverability, too. By releasing the engagement handle, you will be able to stop the cutting operation without stopping the engine.



Even if the engine installed on the unit is a 150 cc Viper model, this unit is silent and won’t disturb anyone while you’re working.

The 14-inch wheels are designed to deal with rough terrain without a problem, and they will always keep the deck high enough for going over bumps.

When you need to store or transport the unit, you will be happy with the design of the handlebar knobs that don’t require a tool.

Because of the seamless construction of the deck, there will be no vibrations.

High maneuverability is among the essential advantages of this unit.



Don’t expect this model to deal with really heavy brush, as it is not made for this type of work, to begin with.

You may notice the front with the cutting mechanism being a little lightweight, so you will see some bouncing.

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8. Honda HRN216VKA Self-Propelled Mower 


Brand plays an essential role in choosing the right mower for your lawn, so you may want to see what this Honda unit is all about. Any walk behind lawn mower review can tell you that this company makes excellent products, and this one is no exception. First of all, its engine comes with an auto choke system that increases its ease of use and lifespan.

It can do a lot of things, too. You can use it for mulching, bagging clippings, and discharging with the same ease. The Smart Drive feature lets you adjust the speed, something you don’t usually see in many units currently available and sharing the same characteristics.

Adjusting the cutting heights is possible and convenient, with 7 positions between 1 inch and 4 inches. Whether you just want to trim the grass or cut it as low as possible, you will be able to make it happen with this machine.



The variable speed control is a factor that adds usefulness and also enjoyment for the user, with the help of the Smart Drive feature.

Cutting height varies from 1 inch to 4 inches, and the lever will help you adjust it to any of the 7 settings in-between.

Its Smart Engine design allows easy maintenance, and you will never experience any mishaps or discomfort while changing the oil.

Mulching, bagging, and discharge are all possible with the help of this versatile unit.

The Twin Blade design ensures that you will get small clippings that are easier to mulch and bag.



Figuring out how to slow down the mower might take a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get it to work at a comfortable speed, you will enjoy it.

The wheels need some breaking in time, so you might experience resistance from them the first time you use the mower.

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9. Honda HRX217K6VKA Gas Walk Behind Lawn Mower 


Gas-powered models have a reputation that they don’t start fast, but this is one issue you don’t have to worry about if you opt for this Honda walk behind mower. The powerful engine is not only fuel-efficient, but it also starts without a problem so that you don’t have to waste any time when you want to mow your lawn.

Adjusting the speed of the mower is easy with the help of the Select Drive feature, so you will encounter no issues with making the unit abide by your wishes. It is a 4-in-1 unit, as it is capable of mulching, bagging, and discharging grass clippings, as well as shredding leaves.

The cutting quality is provided by the MicroCut Twin blades that ensure the clippings are small enough for easy mulching and bagging. Because of the presence of the Auto Choke feature, the engine will work flawlessly.



The Versamow system ensures that your mower is more than a simple unit, as it can mulch, bag, discharge, and shred leaves, without a problem.

With no worries about engine choke, you will start your mower without encountering the usual annoyances related to gas-powered units.

4 cutting surfaces are present on the MicroCut Twin blades, to ensure that you will get fine grass clippings that are easy to mulch and bag.

If you want to make the mower walk at your speed, nothing is more comfortable, with the use of the Select Drive system, designed with your needs in mind.



Cutting closer than 1 inch is not possible, so don’t expect this unit to do more than your regular, run of the mill model in this respect.

When maneuvering around corners and shrubbery, you may notice that the wheels don’t turn fast enough to be comfortable for the user.

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10. Tazz 35258 Walk-Behind String Mower 


Among the affordable walk behind mowers you can currently find available, this model from Tazz is an excellent example of what this type of unit should be able to do. First of all, you will notice that it’s very user-friendly, a plus in anyone’s book. When dealing with tough weeds and dense brush, it will get the job done by trimming them efficiently.

The 150 cc engine deals swiftly with overgrown grass, and turning your lawn into a beautiful area is possible and easy to achieve. The steel deck is made from one piece to eliminate vibrations, and it’s highly durable.

The 22-inch cutting swath is another reason to like this mower. You won’t have to go over the same patch repeatedly, and it will cover large areas without any issues. Because it comes equipped with large wheels, it is a pleasure to walk behind it, as it is easy to manipulate.



This unit can help you with a variety of tasks, such as trimming the lawn, cutting the weeds, and removing thick brush.

Disengaging the cutting head so that you can clear it of twigs and other small vegetation caught in it is possible without stopping the engine, for maximum convenience.

For secure storage, you only have to fold down the handlebars, and you will be happy to see that it occupies minimal real estate in your shed.

Heavy-duty components, such as the steel deck and the nylon line, are a guarantee that this mower will serve you for a long time.



On hilly terrain, expect this mower to be challenging to maneuver, but on flat ground, it is easy to operate, and that may compensate for its average performance over bumps.

You will notice that the unit is pretty heavy, but that may be considered an upside seeing how it is usually a sign of good quality materials.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Walk behind mowers are ideal for lawn maintenance, especially if you don’t have a very large yard. They are convenient, easy to use, and come in various types, making it comfortable for you to choose a design. If you are interested in finding the best walk behind mowers, we have several important recommendations that will help you narrow down your choice and score an excellent find.

Gas-powered vs. electric

To eliminate a large number of products from the start, you should consider the two main types of mowers: gas-powered and electric. The latter also splits between corded and cordless (battery-operated) models. Mowers that work on gas have a reputation of powerful beasts. It is possible to find the best walk behind mower for large yard in this category. However, they can be challenging to start, and not the most convenient.

Electric models are lighter, smaller, and easier to manipulate. However, you should bear in mind that they seldom match the power of a gas mower. The presence of the electric cord can be a nuisance, too, and manufacturers specify a maximum length of an extension cord that can be used, which can limit your freedom of movement.

In that respect, the best walk behind lawn mower might be one that works on batteries. Be aware that the convenience this design offers comes with a price. The run time on one charge is usually around half an hour. By weighing the pros and cons of each type, you will be able to identify the one that’s right for you.


The cutting path

When trying to figure out the answer to the question ‘what is the best walk behind lawn mower?’, you should also look at the cutting path of each model. However, considering this aspect alone might not be enough. It should be correlated with the size of your lawn. For instance, a cutting path of 14 inches may be enough for a small or mid-sized lawn, but not that great for a large lawn.

If your yard has a significant size, look at the best commercial walk behind mower designs as they will surely help you deal with landscaping tasks much more comfortable than regular models. A dependable cutting path should be around 22 inches, as it’s a guarantee that you will not have to make many rounds to cover the entire lawn.

Overall durability and ease of use

A lawn mower should come with a solid warranty. You will find models on the market that come with a 5-year warranty, a sign that they are made to last. Husqvarna walk behind mower models are well known for the high durability of their components, and that is why many people prefer them, to give you an example.

Other aspects should be kept in mind, too. For instance, the deck should be made of steel and from one piece to ensure that vibrations are significantly reduced.

The size of the wheels is another factor. Besides durability, they should be high enough to allow you to manipulate the mower over bumpy terrain. The best walk behind mower for hills prevents the deck from brushing against the ground, and that happens only if the wheels offer this convenience, to begin with.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is a walk behind mower good for hills?

Experts agree that walk behind mowers are ideal for mowing hills because of their particular design. They are designed to offer excellent maneuverability, and that matters when you have to go up a slope. The handle that adjusts to the user’s height is another plus that makes these designs more suitable for mowing hills.

If you use this type of mower, you will notice its benefits right away. For instance, you will not feel that you are working hard to push the mower up a hill. And when you have to mow downwards, the machine won’t run away from you. In other words, you will be completely in control all the time.

Because the wheels are stable and usually you have a locking mechanism in place, you will find these mowers easy to manipulate when you need to mow the grass growing over small hills. You only have to push the mower a little, and it will start doing its job.

Q: Gas-powered or electric mower?

One of the most important choices you must make is between gas-powered mowers and electric models. Gas-powered units are durable, offer excellent run time, and are superior in terms of power and efficiency. Electric models are lightweight, and a good choice for seniors and people with disabilities. They can be corded or cordless.

There are essential differences between the two. For instance, if you prefer a unit that requires little maintenance, an electric model is the logical choice. However, if you’re looking for a long life of service and power, a gas mower should be on top of your list.

Another thing to bear in mind is safety. Gas-operated models present several hazards since they spin the blades faster than electric mowers, and can send debris flying everywhere. There is a fire hazard involved, too, as it’s expected from gas-powered machines. An essential downside for electric models is that they don’t work on wet grass.


Q: How should you store your mower?

When you have to store your lawn mower, make sure that you take the following precautionary measures to avoid damage to the unit. First things first, if you have a battery-operated model, remove the battery and place it in a dry place away from fire hazards like gas cans.

Make sure that the lawn mower is completely clean and dry before storing it away. It has undoubtedly accumulated a lot of leaves, mud, and debris during its service days, so hose everything off. Before doing this, take out the spark plug wire to prevent accidents.

As much as you can, wipe dry the mower to eliminate the risk of rust and corrosion. If you use a gas-powered mower, use a fuel stabilizer. The fuel system can end up all clogged up if the gas remains unused. For storage times longer than one month, add this type of product to the fuel system to prevent such mishaps.



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