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8 Best Goat Sheds Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Goat Shed Review – Top Rated Models in 2024 with Buying Guide


If you’re here for the best goat shed, you’ve come to the right place. We have a lot of information on the most popular models available, as well as the most important considerations to bear in mind when selecting this type of product. However, if you’re pressed for time, just read this paragraph. According to our research, the Keter Manor Large is the most praised model at the moment. It has excellent ventilation and allows your goats to be comfortable even in hot weather. Also, because the shed is well lit through the windows, the farm animals sheltered inside will enjoy the perfect environment. In case you want to install a padlock, that’s also possible as the construction of the door allows it. Should you not be able to find this model, the EZ Shed 70188 is a close second in terms of quality and features.



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8 Best Goat Sheds (Reviews) in 2024



When looking for a good goat shed, the number of alternatives available can be overwhelming. That’s why we decided to help you out by selecting for you those models that are truly worth the money and offer excellent living conditions for your livestock.



1. Keter Manor Large 6 x 8 ft. Resin Outdoor Backyard Garden Storage Shed


The Keter Manor Large is an excellent shed for goats that offers a superior environment in all possible ways for your farm animals. The total storage capacity is 291 cubic feet, so that’s something you should remember when calculating how much living space your goats need.

Unlike wooden sheds that present their fair share of drawbacks such as costs, and wear and tear, this model presents multiple benefits created mainly by its polypropylene construction. The plastic structure is reinforced with steel to ensure that you will get to use this shed for many years.

As far as living conditions for your goats are concerned, you will be more than pleased with what this model offers. A ventilation vent allows air circulation so that your goats don’t get too hot in warm weather. Also, the strategically placed windows let plenty of natural light in so that your animals feel comfortable.



Although it is made from plastic, it is designed to have a wooden-like appearance so that you can easily blend it with the rest of your farm layout.

With a storage capacity of 291 cubic feet, it is large enough to accommodate a few animals and gives you an idea about what you can make with it.

In case you want to keep the animals from wandering, or you want to use the shed to store some essential belongings, the lockable door permits the installation of a padlock.

The ventilation vent installed at the peak of the construction allows air to flow freely for excellent living conditions.

This shed comes with a window and a skylight for excellent illumination and superior conditions for your farm animals.



Putting together the shed seems to involve some difficulties, as several consumers are commenting on how they struggled to make everything fit.

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2. EZ Shed 70188 Barn Style Instant Framing Kit


While you can get a goat farm shed like the one presented earlier, it is also true that you can use a kit that supplies you with the most critical elements while you are free to try your hand at DIY. One of the essential advantages offered by this particular model is that only 90-degree angle cuts are necessary, so you won’t have to be an experienced DIY-er to make this shed happen.

The angle brackets are galvanized, as is the base, which means that all these parts will not corrode or rust. All you need to do is to get the necessary wood parts so that you can start putting together the shed. Other components required are roofing and siding, and you can pick these to match the layout of your property.

An interesting fact about this model is that it comes with plans for three different sizes. In case you want something even larger than what it’s offered, you will need to purchase more kits.



Angle cuts can be a pain, and it’s a good thing that this kit only requires you to make 90-degree cuts without any hassle or complications.

You can use this kit to build a shed for your goats, a mini-garage, or a tool shed, as there are three different sets of plans included with your purchase.

Such a kit gives you plenty of freedom concerning what kind of roofing and siding you should get to make the shed look precisely how you want.

Because it is cost-effective, it can save you up to 50% of the cost for what you would need to spend when getting a full-fledged shed.

With 40 steel angles and 12 steel base plates, this kit covers all the basics for your plans.



The parts seem to be thin, and some users say that they worry that they might bend which takes from the overall value of the kit.

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3. 2×4 basics 90190MI Custom Shed Kit with Barn Roof


Many people are interested in a low cost goat shed as they don’t want to end up spending a lot of money on something so mundane. If you’re not interested in shelling out a couple of hundred dollars, this kit could be the perfect solution for you. It contains all the needed parts for making the frame while the rest is up to you.

The plans and the components supplied are ideal for barn roof style constructions, and you will get plans for three different sizes. However, you must bear in mind that for larger sizes, you will need to obtain additional kits, or otherwise, your plans won’t work.

Since you only need to perform some 90-degree cuts, you will find this kit to be easy to use. As for height, you will be pleased to learn that you can build structures that are as high as eight feet. A list with all the needed materials is included with your purchase so that you can get to work right away.



Simplicity is paramount when building a shed, and that’s precisely what this shed kit is based on, as it provides 39 connectors for creating the frame you want.

As you will need extra materials, it’s a great thing that the manufacturer eliminates all the guessing work by providing you with a comprehensive list with all the materials required.

You will receive plans for three different sizes, but you must bear in mind that each size requires another number of kits.

Users appreciate that step-by-step instructions are included so that you can start working without the need to educate yourself further.

Feel free to choose any siding and flooring you want, as anything works with this kit, and you will find it easy to use.



One complaint that seems to repeat throughout multiple customer reviews is that the brackets are not as robust as expected and putting them together requires extra attention.

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4. Instant Framer Kit Barn Style Shed Kit


A suitable shed is highly important for any farmer or goat farming business. Obviously, goats, just like any other livestock you may own, need their safe space in which they can sleep at night, a place to offer them security against wild animals, but also from extreme weather, regardless if we’re talking about heat or freezing temperatures.

Some people are known to rely on the shade provided by trees to keep their goats cool, but that isn’t really enough, is it? If you want your goats to live a decent life, not only for them but also for your business, they need their very own suitable housing, like this instant farmer kit barn style shed kit.

Another common option is to keep your goats in the same place as your other livestock, such as sheep or cows and that is a viable option that this product can also let you use.



The product has a base made out of galvanized steel and angle brackets so that it won’t rust or rot as a result of exposure to weather elements that can affect parts of the wood.

With dimensions of 96.00″ x 84.00″ x 96.00″ (L x W x H), you know exactly the size that you can use for your goats and this way you can plan ahead and not overcrowd them.

This item has the materials listed, plus cut lists and detailed instructions combined with step-by-step images so that you can easily build it even if you are just a beginner.

Using a shed kit is an option that is cost-effective with some saying that it can help you save up to 50% from the money you’d spend on a pre-built or knocked-down storage.



The brackets used for this instant farmer kit seem to be a bit thin and a bit too much on the flimsy side of things, which means that the stability of the shed can be affected.

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5. 2×4 basics 90190MI Custom Shed Kit with Barn Roof


If you don’t want to spend money on a readymade shed, you can get a goat shed kit like this one. All the elements you need for creating a sturdy frame for your project. You will get all the necessary angle brackets and stud brackets for creating this frame. While this is intended for a DIY project, the manufacturer won’t leave you in the dark.

You will find inside the package a list with all the required materials, as well as building plans so that you will know exactly what materials to purchase. The plans include information on three different sizes, which is a plus since you have some leeway about what to create.

Still, you need to remember that the larger sizes will require more kits. Any shed you would like to make, be it one for farm animals or one for keeping your tools organized, you will be able to make with this kit.



You don’t have to worry about being extremely skilled at DIY, as this kit comes with all the needed information so that you can make it work.

Users get plenty of freedom to make the shed as they want, as the plans and recommendations work for projects that can be as high as eight feet.

With plans for three different sizes, as well as a comprehensive list of materials necessary for building your shed, there’s no guessing work to worry about.

Made from durable resin, the elements included with your purchase will resist the test of time and help you build a sturdy shed.

The step-by-step instructions come with explanatory images, to ensure that you will know exactly what to do.



Bear in mind that you will have to purchase the lumber separately, as this is just a frame that will help you make your goat shed with ease.

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6. Welironly Fast Framer Universal Outdoor Storage Shed


In case you want to reduce the goat shed construction cost for your DIY project, one thing you can do is to purchase a framer kit like this one. An outdoor construction like this one can serve many different purposes, such as a shelter for your bike, or your patio furniture.

How you complete the existing design is up to you. The model offers all the needed connectors so that you can create the shed you have in mind. In case you want to cover only one side and let the others free for air to circulate, you can do that.

You can also create a full-fledge shed where you can shelter your goats. Other configurations are also possible, but make sure you follow a plan, as otherwise, you won’t be able to see it finished. For someone with a bit of inclination for DIY, this universal framer is just what he or she needs.



There are many advantages such a simple product can offer, but the first that must be mentioned is its cheap pricing.

You can simply put together a shed for farm animals, or create a small shelter for your bike or patio furniture that you need to be stored away in bad weather.

All the components for making the connections between panels and siding are available, and you have all the freedom for creating a project just as you like.

If you want, you can also create a structure with a sloped roof so that no moisture and accumulation of rain or snow can make the structure buckle under the extra weight.



As its name indicates, this product is just a frame that you can use to create a shed, by getting all the needed materials and learning how to fill it to make it a functional model.

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7. Fast Framer Universal Barn Shed Framing Kit


Are you interested in building a small barn or a shed for your animals? This framer is an excellent idea, and the good news is that you won’t need to hire extra hands to help you with your little project. Only straight cuts are required, and you can erect the barn you want without any hassle.

The kit includes 40 angle brackets, along with 12 base plates, so you will have everything you need for a basic structure. The manufacturer offers precise information on how many kits you need for barns of different sizes. For instance, if you want your barn to be seven feet wide and eight feet long, you will need one kit.

For an 8×14 feet barn, you must get two kits, and three kits are the necessary minimum for a model that is 10×22 feet in size. You will also get the needed plans for such options, as well as a list with all the materials required.



With a door height of six feet, this framer is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to work less when building a barn for his or her backyard.

There are three different options for which the manufacturer offers complete plans: 7×8, 8×14, and 10×22 feet barns.

You will receive a complete list of materials so that you know exactly what to buy to build the barn you want, at the size you want.

The fact that you only need to perform straight cuts is another big plus, as anything else might require the use of sophisticated equipment which most casual DIY-ers don’t have at their disposal.

Users receive a complete kit with 40 angle brackets and 12 base plates.



You will need to have some carpentry skills to make a completely functional goat shed from this framing kit, as there are some difficulties with getting everything right.

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8. Arrow LX1014 10 x 14 ft. Barn Style Galvanized Taupe/Eggshell Steel Storage Shed


Since there are so many options of goat sheds available on the market, it can get a bit confusing in regards to which ones you should focus on. Is design an important factor? Would you settle for something less appealing but highly comfortable for your livestock? There are so many things to take into consideration that one gets easily overwhelmed.

But if you have decided that design is a must for your goat business, you can check out this model from the Arrow Store. Thanks to the way it was created, it will surely be able to fit into the landscape of your farm without any problems. Of course, design is not everything, so you must check out the features that it comes with and see if they apply to your needs.

Make sure to check all of the pros and cons of the product, as you do with any other on this list, so that you will be pleased with the end result.



Corrosion resistance is a must for any product of this type, thanks to the exposure it gets to bad weather. Well thanks to electro-galvanized steel treated with zinc you get just that.

For further protection, this product from Arrow has UV resistant steel panels that are offering protection against rotting, and insects, plus extreme weather conditions.

It isn’t recommended for your animals to be too crowded in just one place which is why this model has a high gable steel roof design that offers extra headroom for your goats.

It can be surprisingly complicated for goats to enter or exit a room which is why this item has pad-lockable sliding doors so this task won’t be as difficult from now on.



There seems to be a problem with the roof in some cases, as it doesn’t really offer the protection needed by goats since it leaks during rains so the interior won’t be kept as dry.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Are you looking for a goat shed and you don’t know where to start? We want to offer you a helping hand by presenting you with a list of traits you should see in any goat shed worthy of your hard earned dollar. We focus on those characteristics that make a shed an excellent option for sheltering your farm animals.

What size should your goat shed have?

One of the first things you should establish before proceeding to purchase a goat shed is size. Size does matter, as does the number of animals in your care. You certainly do not want your goats to feel crowded if there are too many of them put together. Also, there is no point in getting a shed that is too large.

Besides being an investment that cannot be justified by its purpose, it will also take up a lot of room on your property, something that you might not want, seeing how managing space on a farm can be quite a challenging operation.

So, when you’re looking at the goat sheds for sale available, see their specifications. How long are they, and how wide? Also, it doesn’t hurt to know how tall they are. While you may want a shed just for goats, you may want something a bit more versatile that can accommodate other animals.

There are several standard sizes you can find on the market, but the primary consideration you must bear in mind is that only the size that fits your requirements matters. Also, in case you decide to get a kit, you will need to learn how many kits you should get for the size of the shed you have in mind, but more about that a little later in this guide.


What design elements should be present?

A lot of farm and ranch owners are interested in the goat shed design elements manufacturers can offer. They are right in doing so, as they need to make sure that their animals are well taken care of. For instance, you will need to make sure that your shed is well ventilated.

During hot summer days, sheds can get too warm, and if the conditions for a moist environment are met, then the development of bacteria can also become a problem. If you purchase a full-fledge shed, you should check for vents and other elements that will ensure proper air circulation.

Especially if you intend to get a goat milking shed, this type of construction needs proper ventilation. Another thing you should remember is that goat sheds need good illumination. Animals don’t feel comfortable in a room that is too dark, without natural light.

For this reason, you should select a model with a window or more, and it is preferable that it also has a skylight, to complete the picture. Regarding design, there are many other details to mention, but these are the most important.

Another thing you should look for, in case you want to be able to lock your shed, is a lockable door. As long as you can install a padlock, you will know that your shed will be safe from burglars. That’s often the case when you want to use your shed for more than just sheltering animals.


Is a kit a worthy investment?

If you look around, you will notice that there are many goat shed kits available for sale. These are a cheap solution for those who are a bit handy with DIY projects and also want to save some money. As you may well expect, there are plenty of these, and many of the goat shed reviews refer to them as being a good investment.

However, not all of them are the same, and you should know how to make a difference between them. One solution is to look at the number of connectors included. Also, these connectors should be made from galvanized steel so that they can resist a bit of wear and tear.

Another thing to look for is that all these elements don’t require angle cuts. As long as all you need to do is to perform some 90-degree cuts, that’s fine. Also, it doesn’t hurt if the manufacturer includes information on how many kits are used for different sizes, and some plans can also be handy.


What materials should be used?

Don’t forget that modern sheds are no longer typically made only from wood. There are plastic options you can find on the market, and they present their fair share of advantages. They are lightweight, compared to wood, and they don’t have troubles like the usual wear and tear wood goes through with time.

There are various options you can pick from, but as long as you opt for durability, you will be fine. In case you purchase a model with a metal frame, check to see if the steel tubing used is powder-coated for increased resistance to scratching and chipping.



Frequently asked questions about goat sheds


Q: How to build a goat shed?

To build such a structure, first, you will need some goat shed plans. Next, you will need a list of all the necessary materials. Building a goat shed is not particularly complicated, but a bit of planning is required.

What you must remember is that you need to build a frame first, and then fill it with siding panels and a roof. Since goats are pretty sensitive to cold and hot weather, you need to make sure that the shelter can ensure proper protection from such conditions. Depending on the purpose you have in mind, you can also decide to install a floor.



Q: Do goats need a shed?

Depending on weather and other conditions, goats have different needs for shelter. In summer, you might not need something particularly elaborate since, as long as you manage to keep your goats safe from drafts, they will be fine.

A three-sided shelter may also be enough, but, in winter, you need to make sure that all your pregnant and lactating does, and their young get all the required protection against the bad weather raging outside. The shed must have enough room for straw, bedding, and food, and you may even want to use dividing panels to organize the space inside.


Q: Can you put sheep in a goat shed?

If you have a small goat shed and only a few sheep, it is okay to keep all your animals in the same place. However, you need to remember that sheep and goat need shelter for different reasons. Goats like their shelter to be dry and free of draft on rainy days, while sheep seek protection from hot days in a housing that can keep them cool.

As far as fences are concerned, you should be aware that sheep usually respect fences installed around a pasture, while goats are good at jumping over them.


Q: How to build a cheap goat shed?

While there are plenty of options for goat sheds on the market, you may want to opt for the cheapest alternative possible, and you’re wondering what that is. Getting a frame and the necessary materials is one solution, but you can go even less expensive than that.

Pallets are usually tossed away when they could be used for so many DIY projects. Placing them vertically and joining them together, you can obtain a goat shed that doesn’t cost you anything extra. The distance between the pieces of wood creates proper ventilation. For a warmer option, consider filling the gaps.


Q: What is a goat birthing shed?

When goats give birth to a new generation, things can get chaotic pretty quickly. That is when you need a goat birthing shed. While its name may sound fancy, it is not that different from a regular shed with a few extras included.

The same needs for proper air ventilation and good illumination stand as for any shed. You will need to install some individual stalls inside, each being able to accommodate a goat and her kids. Also, you can organize the place so that you have different areas for birthing, milking, and quarantine.


Q: Does a goat shed need to be heated?

While it is a known fact that goats are sensitive to weather, you shouldn’t go over the top with the accommodations. Just make sure that the shed is well insulated, so that draft doesn’t become a problem and take some measures that will help your goat thrive.

The only extra precautions must be taken for kids. In case you live in a cold climate, and you have goats giving birth in freezing temperatures, you must hurry to dry the kids to avoid hypothermia. Otherwise, goat sheds don’t need any heating, and even young kids will resist in temperatures down to zero Fahrenheit.




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