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9 Best Benchmade Knives Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Benchmade Knife Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Are you searching for the best Benchmade knife on the market? If you don’t know where to start, we will help you with actionable information that guarantees that you will make the right decision. Our research team compared the most critically-acclaimed products while considering details like pricing, customer feedback, and overall sales figures. The consensus is that the Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556 Knife should be on top of your shopping list. Lightweight and outfitted with a compact design, this knife from Benchmade should be your go-to option when packing for a trip or simply for everyday carry. The stainless steel blade is made to retain a sharp edge and resist corrosion, so you will be able to use your knife for a long time. Its Grivory handle provides an excellent grip, and its texturized surface ensures that you won’t drop the knife by accident. Should this model be out of stock, we recommend the Benchmade – Mini Emissary 470-1 Knife as a second-best choice.



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9 Best Benchmade Knives (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Finding the right knife for your needs can be a real challenge, which is why we want to help you identify the product designed especially for you. We have a comprehensive list of top-rated Benchmade knives, with their ups and downs, to make your choice easier.



1. Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556 Knife 


Benchmade takes great pride in all the knives it makes, and this Mini Griptilian is an excellent example of the dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction the company is known for. This model is one of the top Benchmade knives since it comes at a reasonable price compared to its regular size siblings while retaining the traits that make them famous.

While one of the affordable Benchmade knives, don’t expect it to be cheap, as these products are known for being priced accordingly, seeing the high-quality materials and superior attention to detail invested in them. The 154 CM stainless steel used for the blade is known for its excellent properties.

The sharp blade will not dull quickly, and you will find that its edge-retention is excellent. Also, the blade resists corrosion, so you will be able to use it for a long time with minimal maintenance. A lanyard hole offers the possibility to carry the knife around as you see fit.



If versatility is the first thing you’re looking for in a knife, this model covers all the bases and helps you handle different applications.

You can count on its durability and edge retention a great deal as the American made 154 CM stainless steel is a guarantee in these regards.

The knife has an ambidextrous design, and you will discover that the texturized grip on the handle helps a great deal with safety and maneuverability.

Its precision drop-point design ensures that this knife is much stronger than many others you can find on the market.



Be aware that this knife belongs to the Mini Griptilian family, which means that it’s smaller than its full-size counterparts, something that might take you by surprise when you see it first.

While Benchmade is well-known for making fine blades, the handle doesn’t appear to have the same quality.

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2. Benchmade – Mini Emissary 470-1 Knife 


Seeing its size, this model is not exactly a cheap Benchmade knife, but it surely delivers for the price tag attached to it. The blade is made from stainless steel and offers excellent balance. Sharpened correctly, it will provide proper edge retention for a long time, so you will know that you made a sound investment by purchasing it.

Unlike other models that come with handles made from reconstructed plastics, this one has an aluminum handle. For this reason, you can count on the durability of this product, as well as its excellent overall functioning. Simultaneously, this choice of handle material ensures that it’s lightweight and comfortable to carry around.

Quick opening capabilities are guaranteed by the Axis Assist feature, an aspect that many buyers find cool. It comes with a reversible pocket clip that allows you to attach it in the configuration you desire without any issues.



First of all, this model is made from high-quality materials, starting with the stainless steel blade that offers excellent balance and versatility.

A drop-point blade design makes it particularly strong, and once you hold it, you will be able to tell that it’s a reliable option.

The LifeSharp Service included with your purchase provides the buyer with the possibility to send the knife to the Benchmade manufacturing operation and have it re-sharpened to factory quality.

You will also get a limited Lifetime Warranty on this model, so you can rest assured that your investment is well worth it.



The Mini Emissary shares plenty of the traits that make Benchmade knives so popular, but its edge is not the sharpest it can be.

Its Axis Assist mechanism is helpful to some degree, yet it disappoints when you want to close the knife using just one hand.

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3. Benchmade – 140 Nimravus Full Tang Knife 


There are plenty of good things that can be said about this particular model. The 154 CM stainless steel used for making the blade is among the most durable materials you can get right now when choosing a knife. Besides offering excellent edge retention, it is resistant to rust and corrosion, and overall, it is tough and durable.

The handle is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, so it is lightweight and durable at the same time. You can expect this model to be more durable than others due to its full tang design. Compared to folding knives, it is more robust and tougher, as many Benchmade knife reviews can attest.

Because of its straightforward appearance, this knife is easy to clean and maintain. You will love how nice it feels in your hand. A Molle sheath is provided for extra convenience. It is an all-around functional knife you can use in various situations.



The fixed blade design is more durable than folding models and provides the user with a lot more reliability, as a result.

Since the blade is made from 154 CM stainless steel, it is guaranteed to retain the edge for a long time without showing wear and tear signs.

The manufacturer includes LifeSharp Service and a limited Lifetime Warranty with your purchase so that you can rest assured that you made a sound investment.

A Molle sheath is included with your purchase and protects the knife when you have to carry it around.



Although Benchmade blades are usually pretty sharp, the factory edge may leave something to be desired, so you might have to sharpen it some more.

The Molle sheath is nice to have, but it comes with no means to attach it to a Molle webbing, which can be considered an overlook on the manufacturer’s part.

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4. Benchmade – 940 EDC Manual Open Folding Knife 


No matter how much time you spend comparing different brands, the Benchmade folding knives will always appear on top. The 940 EDC is an iconic design launched by this company, and its popularity has yet to lessen. You can use it for any purpose you might have in mind, and this excellent versatility makes it a hit with consumers.

The CPM-S30V steel used for the blade offers superior edge retention and resistance to rust and corrosion. For any outdoor applications, this knife proves an excellent companion. Be aware that the edge is partially serrated to increase its range of applications.

You will like the 6061-T6 aluminum handle, as well. While highly durable, it doesn’t overburden the knife with its weight, allowing you to manipulate it with ease. A reversible clip makes it easy for you to attach it in any way you want. Slim and versatile, it’s everyone’s favorite.



Partially serrated and partially straight, the blade on this model offers a high degree of versatility, allowing you to use it for a large variety of applications.

Its Axis locking mechanism is one of the traits that make it excellent for anyone who enjoys smooth opening and closing operation.

Because of its slim design, it is much appreciated and a popular solution if you want a knife you can carry around without any issues.

The durable aluminum handle contributes to the overall sturdiness of this knife but keeps it lightweight, which is equally important.

Its high-quality CPM-S30V steel blade can handle a lot of wear and tear and is resistant to corrosion and rust.



Benchmade knives are known to be expensive, but this model, in particular, may appear pricier than it should be for what it offers.

The brightly-colored purple spine may detract from the overall nice appearance of the knife and not something anyone will like.

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5. Benchmade Original Barrage Folding Knife 


Anyone looking for cheap Benchmade knives should take a look at the tried and tested Barrage. One of the iconic styles launched by this company, this folding knife is an excellent example of how a product of this type should look like. It also works like a charm, and its exceptional qualities, such as durability, superior edge retention, and high versatility, recommend it.

The blade is made from 154 CM stainless steel, so you can expect great things from it. The edge will not dull quickly, and the material won’t deteriorate even with regular use. Since the handle quality also plays a role in the ultimate performance of any knife, it is worth saying that the Valox handle is particularly strong and stiff.

Therefore, you will feel a good grip on the knife, as well as excellent balance and stability. The model comes with a lanyard hole, as well as a pocket clip that you can use as required.



Due to the drop-point blade design, you can expect this knife to have superior strength and power, which will help you with various applications.

You know this blade is made for tough applications since its blade is made from 154 CM stainless steel, resistant to rust and corrosion.

Its edge retention completes the image of a well-made product that you will get to use for a long time, without ever needing a replacement.

Because of the durable and stiff Valox handle, you will notice that this model offers better balance than other knives out there.



While the handle is superior and provides excellent grip, it wouldn’t have hurt to have a bit more texture, something that it lacks compared to others.

It may not be the most expensive Benchmade model, but its price tag is still pretty hefty, and it’s not among the cheapest, either.

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6. Benchmade – APB 665 Plain Drop-Point 


The traits that make all the Benchmade knives that have ever been made as popular as they are can be found in this particular model. For instance, the drop-point blade guarantees that you will be able to use it in various applications. It is the same thing that gives it extra strength and durability.

The quality of the materials used is off the charts, with a blade made from American 154 CM stainless steel. Several attributes make this material stand out from the crowd. It provides superior edge retention, which means that once sharpened, the blade will cut through many things without dulling.

It is also resistant to rust and corrosion, an aspect that contributes significantly to its durability. The ambidextrous push-button mechanism is what makes it fun to use, as well. The handle has stainless steel liners for increased durability.



The push-button assist comes with integrated safety to ensure that you can open and close the knife without the risk of accidents.

A drop-point blade makes it a solid choice for anyone who looks for versatility and superior power in a folding blade.

Benchmade uses only high-quality materials, as the 154 CM stainless steel employed for the blade, resistant to wear and tear.

A carry pocket clip is included with your purchase for maximum convenience.

For EDC and outdoor use, it is the kind of knife that you purchase once and use a lifetime because you don’t need anything else.



The blade-release mechanism is a nice touch, but getting the blade to fold back is not the most comfortable operation, and you’ll have to put your strength behind it.

Like other Benchmade knives that come in regular size, this model is quite expensive, so you will have to budget accordingly.

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7. Benchmade – Triage 916 Knife 


When you read a Benchmade knife review, you will notice that the members of the large family of knives offered by this manufacturer share the same traits. This model is no exception to the rule, and its blade provides excellent corrosion resistance. You will be amazed at how well this blade works in saltwater applications, as it never develops rust or signs of wear and tear.

The G10 handle is also just as durable and resists a humid environment, making the Triage an excellent companion when you want to go fishing. Even when working in extreme weather conditions and low temperatures, you will find this model to behave above expectations.

It is a rescue knife, and the various extra features attest to that. The safety hook is one of them, as is the glass breaker that makes it invaluable in multiple situations. The one-handed opening mechanism is a plus.



Equipped with an N680 stainless steel blade, it is an excellent example of a knife with particular rescue situations applications.

It comes with a safety hook and a glass breaker, so you will find it handy in many situations that demand you to think on your feet.

You will notice that there is also a pocket clip included with your purchase; it is handy because it is reversible and adaptable to any configuration you want.

The fully ambidextrous Axis mechanism is a handy feature that must be mentioned.

Buyers will surely appreciate the durable G10 handle that contributes to the sturdiness of this item.



The knife is a little less balanced than other models made by this company, as the tip of the blade feels heavy and not as useful as expected.

Locking and releasing the blade is not the smoothest operation, although the model comes with the Axis lock that has made other models famous.

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8. Benchmade 477S-1 Osborne Lg Emissary Axa Ts Knife 


Everything you want to see in a knife destined for everyday carry, you will find in this model from Benchmade. It is a model outfitted with excellent parts made from top-notch materials. The CPM-S30V stainless steel used for the blade is responsible for the admirable edge retention and makes sure your knife remains sharp for a long time.

Also, it has no issues with rust and corrosion, and you will be hard-pressed to identify signs of wear and tear. To complete this picture, the aluminum handle comes with its fair share of advantages. It keeps the knife lightweight, but it is also durable, and you can depend on it as you do on the blade.

Another aspect that must be mentioned is the excellent comfort provided by this design. You will find it easy to use and manipulate for various applications. Because of the drop point design, you can count on its versatility, too.



An anodized machined aluminum handle makes this model stand out from the rest in terms of excellent handling and superior durability.

The patented Axis locking mechanism is present on this knife, and it helps make sure that the blade is always folded correctly.

It is an all-around utility knife that will help you deal with various applications without any problems.

Overall, the comfort offered by the balanced design is outstanding, and it will be a pleasure to use the knife regularly.

A reversible pocket clip is included with your purchase for extra convenience.



The Axis lock is not as smooth as experienced in other models offered by Benchmade, which is a disappointment, seeing the high price tag attached to this model.

You must be aware that this model is among the more expensive knives offered by Benchmade, so you should budget carefully in advance.

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9. Benchmade 761Titanium Monolock Knife 


Among the most expensive knives you can find in the lineup offered by Benchmade, this model will draw your attention from the start. Its slim design makes it ideal for anyone who desires a strong knife that’s not heavy and bulky. Its harmonious lines will make you look twice and might convince you to buy it for how beautiful it looks.

However, it’s not only an attractive appearance that makes this titanium model stand out. The blade works smoothly, and you will appreciate the precision work that went into making this knife. The lanyard hole offers you the possibility to attach it as you see fit.

The Monolock mechanism offers this folding knife a smooth feel when you open and close it. The steel used for the blade is M390 and guaranteed to withstand most wear and tear. For everyday use, it is a highly recommended choice.



Precision and attention to detail are two of the things that make this titanium folder from Benchmade one of the most impressive options available.

The drop point blade is guaranteed to hold its own, and its superior strength and durability will convince you that you are making the right choice by picking this model from many others.

Its upscale appearance is not just for show, as the use of high-quality materials guarantees that you will achieve everything you want when using this knife.

The manual opening feels smooth, while the monolock mechanism ensures the user’s safety when manipulating it.



One disappointing aspect of this knife is the pocket clip that might create too much tension; you can always replace it, but at the price demanded, it’s not an easy to overlook issue.

After using it regularly for some time, you might notice some blade play, and it appears to be a design issue, not one caused by faulty craftsmanship.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Benchmade is a name synonym with excellence when it comes to knives for outdoor and everyday use. Any tactical or non-tactical application doesn’t stand a chance when you bring this brand of knife to the fight. Therefore, you may wonder how you can tell the best Benchmade knives apart from the many the company makes. Since there are so many, we structured this buying guide so that you can tell, at a glance, which features are a must-have for you to identify the best model for your needs.

A foldable or a fixed blade?

You may well know that Benchmade has been particularly made famous by its folding models, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t find a few models with a fixed blade in its wide range of options. This is an important question you need to answer when you set out to find an excellent knife for your needs.

A foldable knife has its obvious advantages. You can take it with you anywhere, and it’s easy to find a place for it in your backpack when you go on a trip. As long as the folding mechanism works smoothly, it’s a pleasure to work with it.

Especially if you intend to use it for outdoor applications, you will find that folders are the way to go. And since Benchmade makes some of the best you can find on the market, the choice may appear like a no-brainer. It would be safe to say that the best Benchmade knife for EDC must be a foldable model.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should discard the full tang, fixed blade type altogether. One thing that this design offers and the other doesn’t is superior stability. Even if Benchmade creates amazing folding knives, nothing matches the solidity and reliability of a fixed blade. The good news is that this manufacturer has something for every taste, so you will surely find a fixed blade model in its lineup.


Choice of materials for the blade and the handle

You will tell the best Benchmade knife available by looking at the materials used for the two main components of any such item: the blade and the handle. This manufacturer has an excellent reputation for always choosing top-notch materials when making these knives, but even so, some differences exist, and they should be mentioned.

One of the best materials used for the blade is 154 CM stainless steel. Benchmade employs it on its most expensive models and for a bunch of great reasons. This material ensures superior edge retention, which means that your knife will have a long service life. Other great qualities of this material include resistance to corrosion and rust and excellent durability.

Benchmade uses other types of steel in less expensive products, and they offer almost the same performance, but 154 CM stainless steel appears to score the highest points with users in terms of sturdiness and how well it behaves while being used regularly. Some of the best Benchmade blades out there are made from this material.

The handle material matters, as well. Reconstructed plastic and aluminum are the most common choice. Even if the handle is made from plastic, you can count on its durability since only the toughest types are chosen by Benchmade. As you can expect, plastic handles come with lower prices, so they have their advantages.

As you can quickly tell, aluminum handles are preferred for their excellent properties. They are lightweight but much more durable than plastic. Plus, the knives equipped with such handles have a more attractive appearance, which may count toward your final decision.

A closer look at the folding mechanism

The folding mechanism can make a significant difference when you purchase a Benchmade model. The Axis is the general name under which the patented mechanism launched by Benchmade is best known, but not many people might be aware of the presence of three variations of the same thing.

Axis Assist is probably the most common, but you can also get a knife with an Axis Automatic system or an Axis Dual-Action Automatic. The reason why the Assist is popular among users is the smoothness with which the blade moves into position as it is actioned by a spring once you start to open it manually.

The Automatic is clear what it does from its name and comes with the same safety features as the Assist, while the Dual-Action combines the two. Depending on which type of action you prefer, you should take your pick.


Pricing is paramount for your final choice

Benchmade knives are known for their excellent blades, outstanding durability, and beautiful appearance. However, they aren’t cheap, and even the least expensive still come at a price point that many people might consider too much for their budgets.

At the same time, the advantages offered are not to be overlooked. If you want to get a cheaper model, Benchmade has a few options available. The manufacturer makes Mini versions of iconic designs that cost less and use somewhat less expensive materials so that you can find something that fits the amount you can spend.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are Benchmade knives made in the USA?

Founded in 1979, Benchmade is a US-based company known for making high-quality knives for everyday carry, outdoor activities, cutlery, and more. The company is currently run by Jon De Asis, who is the son of Les De Asis, the founder of Benchmade.

Initially, the company was located in California, but its name wasn’t Benchmade at the time. It was called Bali-Song, a name it held for 9 years, as in 1988, a first name change occurred. Pacific Cutlery Corporation was the new title chosen.

In 1990, the company moved from California to Oregon. At first, the manufacturing facilities were located in Clackamas, but in 1996, they were moved to a much larger location in Oregon City. With very few exceptions, Benchmade knives are made by this factory. While getting an affordable Benchmade knife is quite difficult, seeing the high manufacturing standards, some products are aimed at people shopping on a budget.

Q: What’s so great about Benchmade knives?

What makes Benchmade knives stand out from the crowd is the overall quality of materials and craftsmanship. The Benchmade blades used for their folding and fixed knives are of superior quality and provide excellent performance. The choice of stainless steel is paramount, and this company makes sure that edge retention is outstanding.

These knives are built with durability in mind. They come with a lifetime warranty and a LifeSharp service that offers you the possibility to send your knife to the company’s factory to get it sharpened and brought back to its initial state. The attention to detail in making such knives is superior, as well.

When you hold a Benchmade knife in your hand, you notice how well built the item is. With a reputation that spans over 40 years, this US-based company has imposed quality standards over the years, which is why you won’t go wrong when choosing one of its products.


Q: Why is the Benchmade 940 so popular?

While many Benchmade products enjoy a lot of popularity with buyers, there is one model in particular that has managed to remain on top over the years. The most popular Benchmade knife is the 940, a model that comes equipped with everything that makes this company so well-known for carefully put together products.

The Axis lock works like a charm on this model. Releasing the blade and folding the knife back is a breeze, and the reason most quoted by users as being what makes them like this knife from Benchmade so much.

The blade design also counts toward the popularity of this knife. It is a drop point tanto cross, and it helps tremendously when you want to pierce holes or use it as a utility knife. This makes the 940 versatile and the perfect choice when you want to spend your money on a knife that does it all.



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