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8 Best Cow Milking Machines Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 20.09.21


Best Cow Milking Machine Review – Top Rated Models in 2021 with Buying Guide


Using the best cow milking machine will help you ease your work, improve efficiency, and save time, yet finding the right one for your needs might not always be that easy. To simplify your shopping and decision-making process, we have taken a closer look at the features offered by some of the most popular products in this line. After a careful analysis, we have concluded that the first option to take into account is the Hantop UnitedFarm Cow Milking Machine. This battery-powered pump ensures a pulsating cycle of  40 – 46 times per minute, and given its design, it can be used anywhere you need. The product features quality and durable materials that will keep up with extended use and that provide both you and the cow with a comfortable milking experience. It is also easy to use and clean. In case this product is currently out of stock, you might want to consider the Dansha Farms Vacuum-Pulse.



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8 Best Cow Milking Machines (Reviews) in 2021



We know that it can be difficult to narrow down your options, which is why we have prepared a list with some of the critically acclaimed products to help you select the right cow milking machine for sale. All the products listed below have garnered positive customer feedback and come with all the useful features one might need from a milking machine.



1. Hantop UnitedFarm Cow Milking Machine


Featuring a thoughtful design that will help you save time and effort while still catering to your cow-milking-related needs, this milking machine is easy to use and durable. The product is battery-powered, which means that you can use it to milk the cow wherever the animal is. Once fully charged, the machine ensures 4-5 hours of operation. 

The pulsating system featured was designed in such a way to provide the cow with a safe and comfortable milking experience. That’s why great attention has been paid to the materials employed for the construction of this unit, and it thus features natural rubber teat cups. The material is not only gentle and soft but also non-toxic. 

The bucket features stainless steel that makes it easy to clean and carry. It is built in such a way to prevent leaks. The product also comes with an auto-stop milking device, and the pack includes anything you need to get started. 



With a pulsating cycle of 40 – 60 times per minute and an easy-to-use and safe design, this milking machine is worth considering if you want to simplify your work while keeping the animal comfortable and safe during milking.

Besides the pulsating vacuum pump, the pack includes all the items you need to get started right away, such as a milk canister, a power charger, two cleaning brushes, and a milk hose. 

The materials used were selected based on the safety and comfort they ensure, and the product thus features natural rubber teat cups.

Since this is a battery-powered pump, you can use it to milk the cow wherever the animal is as the product delivers 4 – 5 hours of operation once fully charged. 



Even if the item is advertised as featuring eco-friendly materials, some of them might have a strong smell at first; however, the smell should go away after a few washes. 

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2. Milk Machine Vacuum-Manual Pulse 1/2 Gallon 2 Teat


If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use milking kit, the Dansha Farms option comes with all the accessories you need. It can even be operated using an optional 14-volt battery for situations when you are off-grid. To make things even better, you can use this product to milk goats, sheep, and cows.

For increased quality and reliability, the manufacturer uses a food grade polyurethane designed to help attach the hose connectors to the inside of the milker bottle cover. This approach will guarantee a rigid lid and an airtight connection capable of providing a powerful vacuum that will make the milking process more efficient and quicker.

Since the machine features a straightforward design, even amateur farmers won’t find it difficult to operate, unlike expensive milkers that can be hard to figure out. Similarly, the machine is safe for the animal and it won’t harm or stress it.  



If you need a product that you can use in a barn that does not have power, you should be aware that this product can be attached to an optional 12-volt battery that the manufacturer has available for sale.

It is very easy to clean the device and customers have reported that using hot water and dish soap is all that is needed to get rid of the dirt and milk residues.

This is a cost-effective choice especially since you can use it to milk goats and sheep as well, a feature that makes it perfect for farmers that raise many types of animals.

The manual includes milking information, tips, tricks and a guide about how to sanitize the product efficiently and quickly.



The power supply button did not work well for all customers and some have reported that you might need to push it a certain way if you want to get it to work.

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3. Milk Machine Vacuum-Manual Pulse Manual Pump


If you are in the market for a manual cow milking machine, Dansha Farms has the right product for your needs. This affordable option comes ready to milk out of the box and it does not require batteries or electricity to work. Instead, it requires a few pumps using your hand and the machine will create enough vacuum to get the milk out of the teats.

The high volume brass vacuum pump can be utilized in a wide range of applications, for milking, therapy, in the lab, at home, or for cupping. Thanks to its simple design, this model is extremely portable and lightweight which will allow you to take it with you and use it anywhere you want.

The product is perfect for farmers with arthritis or for anyone who finds hand milking to be a chore. As a plus, the customer-friendly price means anyone will be able to afford this model, even people who are on a tight budget.



The straightforward design makes the machine very easy to use and understand, and to this end, the unit comes with a comprehensive manual that includes numerous tips and tricks.

Thanks to its versatile design, you can use the pump to milk sheep and goats as well.

Customers are impressed with the quality and reliability of this pump, and many prefer this model to the electrical alternatives.

Cleaning the pump is very easy especially since it lacks many of the complicated accessories and equipment of the more expensive milkers.



Unfortunately, this item can only pump one teat at a time which makes it suitable mostly to farmers that own a few cows.

We found a few reports that the pump can take a while to get the milk flowing, and since the vacuum is not always constant, there can be moments when the animal might feel uncomfortable.

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4. Futt Piston Vacuum Ultra-Strong Frequency Pulsation Milking Machine


Built for milking cattle and sheep, this milking machine will save you time and labor while making sure that the animals are safe and comfortable during the milking process. To ensure that the animal feels no discomfort while being milked with this unit, the product comes with cups that simulate hand milking and have a massage effect. 

Moreover, the materials used to build this product were carefully selected in order to make it safe for the animals. The food-grade silicone milk lining is non-toxic, safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. 

This milking machine is an electric model featuring a premium motor that can provide you with 24 hours of continuous operation. What’s great is that the milking machine can also be powered by 12V batteries so that you can use it wherever the animal is. The storage tank features quality stainless steel that ensures easy cleaning and superior safety.



Whether you need a milking machine for cattle or sheep, this model is worth considering as it was designed to meet such needs and help you save time and reduce the effort required to milk such animals. 

The product features materials that not only ensure durability but also provide the animal with a safe and comfortable experience. 

The food-grade silicone used is non-toxic as well as gentle in order to simulate the feeling of hand milking and keep the animal comfortable through milking. 

This is an electric model that can provide 24 hours of continuous use; furthermore, it can also be powered by batteries so that you can enjoy more flexibility. 

The ultra-strong pulsation frequency, thicker milk tube, and design add to the superior efficiency delivered. 



The instructions provided might not be too useful, and if this is your first milking machine, you might need to look for a tutorial elsewhere. 

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5. Popsport Electric Milking Machine 110V 1440 RPM Portable


The Popsport is a lightweight yet robust product that can help you forget about the unpleasant task of milking your cows by hand. It boasts a high-performance 110V 1440 rpm motor that can milk a cow in less than 10 minutes. Its portable design makes it perfect for small and medium farms since the 25L (6.6 gallons) bucket is large enough for 10-12 cows.

The three wheels will make transporting the whole thing more manageable even on uneven terrain since the bucket will not fall or spill. Using the electric milking machine is as simple as it gets, especially since the manufacturer includes an easy-to-understand guide that will take you step-by-step through the whole process.

It’s not just you that will find this option comfortable, but your livestock as well since the motor is very efficient and will not make a lot of noise so as not to spook the cows.



The robust construction features the use of high-quality 304 stainless steel which will help make maintenance easier than ever.

The large heavy-duty wheels will let you transport the milking machine with great ease even when the 6.6-gallon bucket is full to the brim.

Similarly, the lightweight and balanced construction will ensure that even when transporting the unit on rocky terrain, the machine and the bucket won’t topple.

You can use it safely even on livestock that is not used with an electric milking machine since the motor is low noise and won’t spook the animal.

The low price point has won over many customers, especially since it doesn’t affect the performance and reliability of this model.



It appears that if you are not careful when handling the product, the bucket and the exterior of the milking machine can dent easily.

The milk tubing has a strong chemical odor at first which can damage the milk quality.

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6. Milk Machine Rechargable Cow One Half Gallon Two Teat


This inexpensive option is perfect for farmers who have one or two cows that need milking, not to mention that the versatile design allows it to be used for goats and sheep as well. The canning jar has a capacity of half a gallon which is enough to hold the milk from one cow. It is safe on the animal and very easy to use.

The product comes with a battery charger and 6 rechargeable batteries that you can plug into 120-volt wall outlets. If you want to use this option in Europe, the manufacturer can provide you with the appropriate 220 battery charger. By pushing and releasing the button you can use the product to create a pulsating vacuum.

The product uses a sealed system which means that the milk will stay clean until you are ready to move it from the canning jar and into your container of choice.



The milking machine is very fast and easy to clean which means that even inexperienced farmers will have no difficulty using this reliable product.

Since the unit comes with a rechargeable battery you will be able to use it anywhere you wish, even in barns that lack a wall outlet.

The cement used for the sealing is inert and nonporous when it sets up and does not give any odor nor does it contaminate your milk.

You can use the product for sheep and goats as well which makes this option ideal for users looking for a multi-purpose milker.

Buyers are satisfied with the quality offered by the product as well as the excellent customer service provided by the seller.



The batteries are not readily replaceable since they are located deep inside the product, and while they will last you for years, when they stop working you will need to get an extra vacuum pump.

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7. SKYTOU Mini Electric Cow Milking Machine Single Bucket


In case you’re looking for a small milking machine, this mini unit might be of interest as it was built to ensure superior efficiency while providing you with a portable design. The product comes with a stainless steel bucket that is durable and easy to clean. Plus, the machine automatically stops when the milk bucket is full. 

Thanks to the thick milk intake tube and milk suction speed, this model delivers high efficiency. The milking cups feature a soft and gentle material that will keep the cow comfortable during the milking process. The product features venting holes to accelerate heat dissipation, as well as a carry handle for easy transportation.

Operating the unit is nothing complicated, and keeping it clean is also an effortless job due to the materials and design used and the milk hose cleaning brush. The product is lightweight and thus easy to carry around.



Lightweight and easy to use, this mini milking machine is built to ensure high efficiency and thus help you save time and effort when it comes to milking cows and sheep. 

To make the entire milking process comfortable and safe for the animal and easy for you, the product features a thoughtful design. 

The thick milk hose and superior suction power will help you save time and effort, while the materials employed will make sure that the milking process does not hurt the animal in any way.

The item is equipped with soft cups that will provide the animal with a safe and comfortable experience throughout the milking process. 

The stainless steel milk bucket is easy to clean, and the vacuum pulsation milking machine comes with an aluminum shell and venting holes to dissipate heat as well as a carry handle.



This milking machine is designed for home use, and it is thus smaller, which means that it might not be the most efficient choice for those of you with more cows to milk. 

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8. Melasty Cow Milker Machine Portable Electric with Wheels


The Melasty model is another portable alternative and it seeks to give farmers the comfort they require to transport the machine and the milk effortlessly. It is built with high-quality materials which give it a sturdy and firm construction that includes all the essential components and accessories in a framed structure with a wheel.

The standout feature of this model has to be the closed cycle hygienic cleaning system. This automatic washing system will save owners a lot of headaches since it will make it easier to keep the entire machine cleaned and maintain hygienic milking conditions. Whether you are a medium or small dairy farmer, this option is as convenient as it is efficient.

The product can milk a cow in six minutes and the Melasty equipment will keep the milk enclosed and safe from any external contamination to help provide a better, safer and cleaner milk production.



This portable electric milking machine is lightweight and everything is built together which allows you to take it out of the box and start milking immediately.

The purchase includes all the equipment and accessories that you need, including a storage container that will help keep the milk enclosed and safe from external contamination.

The closed hygienic cleaning system will save farmers a lot of time and energy since it makes it very easy to clean and maintain the machine.

Another area in which this product excels has to be the customer service which has garnered positive feedback from buyers.

The lightweight construction allows this model to weigh only 110 pounds.



While it cannot be denied that the Mitty Dairy Melasty is a quality option, the high price point might scare some potential buyers away, especially small farmers who don’t have a big budget.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Milking your cows by hand is a tiring and tedious task that most farmers don’t enjoy. Machine milking in dairy cows is the recommended choice since it allows you to be more productive and to meet the latest hygiene standards. Not to mention that it is much more comfortable for the cow when compared to manual milking.

With that said, it is not always easy to find the right product for the job, especially if this is your first time purchasing a milking machine. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a buyer’s guide that will go through the most important factors you ought to consider before you spend your hard-earned money.



Types available

There are four main types of milking machines currently available on the market: electric, battery, gas, and manual. Electric machines are perfect for small to medium-sized farms that have a handful of livestock. The reason for this is because electric units offer a great balance between power and cost, especially when compared to the other three types available.

The main disadvantage with this option is that you are limited by the length of the cable and the requirement of an outlet. You may use a generator to power an electric milker, but unless you already own one, getting one specifically for your milking machine is not cost-effective.

Models that are powered by a battery have the benefit of portability and that makes them perfect for small farms with few cows, especially if they are free-range. What’s more, this is also a cheap option which makes it perfect for small farmers that have a small budget to spare.

The big downside is that they cannot milk many animals because not only are they less efficient, but the battery won’t last for a lot of time. If you do get a unit that is powered by a battery, we recommend you go for a model that features rechargeable and replaceable batteries.

Gas milking machines are the most powerful of the four, but also the most expensive. A milker powered by gas requires gasoline as the fuel source which is much more expensive than electricity or even batteries. To add to that, most gas-powered models use a 4-stroke engine which means that maintenance can be a slog.

If you have a large farm with lots of cows to milk and you can’t afford to waste any time, getting a gas-powered milking machine is a good choice.

Finally, manual milkers do not require electricity, batteries, or gas and instead use the force of your hands to create a vacuum. They have a small pump that you need to press, and while they are great for people that only have a few cows, they are not recommended for seniors since the hand pump requires quite a bit of force.


Size and other specifications

The size of the equipment and its specifications can differ depending on your milking needs. There’s also the fact that products are updated on almost a daily basis which allows manufacturers to cater to all the needs of the farmer.

The size of the milk bucket is important and you should get the one that will allow you to make as fewer trips to empty it as possible.

Other key factors that you ought to consider include the number of livestock that you need to milk, the desired production quantity, frequency, and the speed of the product. For example, some machines that are designed specifically for milking cows have two pulsation rates, one for the rear teats and one for the forequarter.

That is because the rear teats are generally larger and that makes them require more time to eject the milk. Having two rates for milking can improve the efficiency of the machine as well as the health of the animal.

Some modern milking machines are fully automated which can make the job of the farmer that much easier since they clean themselves automatically and come with additional emergency options. They feature milk-flow sensors that determine when the machine must be removed from the udder.

As is expected, these options are much more expensive but their price is easy to justify if you own a large farm.


Pulsation is important

Milking machines can’t leave the vacuum on for extended periods since that could lead to stressing the teat and possibly causing serious injury to it. The pulsation of the milking machine will ensure that the blood continues to circulate to maintain the teat end healthy.

Most options on the market have a pulsator ratio between 50/50 and 70/30. The first number represents the amount of time that the pulsator will draw milk while the second one refers to how many times the atmospheric pressure will massage the udders.

You can vary these ratios to suit your livestock, but the preferred ratio for optimal operation is of 60/40. It is not recommended to go beyond 70/30 since those ratios could cause injury to the animal. You can test the comfort level that the pulsator offers by putting your finger into the cup for 20 seconds.

The effect that your finger feels is exactly what the cow will feel as well, and if it is uncomfortable for you, you should adjust it accordingly.




The material used for the cups is very important since the skin of cows can be just as sensitive as that of humans and you don’t want to use materials that could irritate or damage the skin. The cups need to be hypoallergenic which is why it is recommended to use non-reactive materials such as silicone. Avoid using rubber or latex.

An allergic reaction to a certain material will make the teats begin to swell with hives which will eventually lead to the infection of the milk gland which will start to secrete pus into the milk.

For the rest of the machine, you should use materials that are durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. This is the reason why stainless steel is the most popular and efficient material that most manufacturers use nowadays for the milker’s body.




Frequently asked questions about milking machines for cows


Q: How to get milk from cow with machine?

To milk a cow using a machine you start by cleaning the teats using an iodine and water solution so that dirt and other external contaminants don’t get into the milk. A milking machine is equipped with four cups and each one will fit over the four teats of the cow.

The motor of the machine will create a vacuum that will pump the milk out of the udders and into the milk bucket or container. The way the cups work is very similar to the way that a calf sucks milk and it does not hurt the cow nor make it feel uncomfortable.   


Q: How does a cow milking machine work?

While a milking machine may look complex at first, the principle on which it operates is actually quite straightforward. Basically, the machine pulls a vacuum on the teats of the cow and that causes the milk to flow. The action is similar to the sucking mechanism that a calf would use to nurse which makes it less uncomfortable for the cow than milking by hand.

The milk is then removed from the udder and transported to a sanitary storage vessel. When the cow’s udder empties, the milking machine will automatically shut off, while less expensive models will need to be powered down manually by the farmer.



Q: How to build a cow milking machine?

A cow milking machine is a complex device that utilizes a precise vacuum system and pulsations to provide the animal with a comfortable experience. While it is not beyond the realm of possibility that you could build one from scratch if you have the proper knowledge, it is best to put your trust in a product that was heavily tested to ensure safety and reliability.

If you are concerned that the price for a quality milking machine is too high, we found numerous cheap alternatives in our list of top-rated products that we are certain will satisfy your needs.


Q: Do milking machines hurt cows?

The short answer is no. A milking machine operates by employing a suction that is not constant, more like waves, and that allows it to simulate the non-continuous action of a calf sucking. Cows are very familiar with this feeling and that makes them feel comfortable while they’re being milked.

To add to that, the suction of a calf is much more vigorous than that of a milking machine. Using a milking machine is profitable precisely because its impact on the comfort of the cow is almost nonexistent. Compared to milking by hand, using a machine is a safer and more comfortable choice for cows.


Q: How much does a cow milking machine cost?

The answer to this question depends greatly on what type of cow milking machine you want to get. Battery-powered and manual milking machines can be found for under $100. Conversely, an electric machine can end up costing you between $1000 and $2000.

If you do want to get a machine that includes all the latest technology, you must be prepared to pay even more. There are many factors that can influence the cost of the product, and you should always focus on the features you need.

Once you’ve found the products that include the features you want, you can use the cow milking machine price as the deciding factor.


Prevention of mastitis in cows

Mastitis is one of the most devastating diseases that dairy farms can encounter. This potentially fatal mammary gland infection is generally caused by bacteria introduced either during the milking process or from environmental contact.

To ensure that you won’t have to deal with this nasty disease, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that will show you some of the steps you can take to protect your livestock.



Environment and nutrition

It’s important to keep the environment that your animals live in dry and comfortable. The stalls and the lounging areas will need to be maintained on a regular basis and provided with clean and dry bedding since cows that have dirty udders are much more susceptible to develop mastitis.

If the environment is not clean enough some animals will choose not to rest in the lounging area or in their stalls. Similarly, if you do find that your livestock is dirty, especially in the areas that rest upon the bedding such as under the stomach, and on their rear quarters, this is a very serious sign that you need to provide a cleaner environment.

For dry cows that are housed on a pasture, you will need to make sure that they have enough shade.

One other way to prevent mastitis in cows is to add the suggested amount and types of vitamins and minerals to your livestock’s feed so that you can offer a well-deserved boost to their immune system. A healthy and powerful immune system is essential in helping the body fight off mastitis.

A strong immune system will also require the right amounts of protein and energy, so make sure that your cows get the right amount of food.


Prevent metabolic disorders and vaccination

Many metabolic disorders such as ketosis can arise when the cow goes into a negative energy balance, namely when it does not eat enough feed to meet the needs of its body. During this time, it is critical to keep the fresh cows that are still in the four weeks period after calving eating since their energy needs are very high.

However, make sure that you don’t overfeed dry cows that are preparing for the next lactation.

Vaccination is also important and establishing a clear vaccination protocol for both dry and fresh cows can reduce mastitis in your herd considerably. To find the best vaccination schedule for both the farm and yourself, you should speak with your veterinarian and he or she will give you all the information that you need.


Proper milking

Make sure that the cattle are milked in a relaxed and stress-free environment since anxious or excited cows will not be able to relax and let their milk down. Similarly, you will need to check for mastitis every milking by using a mastitis strip or cup.

You’ll also need to establish a routine for periodic maintenance of your milking equipment since cattle are very sensitive to improperly working machines. A periodic maintenance routine will make it much easier for you to identify potential problems before they cause the milking machines to stop working or, even worse, hurt the animal.




1) Parts of a milking machine

2) How to Milk a Cow by Machine

3) Basic construction of a milking machine

4) How do you use a cow milking machine?



Unavailable products


SlavicBeauty Stainless Steel Mini Milking Machine 5.3 Gal for Cows


This portable cow milking machine is designed to simulate natural milking so that your cows won’t end up feeling uncomfortable, or even worse, get hurt by the machine. Using it is as simple as it gets since you only need to attach the four silicone liners, plug the unit in and you can then sit back and relax as the motor will do all the work for you.

This single cow milking machine is ideal for small farms where there are only a few cows to milk. Thanks to its portable design and ease of use it is just as effective when used for just one cow. It comes with four silicone liners, one brush for the hose, one plug, and one brush for the liner.

The bucket has a size of 5.3 gallons which is more than enough to help you store the milk from 10 to 12 cows. Each milking session takes 5 to 6 minutes per cow.



The product is constructed from food-grade stainless steel which will not only make the design of the unit more aesthetically pleasing but will also help make cleaning and maintaining the machine easier.

Since it simulates natural milking, your cows will feel very comfortable with the machine so you won’t have to worry about having to keep them calm.

The machine has a portable design and measures 52x65x86cm, with a total weight of 101 pounds when all the accessories are attached.

Buyers were pleased with the customer service they received, commenting that the seller is quick to send a replacement or any missing parts.

The unit runs on electricity which makes it very convenient to use.



While you cannot deny the quality and reliability that this option offers, the higher price means that not everyone will be able to afford or justify spending that much for a mini milking machine.




CO-Z Electric Milking Machine Stainless Steel Milker Machine for Cows


The CO-Z model features four heavy-duty caster wheels which will enable users to transport the milking machine easily. The stainless steel construction guarantees maximum hygiene and will make the cleaning process much more manageable. The 25L (6.6 gallons) capacity allows this model to milk up to 12 cows per hour.

The upgraded design allows for a better balance of the buckets which means that even if you are transporting the machine on rocky terrain, the bucket will remain balanced even when it is full so that the milk does not spill. This model is very simple to operate and maintain and it is mainly designed for use in small and medium-sized farms.

It only requires one person to operate, so you won’t have to worry that you will need to have someone always with you to help you out. To make things even better, you can also use it to milk goats, thanks to its versatile design.



The package includes all the equipment and accessories you need to get the milking machine up and running the moment you get it out of the box.

It comes with two sets of milking cups, one for cows and the other for goats which means that farmers will be able to get more uses out of the product.

The machine is powered by a 1,400 rpm ultra-quiet and super-powerful motor which will not disturb your livestock.

The polished finish and the stainless steel bucket and milking claw confer the product an elegant appearance and will make cleaning more manageable.

The lightweight design and the inclusion of four heavy-duty caster wheels will allow the user to transport the machine with minimal effort.



We would have liked to see the product come with a set of milking cups for sheep as well, but apart from that there is not much one can complain about this product.




Techtongda Cow Milking Machine Milker Transparent Bucket


The electric Techtongda milking machine is a highly powerful piece of machinery that can give you the performance and quality you deserve every time you use it. Milking by hand is not only time-consuming but also tiring and can make the animal uncomfortable. With this option, you can reduce the workload and guarantee smooth milking.

It boasts a powerful motor with a speed of 1440 rpm, allowing the machine to milk up to 12 cows per hour. The product comes with a 25L (6.6 gallons) milk bucket so that you don’t have to buy extra buckets to deposit the milk or make too many trips to empty it.

Speaking of the bucket, it will keep the milk clean and will prevent any external contamination from happening. The build quality is also impressive and it will help the machine to continue working for long periods of reliable service.



You can use this versatile machine for milking your cow and then use it to store and transport the fresh milk, and it can also be used for milking goats.

It is very easy to use and it works fast which will let you save labor by milking up to 12 cows or goats per hour.

The 304 stainless steel milk claw is stronger and more durable, and it is also very easy to clean in a matter of minutes.

The milk liners are built from high-quality materials to make them easier to clean and more comfortable for your livestock.

To ensure that the product and its accessories will arrive in great working condition, the seller will ship the machine in a strong wooden case.



Despite the quality and performance this model offers, we believe it is a bit too pricey which might discourage some customers from purchasing it.



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