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15 Best Chicken Fences Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Chicken Fence Review – Top Rated Models in 2024 with Buying Guide


Finding the best chicken fence is not at all easy, as there are numerous options available that you can invest in. Because we know how complicated the entire process can get, especially for novices, we have decided to help by analyzing the market. Consequently, we have concluded that the YARDGARD 308494B is the choice that you should consider getting. This hexagonal poultry netting features reinforced lines and it was made of durable materials so that it won’t lose its shape easily. In total, it measures 150 feet, so it can be used to construct sturdy poultry pens. The wire that this fence was made of was galvanized before being weaved in an attempt to increase its durability. If this model is not available at the time you need to order it, feel free to take a look at the YARDGARD 308476B as it might also suit your needs. Plus, it was favorably reviewed by fellow buyers.



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15 Best Chicken Fences (Reviews) in 2024



If you are determined to get a good chicken fence that won’t lose its shape easily, we can help. Because we know too well that browsing through all the available models is rather complicated, we have created a list of products that are worthy of your time and money!



1. Yardgard 308494B 2 Foot X 150 Foot 2 Inch Mesh Poultry Netting


This chicken wire was made of flexible 20-gauge steel that is very durable so that you can use it to construct a sturdy pen for your poultry. This lightweight option is also suitable when used to confine other small animals such as rabbits, or for soil erosion protection. Because it is quite versatile, buyers have argued that it is practical to have around.

Given that it was galvanized before being weaved, the model is longer-lasting than other similar alternatives and it is 100% rust protected. Each roll of fence measures 24 in. x 150 ft. and it comes individually wrapped so that it is fully protected during transportation and storage. This product was measured on the vertical, and, because of this, its horizontal length might be a bit longer.

This particular choice features 2-inch mesh openings so that the animals won’t be able to escape easily. Because it was manufactured from high-quality materials, this item is not likely to lose its original shape quickly.



This poultry netting was made of durable materials and it is considered rather sturdy. It is also rust resistant.

Additionally, the hexagonal netting that it includes features reinforced lines that were equally spaced across the fence.

The manufacturer has argued that, due to the design and the construction of the option, it will remain perfectly even for an extended time.

In total, it measures 24 inches x 150 feet. So, it is sizeable enough to allow you to construct a basic poultry enclosure.



A limited number of past buyers noted that this fence is somewhat flimsy. Still, many were satisfied with its appearance.

When used to create barriers against intruders such as raccoons, weasels, or squirrels, this item might not be suitable as it has fairly large holes. Not many considered this a drawback of the product.

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2. Yardgard 308476B 4 Foot X 50 Foot 2 Inch Mesh Poultry Netting


If you are interested in acquiring a fence that is made of a material that was galvanized, the YARDGARD 308476B might be just the model for you. This option has hexagonal netting that prevents the chicken from escaping and it includes reinforced lines for added durability.

Given that it was constructed from 20-gauge steel, this fence was created to remain flat and level for a long time, regardless of the external factors that might affect it. You can utilize this product to create enclosures for animals such as poultry and rabbits.

Plus, it is quite versatile and it can also be used for creating insulation retainers, decorative supports, and even storage bins, depending on one’s needs. It is also worth pointing out that this item measures 48 inches x 50 ft. and that it also has 2-inch mesh openings. For increased protection, each roll is individually wrapped.



This option features the trademark hexagonal weave that you are probably familiar with if you have acquired products distributed by YARDGARD before.

It is suitable when utilized as chicken wire to confine poultry and other small animals that you might own.

Because of its versatility, it is also a good pick if you need a fence that can be utilized to protect plants from intruders.

This item is light in weight and highly economical. Because it was galvanized, it can resist the destructive force of corrosion.



Given that it was not designed to be used as security fencing, this option might be a little less durable than what you probably expect it to be. Still, the manufacturer does not advertise it as anything else than chicken wire.

Numerous buyers have claimed that this fence is a little flimsy. However, most of them actually agreed that it gets the job done and that it is surprisingly durable.

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3. Yardgard 308495B Fence 150 Foot


This 150 ft. silver fence distributed by YARDGARD might also catch your attention. This alternative was also galvanized before weaving so that it remains sturdy for a long time. It additionally features reinforced lines that were equally spaced so that your beloved animals won’t escape from the space that you have confined for them.

When created, this item was specifically designed to remain flat and upright. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that it will lose its sturdiness and shape due to its lack of durability.

It can be used for a wide array of tasks, such as for making poultry enclosures, decorative supports, storage bins, and even insulation retainers. Therefore, it is worth having around.

When it comes to its size, it should be noted that this model measures 24 inches x 25 ft. and that it comes with built-in 2-inch, hexagonal-shaped meshes. The manufacturer states that it is made of steel.



If durability is the most important feature in your book, be sure to add this item to your list. The choice is also economical and light in weight.

This galvanized alternative is a great purchase for all those buyers that need a sturdy fence that won’t rust easily and that won’t become bent within a few months.

Although its main function is to be utilized as chicken wire, this product can also be used for other purposes such as for plant protection and for the prevention of soil erosion.

In an attempt to make sure that all its customers are provided with high-quality models, the seller has decided to individually wrap each roll of the fence.



There were some previous owners that were dissatisfied with the fact that the mesh size is not 2, but 3 inches. Because of this feature, younger chickens can escape from the pen with little effort.

Other customers noted that the item is made of thin metal and that, consequently, it is difficult to unroll.

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4. Yardgard 308361B 36 inch 50 Foot 16 Gauge Welded Wire Economy Fence


If you want to get a 16-inch x 50-foot welded wire fence, the 308361B model made and sold by YARDGARD is another choice that you should not ignore. This product is easy to use and it is made of materials that are sturdy.

In fact, the unit was built using a class one galvanized zinc coating that effectively makes the fence resistant to rust. You can utilize it to demarcate your land or to confine your animals in a certain part of your yard. It can only be utilized with non-aggressive pets.

The meshes featured in the design of this model measure 3 x 2 inches and, as a result, are not too wide for the pets to escape from the enclosure. A number of previous users were happy to report that this choice is not only durable, but also quite flexible. So, you won’t have challenges installing it by yourself.



The option is sturdy as it was made of quality materials. It also features a special zinc coating that prevents it from rusting.

Because it measures 16 inches x 50 feet, it is sizable enough to be utilized for a wide array of purposes, including for constructing poultry confinements.

The model is quite easy to use, even by those clients who are not necessarily technically inclined.

Given that it is quite malleable, it is very useful to have around if you own a garden or a large back yard and you love DIYs.



One buyer said that the model that he was shipped did not hold together as well as he had expected. This was the only complaint of this type.

Although the manufacturer claims that the product is rust-resistant, you should know that some owners noted that it tends to show signs of corrosion after it comes into contact with water.

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5. Easy Gardener LG400171 7-by-100-Foot Deer Barrier Fencing


If you want to create a protective area for your poultry and you are looking for a sturdy fence, this one distributed by Easy Gardener might be it. The choice is more long-lasting than those sold by other manufacturers because it was actually created to be utilized for property demarcation.

This option was also UV treated and it is resistant to corrosion. So, it will most likely last for years. Because it is easy to roll, this item can be effortlessly attached to trees and posts. So, installing it without specialized help will not be at all challenging.

Size-wise, this fence measures 7 ft. X 100 ft. and it is long enough for you to create a rather spacious enclosure for the animals that you are trying to protect from intruders. Given its small openings that measure 5/8″ x 5/8″, small animals will not get caught in it.



This choice is very safe as it features no sharp edges that can cause any type of injuries to your poultry.

Because it was designed to prevent deer from entering one’s propriety, this model is quite valuable and likely to pass the test of time.

It is light in weight and it was made of a material that is resistant to corrosion, which is a plus according to fellow users.

The UV-treated mesh netting included in the deal can be reused year after year. Therefore, it is worth every penny.



There were a handful of customers that pointed out that this item is not strong enough to prevent deer from entering one’s propriety.

Another user said that the fence that he was shipped had plenty of holes that he had to repair before actually installing it. This was the only complaint that pointed to such issues at the time we did our research.

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6. Yardgard 308418A Fence 150 feet Color


Those who want to get a product that was designed as poultry netting should have a look at this option. The fence measures 12 inches x 150 ft. and it was covered in a coat of zinc prior to it being netted so that it is extra sturdy.

The manufacturer asserts that the item was specially created to be used when building pens to confine chicken, rabbits, and a wide array of other similarly-sized animals. Even more so, it can also be utilized for plant protection and for compost pile confinement.

This alternative was made of highly flexible 20-gauge steel and it is quite light in weight so that one can maneuver it effortlessly.

Because it is not very heavy, this fence is effortless to transport. It is shipped in rolls that were individually narrowly wrapped so that any damage due to transportation mishaps is avoided. Plus, this way the rolls are easier to store if you are short on space.



This lightweight netting can be utilized for numerous purposes, including for confining small animals such as rabbits and poultry.

On top of that, it can be used for plant protection, soil erosion prevention and for crafts and compost pile confinement. Therefore, it is somewhat versatile.

Because it was manufactured from 20-gauge steel and because it was coated in zinc prior to it being weaved, this model is long-lasting and rust-resistant.

To make the fence as easy to store as possible, each roll of the product comes wrapped separately.



One customer asserted that, due to the construction of this fence, it cannot supply the necessary protection to one’s chicken coop. Not all buyers agreed.

There was another client who noted that the wiring that was utilized to make this option is a tad thin. Still, the same user happily reported that the fence did its job well so far.

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7. Yardgard 308302B Fence 48″ x 50’/4″ x 2″ Galvanized


This choice was manufactured in China and it measures 48″x50′. The fence was reinforced with a class one galvanized zinc coating so that it won’t start to corrode when it comes into contact with water.

The manufacturer and fellow buyers recommend it as an inexpensive way to create property boundaries. Still, it is also suitable when utilized to confine non-aggressive animals such as poultry or small dogs.

Because of its versatility, it can also provide the necessary protection to your beloved garden that needs a durable barrier that trespassers of all sizes cannot surmount. You can readily fix it in place with no extra help as it is easy to maneuver.

Additionally, due to its sturdiness, it can be used for years on end without it having to be replaced. The item is available in 14 and 16 gauge. It won’t permit your poultry to escape. It can also be utilized when making cages for your other pets.



This fence is quite sizeable as it measures 48″x50′. So, you can use it to construct large poultry confinements in your yard.

Numerous buyers were happy with the fact that the model is easy to roll and that it has small holes that do not allow the chickens to leave.

It can also be used for gardening and for creating sturdy boundaries that can prevent intruders from entering your land.

On top of that, the product was zinc-coated so that it can resist the damaging effects of corrosion.



One shopper remarked that the fence that he received was damaged due to mishandling during transportation. This was the only review that pointed to this issue.

Although most users were happy with the item, some said that there are a few quality problems with the construction of this product that the manufacturer should correct. As expected, not all buyers agreed.

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8. Yardgard 308421B Fence 50 Foot Silver


This choice comes provided with reinforced lines that are equally spaced across the netting. The meshes that it features measure 1 inch and, therefore, will not make it possible for your chicken to escape easily.

You can use this option to create durable enclosures for your poultry, to construct insulation containers or to create storage bins and decorative supports. The size of this model is of 36 inches x 50 feet.

Because of the sturdiness of the fence – it was made of 20-gauge steel – it will not lose its shape easily. The choice was zinc coated prior to being weaved so that it will not rust when it comes in contact with the elements.

Each piece of fence is separately rolled and shrink wrapped so that it won’t be damaged during shipping. If you are in need of a product that is long lasting and aesthetically pleasing, you can also take a look at the PVC similar counterpart that is also available.



This lightweight choice is perfect for you if you intend to use it in pens to confine bunnies, chickens or other small animals.

Because it was manufactured out of 20-gauge steel, this option will not lose its shape or sturdiness easily.

Before weaving the netting, the seller has also galvanized it so that it won’t corrode any time soon. Therefore, you won’t have to replace it soon.

A more durable PVC counterpart is also up for sale for those interested in such an alternative.



Although the seller argues that this product is rust-resistant, a small number of previous buyers claimed that the item that they received showed signs of corrosion two days after its installation.

One user remarked that the mesh openings that the fence includes are a tad larger than what the seller suggested. As a result, it cannot prevent rats from entering the protected area.

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9. Yardgard 308411B Fence 50 Foot Galvanized


This fence sold by YARDGARD was also specially created to be used as poultry netting. Thus, it should cater to your needs perfectly. This model was plated so that it won’t rust and it was made of 20-gauge steel for increased durability.

This hexagonal netting measures 24 inches by 50 feet and it features one-inch mesh openings that are small enough to make it impossible for the animals to escape. You can utilize this fence for constructing poultry enclosures, for garden fencing and for building decorative supports.

Because the unit is light in weight, you won’t find it difficult to transport from one location to another. On top of that, because of its simple design, this product is easy to use, no matter if you are technically inclined or not. A PVC model that is, according to the seller, more durable is also available for those interested. So, check it out!



This alternative is light in weight and easy to use even by those buyers that have never installed fences before.

Because it was made of high-quality 20-gauge steel, this choice won’t lose its straight shape easily.

Each roll of wire is independently wrapped before being sent so that it won’t be damaged during transit.

This particular model was plated for increased strength and resistance to rust, and it also comes outfitted with one-inch mesh openings.



Some of the buyers of the fence were quick to point out that they were sent products that were significantly damaged. According to them, the netting had numerous holes that needed repair.

There were also some clients who were unhappy with the fact that, although the seller argues that the fence was coated in zinc, it still rusts easily. Not a lot of users noted this issue at the time we did the research.

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10. Origin Point 162425 20-Gauge Handyroll Galvanized Hex Netting


If you consider that the durability of a product is its most distinctive feature, we recommend that you check out the Origin Point 162425. This choice is quite sizable as it measures 24 inches x 25 feet and it is viewed by many as the go-to fence for erecting poultry pens.

You can also utilize it to protect gardens from unwanted visitors and to create pet confinements. The product comes in a big roll that was ergonomically created to be easy to use by novices.

The fence was made in China and it was plated so that rusting won’t be a concern that you have to deal with. As the seller notes, this option is weather resistant and long-lasting.

The netting also features one-inch openings that prevent your pets from escaping. In total, it weighs 3.8 pounds. All those interested in buying it should know that it contains lead.



Numerous customers have noted that this fence fits the dimensions made available by the seller and that it corresponds to the image.

The choice is durable and it is particularly easy to put in place and maneuver, even by the beginners.

It has been asserted that the product does not rust because it was previously galvanized, which is a big plus according to owners.

This item is large in size and perfect when used to make poultry confinements that are durable and sturdy.



Before you decide to order it keep in mind that some shoppers were dissatisfied with its strong metal smell and the fact that it contains lead. Not all those that have purchased it noted this shortcoming.

One customer was displeased with his purchase because, according to him, he could not actually unroll it. This was the only complaint of this type that we’ve come across.

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11. YARDGARD 308497B 


If you are in need of a sturdy fence, the 308497B model sold by YARDGARD might also suit your needs. This item is lightweight and it comes supplied in a user-friendly packaging. Consequently, you can utilize it effortlessly for your do-it-yourself projects.

The seller has pointed out that this 150 ft. fence is perfect if you intend to utilize it to confine rabbits, poultry, or other similarly-sized pets. As a plus, because of its design, it is also quite practical when used for window and frame coverings. This poultry netting is additionally fitted with 2-inch openings.

Similarly to other fences made and distributed by YARDGARD, this option is made of 20-gauge steel. It has also been zinc coated prior to being weaved so that it won’t corrode unexpectedly. The model is shipped in a shrink wrap for extra protection against damage during the transportation process.



This fence is light in weight and you can install it in your yard to confine the poultry that you own. This way you can protect them from unwanted visitors.

Because of its versatile construction, it can also be used to create compost pile confinements, various crafts and for plant protection.

This choice is ergonomic and light in weight so that you won’t have issues when it comes to carrying it to different locations.

It has a hexagonal weave that you might recognize if you are a fan of the fences distributed by YARDGARD.



One client said that the model has an inconsistent width. According to fellow buyers, this is not a big drawback that should discourage you from purchasing it.

A small number of users claimed that the wire that was used to create this product is flimsy and that it has numerous holes in it that need to be patched before one sets it up.

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12. Origin Point 100050568 


This 24″ x 25′ choice is likely to catch your attention as it comes in a green color that you are going to appreciate. It was manufactured from 20-gauge woven steel and it features hexagon-shaped 1-inch openings that are small enough so that your poultry won’t be able to leave.

When shipped, the product is packaged in a roll that is particularly easy to unfold and transport. Because it is multifunctional, you can not only use it when making a chicken fence but also for different applications such as for constructing compost bins.

There were buyers who asserted that the biggest advantage of the model is that it is rodent resistant. So, if you are looking for a fence with this feature, this might be the one for you. Because it does not have sharp edges, your pets won’t risk getting hurt in it. It can additionally deter small animals.



The option comes in a roll that is easy to transport. Plus, this fence is apparently very simple to set up, even by novices or those who are not technically gifted.

Because it was made of metal, this article is impossible to be chewed by rodents. Therefore, if you want to keep critters off your land, consider this choice.

There were people who argued that, because it comes in green, this fence is less tacky than the silver counterparts that are generally so very popular.

Size-wise, this model measures 24″ x 25′. It also is resistant to corrosion and, overall, quite durable.



Even though most people appreciate and recommend it, some customers noted that the price of the fence is rather high given the features that it includes.

There were some users displeased with the fact that the product is unavailable in local stores. Hence, it can only be ordered online. Most users do not consider this a shortcoming.

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13. Tenax 090786 


This alternative sold by Tenax has been UV treated for long-lasting protection against the effects of the sun. As the seller argues, the model has 3 to 5 years of life expectancy. It can be utilized as a poultry fence or as a backyard fence that protects your home against intruders.

Because it is made of plastic and not metal, as most traditional chicken fences are, this choice will not rust or corrode and it is very simple to reuse year after year. In total, it measures 3 feet in length and 25 feet in width and it can be cut by using a utility knife.

On top of that, it does not feature any sharp edges that you, or your chickens, can get hurt in. The mesh that it includes measures 0.78 inches. Consequently, your pets won’t be able to escape through it. Because it comes in green, it will look well in your yard, no matter where you decide to place it.



Differently from regular chicken wire, this option is made of plastic and, as a result, it will not rust or corrode.

It can be utilized for a wide array of applications, including for constructing poultry entrapments and for protecting your yard against critters that can harm your plants.

You can work with it efficiently as it can be effortlessly cut by using a utility knife. No sharp edges will be left. So, your pets are safe from unexpected injuries.

This choice measures 25 x 3 ft, and it has a life expectancy that varies from 3 to 5 years. It is resistant to UV damage.



Because this fence is not made of wire, it is significantly easier for animals to chew through it. So, if you are dealing with a critter invasion, consider another counterpart.

There were users that claimed that this model is not very malleable as it is not necessarily pliable. Not many regarded this as a significant disadvantage.

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14. YARDGARD 308419B 


The 308419B is another option that you might want to check out before making a purchase. This item was made of 20-gauge steel and it was plated before being weaved so that it is resistant to corrosion and rust.

What is more, this hexagonal poultry netting also comes with reinforced lines that are equally spaced across it for added durability. Because of its sturdy design and the materials employed in making it, this item is made to stay perfectly straight and flat.

It can be used efficiently as a poultry netting. Plus, it can also be used for making insulation retainers and storage bins. The alternative measures 18 inches by 150 feet and it has one-inch mesh openings.

Extra features that some users have appreciated are its light weight and the fact that it is easy to transport and store when necessary. It is also fairly simple to install in place.



This poultry netting measures 18 inches by 150 feet and it comes with small, one-inch mesh openings.

It is made of durable materials such as 20-gauge steel and it can remain straight no matter the external natural factors that might intervene.

The fence is considered durable and it can be used for various tasks, including for making chicken entrapments or decorative supports.

Each roll of the netting is packaged individually so that it is not damaged in any way during shipping.



One customer remarked that this product is of low quality as the wire that was used to make it is very thin and likely to become baggy in the middle.

If you intend to use this option as a garden rabbit fence, remember that a couple of its previous owners recommend that you also consider other alternatives as this item might not be suitable for the task.

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15. YARDGARD 308226B 


This lightweight and flexible model should also make it to your shortlist as it has received plenty of positive reviews. Although it was not specially created to be used as a poultry netting, this choice is flexible and easy to assemble and it is, ultimately, right for the task.

One of its most important features is its durability. This item is galvanized and it was double coated with zinc for increased rust protection. The seller recommends that it is used for making property lines and for animal control.

Another aspect that you should know is that this fence was made of 19-gauge steel. Therefore, it is sturdy enough to keep your chickens protected. It is viewed by many as easy to use as it can be cut with hand tools. Size-wise, this model measures 48 inches by 25 feet. In accordance with your needs, the option is available in three mesh sizes.



This fence is economical, light in weight, and quite flexible. Also, because it can be cut with hand tools, you won’t have trouble setting it up.

Because of the double zinc coat that it includes, the fence won’t rust when it comes in contact with water.

The seller has also made available a PVC color option for those who are interested in the overall aesthetics of their yards.

You can use it to make tree guards, animal cages and gutter guards. Moreover, it can be utilized for many other crafts and projects that you might have in mind.



One buyer noted that the item that he was sent had the edges of the wire a little banged up. However, he did not consider this a serious shortcoming.

Another customer considered that the model is moderately overpriced given its features and overall quality. This was the only review that referred to this particular issue.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Purchasing a durable, yet cheap chicken fence is not at all easy. If you need help going through the best models currently available, this next buying guide is packed with info that can be of great help!

Size options

Because they want to provide their customers with the best chicken fencing, most manufacturers out there produce their fences in a variety of sizes. For instance, those that want to protect their poultry from rodents should invest in a model that has ½ inch openings.

Some chicken owners believe that the choices that have one or two-inch hole openings should also be considered, as they can provide the animals with plenty of protection.

If you plan on getting a unit that can shield your feathered companions from foxes and other bigger predators, those items with 3 or 4-inch openings should also be analyzed. This latter option is also a good pick if you are in search of chicken wire fence for dogs.

Before you select the first unit that you find available, it is recommended that you also think about the appropriate chicken fence height. In other words, you have to decide on how tall you want the fence to be. While making this decision, remember that some predators such as foxes and stray dogs can jump over a fence that is only three feet tall.



As expected, the material that is used when making a poultry netting is crucial. As most chicken fence reviews point out, a sturdy model that can last for years on end has to be made of a metal that is durable and that won’t corrode. Usually, steel is the best way to go.

To improve the durability of their products, some manufacturers opt to cover their fences with a double coat of zinc. This aspect is important because zinc is anti-corrosive.

When made of reliable materials, a chicken coop fence can remain straight for a long time. This way you won’t have to readjust it by mounting new pillars each year.

One aspect that you should be aware of before making any purchases is that there are numerous choices that contain metals that might be dangerous. Therefore, before you buy any item, make sure that it does not feature any heavy metals such as cadmium or lead.



The biggest advantage of portable chicken fencing is its convenience. An item of this kind should be easy to install, even by those who are not technically inclined. Additionally, the wire that the fence is made of should be easy to cut.

To come to the aid of novices, numerous manufacturers ship the fences in rolls that are easy to move around and to unfold. If you find it way too complicated to make a poultry entrapment by yourself, remember that there are plenty of portable chicken fence options that you can choose from.

If you are a beginner when it comes to erecting such a pen, and you happen to need extra chicken fence ideas and tips, we recommend that you go online as there are plenty of articles that can be of great help to you.  




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