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7 Best Chicken Waterers Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Chicken Waterer Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


We know that finding the best chicken waterer can be a time-consuming task since you would need to find the relevant information on many different types of products. That’s why we thought we could help you out by bringing the answers you need, which is what you are going to find in the following lines. After carefully gathering detailed data from customer reviews and examining the value offered by some of the most sought-after products, we concluded that LITTLE GIANT’s Complete waterer is the model you should take into consideration. Built with durable and transparent plastic that allows you to see if any water refill is needed, this product works great for small flocks of chickens. Moreover, the screw-on design prevents spills and holds the jar securely attached. If this waterer is unavailable, the alternative you may want to bear in mind since it offers similar benefits is Farm Innovators’ HB-60P model.



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7 Best Chicken Waterers (Reviews) in 2024



No matter if you are looking for the best heated chicken waterer, or you want to find something a bit more specific, you probably want to know what the top-rated products in this category are in order to make the right choice. In the selection below you’ll find our favorite picks, as well as extensive reviews for each one.



1. Little Giant 1-Gallon Plastic Poultry Fount Complete Waterer with 750 Red Base


This product offered by Little Giant is one of those cheap chicken waterers that do a very good job in keeping the poultry hydrated, which is what any farmer wants, in the end. Made of plastic, the model features a gravity-feed construction that makes things very easy, while the 1-gallon capacity means that it is suitable for smaller flocks of chicken.

Since any good chicken waterer allows the user to see the water’s level, so does this model. The jar is made of transparent polyethylene, which allows you to quickly see if any refill is needed, which is crucial, especially during the hot summer days. The material is also durable, so you won’t need to invest in a new waterer anytime soon.

Another important feature is the easy-fill screw-on design. Thanks to this design, using the waterer is a breeze, and you can add fresh water whenever needed, while the jar remains securely in place while the chickens use it.



The red plastic base makes the waterer visible around the yard, so you won’t have to start looking for it in case anything knocks it over.

Thanks to the durable and transparent polyethylene used for the jar’s construction, the water level is permanently visible, making matters a lot easier.

According to previous buyers, for small flocks of 3 or 4 chickens, this product works perfectly.

Even though some users might think the screw-on design can lead to spills, this is not the case, and most reviews praise how easy it is to use it.



Some users found the product to be smaller than expected, so if you have any questions regarding its size, you can check this with the seller’s customer representatives.

According to some reviews, adding a handle to the product could be a useful feature.

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2. Farm Innovators HB-60P Heated 2 Gallon Poultry Drinker


For those of you looking for a heated chicken waterer, Farm Innovators might have just the answer. The HB-60P model is a 60-watt drinker that keeps the water from freezing, even when the temperatures get rather extreme, thus keeping the chicken safe and hydrated in cold conditions.

In case you have a medium flock and you’ve asked yourself what can be done to keep chicken water from freezing, then this model will probably tick all the boxes that you need. With a capacity that can hold 2.25 gallons of water, the waterer is suitable for up to 15 chickens using it.

Of course, the 3 nipples included in its construction are very important as well since every chicken can have access to water. Plus, given this design, the unit can be hung instead of placed on the floor, which means that, depending on where you want to use it, it can be a great chicken coop waterer.



This unit can be successfully used year-round to provide your chickens with easy access to fresh water.

The manufacturer also thought about ease of use and added a removable top to the design, so that you can refill the waterer without any extra hassle.

Since it can be either placed on the ground or hung, this gives you more versatility, offering more spaces in which it can be placed for chickens to have access to it.

The 60-watt heater works automatically since it’s thermostatically controlled, which means that you don’t need to worry about this.



Chickens that are not used to a side-mounted nipple might take some time getting used to this system.

Depending on the size of your flock, this waterer might be rather small, so do make sure you read all the information provided by the manufacturer on this topic.

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3. 2 Gallon Chicken Waterer Horizontal Nipple Setup


This RentACoop product is a great option if you are going through chicken waterer reviews hoping to find a simple yet effective solution to keep your birds’ water clean. The main benefit of choosing this model is that the water remains clean for a much longer period, compared to filling trays with water.

Furthermore, even if the chickens are not used to the side nipples system, they will get the hang of it rather quickly, so this is not something you should be worried about. In terms of materials, you will be glad to know that the plastic is BPA-free and 100% Food-Grade, so you don’t need to worry that any potentially toxic elements might reach your birds.

This is a complete system that requires no setup. The manufacturer also made it very easy to use by adding a removable top and adding very clear instructions. This means that you’ll be ready to put it to good use in no time, once it gets delivered.



With a total capacity of 2 gallons, the waterer can last for up to 5 days for a flock of 4 chickens.

You can either hang it around the coop or place it on the ground (by removing the top) so you can choose the one that works best for your flock.

The horizontal nipples design prevent the bedding from getting wet, thus helping you save time and money by changing it less often.

According to the manufacturer, this is a complete chicken watering system, and the large number of customers happy with it shows that it’s also an effective one.



The waterer can get a bit heavy when it’s filled with water, so you might want to do this with it already in place.

In some cases, the top is hard to get off, and a screw-on solution might be better suited.

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4. RentACoop Automatic Chicken Water Nipple Cup Waterer Kit for Poultry


If you’ve been looking for an effective automatic chicken waterer system, we might have found just the product that you need. These great RentACoop cups render a great solution to a problem that many chicken owners have to deal with – the water in trays gets dirty, and not all chickens are used to the nipples system from the beginning.

If you want to avoid the two situations described above, then these cups could be the answer. They never run out of water since they are attached to a larger container, and as chickens drink out of them, new and fresh water is supplied. The system works great for hot summer days when hens and chickens need larger amounts of water.

Moreover, the cups get automatically refilled, there is no need to push a tab or do anything else. Any water that is drank gets automatically replaced and the cups are always half-full. This product works for other types of birds as well, such as geese, ducks, or turkeys.



With this system, you can keep your chickens hydrated throughout the warm season without having to worry that they might run out of water.

The system is very easy to use, and all you need to do is to create a hole in a bucket and then securely screw the cup into the hole, adjusting it to be properly place for the chickens.

The smart system allows the cup to rise when it gets empty, thus enabling more water to pour in, lowering it again.

Birds are kept cooler and healthier during the warm months with its help.



The system cannot be used in freezing temperatures since the small tubes get blocked with ice.

If dirt does get into the cups, cleaning them could prove to be a bit challenging since they cannot be detached.

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5. 5 Gallon Chicken Waterer – Horizontal Side Mount Poultry Nipples


If your coop houses a flock of up to 30 chickens and you are looking for a reliable solution to keep them hydrated, while the water remains clean, then you might want to take a closer look at this RentACoop waterer. Made of 100% Food-Grade and BPA-free plastic, you don’t need to worry about your chickens’ health.

Moreover, the sturdy construction ensures you will be able to use this product for a long time. Featuring 4 horizontal side mount nipples, the waterer can ensure the necessary water supply for 4 hens over a period longer than 10 days. These numbers are here just to give you an idea of its capacity, but you can use it for flocks of up to 30 chickens without any issues.

We know that sometimes the lid can get dirty, particularly if the chickens enjoy spending time climbed onto it. With this in mind, the No-Roost Cap was added to the design, which means that the lid remains clean and you can refill the container without having to clean it beforehand.



The horizontal nipples work well in keeping the bedding dry since no spills can happen, meaning your chickens will be more comfortable.

This complete system is very easy to use, requiring no setup, while the container features a convenient removable lid.

Thanks to its 5-gallon capacity, the waterer can accommodate up to 30 chickens, making it suitable for medium flocks.

The water is kept clean which means that your birds are healthier and happier, while you don’t need to constantly worry that they could become dehydrated.



In rare cases, the nipple might leak, but the seller can help you with assistance and replacements if that’s the case.

Some chickens do need a little bit of extra time to get used to this system.

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6. MIller Little Giant 7 Gallon Poultry Waterer Fount – The Best


This product is a large-capacity waterer that uses a vacuum-sealing O-ring cap to create and maintain automatic water flow. The model is made of transparent heavy-duty plastic that allows you to see how much water there’s left at any given point, while the sturdy construction and dent-proof materials make it able to withstand the test of time.

In case you are wondering how the system works, you’ll see that it’s actually a very easy one. The jar is placed over the base where it snaps compactly into place, while the handle allows you to easily transport it around the yard. Thanks to its 7-gallon capacity and generous 16-inch diameter, this waterer is suitable for a large number of chickens.

Moreover, given its removable top, you can simply add water whenever necessary, without going through the hassle of turning it over every time you want to do this. The great part about this chicken waterer is that it’s very easy to use.



Since this is a large-capacity waterer, you don’t need to worry about keeping a large number of chickens well hydrated.

The convenient handle and the fact that it’s very easy to use allows you to place it wherever you need it around your yard or in the coop.

The jar snaps securely into the base, and you can rest assured that the water supplied is always clean.

Given its transparent plastic construction, you will be able to quickly see when the container needs to be refilled.



A plug needs to be removed in order for the system to work, so make sure that you don’t forget to do this since otherwise, the chickens don’t have access to water.

Completely filling the jar with water and then carrying it to another spot might put a bit too much strain on the top.

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7. RentACoop Chick Waterer 1Liter Drinker Plus Red Versatile Nipple


This drinker is an easy-to-use product with an intuitive design. What makes it stand out from other similar items is the fact that it includes a versatile red nipple that can be positioned in multiple ways, according to your chickens’ needs. Those who have given it a try already are very happy with the fact that they can adjust the position for baby chicks as well.

Moreover, the fact that the nipple is red makes things easier when it comes to training the chickens. They are naturally attracted to the color red, so it will be easier for them to learn how to use it. Since two types of nipples are included in the package, you can choose which one to use for the desired results.

Another thing mentioned by most of the reviews is the great customer support ensured by the manufacturer. Knowing this, you can rest assured that any issue that might appear will be dealt with in a timely manner.



The nipple drinker hangs, which means that the water is always clean and you don’t need to worry about dirt or droppings spoiling it.

The removable lid makes things a lot easier when it comes to refilling the container, so that’s another benefit you can enjoy.

Thanks to the metal brackets included in the package, you can conveniently hook it wherever you know works best for your chickens.

Given the reduced capacity, this is a system that works very well for baby chicks in particular.



This rarely happens, but the nipple can drip, so if you are dealing with this situation, you should contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Given that this is a small-capacity container, make sure that it is what you actually need, as some previous buyers stated it was much smaller than expected.

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Yearly Guide & Report


You might want to find a specific product, such as a metal chicken waterer, or you could simply look for more information on how to keep chicken water from freezing. No matter the case, there is a lot of information to know when it comes to keeping poultry hydrated, and in the next lines, we’ll go into some details on this matter.

Before you choose

What you should always keep in mind is that a steady and regular supply of suitable drinking water means that your chickens can remain healthy, or that baby chicks can develop as they should. Ensuring enough clean water should not be such a difficult task, especially if you look for some of the smart solutions you can find on the market.

There are many different types of waterers and brands out of which you can choose, but before you do that, there are several things you might want to take into consideration. If you take a bit of time to think about what you need, then you will be able to choose without wondering if another model would’ve been better.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune either on a certain product, then the following characteristics can show what it is that you actually need from such a unit.



When we are talking about dimensions that you need to think about, there are several different ones that we have in mind. First, there’s the size of the coop that you have to consider since a very large waterer might not be comfortable for your flock. Next, you might also want to think about the size of the product you intend to buy as well.

If it takes up too much space, your birds will surely be uncomfortable. On the other hand, you should also ensure the necessary amount of water for your entire flock, so a small unit is not an option either.

If you don’t want to have any of these issues, make sure that you carefully read the manufacturer’s recommendations and that you know how much space is available in the coop. Also, bear in mind that the larger the waterer, the less often you’ll need to refill it, and here is where the size of the flock plays a significant role.


Design & construction

Many waterers are made of plastic and some are made of galvanized steel. Each material has both advantages and disadvantages. While both work very well, you might want to choose plastic over steel if you intend to leave the container out in the sun. Otherwise, the water might get too hot for chickens to drink it.

In terms of design, there are many different choices that you can make, from the traditional open bowl to units that ensure continuous water refills using vacuum pressure. If you do choose to go for the open container or tray alternative, you should know that chickens tend to be messy and that dirt and droppings will end up in the water in no time.

That’s why waterers with nipples or that protect the water with a lid while ensuring only the necessary amount are usually preferred by experienced farmers and chicken owners.




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