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12 Best Chicken Feeds Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 22.04.24


Best Chicken Feed Review – Top Rated Options in 2024 with Buying Guide


If you care about your poultry and you want to get the best chicken feed available today, but you have little time on your hands, we can help. To assist people in your position, we have done the legwork for you by assessing what previous buyers had to say about some of the available options. Consequently, we have determined that the Prairie’s Choice Non-GMO is the food that you should think about purchasing. This product is 100% non-GMO and it can provide your feathery friends with all the nutrients that they need on a day to day basis. Some of the previous buyers noted that even the most picky animals like it. If this option is unavailable at the time you do your shopping, you should take a look at the Hatortempt Dried Mealworms as it might also be a good fit for the needs of your flock.



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12 Best Chicken Feeds (Reviews) in 2024



Purchasing good chicken feed is not an easy task. To be of assistance when it comes to acquiring a product of this kind, we have prepared a list of options that you might want to check out before you make up your mind.



1. Prairie’s Choice Non GMO Backyard Chicken Feed  Grower Formula


This option distributed by Prairie’s Choice features, as its name suggests, non-GMO. So, if you are interested in providing your poultry with organic, safe food, this might be the product you’ve been searching for. This kind of food was uniquely formulated to supply chickens with a complete diet so that they can enjoy a healthy and happy life.

According to the seller, the model is made with non-chemically processed soybeans and it comes in the form of crumbles so that your feathered companions can easily eat it. Because it was made with non-GMO ingredients, some say that it is significantly denser and easier to digest.

One aspect that some customers noted is that this food is not suitable for hens that are laying. So, if this is the case with your flock, it might be best that you opt for a better-suited alternative.  Most buyers said that this option is well liked by poultry, which is a reason why they recommend it.



This type of food is entirely made of non-GMO ingredients and it contains soybeans that have not been chemically treated.

Apart from being safe, this choice comes in crumbles and it is very tasty and well appreciated by most chickens.

The crumbles are also easy to eat by baby chicks that are in the process of growing and by wild birds.

There was a customer who was happy to remark that this option comes packed in a durable bag that helps keep the contents fresh.



A significant number of users pointed out that this product is a tad expensive if compared to other somewhat similar alternatives that are also available. Still, numerous shoppers argue that it is worth the extra money.

One customer explained that this food is not suitable for hens that are laying. It should be said that this feature was not considered a drawback by most of its buyers.

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2. Hatortempt 5 lbs Non GMO Dried Mealworms for Wild Bird Chicken Fish


If your flock finds it difficult to resist eating worms, this next choice will surely be a hit. This option is made of dried, natural worms that are quite tasty to wild birds and chicken alike. What is more, it can also be fed to other animals such as reptiles or hedgehogs.

The bag that the worms come shipped in is made of a durable material that keeps them crunchy. Moreover, given that the bag is resealable, its content does not lose its freshness. Because the worms provided by the seller are dried, they are significantly easier to handle than live mealworms. This is a big advantage as some user note.

Furthermore, all interested shoppers should know that this food is high in proteins, edible oils, and vitamins and that it should be used as a natural treat for poultry. Providing your flock with extra proteins during the cold seasons is quite important, especially if you want the hens to keep laying eggs.



This product is made of dried mealworms and it contains 6% fiber, 5% moisture, 28% fat and 53% proteins.

Given that you are shipped dried and not live worms, you will have no difficulties feeding this food to your flock.

This choice can provide your hens with a balanced diet so that they keep laying eggs even during the colder months of the year.

The seller argues that this kind of food is easy to digest and well-liked by most poultry out there.



There was a shopper who claimed that the wild birds that he was trying to feed showed no interest in this product. There were only a handful of users that had to deal with the same issue.

There was a reviewer who insisted that he was shipped a contaminated bag of worms. According to him, there was a cigarette butt inside the actual package.

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3. Coyote Creek Certified Organic Feed – Chick Starter


Another alternative that you might want to check out is the Coyote Creek Chick Starter. This delicious option was made using non-GMO ingredients as well and it was formulated in such a manner so that your flock is provided with a balanced, day-to-day menu.

Because it is rich in proteins and vitamins it can help your baby chicks grow and develop a healthy immune system. It should be fed to chicks from hatching to six weeks of age.

On top of that, this choice is made with no artificial preservatives and it contains, among others, calcium carbonate, organic corn, vitamin D3, organic soybean meal, and zinc. When feeding it to your young flock you should also provide it with plenty of water.

Numerous poultry growers remarked that this food is well-liked by baby chicks. Also, some noted that it visibly and positively affects the growth rate of the flock.



This option is made of organic ingredients and it is quite delicious so that your poultry will eat it instantly.

Because it was made using non-GMO ingredients, it is quite safe for baby chicks. Plus, the specialists say that it should be fed from hatching to six weeks of age.

The manufacturer has created this product as an organic and safe alternative that poultry growers can use.

When fed regularly, it can supply the chicks with a healthy immune system and with a proper growth rate. This is a significant advantage according to users.



The main drawback that some users observed is that the shipping costs that the option includes are rather high. To avoid this issue, you can try to find the product in local stores.

Given its price, not all those interested might be able to afford it. However, most do not mind paying extra for high quality.

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4. Manna Pro Poultry Grit|Insoluble Crushed Granite


If you want to purchase a product that can help your flock to maintain a healthy digestion, this mix distributed by Manna Pro is just what you need. The product can be fed to all classes of poultry, including baby chicks.

Because this option comes in crushed form, it is easy to eat by birds of all sizes. The main ingredient that this product includes is insoluble granite. Those interested in this item should know that no calcium has been added during the manufacturing process.

Another aspect that might interest you when it comes to this type of food is that it comes in a sizable, 25 lbs. bag. Therefore, you won’t have to reorder it any time soon. As numerous reviewers note, this choice is also suitable for making cactus potting soil. As a result, if you enjoy gardening, you might want to at least consider investing in this versatile alternative.



This product consists of insoluble crushed granite that can be fed to all classes of poultry that are suffering from digestive issues.

Because it comes shipped in a 25 lbs. pack, this gravel bag will definitely last you a considerable while. So, you won’t have to repurchase it any time soon.

If you love gardening, and you have to use granite from time to time, this option is likely to suit your needs.

This supplement is highly recommended by poultry growers as it can help the birds have a healthy digestive system.



There was a buyer who noted that this product is not suitable for bantams, a small species of fowl because of its size. This was the only reviewer who pointed out this problem.

One customer claimed that the choice is expensive. However, keep in mind that most shoppers disagree and consider it a great purchase for the money.

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5. Manna Pro Heritage Cracked Corn with Purple


This next product might also interest you if you are a fan of organic food. This 10 lb. pack of cracked corn contains no GMO-modified ingredients and it was made with corn grown in the U.S.A.

The seller argues that this item is suitable to be fed to mature birds that are in need of a kind of food that will supply them with plenty of energy. Plus, this option is free of flavors and artificial colorants, as well as of cholesterol.

It can be introduced as an element of diversity in the normal feeding regimen of your flock. This product has a shelf life of 9 months. The bag that it comes shipped in is resealable and it can help maintain the freshness of its contents.

It should be stored in a dry and cool area where insects and rodents cannot get to it. When feeding it, you should also provide your chickens with plenty of water.



It contains no preservatives and colors and it was made using cracked, organic corn that was grown in the U.S.A.

The choice has a total shelf life of 9 months. Therefore, you don’t have to hurry to feed it to your flock.

Because it was specially formulated to supply poultry with energy, this kind of food is recommended for mature birds.

The corn that the product is made of is free of cholesterol, trans fats and MSG, which is a reason why so many users speak highly of it.



This choice is perishable. If you happen to be shipped a product that is moldy or insect-infested, the seller recommends that you don’t feed it to the animals.

Some remarked that this choice is a little expensive when compared to other quite similar counterparts. Not many agreed with this assertion. In fact, most buyers are very pleased with it.

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6. Flygrubs Superior to Dried Mealworms for Chickens


If you are looking for an additive that is made of natural ingredients that your hens will simply love, be sure to add this product to your list. The FLYGRUBS is rich in proteins as it was made using black soldier fly larvae. When fed regularly, it can help your poultry lay eggs that have stronger eggshells.

The seller advertises this option as an alternative to mealworm treats that are usually used for chicken and ducks. This choice is made using natural ingredients and it can supply your flock with the necessary nutrients so that the molting process is sped up.

Besides, this food can be fed to hedgehogs and to bearded dragons as well. This option is also a good calcium supplement as it includes up to 85% more calcium than the regularly dried worms that you can purchase online. The pack comes shipped in a durable, resealable bag that was made of recycled plastic.



This treat is perfect for hens that are going through the annual molting process. It is rich in nutrients and it can help the birds get in shape faster.

Because it includes a high dosage of calcium, your flock will definitely deliver eggs that have particularly strong eggshells.

This choice also features healthy fats that have strong antimicrobial properties, that, according to the manufacturer, can help your beloved chickens fight infections.

Another significant advantage of this kind of food is that it was made by transforming food waste into treats for birds. So, it is eco-friendly!



It has been remarked that this product might not be well-received by all birds. However, most hens find it tasty, which is why so many buyers like to reorder it.

Some said that the choice is expensive. Yet, when compared to the price of mealworms, this product is by all means affordable.

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7. Nutrena Naturewise Layer 16% Feed


This alternative is a highly-appreciated layer feed that was formulated by the specialists to meet the dietary needs of hens. When consumed regularly, it can help your poultry lay hard-shelled eggs. If you decide to invest in it, remember that you should not feed another supplement to the poultry at the same time.

Apart from the proteins, vitamins, and minerals that it features, this layer feed is also packed with Aztec Marigold, probiotics and prebiotics that can help birds that suffer from digestive problems. Users have remarked that their hens love this mixture and that it helped increase the egg production.

The choice is entirely made of vegan ingredients and it can boost the overall health of your precious flock. It is suitable for both home-raised and free-range flocks. This product is a mixture of both pellets and crumbles so that your chickens are intrigued by it and, consequently, eat it easily.



This choice was expertly formulated to meet the dietary needs of hens and it was made of vegetarian ingredients.

Because it features added probiotics and prebiotics it can help your bird maintain a healthy digestive system.

This option contains 16% proteins and it includes a mix of minerals and vitamins that can support the immune system of your chickens.

Given that it is packed with numerous nutrients and minerals, if you decide to get this feed you won’t have to spend money on additional supplements.



A handful of poultry farmers were quick to say that the mix is kind of expensive, especially given that there are numerous similar alternatives that are more accessible.

There was a user who claimed that his hens stopped laying eggs after eating this feed. This was the only reviewer who had to deal with this particular issue. The problem might not have been related to the food itself.

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8. Chicken Chew Non GMO No Corn No Soy All Natural Whole Grain Layer


If you want to get a corn and soy-free food for your flock, be sure to take a look at this alternative. This option consists of pumpkin seeds and it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that can supply your poultry with the necessary nutrition.

The food comes in a resealable, 14 lbs. bag that can keep its contents fresh and free from pest infestations. The ingredients that were used to make this product were grown in Texas. Therefore, this is a good pick for those who want to encourage the national economy.

When it comes to actually feeding it, the seller advises poultry owners to provide the birds with about 1/3 pound of feed every day. This way, you will encourage a balanced diet.

Because this kind of food contains oyster shell, it can also help your hens lay healthy eggs that have strong eggshells.



This 14-lbs bag of healthy food is soy and corn free and it includes a natural selection of wholesome ingredients that were grown in the U.S.A.

Because the option is packed with omega 3 fatty acids, this mix can help your poultry maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

On top of that, this choice includes ½ lb. of oyster shells, an ingredient that makes the eggshells stronger.

The bag that the food comes packed in is resealable and it can keep the contents fresh and pest free in between feedings.



One previous customer said that the mix that he was delivered was kind of dusty. However, he did not consider this a major drawback of this alternative.

As it happens with most foods, picky eaters might not show a lot of interest in this product. Still, it should be said that this has nothing to do with its quality.

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9. TradeKing 5 lb Dried Mealworms High Protein Treat for Chicken


Mealworms are always a hit with chickens. In fact, some even use mealworms for taming poultry and for attracting wild birds. If you need a new treat for your feathered friends, this option distributed by TradeKing should not be neglected.

This product is rich in proteins and it is highly versatile as it can be fed to fish and reptiles as well. The choice is easy to use as the worms that it features are dried. Plus, this kind of food does not have to be refrigerated. You should, however, store it in a cool room.

Moreover, the bag that the food comes packed in is resealable and the choice has a long shelf life when compared to other similar foods. It can be fed all year round. The manufacturer recommends that you place the worms in a feeding dish or that you feed them by hand. The worms can be rehydrated by placing them in water for about 15 minutes.



This food is quite appealing to a wide range of animals including wild birds and reptiles. So, it is practical to have it around if you are an animal-lover.

As the seller says, the kind of dried worms that the product consists of have been certified by a vet and they are completely safe.

This delicious kind of food comes packed in a bag that is resealable. Overall, the product has a rather long shelf life.

Another aspect that makes this item worthy of consideration is that it does not have to be stored in the freezer. Instead, the bag should be kept in a cool room.



Because even birds have different tastes in food, there is a chance that your flock will show little interest in the product. This has nothing to do with the choice itself.

Some buyers noted that the worms that they received had a dreadful smell. Not all users considered this a major drawback.

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10. Purina Feed Pmi Chick Start & Grow Optimum Nutrition Complete Poultry Food


If you are the proud new owner of baby chicks, this Purina chicken feed should also make it to your must-have list. This medicated option was formulated with special care so that your new flock members are given the optimal nutrition.

The seller recommends that you use the mix from hatching until the chicks are 18 to 20 weeks of age. This choice includes 18% proteins and it is packed with nutrients that can help with early hen development.

Because it features probiotics and prebiotics, this mix can actively support the digestive and the immune system of the chicks. The manufacturer also argues that this choice includes essential amino acids that can supply the little birds with skeletal and muscle growth.

This food contains marigold extract for bright-colored shanks and beaks, vitamin A and perfectly optimized levels of vitamin E that builds up the immune systems of the chickens. So, give it a go!



This sort of food was medicated with a substance called Amprolium that can treat and prevent coccidiosis, a disease that affects the intestinal balance of chicks.

Because it was created to be fed to young poultry, this option is rich in nutrients that can help the birds grow fast and healthy.

It includes balanced levels of vitamin A and E, as well as xanthophyll, a substance derived from marigold that ensures bright coloring.

Given that it contains probiotics and prebiotics, this product can support the immune and the digestive health of your flock.



One user said that the product that he received was compromised as the bottom of the bag had food contaminated with fungus. This was the only review that pointed to this issue.

A handful of buyers claimed that the product is kind of expensive. Because of this, not all interested chicken farmers can afford it.

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11. Wagner’s 18542 


If your flock enjoys eating cracked corn and you are searching for a budget-friendly alternative, this might be it. This choice can be fed to poultry or it can be used to attract wildlife. If you like providing your hens with a varied diet, you should know that this is one of those foods that can be mixed with other supplements and seeds.

Just like in the case of other products that we have talked about; this food comes shipped in a highly convenient reclosable slider. The choice was made in the U.S.A. If you decide to acquire this option, when feeding it, you should supply your flock with a water source.

When not used, the cracked corn should be stored in a sealed tight container away from direct sunlight. Additionally, you should avoid placing the container on the floor so that it doesn’t get moldy.



According to most chicken farmers out there, cracked corn is a practical purchase because it can be easily eaten by birds of all sizes.

This product was made by a manufacturer that has made a name for itself in this business, which is why so many recommend it.

You can use this food to feed your beloved feathery friends or to attract wildlife in your backyard, depending on your preferences.

Because the bag that the cracked corn comes shipped in is durable and 100% resealable, its contents will remain fresh for long.



There were a couple of users who remarked that this item is rather expensive when compared to other very similar alternatives. Not all poultry owners seem to agree with this statement.

Because this choice has not received numerous review comments so far, it is somewhat difficult to say whether there are specific issues with it.

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12. Modesto Milling Organic Layer 


If you are looking for a complete feed that you can give to your hens that have begun laying eggs, this qualifies as an option for you to consider. The food is suitable for hens that are 17 to 20 weeks of age and older and it consists of pellets that are easy to eat.

The choice is made of soy and corn free ingredients and it was formulated to supply your flock with a balanced nutrition. To make the mix as appetizing as possible for your flock, this product includes added aromas.

When consumed regularly, the seller argues that it can help improve the colors of the feathers of the chicks, as well as their overall appearance. The mix can be fed to both coop and free range grown poultry.

This option includes non-GMO ingredients and it was produced by a manufacturer that has made a name for itself ever since 1974.



This food comes in the form of pellets so that it can be eaten by both younger and older chickens easily, which is a plus according to most buyers.

If you are interested in a safe choice that you can feed to your happy flock of hens, keep in mind that this food is made with non-GMO ingredients.

Because it aims to make this food appealing to poultry, the seller has formulated it to include aromas that are irresistible.

This type of food is also packed with vitamins and minerals that, according to vets, should be an important part of the diet of your feathered companions.



It has been said that this food is a tad pricey, especially considering that there are numerous more accessible alternatives. As expected, not all poultry owners agree.

Because not many buyers reviewed this product, it is somewhat difficult to identify a certain issue with this product.

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Yearly Guide & Report


If you are a newbie, you probably believe that finding quality, yet cheap chicken feed is an impossible task. Because we know how is it like to be in your shoes, in the following buying guide we have prepared for you, we have included plenty of tips and tricks that might come in handy.

Types of foods that you can select

After a quick look over the products in this category, one is likely to notice that there are three main types of food that he/she can pick from, starter mixes, growers, and layer feeds. Each of these options has its particular advantages and disadvantages. If things are still not clear to you, this chicken feeding guide should help.

Starter chicken feed is formulated to be used for baby chickens that need plenty of proteins in their lives. This food should be given to the baby hens from hatching up until they are 6 weeks of age. Medicated chicken feed might also be suitable for babies as it can help immunize them against known diseases.

After the first six weeks, it is vital that you start transitioning your young flock to a grower feed. This is important because a diet that contains too many proteins is dangerous. Once your feathered babies are all grown up, it is time to invest in a type of food that has a lower level of protein.

Once your young hens start laying eggs, you have to supply them with a layer feed. A mix of this kind is rich in calcium and it can provide your flock with the necessary nutrients that they need to lay eggs and lead a healthy life.

As numerous chicken feed reviews argue, purchasing the right type of food is vital, as it can make a big difference in the way your flock develops.


The texture

If you have understood the types of chicken feed for sale that you can purchase, it is time to speak about the different textures that are also available. First things first, mash is the most basic form of feed.

Mash is similar in texture with potting soil and it is normally given to baby chickens. As poultry farmers argue, mash is generally preferred by those that want to make porridge for their flock. The biggest disadvantage that mash has is that feeding it to your flock involves generating plenty of incidental waste.

Crumbles should also be considered by those interested in food that is easy to consume, even by wild birds. This alternative has a texture similar to that of oatmeal. If you want to provide your flock with a healthy and safe diet, we are sure that you can find non-GMO chicken feed with this texture.

One of the most popular choices currently available are pellets. You can find pellets in bulk chicken feed packs or in smaller quantities, depending on your preferences. If you are not sure if your hens like pellets, it is recommended that you start with a small bag first.

If you are set on supplying your flock with organic chicken feed, you should also think about adding shell grit to their diet. This ingredient is rich in calcium and it can help your hens lay healthy eggs. Plus, shell grit can also help your flock with their digestive health. However, the specialists argue that this product should only be provided to mature poultry.

If your hens are not particularly into regular feed, we advise that you also take a look at chicken scratch. This sort of food consists of cracked corn and other similar grains and it can supply your chickens with plenty of energy. Most vets recommend that you feed this option to your feathered companions in the winter.



Recent studies have shown that there are a couple of chicken feed ingredients that are a must if you want to have healthy and happy chickens. For instance, the food that you select should include proteins and amino acids such as methionine and lysine.

Plus, the feed should also come packed with vitamin A, B12, E and D3. Enzymes are also a great addition, especially if your flock has shown digestive troubles. If you own adult hens that have started laying eggs, investing in a product that includes added Omega 3 can help increase the number of eggs produced. As a treat, you can also try feeding chickens yogurt.

Investing in a balanced diet that is rich in beneficial nutrients is not easy. You can find out what not to feed chickens from your local feed store, your other farming friends or acquaintances, or from various online farming forums. Additionally, keep in mind that the chicken feed cost gets higher when the ingredients are better.




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