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What Food Comes From Cows?

Last Updated: 22.04.24



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We take good care of our cattle and in return, they take very good care of us, too, by offering us delicious and healthy food. There is a multitude of products available out there that come from these gentle and clever giants. In order to be more specific, we have decided to present to you some of the most important products that cattle provide us with.


Dairy products

Dairy cows are bred specifically to produce huge quantities of milk for most of us. The process is similar to the one that happens in humans, meaning that cows are able to produce milk only after they have given birth. That is why dairy cows will have a calf every year in order to keep producing milk.

There are many different dairy products that can be produced from milk and among the most popular ones, we can note cheese, yogurt, butter, and a favorite among many people of various ages – ice cream. Other dairy products that we love to include in our diet are sour cream, cottage cheese, whey, and cream cheese.

These types of products are mainly used in cooking and baking, and all those dessert lovers know how tasty the cookies and cakes made with real dairy products are. Besides their delicious taste, they are healthy, too. They contain calcium which is essential for our good health because it can help strengthen our bones.

Dairy products are also good sources of protein, fat, and sugar for those who can consume them. There are people who cannot tolerate lactose and this means that they are not able to eat any of these products. We are all born with intolerance to lactose, but we all have various tolerance levels.

While some can consume dairy products with no side-effects, others become allergic to dairy later in life. There are people who are born seriously allergic, too. This intolerance means that the body cannot digest lactose. Lactose is a type of sugar, and even if it is one and a half less prominent in cows’ milk than humans’, there are people who are allergic to it.

Various cuts of meat

Usually, when it comes to cows, many people imagine hamburgers, steaks, and roast beef. These are the most common and loved foods that are produced in the beef industry. Because yes, there is a beef industry. There are many of us who are familiar with the phrase “Beef: It’s what’s for dinner”, which makes it easy to imagine how many people enjoy this type of food.

But, there are other delicious products that we enjoy eating quite often and those are different cuts of meat like ribs, steaks, filet mignon, and ground beef. We’ve talked about dairy cows earlier, but what happens to them when they can no longer produce milk? Yes, you are right, most of the times they are used for meat, primarily for ground beef.

There are times when the dairy cow is used the same way as a beef one – the same cuts of meat. And, there is another product that is considered a specialty in many countries and that is the veal. So, the male dairy calves (bull calves) instead of being used for beef, they are sometimes used for meat.

People like veal because it comes from younger animals and they consider it to be very lean and more delicious. There are many different types of cuts and though most people know only one or two, there are actually a lot of them. Many people are very picky when it comes to their beef because they prefer it to be cut from a certain part of the animal.

Expert cooks say that the texture and flavor of the cut depend entirely on where it comes from, what part of the cow. Based on that, they will decide if it can be used for grilling, braising, taco filling, or with what kind of sauce it can be served.

Edible By-products

By-products are produced in the course of making the main product, and in our case, edible beef by-products are made from cows, besides the beef or milk that we can eat. The most common ones are represented by a variety of meats like liver, kidneys, brains, tripe, sweetbreads, and tongue.

These are very popular among many people and are considered to have exceptional nutritional values that help us stay strong and healthy. Some important edible beef by-products are not that popular and not many people know about them. Fats, for example, yield oleo stock and oleo oil that can be found in margarine.

Beef oleo oil has another use, and that is for the preparation of a multitude of baby foods. Besides, oleo stearin is commonly used in the making of various candies and chewing gums. Another important by-product is gelatin which is a protein obtained by boiling skin, ligaments, tendons, and/bones.

This is used in foods as a thickener but it is also used in canned meats, gelatin desserts, puddings, marshmallows, or gummy bears. Also, vitamins and supplements produced by many different brands contain animal products or their exterior is made from gelatin. And, many types of bread and biscuits will contain animal fat.

If you like sausages you should know that intestines may be used as natural sausage casings. It is not just us humans that feed with beef, dog’s food may also contain some beef in it. Also, the rawhide bones that dogs love to chew on all day long are generally made from animal hides.




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