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5 Best Heat Lamps for Chicks – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 22.04.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Heat Lamp for Chicks + Reviews


Using the best heat lamp for chicks is mandatory if you want them to grow healthily. Finding such a product might not be that easy since there are so many models available for sale. To simplify your shopping session, our team of researchers has examined some of the most popular items out there and concluded that the Philips R40 is the first to consider. The product is designed to work in tough environments and can be employed for various applications. You can use it for agricultural, industrial, and general heating purposes. This infrared lamp is committed to providing draught-free warmth not only to animals but also to people and food whenever needed. Thanks to the unique reflector system used, the item ensures high efficiency and you can get to save energy. Should you be unable to find this product, another reliable alternative in terms of quality is the KOR K21761.



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5 Best Heat Lamps for Chicks (Reviews) in 2024



Finding a good heat lamp for chicks might not be that simple, considering the many products available for sale these days. To make it easier for you, we have compiled below a short list of reviews of heat lamps for chicks based on their specs and buyer feedback.



1. Philips Heat Lamp R40 Flood Light Bulb 250-Watt Medium Screw Base


Whether you’re new to chick raising or not, you probably know that using a quality heat lamp for baby chicks is of great importance if you want to make sure they enjoy the environment they need to develop healthily. When in need of such products, this model from Philips is worth considering.

Designed to provide comfortable warmth with the use of infrared technology, this unit can be employed for various purposes including agricultural, industrial, and general heating purposes. You can employ it for farms, bathrooms, and even kitchens. Durability and safety are ensured by the sturdy glass construction featured.

Thanks to the reflector system, the heat is applied exactly to the area of interest. What’s more, this unique system is committed to providing you not only with high efficiency but also with up to 30% extra energy saving. The red colored glass used reduces glare and visible light emission.



Ideal for breeding and raising poultry, calves, pigs, and other animals, this 250-watt heat lamp is not only easy but also safe to use.

Due to the sturdy glass construction, the product will help you cater to your needs for a long time and employing it to provide the necessary warmth is free of risks.

It can be used for agricultural, industrial, and general heating purposes, which means that it can provide warmth to animals, people, and food.

Thanks to the universal cap base and the compact form, the item can be employed for a variety of applications as it suits various types of equipment.

The unique reflector system makes this unit energy-efficient and the reflector shape will help you apply the concentrated heat exactly to the area of interest.

The item promises to last up to 5,000 hours.



Durability might be an issue, according to a few buyers.

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2. K21761 250R40 HR 250 Watt Incandescent R40 Reflector Red Head Lamp


Providing your baby chicks with enough warmth is essential for proper and healthy development. When looking for a red heat lamp for baby chicks, this product from KOR should not go unchecked. Operating at 120 volts and 250 watts, this unit can be used for chicks, pets, and various other animals.

The product is designed for both household and commercial use, therefore it comes with a standard E26 base that works with all standard size US sockets that are rated for 250 watts. You can employ it to provide warmth to baby chicks and pets but also cater to your various needs such as sauna sessions.

What makes this product stand out is that it promises to last up to 6,000 hours, which means that a pack including two bulbs like this one will help you cover your needs for a long time.



Designed to provide a variety of animals with heat but also to cater to your various personal needs, this infrared heat lamp promises to ensure warmth and last.

You can employ the lamp for baby chicks but also for pets.

It features a standard E26 base, which will fit any standard size US socket that is rated for 250 watts.

The heat provided will also keep the chicks calm and thus stop them from pecking at each other.

Since it provides heat and not light, the item can also be employed for personal applications to generate warmth or to manage pain.

Thanks to the materials used, the product is committed to lasting up to 6,000, which means that it should help you cater to your various needs for a long time.



The reflector and guard are sold separately, which adds to the final cost.

Some buyers say the product did not last as advertised.

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3. 250 Watt Red Brooder Heat Lamp Bulb Chicken Coop Hen House


Making sure your baby chicks get the needed warmth to develop properly is easier if you go for this product. The infrared heat lamp light bulb will help you keep your chicks and even other animals warm and will do so safely. Therefore, the unit was designed to last and deliver high efficiency.

It operates at 120 volts and 250 watts and it features the standard type A (E27) power base which is similar to the one many household bulbs come with. This means that it will fit standard size sockets that are rated for 250 watts.

What’s also great about this particular product is that it sports a brass base that reduces corrosion. Moreover, the Pyrex glass employed will not shatter if contacted by liquids. The product promises to last up to 6,000 hours, so you can cover your needs for a long time.



Built to provide your baby chicks with warmth so they can develop properly and healthily, this lamp is committed to lasting and helping you cater to your various needs safely.

The radiant heat provided will help chicks and other animals enjoy the warmth needed to rest and grow healthily.

Since it comes with a standard type A (E27) power base, which is usually found on many household bulbs, the item should fit standard size sockets.

Thanks to the brass base, corrosion is reduced and due to the sturdy Pyrex glass, the unit will not shatter if it comes in contact with liquids.

The average bulb life promised is 6,000 hours, therefore, you can consider this product if you intend to use it often or for a long time.



Some buyers say the product may not last as advertised.

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4. Woods Import 550165 Do It Brooder Heat Lamp 250W


When your farming activities and purposes call for additional heat and you want to buy heat lamp for chicks, this product from Woods Import is worth adding to your list of options. What’s great about this item is that it can be employed for various purposes that require a source of warmth.

Therefore, when you no longer use it for baby chicks, you can easily heat other animals or add it to your garage or workshop to provide you with warmth. The model features a strong vinyl cord, a 10-inch aluminum reflector shade, and a wire bulb guard.

It can be used with a 250W bulb and thanks to the hook it comes with, you can easily hang the unit where you see fit. The materials used are committed to ensuring durability and keeping up with your needs for a long time. A clamp is also included in the package.



Whether you need additional heat for your baby chicks, pets, or your various workshop or garage activities, this product should not go unchecked before you make your final decision as it promises to provide you with warmth and durability.

The unit features quality materials that will make sure using it for a long time won’t be a problem.

It comes with a strong cord as well as a durable 10-inch aluminum reflector shade.

The quality wire bulb guard can fit a 250W bulb, which is usually required when extra heat is needed.

The product sports a hook that will enable you to hang it wherever you need and easily move it from one place to another, therefore it is ideal for those looking for a convenient design as well.



If you want to use the item for pets, too, its size might be a problem as it may not be suitable for a dog house.

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5. Rite Farm Products 125 Watt Red Brooder Heat Lamp Bulb Chicken


In case you already have a heat lamp stand for chicks and what you need is just a quality light bulb, this item from Rite Farm Products might be of interest. It will help you provide not only baby chicks but also other animals with additional warmth so they can grow healthily or enjoy the required comfort to rest.

Operating at 120 volts, this infrared light bulb comes with a standard type A power base (E27) that is usually the one household bulbs feature. Thanks to the brass base, corrosion is reduced.

Durability is also a benefit you will get to enjoy and the hardened Pyrex glass will make sure that the item won’t shatter even if it comes in contact with liquids. The unit was designed to last up to 6,000 hours – therefore, it will help you enjoy the additional warmth required for a long time.



Built to help you cater to your baby chicks’ needs and provide them with the warmth required for them to develop properly, this product promises to last.

In order to ensure durability, the item features quality materials such as a brass base that will reduce corrosion.

The hardened Pyrex glass is also a great addition as it will prevent the item from shattering even when contacted by liquids.

In case you intend to use such a light bulb for a longer time, rest assured that this unit is an inspired choice as it promises to last up to 6,000 hours.

Given its features, the product can be employed for various purposes and even heat pets and other animals when needed.

You can even use it for your workshop or garage to get that extra warmth you need when it gets cold.



The item may not last as long as advertised, according to a few buyers.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Raising chickens for personal use or commercial purposes can be a rewarding experience but it also calls for lots of work and responsibility. Ensuring that your baby chicks get all they need to develop healthily and properly requires the use of various pieces of equipment and specific environment aspects such as a certain temperature.

If what interests you these days is to find the best heat lamp for baby chicks yet you don’t know where to start, here are a few things you might want to consider. Of course, there are alternatives to heat lamps for chicks such as heat plates but heat lamps remain the most popular choice when it comes to keeping baby chicks warm.

Regular light bulbs vs. infrared lights

When browsing heat lamp offers, you will see that there are regular light lamps and infrared lights to provide baby chicks with warmth. The thing with regular light bulbs is that, while they do provide warmth, they emit lots of light, the very purpose of their design.

Too much light and bright colors will irritate the chicks. Here is where infrared lights come into sight. They will make sure the baby chicks will get the warmth they need without this disturbing bright light.

The soft glow produced by such units will even calm the chicks and prevent them from pecking each other. Therefore, opting for a red infrared light bulb is recommended if you want to keep the chicks warm and calm at the same time.


How hot is too hot?

Another aspect of paramount importance is to choose a bulb that provides just the right heat. Too much and the outcome can be disastrous. Too little and, again, not a happy ending. While such a lamp should be hot, it shouldn’t scorch.

Make sure that you choose a lamp that uses a wattage not higher than 250. Anything higher than this will not only affect the chicks but may also cause fires if placed too close to the ground or improperly.

Sure, different chickens have different needs. That’s why, before buying a heat lamp, you need to carefully consider your breed of chicken and the specific heat needs required. Some baby chicks may require more heat than others.


Durability, pricing, and accessories

Once you’ve considered the above-mentioned aspects, you will also have to pay attention to the materials used, the accessories included, and the average life provided by a certain model. Many infrared light bulbs last up to 6,000 hours or, at least, promise to do that. Think of how often you need to use it and the number of hours delivered.

Cheap heat lamps for chicks may burn out easily. Therefore, you might want to go for a more expensive model that will cover your needs for a longer time. Consider the price of the model you want to buy and the accessories included.

Some packages include everything you need to use the product right away whereas some may lack certain items that you will have to buy separately, which adds to the final price.




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