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7 Best Cattle Feeders Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Cattle Feeder Review – Top Rated Models in 2024 with Buying Guide


If you need to find the best cattle feeder, but you don’t have the necessary time to go through the related information on your own, then you should not worry, since this article is here to provide all the answers you need. Our team has conducted extensive research on this topic and after going through numerous reviews and market data, concluded that the cattle feeder you should keep in mind as a first alternative is the Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG424300BLA model. This unit features a seamless construction made of molded high-quality polyethylene that ensures long-lasting durability. Moreover, its design includes an oversized drain that you can use to easily clean the feeder whenever you need to, while the materials used ensure reliability in all kinds of weather and harsh conditions. If you have any difficulty finding this product, the most suitable alternative is High Country Plastics’ W-700FG feeder.



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7 Best Cattle Feeders (Reviews) in 2024


Going through cattle feeder reviews in order to establish which model is the right choice for your needs is a task that can quickly become overwhelming, given that there are so many products in this category. The selection below is meant to help you by offering extensive reviews of top-rated cattle feeders that are currently available.



1. Rubbermaid Commercial FG424300BLA Structural Foam Stock Tank


With a seamless construction, this Rubbermaid Commercial product is a good cattle feeder made of molded high-quality polyethylene. Given its construction, this is an alternative that offers superior performance, as well as long-lasting durability and there is no issue in terms of types of weather it can face.

Thanks to the sleek appearance, it can be easily placed wherever you need it, while the tank itself includes an oversized drain plug that allows the user to easily clean it when necessary. Since it’s important for such a product to be sturdily made, this model also features reinforced ribbing and stepped sidewalls that ensure added stability and strength.

This way you can rest assured that the cattle are not going to tip it over and that you are going to use it for a long time. The FG424300BLA model is available in multiple sizes going from a capacity of 50 up to 300 gallons, out of which you can choose the one that fits your needs.



Made of weather-resistant structural foam, this cattle feeder is able to face all kinds of weather and can withstand extended use without cracking.

The oversized drain plug is very useful for the draining and cleaning process, making everything easier for the user.

Rubbermaid Commercial offers this model in various sizes, with capacities that range from 50 gallons up to 300, giving you plenty of choices.

The smooth black color and sleek appearance make this product suitable for pretty much any space you need to place it in.



Some units have had issues with leakages from the drain, so you might need to add some silicone if you face this issue, or contact the seller for assistance.

In certain cases, the delivery was a little late or the unit was difficult to track.

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2. High Country Plastics W-700FG Water Tank


Certainly not one of those cheap cattle feeders, but a very good product, this High Country Plastics model offers a lot of benefits that you might be interested in. First of all, its capacity stands at an impressive 700 gallons, so this might certainly be a suitable solution if you’ve been looking for large cattle feeders for sale.

Moreover, this unit is rotationally molded using high-quality and impact-resistant materials, this way ensuring a uniform thickness and overall strength which in turn lead to impressive durability. This way, you won’t need to fear that this unit won’t be able to face the test of time.

The one-piece construction is another factor that helps achieve enhanced durability since it eliminates splitting or cracking risks that are otherwise rather common when it comes to plastic-welded tanks. In terms of the material used, you will be glad to know that it’s FDA-approved and UV-protected.



Since the safety of the animals actually using this is important, the manufacturer made sure that the edges are rounded in order to protect them as they feed.

The W-700FG model features a molded-in aluminum drain that is leak-proof and that, thanks to the material used, will never fail or be affected by the sun.

Given the Forest Green color of this tank, it can easily and naturally blend into many environments and types of spaces you might want to use it in.

In case you need to deal with any leak caused by unforeseen circumstances, the tank can be braze welded using a common butane torch to fix the hole.



Given the size of this High Country Plastics model, things will most probably get difficult if you need to maneuver it.

If you want to use it in your backyard and you have pets that love to have fun, they might end up swimming in it.

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3. Behlen Country 6′ Galvanized Steel Stock Tank Round


Behlen Country’s unit might be just what you are looking for if you are going through various feeder cattle prices and models without being sure which one is highly durable. The 50130148 product can be successfully used for various needs, including livestock watering or as a tank pool.

Thanks to the fact that it’s made of steel, this tank is able to endure the harshest conditions you can face in a farm or a ranch. Moreover, it will definitely withstand the test of time since it’s resistant to corrosion, while a heavy zinc coating ensures an even longer life.

Given that such a product needs to be as sturdy as possible, Behlen Country made the sidewalls rigid and added corrugations and ribs for maximum strength. Moreover, the reinforced steel tube is rolled into the top lip, this way providing additional strength for extended usage.



Given its design and construction, this unit can be fit for a wide range of purposes, while additional structural elements make it suitable for harsh conditions.

The drain plug is located approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the tank, which means you can easily have access to it whenever you need to, while the remaining water is easy to manage.

Since it includes heavy zinc coating and a galvanized bottom, you don’t need to be concerned that it won’t be able to resist corrosion throughout time.

The drain plug located near the bottom of the tank and off center 3 to 4 inches, depending on which size you are getting, makes things easier in terms of maintenance.



Tank sizes can vary slightly, and they are sometimes smaller than the ones stated.

The limited warranty offered by the manufacturer is applicable only for farming activities, so if you are purchasing this unit for another use, there is a high chance you don’t benefit from it.

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4. Tarter Gate CO 3 Piece Round Bale Feeder


You might be wondering which product in this category is considered one of those great cattle hay feeders by previous buyers. Luckily, we took our time trying to figure out what this answer is and came across the Tarter Gate’s Round Bale feeder.

One of the great things about this unit is that it’s very easy to use. Once you set it up wherever you need it, you simply add the bales of hay and your cattle will happily come and eat. Since it features this light S-bar construction that allows any cattle to grasp hay from any point around it, there is nothing to worry about if more than one cow wants to eat.

Moreover, the reinforced structure features elements on the sidewall that add to the unit’s strength, meaning that you will be able to use it for a long time without worrying that you might have to replace it. Besides durability, this feeder also includes rounded edges for any area the cattle might come in contact with while eating, to prevent any injury.



The simple yet effective structure makes this cattle feeder very easy to use wherever you might need it.

Thanks to its high-quality steel tubing construction and materials used, you can rely on its durability, which means you won’t have to spend money to purchase new ones all the time.

The S-bar design prevents the animals from getting inside if they are too excited to see the food.

This unit also features a durable and corrosion-resistant powder coat finish that allows it to face tough conditions and hungry animals.



Given the large construction, things might get a little difficult when it comes to handling this feeder, so you will need to find additional help to get the job done.

According to the manufacturer, it is not recommended for horses.

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5. Behlen Country 28140197 3-Block Mineral Feeder


When it comes to an effective and handy cattle mineral feeder that offers additional benefits as well, Behlen Country’s 28140197 definitely fits the bill. This unit is a 3-block mineral feeder that allows you to give your cattle the right amount of salt and minerals. Since the brand’s main goal is to ensure added value to the customer, this product is no exception to this rule.

The cattle-friendly design features three different compartments for the salt, while a very useful self-closing rubber cover keeps rain and other weather elements at bay, protecting the minerals and the money you’ve spent as well. This cover is also replaceable, in case you ever need a new one.

In terms of capacity, this feeder can accommodate up to 35 cubic feet of salt and minerals, while the durable construction includes a high-quality, UV-protected base that can resist temperatures going as low as -20 Fahrenheit degrees and pretty much any rough conditions you can find in a farm.



Known for the quality of the products it offers, Behlen Country is a sure choice if you want to get high-quality products for your farm that won’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

The 35-cubic-foot capacity of this cattle feeder means that you will be able to ensure the necessary minerals for a large number of cattle, reducing your effort to refill it all the time.

Of course, the self-closing rubber cover does wonders in protecting the minerals against harsh weather conditions, and the great part is that it can be replaced.

Cattle get used to lifting the cover in no time, while losses caused by rain are significantly reduced.



Some feeders were delivered without the lid, but customer service will quickly provide support if this happens.

Although this rarely happens, some cattle might tip the unit over.

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6. Behlen Country 22122207 5-Feet Poly Cattle Feed Bunk


Since finding a good cattle bunk feeder might be a rather difficult task, we thought it’s a very good idea to add this Behlen Country model to our selection, given that it comes with some benefits that will most probably spark your interest. One of the first things you should know is that the 22122207 model is made of food-grade FDA-approved polyethylene.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about corrosion ruining your investment, while the unit’s maintenance is also very easy. Moreover, due to the double-wall construction and ribbed structure, you don’t have to be concerned that it might not be able to face the test of time.

These bunk feeders are made through the rotomolding process which ensures they are consistent in their structure and that the walls are extra thick and durable. The manufacturer also tests these units to face harsh conditions and temperatures that go as low as -20°F.



Given the pluggable drain included in its construction, this feeder can also be used as a water trough.

The 1-piece rotomolded construction, as well as the rounded edges, protect livestock against potential injuries.

Thanks to the double-wall construction, this feeder can be used for a long time, while its polyethylene construction means that you don’t need to worry about corrosion.

The overall design and the drain openings also help prevent spoiling of feed, protecting your investment in the process.



Depending on how you intend to use it, there is a chance that this feeder gets tipped over by cattle, so you might need to find additional solutions for this.

Given its size, this tank can have different uses around the farm, but you will need some extra help to move it around if physical strength is not necessarily something that defines you.

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7. Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG424700BLA Stock Tank


When we talk about high-capacity cattle feeders, there’s a good chance that this Rubbermaid Commercial Products model comes to mind. Besides its large 300-gallon capacity, what makes it stand out from other similar units in the category is the high-quality construction that features seamless structural foam.

What this means is that the FG424700BLA feeder can easily face harsh conditions that a farm entails, while the risk of cracking is significantly reduced even when used extensively, for a long time. Moreover, the sleek appearance makes it somewhat easier to handle and the smooth black color renders it visible in almost any environment.

The oversized drain plug is very useful since you will need to clean it whenever necessary and this makes the entire process a lot easier. This plug is placed just above the bottom so that any remaining water can be managed without any trouble.



Although this product is made for farming purposes, its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of other uses around the house.

Given the seamless, weather-resistant structural foam construction, you will be able to rely on it for a long time.

We know that maintaining such a large unit can sometimes be a hassle, but the oversized drain plug definitely makes things a lot easier in this matter.

The manufacturer offers an optional anti-siphon float valve made of plastic that can ensure a constant water level.



Given the fact that this item weighs a bit over 83 pounds, there’s a very high chance that you will need additional help to move it around and maneuver it.

This unit doesn’t include a cover, which is something previous buyers have pointed as a potentially great addition to protect the water’s surface when animals are not drinking from it.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Running a cattle business, no matter its size, means that you need to constantly be on the lookout for what new tools, machinery, or innovations can make your life easier. We all know that this is not easy work and that even something as small as finding a better cattle cake feeder can make a difference in your life.

In case you are running a very large farm, then you might already have specialized machinery such as an automatic cattle feeder, so the work might be significantly reduced. On the other hand, it’s never a bad idea to keep yourself up to date to what is new on the market.

However, if you are just getting started and still trying to figure out what the difference between cattle self feeders and cattle grain feeders is, then this guide is here to lend you a hand.

There are certain characteristics that high-quality feeders should meet in order for them to be truly useful and in the following lines we’ll take a look at what these are.

Materials used

Having a smaller business usually means a lot more work on the owner’s part, as well as that initial costs tend to be higher. That is why any investment should be made in a smart way and then protected throughout time in order to yield the desired results.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you go for high-quality machinery and equipment with a much lower chance of needing to be replaced after a short amount of time, and this is where materials come into play.

Depending on the type of feeder you need, and we’re talking here about the versions suitable for a smaller farm, not about highly industrial ones, it can be made of either plastic or metal. One of the first things you might want to check is to see if the materials used are FDA-approved since this can be a safety matter in the long run.


Types of feeders

Feeders made of polyethylene are sometimes easier to maintain since they don’t run the risk of corroding. Furthermore, they are usually made to ensure water for cattle, but things are different when it comes to food such as hay.

For food, you might choose to get a feeder made of metal, and here your option should be made of a strong material such as steel since these animals have enough strength to tip the feeder over. Moreover, additional elements such as strong bars rising over the feeder are very useful to prevent the cattle from stepping into it.

It’s true that different models have very different uses, but this doesn’t mean that a small innovation cannot help you make significant savings. For example, mineral feeders are crucial for the health of your cattle, but certain manufacturers have tried adding a cover over them in order to prevent water from getting inside.

While the cattle can easily learn to simply lift the lid and get the amount of salt and minerals needed, for the farm owner this can mean saving a lot of money that might otherwise get lost if rain destroys the minerals.



When it comes to construction, the same principle applies to any type of feeder you need for your activities. It should be made of safe materials and it needs to be highly stable so that the animals cannot tip it over and ruin the food or run out of water.

Moreover, the comfort and safety of cattle is crucial since they are at the center of your activity. Therefore, don’t hesitate to look for features such as rounded edges and specially shaped protection bars that can both enable the feeding process and ensures their protection.

If you are not sure if a certain unit has such features and maybe other additional ones, you can always ask the manufacturer or other reputable cattle owners for more information.

Another aspect that goes without saying is that the structure of any feeder has to be reinforced since these are strong animals we are talking about. Also, as you most probably intend to use the unit for as long as possible, a sturdy construction ensures the necessary durability for the investment to be worth the initial cost.



As we’ve mentioned, raising cattle is hard work and anything that can make your life easier should be welcomed. That is why, as you browse through the different feeders and accessories available for sale, don’t forget to look for features that render their maintenance easier.

One example is the drain plug that some water tanks include which ensure an easier cleaning process since you can easily get the water out of them and then proceed to the task at hand.

Portability is another aspect to keep in mind since you will need to move the feeders from time to time. You should always know what efforts this process entails and how you are going to get it done. Granted, this might not happen very often, but it’s better to be prepared.

Different types of feeder designs

You are probably already aware of the fact that there is a wide range of feeder models and accessories that can be useful when you are raising cattle, but if things are still not clear to you about which one does what, this next section will surely be helpful.

We’ve put together some of the main types of products you should keep in mind so take a look at what these are.


Grain and hay feeders

Both of them important types of feeders for cattle, these products are almost always made of strong metal that ensures they can face both the animals and the test of time. A grain trough is generally used for either grain alone or for silage and grain. This type of feeder works very well for wintering cows and can be available with or without slant bars, depending on your needs.

The hay bunk is an ideal way for the cattle to get hay or silage when they cannot get in the trough. What makes it useful is that you can feed the animals from the side or with a front end loader. This feeder as well can include slant bars or not.


Bale feeders

When you put the words bale and feeder together, you can understand the importance of this item for the cattle’s health. Such a unit is specially constructed for feeding the animals and for saving hay in the process. A particular bar spacing is usually included that prevents the cows from getting into the unit.

You might want to look for a model that offers an overall more comfortable height since this can make the cows feel more at ease while they eat. Such a product can come in various shapes and sizes, and the most common ones are either round or rectangular. Choosing between the two is a matter of conveniency since each owner knows how much space is available for this.


Feeding accessories

The feeding accessories can be equally important in making your life easier, therefore they should not be overlooked. A hanging hay rack holds the hay in place and usually hangs on stall partitions that are a few inches thick.

On the other hand, a hanging feed trough is made of heavy gauge metal and features both rolled edges to prevent the cows from getting injured as they eat, as well as strap reinforcements. This accessory can hang at any height, as long as it uses a stall division or a metal gate that can sustain its weight.

Another example of a useful accessory, the automatic head-lock can be a tremendous time saver for you. Given its name, it does exactly what you imagine, namely as the cow reaches down to feed, she is automatically caught if the bar is set in the locking position. The great part about this type is that it allows you to release the cattle either all at once or one at a time.

And last but not least, stall partitions are tools that you can use to reduce a number of costs such as that of bedding or of labor for cow washing and barn cleaning. Here you might need to take a look and see what sizes fit your cows and stalls so that you ensure both saving money and the comfort of the animals.

What is automatic feeding?

If you are running a larger cattle farm you should be interested in getting to know more about automatic feeding systems and their benefits. One of the main things you need to keep in mind is that automatic feeding should work as an entire system. If used correctly it can gather a lot of extremely insightful data about the cattle, while rendering them more productive.

It’s true that such a system can be a significant investment, but in the long term, you might realize that you are earning a lot more by ensuring improved conditions for the cattle and gathering reliable information that can significantly improve your activity. Let’s take a look at what benefits an automatic system ensures.


Feeding frequency

If feeding is done manually, the cost of the personnel responsible for this is surely not one to be overlooked. However, this process is limited by a number of factors such as the productivity of the employees and time. An automatic feeding system can ensure from 6 up to 10 and even 14 feedings a day without ever stopping.

In turn, this has a proven highly positive effect on a cow’s overall health, as well as on the milk yield. With utmost efficiency, automatic feeding systems ensure constant portions of fresh food, which also reduces the amount of food that is no longer eaten and therefore lost.

Moreover, a strict and constant feeding schedule can be maintained, which has beneficial effects on the health of cattle. Since the right quantities are released at the right moment, cows tend to be less picky and therefore better nourished which means improved production capabilities.



What also makes such a system a very effective one is that it can automatically prepare different mixes of food for various cattle categories. For example, cows that produce milk in large quantities have different needs compared to those who yield a lower production.

Additionally, calves or pregnant cows have particular nutritional requirements. An automatic feeding system can ensure that each group of cows receives a mixture tailored to its needs, without any additional human intervention.

Moreover, since the system itself can also create the mixture before distributing it, it ensures a unitary consistency that is otherwise very hard to attain.

What this means is that if you choose to give such a system a try, every day and every meal will have a consistency that is otherwise very hard to create through human intervention, but that can significantly improve the health of your cattle and the levels of production they can yield.


Data gathering

Another major benefit of employing an automatic feeding system is that it can automatically gather data that you can use to spot trends across longer periods or to foresee and prevent changes that might affect the health of the cows.

This data can be gathered from the type of food that is being prepared and the various levels of different ingredients used in mixtures, to how much each group of cows eats and how often, all the way to the level of production yields.

You will be able to correlate all the data in order to see exactly how each change affects the cattle and your activity. You will also be able to determine how and where you can render something more efficient and if any part of the activity needs special attention.

The great part is that you can obtain all of this based on precise data gathered with reduced specialized personnel, while you actually save time since you can go about doing other activities such as looking for opportunities to further develop your activity.




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