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6 Best Chicken Cages Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Chicken Cage Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Here you’ll find out what the best chicken cage is, especially if you didn’t have a lot of time to research homes for your feathery friends. After carefully examining the quality, value, and shelter offered by some of the best-known products of this niche, our team has come to understand that the RentACoop Carrier Crate is the one you should consider. It’s great for transporting all kinds of birds, it comes with nice and easy-to-slide top and side doors, and it also has hand grips on the ends which makes it very easy to lift and carry. It’s a great cage to entrust your birds to when you need to move them and take them out safely. In the unfortunate event that the RentACoop is not available, you may want to remember the Rite Farm Chicken Crate as your next choice.



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6 Best Chicken Cages (Reviews) in 2024



According to chicken cage reviews, the right model should have a number of characteristics. We have looked at a large number of the products available on the market and chosen the ones which most closely resemble those ideal traits. Whether it’s cheap chicken cages or expensive ones, egg laying chicken cages or just plain old boxes used to transport birds, we have it all covered for you.



1. RentACoop Carrier Crate – 4 Models Available


This is your typical all-around cage for transporting mostly any type of bird. It has a very pragmatic feeling to it as it is easy to carry and handle, with easy-to-slide top and side doors that are very useful when placing the birds or small animals in and letting them out.

The floor has smaller holes than the sides so they can step without any issues, and the heavy-duty plastic ensures that no accidents will happen mid-transportation. When the package gets there, you will need to put the cage together, perhaps using a rubber mallet.

If you need a little help to figure out the exact dimensions of the cage, it is made to be able to accommodate about 4-5 turkeys at the same time, while being a lot more comfortable than the older wood models you can still see around.

A pro tip here would be to keep the plastic in a heated room until it reaches room temperature so it will be easier to work with and you will be able to assemble the cage better and faster.



The material is very durable, light but at the same time, very heavy.

Consumers seem to love the fact that after you are done using it, you can simply power wash it clean just by directing the water toward it.

Apparently, it is also comfortable enough to be used as a brooding place should the need arise, so you can hit two birds with one stone by buying this product, quite literally.

If your delivered goods are less than 100% perfect or are missing any pieces, the RentACoop customer service will help you with replacing them without any issues.



Some people seem to have had a hard time assembling the cages and more than one of them asked for a set of instructions to be included in the delivery box.

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2. Rite Farm Products H.D. 29x21x12 Poultry Transport 4h Show Cage Coop Basket


If you’re in need of a good chicken cage, then you can look no further than this one. With a sturdy design and durable materials, this Rite Farm product is not really a chicken wire cage but it may be just as resistant as one of those.

It has a sliding top door which provides easy access to the birds inside as well as very nice molded locations which allow you to add a name tag should you choose to. It’s made from a very durable polyethylene material and due to the cage’s great size you can easily transport even the largest chickens at a 12.25-inch height overall.

It is 29 inches long and 21.25 inches wide while coming in at 12.25 inches high, so you really have quite a lot of space available.



Rite Farm has labeled this product as being one of the most affordable out there, so that really is quite the boast!

The unit also comes apart and lays completely flat when not in use, which is something a lot of customers have requested from other cages such as this one.

It’s also just right to fit in the back seat of your car should you be one of those people who need chicken cages for transportation because they like to bring their hens on cross-country trips.

If it gets dirty, fear not as the cage is very easy to clean.



Reviewers were a little taken aback by the difficulty many of them had to put this product together, even though it looks really simple at first.

Several reports also suggest that the top door does not slide well, especially in the beginning before you get used to it.

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3. Sullivans N2096 Rectangular Wood and Chicken Wire Storage Crate


This Sullivans product is a different type of cage as the producer went for a longer, more slender look. Nevertheless, it can still be used as well as any other cage and, on the plus side, it does have a chic vintage farmhouse type of style.

It comes in a set of two sizes and the measurements are as follows: 19.75 x 6  x 6 inches, and 22.5 x 8.25 x 7 inches. As you can see, the two containers offer you multiple possibilities of storage and transportation for your birds or whatever else you may choose.

They are crafted entirely from wood and are ideal for a low, broad arrangement. They do not represent the definition of a large chicken cage but their wire walls allow you to see inside the box at all times and the whole arrangement is really something new when you’ve run out of chicken cage ideas.



This product can have multiple uses so it is very versatile, combining a comfortable design with the possibility of the owner always seeing inside the cage.

It is crafted entirely out of wood so cleaning them should not be a problem once you are done with transporting your birds.

The long, slender “storage-crate” design will always bring out the elements of whatever you choose to display inside it, down to the very last one of them.



Due to this slender look, the movement space may be somewhat limited if you choose to fit more than a few birds in there. A couple of them will surely have ample room to move and stretch their legs but above a certain number you’re sure to see some arguments between the birds.

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4. Poultry Shipping Crate


If you ever needed a really solid crate for your poultry, Gaun has really got you covered with this product. Coming in with some impressive dimensions of 37.40 inches x 22.24 inches x 10.62 inches, this is really everything you could ask for in such a product.

It is a lightweight, durable crate made from standard plastic which can be used to transport poultry and even some small animals should the need arise. It comes with easy-to-load door openings which slide effortlessly back and forth so moving your birds in and out will not be a problem at all.

The sliding design ensures you don’t need to completely close the door every time you are loading a new bird but you can simply keep it open just a bit so as to facilitate the process. Gaun is also known for its very large selection of dedicated cages for chickens as well as other birds, so you know you get a quality item.



This product comes with great dimensions and can be used to hold approximately ten adult chickens at the same time, depending on their size.

It is a staple of the chicken transport cages segment which is also very easy to clean, so that is why you might also find it when you search for commercial chicken cages.

The spaces on the floor are also a bit smaller than the ones on the sides to ensure that the birds can walk inside the cage without any problems. If you are using it to transport other animals then this certainly won’t be a problem.

The company prides itself in the careful packaging of all the products while also providing customers with technical specifications and an assembly manual to help them get the job done.



Just like other similar crates, some customers may have problems assembling it into its final form, mostly due to complexity and not to a lack of instructions provided by the supplier.

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5. Poultry Transportation Coop


This item can be considered top tier for the low-budget products, as it is an excellent way of transporting up to 14 full-grown birds. It weighs around 16 pounds and is also very easy to assemble, while the high-density polyethylene plastic is very durable and easy to clean, providing no headaches.

You may need a hammer to lock the pieces together. It has an open bottom door and a single door on top, both of which provide an excellent choice for small farmers or even a hobbyist looking for an indoor chicken cage.

It’s also good if you need to transport the birds for a show and FarmTek insists that the coop will take you such a small amount of time to put together that you’ll swear it’s an automatic chicken cage!



This is a good, sturdy product and customers report that they even need a flat bar or something similar to be able to open the lid because it fits very tight. However, most of them are not displeased by this as it ensures the birds cannot escape during transport.

As we said, its structure also makes the coop very easy to clean and this is something you may definitely need when you are transporting so many birds. Just power wash it with water and watch all the dirt melt away.

The product is also big enough to ensure you can sort out your birds according to any chicken cage system your heart may desire.



Even though it works as intended, some reviewers claimed this product is a little bit on the spicy side when it comes to pricing. Furthermore, there have been a few complaints about the packaging regarding the way the cage arrived and the fact that there were no assembly instructions included in it.

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6. Premier Poultry Carrier Crate


Premier 1 Supplies has really outdone itself with this product as it is really a great carrier crate to have. It comes with easy-to-slide top and side doors which make placing the animals in or letting them out a breeze. The manufacturers have also been kind enough to use smaller holes on the floor to allow the cage’s inhabitants to walk better.

It is very strong and durable and made out of heavy-duty plastic which measures 30 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 11.5 inches in height. Even though it’s shipped flat, it snaps together quite easily, although you may need a rubber mallet to get the job done.

The cage is large enough to allow you to also deposit small animals or game birds, so feel free to use it should you require. Reviewers said the delivery time is also fairly low so it won’t be long before you get it.



The hand grips on either side make for easy lifting and carrying so you should have no problems handling the crate.

It’s made of 100% polypropylene heavy duty plastic so it should be very durable. For the easiest assembling process, allow the plastic to reach room temperature before working with it.

Customers report that the box is very easy to clean, even after heavy use. Even though it’s made out of plastic, the material is sturdy and all the pieces snap together firmly.



The delivery package does not seem to be shipped with any assembly instructions and there seems to be very little room for error when it comes to it, as it is hard to take it off once you’ve snapped it together. One customer complained that the price was too steep for this to happen.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Whether you’re aiming for a layer chicken cage or you want to build perfect chicken battery cages, the perfect birdhouse depends on so much more than just a well-made structure. Any keeper worth his/her salt knows this and aims to treat all feathered friends to a comfortable, cozy house built by listening to their demands.

Whether you’re looking for indoor pet chicken cages or simple, regular, outdoor ones, there are two factors that come into play when considering the perfect house: the ease of the purchasing process and the actual usefulness of it once you get it home.  

Purchasing the house

When it comes to the purchasing part of the deal, you need to focus on affordability and the amount you can spend without putting a hole in your budget. Furthermore, you want to take the said budget and find something of good quality as you will be using the house pretty often, we think.

Anything from the material out of which it’s made, to whether it has handles on either side or smaller holes on the floor can be an important factor in your decision. Take into account the number of birds you want to buy the coop for and make an educated decision starting from there.


Practicality issues

As for practicality, you’re not exactly buying chicken animal cages over here. You need something comfortable, easy to clean and maybe with some added perks such as removable roosts, removable cleaning trays, outside access to the nesting box, and so on.

The assembly process is a very important part where a lot of customers seem to encounter difficulties because the cages are delivered without any instructions and the parts are not labeled properly.

Another crucial thing is making the house predator-proof, especially if you plan to keep it outside. Any owner has a responsibility for the wellbeing of his/her pets but chicken keepers have a front place among those owners. You will need to keep out small, large, and even those slithery type predators which try to attack from down under.

A strong and sturdy galvanized wire mesh should ensure that your feathered friends sleep well and encounter no dangers that could threaten their life. If you can find a product which has some timber protection oil to make the cage even stronger against unpredictable weather, then you are really having a stroke of luck!

Make sure to check online for reviews before buying the product of your choice, as other people have certainly been through the exact thing that you are going through right now.


These are the key criteria to keep in mind if you want to buy a new mansion for your egg-laying friends and companions. If you want to receive the title of “Owner of the year”, feel free to throw in some flowers and herbs around their house as well as supplement their diet with nutritious bugs and insects.

As long as you keep them well-fed, clean, and happy you will find the long list of benefits that comes with raising chickens in your backyard.




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