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12 Best Cow Troughs – 2024 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 25.02.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Cow Trough + Reviews


Are you looking for the best cattle trough, but with no luck so far? If you’re in a hurry, you only need to read this paragraph, and you’ll know exactly what to buy next. According to our extensive research that included customer reviews, sales figures, and comparison charts, we established that the model you should pick first is the Behrens Tub 5.5 Gal Oval Galvanized. This product is made from durable high-grade steel which means that it enjoys the durability that such an item needs to have, especially since it will be used by heavy animals. Also cool is the fact that you can use it for multiple things, such as storing cold beers. The design doesn’t let it touch the ground directly so it will stay away from the influence of elements. Should this model be out of stock, our next in line recommendation is the Little Giant Trough-O-Matic Stock Water Tank, a product that is maybe just as good.



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12 Best Cow Troughs (Reviews) in 2024



Anyone looking for a cattle water trough has a plethora of products to choose from. While this may seem like a good thing at first glance, it can also make your choice more difficult. Therefore, we decided to put together a list with the most popular products at the moment, so that you can pick easily the one that’s most suitable for you.



1. Behrens Tub 5.5 Gal Oval Galvanized


Sometimes, the old school way is the way to go, and this is what this cow trough from Behrens seems to aim for. Yes, we can all agree that at least design-wise, this item isn’t really going to pop up for you or probably anybody else, but if you are interested in practicability more than anything else, this product does stand out.

Its features are pretty much what you would want from a cow trough as it is made from durable material and it is spacious enough for your cows to be full. You can also move it around with ease, also thanks to its features, so, all in all, if these things take priority, this product is certainly one that you need to pay attention to.

As a result, the item has become quite a popular one, and you can say you are pretty lucky if you find it in stock.



Durability is a factor that you need to consider when it comes to such a product and it doesn’t disappoint as it is made from durable high-grade steel to last as long as possible.

If a product is multi-purpose, it is even better, and this cow trough can be used also for storage, to keep your beverages on ice, or even as a form of rural decor.

The offset bottom of this galvanized tub from Behrens has a nice design that keeps it from touching the ground so it won’t be as influenced by changes in temperature.

Being able to move this type of product around is a must and it is thankfully possible as a result of the two large handles that it has that make this task so much easier.



The spray paint-like grey color that it has makes it a bit less appealing than other options. It is not a huge con, but it is something that could interest you.

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2. Little Giant Trough-O-Matic Stock Water Tank


If you don’t want to do things the old way and you prefer a more modern method, you can always try this product available from Little Giant. Right from the start, just by analyzing the design, you can tell that this item is a modern one that does things a little differently than the olden days. Of course, its features need to live up to the design.

Fortunately, its features do live up to the hype that the design creates. Many of them weren’t even possible before and still can’t be made possible with traditional cow troughs, such as the option for the tank to be filled instantly with water as soon as it detects that the level has dropped below a certain one.

Overall, it is not hard to see why more modern farmers have made the decision to invest in this water tank and not in the vintage options out there.



The float control means that the product is automatic in the sense that it has a float refill feature that can automatically refill the tank when water drops below a certain level.

On top of that, the automatic watering device can be connected to a standard ¾ inch garden hose so that setting it up is not just very easy, but also highly convenient.

This product has the possibility of flowing up to 245 gallons per hour with an operating water pressure that oscillates between 20 and 50 psi so it’s easily a high-power one.

Furthermore, the product has a heavy-duty aluminum housing that is meant to protect it from damage that would occur as a result of various elements like bad weather.



The backflow prevention tube (that is necessary for usage) is made out of plastic which is not really known to be the most durable material out there.

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3. JingYi Cow Drinking Bowl


Maybe you would like something more colorful for your farm, something more … fun. Drinking bowls made out of materials like aluminum can be a bit vintage-looking, not exactly what the modern farmer may be looking for. Their colors are also not very vibrant, but what if you would like a product that manages to stand out when it comes to its aesthetic?

Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just that as its main characteristics are, after all, highly important, and they are the ones that dictate if a trough is worth the money or not. In the case of this drinking bowl from JingYi, we can safely say that it does manage to fulfill your expectations, maybe even come with a little something extra.

This is why if you take a closer look at it you may discover a product that could be exactly what you were looking for.



Being made from plastic, this product has several benefits that are typical of such material, such as the fact that it won’t rust and is not toxic, nor does it affect the environment.

All parts of this drinking bowl are processed, they are smoothly polished, and rounded with care so that the mouth of animals won’t get hurt when they are drinking from it.

One feature that stands out is the automatic touch design which is meant to save more time and effort when used which is nothing to scoff at.

The design is a stand out, for sure, especially since it is made to be appropriate for the heads of cows and sheep so they can drink from it with ease and without getting hurt.



Plastic does come with many advantages, that is true, but at the end of the day, it is still plastic, which means it is more fragile than other materials out there that can be used.

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4. Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG424700BLA Stock Tank


The first thing we must say about this trough is that it is a pretty large model, and the fact that it can hold 300 gallons of water makes it an excellent pick for a cattle owner with a large population of cows. You will like its sleek profile and the fact that it comes in black makes it easy to match with any layout you might have in mind.

Due to its seamless construction, it is a durable model that will resist the test of time, which means that you can safely consider it a sound investment for your farm. The seamless foam structure ensures that this trough will resist in any weather.

You will not have to worry about crack or color fading over time, as this model is built with a long lifespan in mind. Since it is made in the US, you can expect overall excellent quality.



For cattle owners in need of a large trough, this 300-gallon model may be exactly what they need to keep a large population of livestock well hydrated.

The trough will resist in any weather, as it has a structural foam construction that offers superior insulation.

It comes equipped with a large drainage plug so that you can quickly release all the water inside when you must replace it or for cleaning purposes.

No cracks will be visible even after years of use, which is a testimony for how durable and reliable this model is.

You may also appreciate the fact that it is made in the US and abides by high standards of quality on the market.



One customer says that the dimensions stated by the manufacturer in the description are not exactly accurate and that they should be slightly adjusted.

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5. PortaTrough 5 – Portable Feed Water Trough  


There is a reason why this model is named as it is since it is designed to resist in all weather conditions. You can use it for storing grains, or salt, but, of course, you can use it as a trough for your animals.

Besides weather, this trough will do well with animals too, which cannot tip it over by accident. Also, because it comes with a rounded inner base, animals such as sheep and goats will not be able to sit inside it.

You may even use it for making ice. Its tough construction won’t give it when water freezes inside, and you will be able to convert it to any unit you want. Because it comes as a stackable model, you will be able to purchase several and store them away with ease, if need be.



The particular design of this trough makes it ideal for carrying it around be it by hand or using an ATV, in case you need to move it.

While thin and long, it can keep plenty of water for around eight sheep or ten goats, and it is also an excellent pick for waterfowl which will be able to bathe there to their heart’s content.

Should you need to store a few units away, the fact that this is a stackable model will help to put all of them, regardless of whether your space is limited.

It comes with a side handle so you can use it for making ice if that’s something you want to do.

You will find it comfortable to move it to a designated place.



It might not be wide enough for cattle, and smaller animals appear to prefer it, from what you can gather from other people’s reviews.

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6. Bon Tool 11-409 Tub Utility


One really cool thing about this product is the fact that you can use it for multiple things. Yes, it can be used as a trough from which livestock can drink, such as cow or sheep, but you can also use it as a mini pond. You would only need a pump and, of course, water, and you’ve got yourself the mini pond in which your fish will be very happy in.

But that is not all, as the product actually has even more use cases on which you can rely on with success such as the option of using it for soaking and cleaning grill and smoker parts. Yes, we are even talking about the scummiest and greasiest parts of that and it does wonders. There is a very high chance you will be satisfied with this product.

Not only is this product multi-use but it is also durable.



The nicest thing about this item is the fact that you can use it for several different activities, from giving cows to drink to soaking and cleaning grill and smoker parts, to making it a pond.

Its usage expands even further as it can be the home for a litter of kittens or be the enclosure in which your tortoise will live a happy and extremely long life.

With only just a few adjustments that can be done with ease, you will be able to use this product as a beach carry cart or anything of the like that would help you.

This product seems to be rather thick and durable which, naturally, is an extremely good thing since it means that it can last you for a long time.



Ok, so, there is at least one case use that doesn’t seem to apply to this product and that is mixing concrete in it as it doesn’t look like it would be able to hold up as needed.

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7. Nomal Automatic Waterer Bowl Cattle Water Trough


From the category of cow troughs that are multi-purpose and have a really nice design comes this item from Nomal. It is looking really cute, indeed, and you can just picture baby goats drinking water from it, but you can use it for many types of animals one has around the home, from cows and horses to sheep and dogs. Whatever works for you.

The blue color makes it stand out and can give any old farm a fresh look, at least in the area in which the trough is placed. It is made from plastic, which has its pros and cons – yes, it is high-quality plastic, so it won’t get corroded by the weather, but, still, if you think about it, even high-quality plastic can last for so long before it gets broken down one way or another.

This is why you need to inspect every feature carefully and make sure that they all fit the needs your animal has.



The product has a spare float valve. This way, when you will want to adjust the water level you only have to remove the lid so that you will have access to the float valve.

The item has the capacity to replenish but also cut off the water using the float valve. The float valve has a light weight so it can sense when there is a change in the level of water.

The water bowl has a small hole at the bottom so that it will be very easy for you to clean it or discharge sewage so your animals will always have clean drinking water.

You can use this product for a wide variety of animals, such as calf, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, but also dogs, as it fits all of them and they’ll always have water to drink.



Yes, this product is made from high-quality plastic but it still won’t be as durable as metal.

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8. Behlen Country R42 165-Gallon Galvanized Round Tank


For your cattle watering needs, this container may be precisely what you should purchase. It can hold up to 165 gallons of water, which is plenty, in case you’re raising cattle or other livestock on your property. Created to withstand farm conditions of all kinds, it is the type of trough that will last through bad weather and other problems.

It is made from steel, and it has a layer of zinc coating that ensures that there will be no troubles with corrosion and rust. Furthermore, the side walls are rigid and designed to increase the overall durability of the model. They have ribs and grooves that contribute to the structural robustness of this trough.

Also, the top lip is made from rolled steel tube, which is the ideal choice for making the container ever sturdier. No matter what climate your farm is located in, you will find this trough to come through in any weather.



It is created to resist the toughest farm and ranch conditions, and will not give up in bad weather, no matter how harsh.

As it is built with durability in mind, you will be pleased to see the heavy layer of zinc coating that prevents rust and corrosion.

The particular design of the side walls, with various ribs and grooves, makes it even more durable than other models you can find on the market.

Holding up to 165 gallons of water, it is a trough that you can successfully use for any livestock watering needs.

For added strength, the model comes with an enforced steel tube top lip, and with a galvanized bottom that can easily resist all kinds of wear and tear.



Some consumers comment on the fact that the model has plastic plugs, and that they don’t work as well as steel plugs.

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9. Cerlingwee Automatic Cow Drinking Water Bowl


There are different models of cow troughs out there and one way to differentiate them is if the model has to be placed on the ground or if you can suspend it on something. This product is from the latter category which means that, first of all, looks better, a bit more modern than the old designs we are used to from our grandparents’ farms.

But the real reason why someone would prefer this option, of a suspended cow drinking water bowl is the fact that it is less affected by elements. If the weather gets cold, so does the soil, which will make the water in the bowl cold too – sometimes too cold or even freeze. If the bowl is suspended, it is less likely that such a thing would happen.

Thanks to this placement, the product is also easier to clean than one that is put simply on the ground.



Thanks to the way this product can be placed it means that several of your animals can use it to clench their thirst, such as cows, sheep, goats, and horses, among others.

It is made out of stainless steel material that is resistant to corrosion, to increasingly high temperatures, and it is also more durable compared to other materials.

It was designed so that it can be placed in most places, from timber posts to rails, or walls, whatever is more comfortable for your livestock and depending on your farm’s space.

This item has a fixed quantity of water that can be used so this will avoid making a mess when your animals will be drinking as they will splash around less.



This product has an old version and a new version and there is a chance you will get the older one which is not a bad product, but it won’t exactly be what you’d have ordered.

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10. High Country Plastics 40GAL Aqua 


In case you’re looking for a plastic water trough for cattle, the High Country Plastics 40GAL Aqua may be just what you need. Its non-assuming looks might not draw your attention, but seeing how it can be such a simple solution for watering your livestock, it would be a shame not to give it a chance.

First of all, you need to learn that it is made from UV protected plastic, which means that you can live it outside without any worries that it will fade or become brittle too soon. It comes in green, which makes it easy to blend with your garden layout, in case you want to use it as a planter.

You will appreciate the rounded edges that don’t allow cattle to scratch or develop infections due to rubbing. With a capacity of 40 gallons, it is the ideal solution for keeping your cows hydrated in hot weather.



It is made from FDA-approved plastic, and it is a sanitary solution for watering your livestock as they won’t hurt themselves when drinking from it.

To this sanitary feature also contributes the fact that the unit comes with rounded edges that cause no issues with scratching or rubbing.

The trough is sold in green, and it is an excellent option if you want to use it as a planter for your garden and also wish for it to blend with the environment.

Its overall structure is durable, and you will find this model a sound investment for your ranch or your garden.

As it can hold up to 40 gallons of water, you can rest assured that all your animals will stay hydrated and you won’t have to deal with a container that is too large, either.



Because it is made entirely from plastic, you can expect a little bending to occur, but, at the same time, this aspect makes it easy to tip over and drain.

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11. Tuff Stuff Products KMT99 HD 


When you go shopping for a cattle trough, one of the aspects you must bear in mind is whether the capacity of the tank is enough for watering your animals properly. In this case, the 140-gallon capacity is a great plus and makes for a trough that is not too large to become an inconvenience, but not too small to become a nuisance when you have multiple animals to cater to.

Made from recycled materials, this trough is a good idea for farm and ranch owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint. The LDPE plastic used has the same characteristics as rubber, and it is very durable.

This type of construction makes it resistant to impacts and makes for a great option in case you want to make an investment that will keep for years. Using a brass drain plug, the trough is easy to clean and also usable for various purposes, not just watering farm animals.



This trough has a 140-gallon capacity, for it is ideal for medium-sized populations of cows, as well as other livestock and farm animals.

Some people like the oval shape that allows more animals to gather around it and drink water, without risking hurting themselves.

If you want to go green, get this model, as it is made from recycled LPDE plastic, which is flexible and much like rubber.

Resistant to impact, this trough is very durable, and you will know you’re making a sound investment that will last for years.

As far as cleaning is concerned, it is an excellent thing that this model comes with a ¾-inch brass plug that helps with easy drainage and keeping the tank clean.



The spout used for draining the water seems to leak, according to the reports written by some of the buyers after using this model for a while.

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12. Rubbermaid Commercial FG424288BLA 


Holding up to 100 gallons, this excellent model is an excellent example of how a trough should look like. Not only for cattle, it also provides farm and ranch owners with the ideal means for keeping all their animals well hydrated during summer months and all year round.

The manufacturer advertises this model as being super tough, and therefore ideal for use in any climate and weather. Seeing how many expenses farm owners need to invest every year, the fact that they can save up by getting a trough that doesn’t need a replacement for years is a great plus.

Its seamless construction makes it tough, and the material used, which is molded polyethylene, increases its performance, as well. The stepped sidewalls are reinforced with extra ribbing, to create a robust construction that will stand a lot of wear and tear. Equipped with a large drain and an anti-siphon valve for keeping steady water levels, it is an ideal tank for watering animals.



One of the most significant advantages of this model is the seamless construction that makes it resistant to a lot of wear and tear throughout the year.

Its anti-siphon valve will maintain constant water levels, allowing you to keep all your animals well hydrated without any other interventions to fill up the tank.

The trough is very durable, and that happens because of certain particularities of its construction, such as stepped walls and extra ribbing.

Draining the water from the tank is a breeze, as the oversized drain plug must only be removed to let it flow.

Its capacity is 100 gallons, which makes it ideal for small and medium farms, where there is a livestock population that needs proper watering all the time.



Replacing the drainage system with a stoppage appears to be a bit of a hassle, some customers who have tried this say.

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Yearly Guide & Report


If you want a cattle feed trough, you will find that there are plenty of options on the market. We are well aware of the number of models available, and we want to help you find the best of the best. For this reason, we put together this guide that will show you what the most critical aspects of a trough are.

Durable materials

With so many troughs for sale, finding one that fits your needs may not be easy, but there’s a starting point for any purchasing decision. The one we recommend is the type of materials used for the tanks sold as troughs for cattle.

One logical choice is metal. You will find with ease a galvanized cattle water trough that might be right up your alley. As long as it is treated to resist corrosion and rust, metal is a safe choice. It helps with keeping the water cool during summer months so that your animals enjoy drinking from it.

Also, metal has the advantage of being very durable. Many people choose a metal tank because it can resist all farm and ranch conditions without a problem. A more sanitary option would be stainless steel, but you can usually see this choice of material in small size tanks.

A coat of zinc usually solves any issue with rust and corrosion. However, metallic materials are not the only pick we suggest. Plastic is also an option, but you must bear in mind to choose a type of plastic that is durable and can resist the test of time. Molded polyethylene is a common choice as it is robust and can withstand in all weather conditions.


Design elements you should keep in mind

When talking about cattle water trough design, there are a few elements to focus on. One of them is the shape. An oval model, for instance, is an excellent idea if you want to place the trough in a place where the animals can gather around it.

Another familiar shape is rectangular. This one has the advantage that allows you to place the tank flush against a wall. Also, it presents the same strength as the oval shape, as the animals can drink from all sides if you put in an area that allows this.

Seeing how you need to connect the trough with a hose, a typical shape is the one that comes with one flat side and screw holes in place that allow you to fix the trough on a wall. This type usually has a rounded bottom, so it will not be so comfortable to use on the ground.

Other design elements refer to those that increase the durability of the trough. For instance, a seamless design can guarantee multiple years of use. Also, a galvanized bottom helps. Even more durable are models that have ribs and grooves on the side walls. While these extras may not tell you much at first glance, they can improve overall durability tremendously.


Is it safe for your livestock?

When you pick a cattle feed trough for sale, you want to make sure that the model is safe for your animals. This can mean a few things. For instance, rounded corners, and the lack of manufacturing defects that might create an opportunity for your animals to get hurt are an example of how a good quality tank should look like.

Another aspect is how easy the model is to drain. Even if you use a model that allows a constant flow of water, you will need to clean the trough every once in a while. When that happens, it helps to have a large drain hole so that releasing the water can be performed without a glitch.

Some models don’t come with a drain hole, and that means that you need to tip them over. Check what other consumers say about how easy or difficult it is to do so. However, experts will recommend a model with a decent drain hole. Also, the drain should have its own plug, so that you can put it back when you want the tank to accumulate water again.


What capacity you should get

Another thing you will notice when shopping for cattle trough is that these products come in different sizes that can vary from 50 gallons to 300 gallons. There are even models made by the same company that are available in various capacities while retaining all the other features.

It all depends on you and your farm needs what size you should get. If you have a lot of animals to keep hydrated, you should get a large model. However, if your space is limited, and you only have a few cattle and other animals, there’s no point to spend money on a trough that is too large for your needs.




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