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8 Best Cattle Fences Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Cattle Fence Review – Top Rated Models in 2024 with Buying Guide


If you are looking for the best cattle fence, but you’re too pressed for time to go through all the research our team put together, just read this paragraph. Here you will find the information you seek. After comparing the critically-acclaimed models on the market, and looking at the reviews left by users and experts, we discovered that the ElectroBraid PBRC1000B2-EB is the product you should pay more attention to. Offering 1,000 feet of black spool, this product is sure to cover a lot of ground so that you can create an optimal enclosure for your cattle and not only. Made from robust materials, it is a sturdy type of fence that you will be able to use for many years. Once tensioned you won’t need to worry about it starting to sag unless you move corners and weaken one side. In case this product is no longer available, you should take a look at the Gallagher G620300 Electric, as it is almost just as good.



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8 Best Cattle Fences (Reviews) in 2024



When you’re shopping for cattle fence for sale, you will notice that a lot of products are flooding the market. Given the circumstances, you might find that making a choice can be quite challenging. That is why we want to help you out, by giving you the possibility to pick what’s right for you from the following selection of popular models.



1. ElectroBraid PBRC1000B2 EB Horse Fence Conductor Reel


Anyone who wants a solid amount of good cattle fence cannot overlook this offer. There are 1,000 feet of black spool in the package, allowing you to create a large enclosure for your livestock. The polypropylene core is covered by a jacket made from braided polyester for increased lifespan.

Also, the copper wire will provide excellent conductivity, should you decide to make this fence part of an electric system that is sure to keep all your cattle inside. You will not have to worry, in that case, about predators, either, as the electric fence will keep them away.

While it can be used for various livestock, it is interesting to mention that veterinarians consider this system the safest for horses that are known to be more stubborn when it comes to keeping them inside an enclosure. And, if horses can be kept away from running by this system, cattle don’t stand a chance.



There is plenty of material to use and create an enclosure that is as large as you want, as there are 1,000 feet of black spool included in your purchase.

It is important to mention that the wire is made from copper, and this material has better electrical conductivity than other metallic materials.

The spool is made from polypropylene with braided polyester protection for increased durability and increased lifespan that can extend to years.

The manufacturer provides clear instructions on how to set up an enclosure with the help of this type of fence.

Once you tension the fence, you won’t have to witness any sagging, as the solid construction of the fence is made to deliver as promised.



In rougher climates, it appears that this type of fence is not particularly resilient, according to some buyers who have tried the product.

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2. Gallagher G620300 Electric Polywire Fence Combo Roll


Some people are interested in creating their own fencing projects, and that is where this type of cattle fence comes into play. You will notice that many positive cattle fence reviews mention it and that happens for all the right reasons. Besides reliability, this fence provides some extra benefits.

For instance, it is ideal for portable fences, as you can set it up with ease. It is easy to make it part of an electric system, as the structure is made from six wires. Also, the material used is stainless steel, so you can expect decent conductivity, which is much-needed for an electric setup.

The fence is UV-stabilized so that it will resist for a long time in areas where there is a lot of sun all year round or partially, and it is also painted white so that you can see it clearly from a fair distance.



In case you’re interested in creating some portable fence systems, you will find this model to be handy and convenient for this purpose.

The poly wire is made from six strands and the material chosen by the manufacturer is stainless steel for its anti-corrosion properties.

It must be mentioned that the stainless steel used for the wire conducts electricity well, so making a fence that use electric power to keep predators away is possible with ease.

For further durability, the wire is UV-stabilized so that you won’t have to replace it even after leaving it in the sun for a long time.

Many cattle owners like the fact that the fence is ultra-white, allowing them to spot it from a decent distance.



Some consumers comment on the fact that they would have liked the wire to be thicker and they also mention that it must be stretched carefully to provide enough tension.

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3. Premier 42″ ElectroStop Plus Starter Kit Includes White ElectroStop Plus Electric Net


In case what you need is an electric fence for cattle, you may want to take a look at this starter kit. For a few cows or a small flock of sheep, you will find this model just what you need. For starters, it comes with 100 feet of double spike electric netting. This will help you to create a decent enclosure for a small population of livestock.

Next, it includes four FiberTuff support posts so that you won’t need to buy them separately. Creating a small square enclosure is easy as a breeze with this starter kit. Furthermore, the package comes with a Solar IntelliShock energizer. There is also a U-Spike ground stake, and the needed wiring harness included.

Plus, you will get a wireless fence tester. In about ten minutes you should have the netting rolled out and the support posts in place. After you are finished with the preliminary preparation, it would be a good idea to prevent vegetation from overloading the fence.



You will receive all the components needed for creating your own electric enclosure that can keep cattle inside and predators at bay.

The included 100 feet of double spike netting is enough for a 25×25 feet enclosure, so it is ideal for small populations of cattle, sheep, or goat.

Users will discover that setting up the fence system is easy, and generally, ten minutes should be enough for this operation.

The package comes with four support posts, allowing you to create a square enclosure without a glitch and providing you with the ideal setup for what you have in mind.

A 5-light wireless fence tester is also included with your purchase so that you don’t wish for anything when getting this starter kit.



While for most of the parts, there is a warranty of two years, the batteries on have a 30-day guarantee, and the warranty doesn’t cover floods.

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4. Premier Horse QuikFence 4 / 48 / 24-100 ft Horse Electric Netting Fence


With 100 feet of electrifiable mesh fence, you can do a lot of things. It is true that you won’t get an energizer with your purchase, and you will have to get that separately, but, overall, it is a suitable type of fence you can use for your projects. The fence comes ready to install, and there are line posts built into the rolls for maximum convenience.

The mesh you will get is four feet tall, and it will stay one foot above the ground. With the four conductive strands of wire, you will get plenty of protection for your livestock that will be kept inside.

Bear in mind that you will need to energize the fence properly to work and that some work to remove the vegetation around the fence is required. However, you can use it for many different purposes, such as enclosures to use for trail rides, or for creating subdivisions.



You will receive 100 feet of mesh fence that is ready to install and won’t cause you any headaches when you have to create an enclosure.

The good news is that the necessary support posts are included with your purchase so you won’t have to spend extra to get these separately.

Standing at four feet high and one foot above the ground, this mesh fence is ideal for various animals, making sure they won’t be able to jump over it.

Users can find many purposes for this type of fence that can be used for creating subdivisions, for borders needed when performing rotational grazing, and the like.

Easy to set up, it is the type of mesh fence that makes it comfortable for you to use it for whatever you might have in mind.



There is no energizer included, which means that you will have to spend extra to get one, so this fence may not be as good a deal as other similar products on the market.

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5. Zareba EAC75M-Z 75 Mile AC Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger


If you have the fence needed for an enclosure, but all you must buy is an electric fence charger for cattle, the Zareba EAC75M-Z is exactly what you should look at first. One of the things you need to know about it is that it works successfully with various fences, such as high tensile, polytape, and polywire.

Capable of delivering 115 volts, and working with pulsed output, it is ideal for any enclosure you have in mind. Remember that its power extends up to 75 miles of fence, so you only need to make sure that the charger has access to an electric outlet.

Otherwise, the charger has anything you need in such a product. It will zap the animals that get too close, but without putting their lives in dangers, and you can use it for practically anything. Pests like raccoons or rabbits won’t dare to wreak havoc in your garden if that’s what you want.



Capable of powering up to 75 miles of fence, this model is an excellent charger that you can use for various types of enclosure.

It will deliver 115 volts, making sure that your livestock remains inside the enclosure, and that wild animals are also kept at bay.

Working with one-second intervals, it will not consume a lot of power so you can count on it to keep your animals safe but without having you pay too much on your bills every month.

You can use it with various types of fence, be it polywire, polytape, or high tensile, and this versatility makes it a hit with many consumers.

An indicator light will let you know that the charger is working, eliminating all the guessing work from your fence building projects.



Some buyers reported some negative experiences with short-circuits ruining the charger for good.

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6. Tenax x 1A120244


In case you want a strong fence for keeping your cattle away from harm and running away, this model may be right up your alley. Treated to hold in any weather for ten years or more, it is the type of sturdy fence that will never let you down. With a 600-pound breaking load, you can expect it to take a lot of wear and tear without a glitch.

Also, if you are interested in getting a type of fence that is virtually invisible, you should purchase this one. Made in the US and abiding by the highest standards of quality, it with withstand the test of time and guarantee that you are making a sound investment.

The round tensile structure of the wire belongs exclusively to this manufacturer, and you will be pleased to hear that there are three different grades to choose from: select, premium, and professional. Because it’s as good as invisible, it blends well with the surroundings.



This fence is built to last, as its round tensile structure can attest, one of the significant traits of the product and a patented technology that belongs exclusively to Tenax.

In case you want something that will become one with the environment, this as good as invisible fence is just what you need.

The edges are professionally trimmed, which means that you will get a professionally executed product that will not let you down.

Designed to resist 600-pound breaking load, it will not be easy to trample by energetic animals that may want to pass from one area to another.

Users will like to hear that the fence is treated to resist ten years or longer, so they can rest assured they make a good investment.



If you live in an area with high temperatures, you might expect some sagging at the top of the netting, so you will have to enforce it with a string to pull it tight.

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7. Premier ElectroNet Sheep & Goat Netting Fence


When you look into cheap cattle fences, you may notice right away that finding good quality at decent pricing is not always easy. However, if you pick this particular model, you might make your budget limitations meet with the quality you want in such a product.

The particular structure of this type of fence makes it stand out. The white vertical struts made from plastic are strategically spaced apart to ensure that the net will not start to sag after a while. Such extras make it such a great buy.

From the nine horizontal strands, eight are electrified, so creating a system that keeps predators away and your livestock safe inside is easy. It is nice to see that PVC posts are built into the structure of the mesh so that you can set up your fence right away.



You will receive 164 feet of fence, which means that you’ll make quite a sound investment if you pick this model.

The PVC posts have metal spikes and are very handy, letting you create the enclosure you want without a glitch.

Its eight electrified stands out of nine make this model the ideal pick when you have in mind to build an electric system that will keep your animals from running away.

Due to its low electrical resistance, you will be able to create larger enclosures, and also weeds touching the fence won’t be a huge issue.



You will need an extra cord to connect the charger, as the electrical cord it comes with is on the short side.

Also, the poles seem to be only average in terms of robustness, and making them stick into the hard ground can be an issue.

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8. Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 Low Impedance 25 Mile Range Electric Fence Charger


What could be more convenient than working with a solar-powered electric fencer? Electric fencing is an excellent idea, but the fact that your energy bill might increase is not something that can please a lot of people. Here is a solution that won’t have you pay extra month after month: the Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar.

This fence charger works with solar energy, which means that you won’t have to find a way to connect it to an electric outlet. Due to its low impedance, the fence you power with this charger won’t lose energy when touched slightly by vegetation.

It manages to send shock even through wet brush, which is an advantage for areas with high humidity. Powering 25 miles of fence, it is an excellent option if you want to harness solar energy and put it to good use. The 6-volt battery will act as a backup for the times when there’s not enough solar energy.



A versatile unit, this model is just what you need in case you want to use solar power for your electric fence.

The 6-volt battery is the ideal backup for days without sun, and it ensures that your electric fence will continue to perform.

Due to the low impedance it has, it will not be as bothered by vegetation that touches the fence from time to time, and won’t lose power.

Covering 25 miles of fence, it is quite a good performer, and that’s why many people seem to be pleased with it.

In case you want to use it for pastures, you will find it ideal that it manages to send shocks even through wet brush or weeds, and will still prevent livestock from running away.



The fasteners for the solar panel are made from plastic and, according to some reviewers, are quite flimsy and can break easily.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Cattle have the terrible habit of running away if they aren’t kept inside an enclosure, and that’s why one of the first things you need to remember is that you should install a fence to keep them grazing within a particular area. We are here to help you identify the best fence for cattle, and this guide is focused on providing you with all the information required for an informed decision.

How much fence do you need?

That is the first and most important question you should ask yourself if you want to make sure that you’re getting the right product. Any model of cattle fence sold on the market has a certain size and length, and you should learn a bit more about these technical aspects before moving forward.

If you only intend to create a small enclosure for a few cows, there’s no reason to splurge and spend a lot of money. Some cattle owners want to border the pastures they use, mostly to prevent predators and other wild animals from roaming straight into the unaware cattle.

Make sure that you run some measurements and that you get the right amount of fence for what you have in mind. Also, remember that you should also invest in some support posts, or otherwise the fence won’t keep on itself. Since mesh fence is a practical option, you should especially think of a model that comes with support posts included.

Luckily, there are plenty of models on the market, and you can find a decent deal for your money. The more accessories are included, the better, and, in case you purchase some fence that is only bare bones, have some money ready for your fencing project.


Should you get an electric fence?

You will notice that a lot of manufacturers sell electrified fences that can be used with a charger. In case you buy electrified fence separately, you should also get the best electric fence charger for cattle around, to make sure that you are striking a good deal.

But why are electric fences so much praised? For starters, they do more than create an enclosure for your cattle. If an animal that tends to be more stubborn and wants to run away, gets close to the fence, the small electric shock will convince it that it’s not a good idea to do so.

Also, in case you live in an area where there are predators such as bears, you should be able to protect your cattle from attacks. Again, that small electric shock will convince the wild animals that they should go back where they came from. In case you want to protect a small garden against raccoons and rabbits, electric models are a solution.

Bear in mind that electric fences should be made from materials that offer good conductivity. For instance, copper is a good choice, but it is not as good against corrosion. In case you want something that lasts, opt for those made with stainless steel wires. The conductivity is still good, and you don’t have to worry about your cattle fence becoming brittle and impossible to use.


Are solar-powered options a good deal?

Since we’re talking about electric models, we can’t overlook an option that will make you think over what kind of system you want to purchase. We’re not talking about some cattle panel fence system that is too complicated to implement.

Actually, all you need is a solar-powered charger. As long as the fence you purchase can be used for an electric system, all you will have to do is to hook up the two components together. There are various advantages to a solar-powered charger.

For starters, you don’t have to worry about having an electric outlet nearby. Plus, you will end up spending less on your energy bill since it will be the sun that will power up your system.


What you should think about starter kits

Starter kits usually include some cattle wire fence, an energizer, support posts, and some other accessories. The main upside is that you get everything in the same package. However, if you want to hear the whole story, you will have to use these kits only for small enclosures, as they are not powerful enough to cover truly large areas.

This type of product is an excellent choice for someone raising a few cows, a small goat herd, or a similar sheep flock. Make sure that all the components are of good quality and that you can count on the quality of the fence and the charger to last for a few years, at least.

As long as the starter kit you intend to purchase is not very expensive, you can try it out for your small livestock population to see how things go.



Cattle fencing ideas for your farm


If you’re interested in cattle fencing and you have no idea where to start, here are some ideas to put you on the right path. As long as your cattle remains inside the enclosure you create, and you don’t have to worry about wild animals tearing it down, it means that you did a great job. With no further ado, here are some fencing ideas to try:

  1. Try a barbed wire enclosure

Before proceeding to explain this type of fencing, one thing must be said. In some areas, such as those that are semi-rural, you might be forbidden from using barbed wire. That means that you should focus on a different type of fencing.

However, if there are no restrictions, using barbed wire is a simple solution. Make sure that you have enough metal or wooden posts spaced apart to create the enclosure you want. Use barbed wire to create three horizontal lines of defense between posts.

That should keep wildlife away from your pastures. One advantage is that barbed wire is inexpensive and you won’t have to worry about its durability, either, since it tends to be quite robust.


  1. Choose wooden fences if you can handle high maintenance

Nothing can be more beautiful than a wooden fence to create a solid enclosure for your cattle. If you can easily conjure picturesque images in your mind of wooden fences behind which cattle graze peacefully, that may be your idea of rural paradise.

No matter how beautiful it looks, though, a wooden fence can present some serious downsides. Soft wood requires a lot of upkeep and humidity, and other climate factors affect its lifespan. If you want to get rid of high maintenance, pick some vinyl-coated wood.

In case you want to take care of a close enclosure in this manner, wood can be a solution. But be aware that such a solution can be quite costly so not entirely up your alley.


  1. High-tensile fencing for a sound investment

One idea, if you intend to save up money in the long run, is to opt for high-tensile fences. While you must use a specific cattle fence post spacing so that you can ensure that the tension is kept in the mesh fence without sagging, this method is one of the best you can use.

Cattle can’t get over it, and the best part is that the mesh fence won’t become easy to destroy. If you opt for a high-quality model, you will have a pleasant surprise to see that you won’t need to replace the fence for many years.

Some models of this type are said to last for up to 50 years, so, as you can see, that’s a pretty sound investment. You should bear in mind, however, that the initial investment can be a little high, so you may want to consider this aspect first.


  1. Synthetic fencing for nice looks

Back in the days, cattle owners were not crazy about synthetic fences because they tended to look rundown after a few years. They couldn’t hold for as long as other fencing options, and, although inexpensive, they weren’t so much desired. However, things have changed, and today, you can find plenty of synthetic alternatives that are worth a second look.

More resistant in all kinds of weather than their predecessors, the new models are also good looking. Experts recommend them if you want a type of fencing that is visible from afar and also adds visual appeal to the enclosure you use for your animals.



6 common cattle fencing mistakes and how to fix them


Whether you are an experienced cattle owner or farm hand and cattle fence panels have no secrets for you, or you are just someone who is starting out, you will find the next common mistakes to be something you can learn from. No matter what kind of fencing you use, you should make sure that these errors don’t keep you away from running a successful farm.

  1. You use undersized posts

Without a doubt, this is one common mistake that many farmhands commit without even realizing it. Your type of fencing has no importance, as they all need stabilizing posts. Depending on the height of the mesh you use, you must purchase a bunch of posts that will match the fencing. Also, if you’re using spool or high-tensile fencing, you need to make sure that your cows can’t jump over it.

If your posts are too small, you won’t create a safe enclosure for your cattle. Besides the fact that the animals can jump over the fence, predators can also infiltrate, and that denies what you want the fence to do, which is to keep your cattle safe. Also, make sure that the posts are pushed as deep as possible into the ground so that they don’t fall over.


  1. You might use posts too close to one another

When using barbed wire, you must place posts pretty close together, but any other type of fencing doesn’t require the posts to be at a too short distance from one another. If you use fencing that comes with its own stabilizing posts, all the guessing work is eliminated.

However, if you need to use posts that you purchase separately, here is what you need to do. For electric fencing, the rule of thumb is to use around 50 posts for one mile of fencing. That means that two poles should be about 80-100 feet apart from one another, for your fencing to work as it should.


  1. Do you have the right type of energizer?

When using electric fencing, you will need an energizer to keep the strands of wire under electrical tension. One common mistake a lot of people do is getting an energizer that is underpowered for their enclosure.

A simple rule to remember is that you need one joule of energy for each mile of fencing. The number of wire strands is not essential so that you can focus on this simple rule. Another thing to remember is that you need a model with low impedance. This way, your energizer will be able to push through vegetation touching the strands.


  1. Grounding is not done properly

You should be well aware that an electric fence won’t work as expected if the grounding is not done correctly. The rule to use here is simple. You should use three feet of ground rods for each joule of output power. The distance between them should be around ten feet.

One of the important aspects to remember here is that spacing is essential. Placing the rods too close won’t help you get more of the energizer while putting them too far apart will result in loss of energy. What you need to do is to place them at the ideal distance to create the necessary circuit for the energizer to work at full capacity.


  1. You don’t make your fencing wildlife friendly

The idea of having an enclosure for your cattle is to keep wild animals away. However, you may see that some animals are still strong enough to push against the posts, creating dents in your defense. The solution is not to struggle to push wild animals away but to make your fence wildlife friendly.

You should invest in some flexible posts that cannot be easily damaged by running animals. Also, low profile fences will not hurt the wild animals that might come running right into it.


  1. Using steel posts

Steel posts may sound like such a great idea, but they’re not. If there’s a short-circuit, you might blame it on these posts, as they are often the cause. Work with plastic or wooden posts, as they cannot conduct electricity, and therefore, cannot cause a problem for the electrical system keeping the fence.




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