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10 Best Electric Fence Chargers – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 02.07.22


Top Chargers for Electric Fences – Guide & Comparison


If what you are looking for is the best electric fence charger on the market, then you surely know that finding it is a task that requires a lot of time spent doing research. The good news is that our team has decided to help you out by bringing directly the answer you need in this paragraph. We’ve gone through a lot of information on this topic and assessed the benefits offered by the most critically-acclaimed products to get this done. Our conclusion is that the model you might be looking for is Zareba’s EAC50M-Z Electric Fence Charger. This unit can power multiple types of fences and it includes a digital timer that enhances the user’s experience. Furthermore, it can cover a 50-mile range and the shocks it delivers are effective but safe for animals. In case you cannot get your hands on this particular model, the alternative you should keep in mind is Mack and Mercie’s Patriot PE2 Electric Fence Energizer.



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10 Best Electric Fence Chargers (Updated Reviews) in 2022



We know that finding specific devices such as the best electric fence charger for cattle is not always easy, given that there are so many options you can choose from. However, the selection below that contains detailed reviews of top-rated products is here to help you out.



1. Zareba EAC50M-Z Electric Fence Charger 


This electric fence charger offered by Zareba is the right solution if your property’s fence line has plenty of weeds that might make other such devices less effective. The EAC50M-Z model is highly useful for keeping animals and even predators at bay, and it comes equipped with everything you need to start using it right away.

The unit is able to power a wide range of fences, including poly wire, high tensile, and poly tape ones. Furthermore, the fact that it’s an AC-powered model ensures that the maximum level of energy is constantly maintained, and that the high-voltage shocks it delivers are both safe and effective.

There’s also the digital timing functionality included, so you can use this as well, and another aspect you should know is that this fencer can use gauge wire that goes from 10 to 18. Plus, if you register the product online, you can benefit from the 3-year warranty.



This electric fence charger features a fuseless design, as well as moisture-resistant components, so you can be sure that it won’t get damaged even in bad weather conditions.

The weather-resistant case it comes with enhances its durability as well, while an indicator light lets you know when it’s working, which makes it more comfortable for the user.

The unit has a 50-mile range, which means that it delivers safe and effective shocks that do a very good job of keeping various animals and potential predators away from your property.

The fact that it can handle weeded conditions without any trouble makes the EAC50M-Z model a highly versatile one.



Given that this unit does deliver the necessary shocks to keep animals away, you need to make sure that your dog doesn’t get the same treatment.

This fence charger could benefit from an on/off button, as this might make it more user-friendly.

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2. Patriot PE10 Electric Fence Energizer 


In case what you are looking for is an affordable electric fence charger that works great for smaller properties, then this Patriot model is the one you should keep in mind. The PE10 is a 0.30-joule model and can effectively cover those areas that go up to 40 acres. Therefore, if you were not sure which such product could be useful in your case, this might be just the one.

Going into more technical details, it’s good to know that this Patriot unit ensures a no-load voltage of 5,000, as well as a 500-ohm load voltage of 3,200. The main color of the item is black, but it also features bright-green elements to help you see it better when you need to handle it.

The energizer can be used for multiple types of fences, including nets or single-wire ones, and it works with intermittent pulses in order to ensure the most effective results.



If you need to keep animals that might damage your property away, then you can definitely give this model a try, as there’s a very high chance that you won’t be disappointed by the results.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year full replacement warranty, so if anything goes wrong with the unit, you can safely contact customer support.

This unit is very simple to use, so even if you don’t have too much experience with such devices, you shouldn’t have any issues installing it.

The energizer ensures effective zaps, so if you are trying to keep animals within or outside the property, they will get used to doing that right away.



This unit doesn’t come with a timer, but you can purchase one separately from a local hardware store.

Depending on your property, you might need to add some grounding rods, but you can get them from a local shop.

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3. Mack and Mercie Patriot PE2 Electric Fence Energizer 


This model is a great and still cheap electric fence charger that features a 110-volt AC plug and that you will be able to rely on even in tough conditions. The first thing you should be aware of is that this is a 0.10-Joule unit specially designed to power fences even if they are heavily loaded with undergrowth or foliage, for example.

Furthermore, the unit is easy to install and includes an LED indicator that allows the user to know when the energizer is working. Given that this is a 17 gauge aluminum wire, you shouldn’t have too much trouble using it for your fence, and it does a very good job either containing pets within or keeping animals away from your property.

The set includes an electric fence charger, as well as an 1,250 ft. spool of 17 gauge aluminum wire, and a guide, so these are not things you will need to look for someplace else.



You can be sure that this energizer is an effective one, given that it can ensure an output voltage that goes up to 5 kV and 2.8 kV at 500-ohm.

The Fi-Shock aluminum wire it comes with won’t rust, so this is not something you will need to be concerned about.

Another great use for this unit is keeping dogs from digging out of their pen, so it can definitely help in this matter.

Thanks to its power output, the energizer does a very good job of keeping animals away but it doesn’t hurt them.



The unit doesn’t come with a ground rod, so this will need to be purchased separately and you can probably find one at a local store.

This model is effective for small animals, so if you need to keep large ones away, you should take a look at other units as well.

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4. Zareba EAC25MZ Electric Fence Charger 


We know that finding the right electric fence charger for cattle is not always that easy, but this Zareba unit fits the bill and offers plenty of other benefits, so it’s surely a solution you should take a look at. You can use this energizer to power a wide range of fences and you can also cover large properties, so this is not going to be an issue.

With a 1.0 Joules output, this energizer can be used for many types of animals, including large ones such as pigs, horses, pets, and potential predators as well. The fact that this unit is directly plugged into a standard 2-prong outlet makes it a lot easier to use.

Plus, it also features hanging holes built into the weather-resistant case which means you have nothing to worry about in terms of durability and ease of use. Another great thing about this unit is that it can be used for a wide range of electric fences.



Given its construction, the energizer has a 25-mile range and it can deliver excellent results in terms of effectiveness, while the electric shocks remain safe for the animals.

There’s also a digital timing functionality included, which makes it easier to use, thus ensuring more comfort on the user’s part.

In terms of electric fences, this versatile charger can be used with high tensile, as well as with poly tape and poly wire ones.

You won’t have any difficulty using it in heavily weeded areas, as the low impedance design ensures a maximum energy level across the fence.



You might need to get a fence tester, given that this unit doesn’t include a strength indicator as well.

There is no on/off switch, so you’ll have to unplug it instead, which can be a minor inconvenience for some users.

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5. Parmak Electric Fence Controller SE5 


If you are going through electric fence charger reviews looking for a powerful unit specially designed for large pastures, this Parmak model is definitely one you should keep an eye on. This model works great for multi-wired or single high tensile fences, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the job done with its help.

One of the key features that make this Parmak unit a very good choice is the digital performance meter included in its construction. This element allows the user to know the exact condition of the fence, thus making this entire matter much easier to handle.

Furthermore, thanks to the powerful output, the energizer doesn’t have a hard time performing through brush and weeds. It suffices to say that it can ensure over 8,000V of holding power at a 500-ohm load for anyone to understand what we mean when we say this.



This unit comes with color-coded ground and fence terminals in order for the user to have a much easier time installing and using the energizer.

Thanks to its performance, this model has no trouble controlling both livestock and predators, including animals such as goats and sheep.

You can rest assured in terms of durability as well, given that the charger includes fuse protection that also features built-in lightning arresters.

This is a low-impedance unit that can cover a 50-mile range of electric fence, while the digital performance meter is really useful for keeping things simple in terms of usability.



The casing is made of plastic, so if you are expecting a metal-made one, this is something you should be aware of.

The information provided with the product on how you can repair or return it is not very clear, so you might need to do some online research in case you need to know these details.

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6. Red Snap’r EAC25M-RS Fence Charger 


If your electric fence line has a lot of weeds that could compromise such a unit’s effectiveness, this is not something you should worry about if you decide to give this Red Snap’r model a try. One of the first things you should know about this unit is that it can keep a wide range of animals under control, even if we’re talking about predators coming around your property.

Furthermore, thanks to the versatile construction it features, the EAC25M-RS charger can power many different types of fences, including poly wire, poly tape, and high tensile ones. The fact that these might be heavily weeded is not going to be an issue, so you can take this off your mind.

Another aspect that any user will surely notice is that this fence charger can maintain maximum energy even on a long fence and it can deliver safe shocks. This means that animals are not going to get more than a scare.



The digital timing functionality this Red Snap’r model includes makes it easier to use, while the high-voltage shocks are both effective and safe so that they don’t actually hurt the animals.

This fuseless design unit includes a dedicated indicator that shows when it’s on, while the weather-resistant case ensures its durability and strength even in tougher conditions.

This unit is specially made to perform along heavily weeded fences.

Thanks to its design and construction, the EAC25M-RS energizer can be used to control all types of livestock, pets, poultry, and predators.



The mounting holes are placed on the top of the unit, so installing it down on a vertical surface might be a bit challenging.

This is a pulse charge unit, so if you are looking for a continuous charge one, you may have to look at other fence chargers as well.

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7. Patriot PE2 Electric Fence Energizer 


You might be in the market for an electric fence solar charger but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take into account an effective unit such as this one offered by Patriot. The fence energizer is a 110V one that works great for containing small animals. No matter if we’re talking about pets or nuisance ones, you are going to have a great solution by choosing this item.

In terms of output capacity, the energizer can provide 5,000V at no load and 2,800V at a 500-ohm load voltage. This unit’s main color is black, so you won’t have trouble fitting it into areas around your property, while the bright green elements make it easy to spot as well.

Another important aspect of this unit is that it’s not dangerous for animals. It’s true that it provides a good jolt, but it can be safely used if you want to contain pets within a certain area.



This is a handy device that is very easy to use, so even if you are not experienced with using such a unit, you won’t have trouble installing it.

If you have a pet that is known for his or her escaping skills, this fence charger might prove to be the solution you’ve been looking for.

The fence charger can power up to 8 acres, so it works very well for smaller areas that need to be covered.

There is also a 1-year warranty offered by the manufacturer, so if anything goes wrong you will have the right solution.



You should keep in mind that this Patriot unit can be used for small animals, so if you are trying to keep large ones at bay, other devices might be better suited.

If you want to use the device for larger properties, you should take a look at other fence chargers as well.

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8. Parmak MAG12-UO Electric Fence Charger 


This Parmak unit is a highly performant electric fence charger that comes with multiple functionalities which make it a very good solution to either containing or keeping animals away from a property. The first thing you should know is that Parmak’s unit can be used for larger animals, such as cattle, as well.

Furthermore, given its construction, it can cover a 30-mile range, which means that it can be used for larger areas without any issue. In case you have this question, it’s good to know that it doesn’t compromise on performance because of this.

This model is a 12-volt one and you will probably be very happy to know that it ensures up to 3 months of continuous power before needing a battery charge. As you can imagine, this means enhanced usability and peace of mind on your part, which is always a very good thing when it comes to such devices.



This is a weatherproof model, so you can safely install it outdoors wherever it fits best on your property.

Another element that makes it a user-friendly choice is the fact that it includes a built-in performance meter that tells you the fence’s conditions at any given point.

Thanks to this functionality, you won’t have to guess the way the electric fence is working, which means you won’t waste valuable time assessing this aspect.

This is a rather powerful unit that will prove to be highly effective, but it does keep animals safe at the same time.

You can rest assured about being able to easily install this Parmak unit, given that its design makes it friendly even for first-time buyers.



This model doesn’t include a battery, so you will need to purchase it separately from a local shop or from an online provider.

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9. Fi-Shock EA2M-FS Electric Fence Energizer 


Fi-Shock’s unit is specially made to power electric fences, so you can be sure that if you choose it you won’t have a hard time setting it up and enjoying having small animals and poultry effectively contained within your property. Of course, this unit can also be used if you want to keep nuisance animals away as well.

Besides being a reliable unit, this fence energizer is also a durable one, given that only high-quality materials are used in its construction. Another aspect that might make you think this is the energizer you need is that it can provide high power but at a low cost, thus saving some money in the process as well.

The unit is a pulsating AC-current one and its cabinet is a weather-resistant one. Therefore, you can place it anywhere it’s best being used around the property without having to worry about exposing it to tough conditions.



Thanks to the fact that the fence terminals are on the bottom unit, they are protected from direct rain, which contributes to the unit’s overall durability.

The high-power low-cost performance this energizer ensures means that you can use it for as long as you want.

This unit features a simple and effective design, so you won’t have any difficulties setting it up on your own.

The shock provided is not continuous, which works very well in case you want to contain pets, such as dogs, that might try to chew on the wire.



Given that this unit can cover a 2-mile range in ideal conditions, it’s suitable for larger areas and if you need to cover small ones, you should take a look at other fence energizers as well.

Even though this is a weather-resistant unit, you need to make sure that the connectors don’t get wet, as this might short out the unit.

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10. Fi-Shock SS-725CS Electric Fence Charger 


This Fi-Shock unit is a good choice if you need to keep small animals at bay, or if you have pets that are passionate about escaping your property and need to be contained. Just as the packaging states, this electric fence charger delivers a memorable shock, which is one of the reasons for its effectiveness.

In terms of technical details, it’s good to know that this particular device delivers continuous AC current output and that it can cover 5 acres, which is more than enough for many properties. Of course, if you need to protect an area larger than this, you can always contact the manufacturer and see what solutions are available to accommodate this.

Thanks to its simple design, this unit is easy to use, so you won’t have trouble installing everything on your own. This is always a good thing, given that it also means enhanced comfort on your part, as you can adapt everything according to your needs during the process.



This Fi-Shock charger is a reliable model that delivers excellent performance when you want to keep small animals away or contained on your property.

Given that it can cover up to 5 acres, you most probably won’t have to worry that it’s not wide enough for your needs.

The unit is easy to install, being delivered with additional accessories to make your life easier when it comes to this matter.

If you need to prevent damages made by small animals, this Fi-Shock unit delivers very good results without hurting them.



There’s not really a way to test this unit to see if it works without touching it, so you may have to find an additional solution here.

This is not a pulse output device but a continuous one so for very small animals and birds it can become dangerous if they get tangled in it.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


In case you have been looking for a specific type of unit such as the best electric fence charger for goats, then you’ve surely read multiple reviews that include specific terms you might not understand. If you are rather new to what using an electric fence charger entails, then these next lines are going to clear things out, so that you know what to choose.




Electric fence chargers are special devices that can power the line around your property, even when we’re talking about a weeded one. A low-impedance unit means that the resistance within the charger is reduced so that more power can get through the wire. As you can imagine, these units are preferred by experienced users, as they ensure great results in all types of conditions.

There are also solid-state devices that can deliver shocks at medium amperage and of medium duration. If you need to control pets, small animals or short-haired livestock, then this is the alternative to go for. What you need to keep in mind is that, most of the time, these models work in light weed conditions.

Electric fence chargers with a continuous output mean that a constant charge is present on the hot wire, the alternative being pulsing charges. Units with continuous current are mostly recommended if you have dairy stalls or small paddocks on your property.


Types of chargers

There are three main types of electric fence chargers, namely AC-powered, DC-powered, and solar-powered ones. While things might seem pretty straight-forward when it comes to this matter, the truth is that choosing the right electric fence energizer is very important in order to keep animals safe. After all, this is a preventive measure that shouldn’t hurt them at all.

The first thing you should consider is the source of power, as this is the main aspect which can determine the type of charger you need to use. If you have a power plug that you can use on your property, then an AC-powered unit can be used without any trouble. If, however, you don’t have a nearby power-source, then you’ll probably use the DC alternative that comes with batteries.

One important thing to note is that if you do have access to AC power, then going for this alternative is more convenient, as these units usually have greater energy output and are more convenient. Plus, in the long run, you have more flexibility, in case you want to expand the area.


A bit about solar-powered models

No matter if you are generally looking for the best electric fence charger for horses or if you have something more specific in mind, such as a solar electric fence charger, it’s a very good thing to know more about these environmentally-friendlier alternatives.

Solar-powered chargers are the right solution if you need to protect a piece of land that’s in a remote location. The lack of AC outlets can otherwise prove to be a problem, so choosing such a unit is a very good alternative. Solar-powered models are lightweight and easy to transport around, while they also include a battery for energy storage.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the most powerful electric fence charger?

The answer, in this case, depends on how you need to use the electric fence charger. If you are looking for the most powerful one there is, then you should know that some manufacturers have produced 63 Joules models that can power up to 4,000 acres of fence.

When choosing a powerful unit for a large property, it’s very important to think about how far the power needs to get in order to have the same results along the entire length of the fence. That’s why you should also go for a low-impedance model.



Q: How long do electric fence chargers last?

If you choose a high-quality model, then you should be able to use it for quite a long time. Usually, these units last for several years, provided that you use them and ensure their maintenance if needed, as the manufacturer recommends. On important thing would be to never allow the charger to fully discharge.

If you are using a battery-powered one, then you should check it to make sure that everything is ok and probably recharge it as well once every 3 to 5 weeks. This depends on the unit’s power, on overall usage conditions, and present vegetation as well.


Q: What is a low impedance fence charger?

A low-impedance fence charger means that the unit is specially made to reduce resistance within the charger which translates to more power being pushed along the fence through the wire. Of course, this is a more effective solution than choosing a high-impedance model, as they used to be made a while back.

This latest technology that allows chargers to be more effective means that you can also rest assured that enough power reaches the entire wire’s length, which means a consistent performance around the entire property. Plus, this alternative also works a lot better if the fence has plenty of weeds as well.


Q: What voltage should my electric fence be?

The voltage needs to be determined based on your goal and on the property’s location. If you are using an electric fence near an area where both people and animals live, then you should always go for a low-voltage model. It’s very important to remain safe at all times, so you shouldn’t take any risks in this matter.

If you are trying to keep larger animals, such as deer, away from the fence, then you should use an electric fence charger that can supply up to 4,000 volts. No matter what you choose, you should check all the information provided by the manufacturer to make sure that the device is safe.


Q: Is it legal to put up an electric fence?

The answer to this question depends on the bylaws of the area in which you live. Electric fences do entail some risks, so in some communities and inhabited areas they are not allowed. You should check with the local authorities before purchasing any device to make sure that you are following the law and that you don’t put anyone at risk by installing an electric fence.

There are people, children, and pets that need to be taken into account, so in some cases installing an electric fence is only allowed under specific circumstances.




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