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10 Best Goat Feeders Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Best Goat Feeder Review – Top Rated Models in 2024 with Buying Guide


You should read this comprehensive guide if you want to find what the best goat feeder for your goat is, especially if you are short on time or you’re tired of reading all the goat feeder reviews out there. Our team took the time to carefully examine the quality and characteristics of the most sought-after models, and the conclusion is that the Gaun Sheep & Goat Feeder is the one that will suit most situations. It is a versatile feeder, as it allows you to place both grain and hay in it, diversifying your goats’ diet without the need of an additional feeder. Its design is one that is very good at keeping the food inside. Finally, it’s made in such a way that no food gets spilled on the ground and that reduces the risk of your goats ingesting bacteria. If you can’t find it, be sure to check the Fortiflex 2-Compartment Feeder, which is next on our list.



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10 Best Goat Feeders (Reviews) in 2024



The number of feeders out there is huge, and taking into account all the different models, it’s hard to pick the perfect one. But we did the research for you, and after checking opinions, reading what makes a good feeder and what not, we made the following list of what we consider to be feeders that are always a good choice.



1. Sheep & Goat Feeder


This sheep and goat feeder is very useful for holding grain and hay, being a metal box made in Spain which is 21″ in height. The fact that it is metal-made guarantees longer durability and resistance to shocks.

The item is ideal for small animals such as goats and sheep because it is small enough so their heads won’t get stuck and also large enough for the goats to easily access the hay.

Its structure is also economical because it doesn’t allow the food to fall on the ground and be wasted. If any hay falls through the hangers, the animals will be able to eat it from the base of the feeder.

It can be placed on a board, panel or gate, having 2 metal hooks on the back. The height of the feeder is adjustable and it has a medium capacity, recommended for 1-2 goats, which makes it easy to move it from one location to another.



The sheep & goat feeder by Gaun is designed to hold both grain and hay so you don’t need to buy different sheep and goat feeders for each type of food.

The feeder’s structure prevents food from being wasted by not letting the hay fall on the ground.

Due to its metal base, it is healthier for the animals because the risk of ingesting parasites off the ground is lower.

This is a freestanding feeder but it can also be hanged on a panel/fence/board and one of the main advantages is that it can be moved anywhere without big efforts.



There might be a problem with the two metal hooks on the back which are suitable for plenty of surfaces but the spacing isn’t perfect for all types of fences.

This item isn’t very large and it isn’t suitable for more than 2 goats so if you are a goat herder it might not be what you’re looking for.

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2. Fortiflex 2-Compartment Feeder


Featuring a sturdy construction and ensuring easy installation, this 2-compartment feeder is a choice you might want to take into account if you need a quality feeder for your goats. The unit sports two compartments that allow you to place different vitamins or supplements as well as dimensions that make it comfortable for goats to feed. 

The unit thus measures 6.2 x 12.8 x 5.8 inches, a feature that renders the product ideal for animals such as goats and even pigs. The product dimensions also allow for easy installation in the goats’ stalls and even outdoors. 

The rubber HDPE blend construction promises to last and withstand even heavier impacts or elements if placed outdoors. The unit is easy to clean and install as you need just a few screws to attach it to the place of your interest. Plus, you decide how high the unit is installed, given its design. 



Ideal for goats and even pigs, this sturdy feeder can be easily installed in a variety of places and makes feeding a simple task. 

Considering the rubber HDPE blend employed for its construction, the product will keep up with extended use even if it is installed outdoors. 

Since it features no feet, you get to install it as high as your needs require you to; plus, installation is an effortless process as all you need is a few screws. 

The product is also easy to clean and, thanks to the two compartments featured, it allows you to add different supplements and vitamins to it. 

The unit measures 6.2 x 12.8 x 5.8 inches, which means that it will accommodate goats comfortably. 



The unit does not come with screws or chains to install it; therefore, you will have to buy such items separately. 

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3. Creative Co-Op Metal Trough Container


The trough container is a strong metal structure that provides definite support for various contents. Its dimensions are 19.5x7x6 inches and it weighs 2.4 pounds, being suitable for any type of flat surfaces.

Taking into account the dimensions, this trough is very useful for feeding medium-sized animals like goats or sheep. And because it is slightly smaller compared to other feeders, it can be placed easily in stalls, small pens and outdoors too.

This item prevents feed contamination by feces, having a design that doesn’t allow the content to have contact with the ground and it is also very easy to clean.

The metal structure prevents the entire feeder from damage caused by the goats or other external factors and this thing helps in preserving it for a longer time. There is enough feed space for the animals, therefore shy feeding is avoided.



This trough’s design is very suitable for shows or selling, having only 2.4 pounds which makes it easier to transport anywhere.

It prevents wastage and goats/sheep defecating and trampling on feed which ensures a healthier environment.

One of the main advantages of this trough is that it can hold any type of feed like grain, hay, pellets or chaffhaye.

Due to its size, it fits anywhere and it helps you save a lot of space.

It has a large capacity and it can fit in enough food for 2 goats and that is particularly helpful when there is a lack of space in your stall.



There are no drainage holes and therefore if it is placed outside on rainy days, the water will stagnate in there and the food can get bad.

Even though it fits outdoors too, being a metal-made structure it is more vulnerable to weather aging.

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4. Little Giant Plastic Fence Feeder with Clips


If you’re on the lookout for a goat feeder that will not only help you feed your goats but also reduce waste while doing so, this fence feeder is a product you might want to add to your list of options. Thanks to its design, the item helps reduce waste and spills. It is equipped with two heavy-duty metal clips so that you can easily hang it on a fence and move it when needed.

Since this product is built for outdoor use, it features durable polyethylene plastic that will keep up with extended use and various weather conditions. The item measures 11 x 6.75 x 6 inches, which makes it suitable for sheep, goats, calves, and even small horses. 

You can also permanently mount it on a wall, yet to do so, you need lag screws or fencing staples, and the pack does not include such items. This unit can hold 4.5 quarts and is also available in a 9-quart capacity version.



Featuring a sturdy construction that ensures extended use in various weather conditions, this fence feeder can be used for goats, calves, sheep, and other such animals.

To resist heavy impacts and withstand outdoor conditions, the feeder is built with durable polyethylene resin. 

Thanks to the heavy-duty clips, you can easily and quickly install and remove the feeder; it can also be permanently mounted on a fence with the right accessories. 

Since the item can hold 4 quarts dry food or 4.5 quarts liquid, you can fill it with grain, pellets, liquid food, and even water. 

The item is available in two colors and also in a model that ensures a 9-quart capacity; this one measures 11 x 6.75 x 6 inches. 



Make sure to ask for all the information needed regarding the contents of the pack you receive before ordering as there have been several cases of feeders being delivered without the advertised clips. 

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5. Little Giant Classic Heavy-Duty Galvanized Metal 2-in-1 Goat and Sheep Feeder


This product stands out for the fact that it allows goats of any size to eat, all at the same time. The smaller ones can eat directly from the tray while the bigger ones can use the tray to reach the higher part of the product. Weight and pressure aren’t a problem as the product can hold way over 120 lbs of weight or even more, and it is made from solid metal.

The feeder can hold around 2 – 3 squares of hay in one feeding which is a meal sufficient enough for 1 – 2 days, depending on the number of goats you own, obviously. Installing the product is a bit tricky, but not too difficult, as it is pretty intuitive and you shouldn’t have problems with this part of the product, for sure.

The feeder was also created with the goal of helping reduce waste as well as the ingestion of parasites.



This goat feeder has a cool design that lets small goats eat from the tray directly, while the bigger ones will usually use the tray for support in order to reach the high part of the product.

The product is created from solid metal which means that it won’t have a problem with holding the food in, nor with larger goats climbing on top of it.

The feeder that we are talking about has a capacity of about 2 – 3 squares of hay for one feeding which should be enough for a day or two, depending on how many goats are eating.

One other advantage of this product is the fact that it was created to help reduce waste, but also the ingestion of parasites, for healthier goats.



While it isn’t exactly rocket science, some people may find installing the product to be a bit on the tricky side.

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6. Shires Haynet 2″ Mesh Holes 1024


This feed net is ideal for holding hay, preventing food waste due to its small 2-inch mesh holes. This item is different from other types of feeders being designed to give animals a more natural way of feeding by slowing the eating process.

The dimensions are 9.8 x 6.3 x 2.7 inches and it works for a larger variety of animals like goats, sheep, horses, donkeys or alpacas. It only weighs 0.75 pounds and it has a large capacity, holding up to six flakes of hay.

The height is adjustable and it can be hanged easily in stalls, barns, fences, trees or any other place, without taking up too much space. To avoid it being torn by teeth, the manufacturers made a sturdy net.

The animals can pull the hay with ease and the feeder keeps the hay off the ground where it would be stepped on or soiled. Their ration lasts longer and it promotes better digestion.



Slow feeding offered by this hay net allows your goats to have better digestion and prevents boredom, giving them a longer peaceful activity.

It is a good way to save money by cutting down the hay waste.

This feeder works well for different animal sizes, being suitable for goats and for horses too.

The net is pretty sturdy and very easy to fill.

The food lasts a longer period of time, being ideal for those cases in which you don’t have the time to give your animals hay more often.

This item is very versatile because it offers you many possibilities of placing it wherever needed.



It cannot hold other types of goat feeding like grain or chaffhaye.

There might be a possibility that, with some effort, your goat will create a hole in the net and that’s why it is recommended to check it every day.

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7. Little Giant Red Heavy-Duty Plastic Fence Feeder


Suitable for feeding goats, calves, alpacas, llamas, and sheep, this fence feeder features a sturdy construction that should resist heavier impacts and harsh weather conditions. To ensure such benefits, the unit sports a polyethylene plastic build, as well as heavy-duty metal clips. 

Given its design and clips, installing it is easy. You can also remove it rapidly whenever needed. In case you want to mount it on a fence permanently, you can do so using lag screws or fencing staples, yet such items are not included in the pack. The bottom chain will help you stabilize it if needed.

The unit measures 15.75 x 8.25 x 7 inches and can be used with pellets, grain, and similar foods. You can also fill it with water and employ it to feed various animals. This is a 9-quart model featuring a middle divider, but the manufacturer also offers smaller units. 



The fence feeder is built for outdoor use and can be employed to feed various animals, ranging from goats to sheep and alpacas, thanks to its 9-quart capacity and dimensions. 

You can fill it with pellets, grain, and even water, and the item can be easily installed and removed due to the metal clips featured. 

The feeder also comes with a bottom chain to help you stabilize it if needed; what’s more, it features a middle divider, which can enable two animals to eat at the same time. 

To keep up with tough farm use and outdoor conditions, the item sports a durable polyethylene plastic construction that should serve your needs for a long time. 

The item can also be installed permanently with fencing staples or lag screws and is available in smaller versions. 



Even if the unit is advertised as being suitable for water as well, it might leak; therefore, it is probably best to use it only with dry food. 

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8. Hay and Grain Feeder Boxed


This feeder is a tough metal box which holds both hay and grain at the same time. Having this item in your household offers you a better way to control feed and not be tied down to a daily chore. This combination feeder is ideal for 1-2 adult goats but it is also great for lambing or kidding season.

It measures 30 x 16 x 22 inches, having the ideal height for goats, sheep, and other small-sized animals. With a weight of 18 pounds, it is easy to be hung on a bar or a board. The silver powder coat finish assures longer durability, making it less vulnerable to rust and corrosion.

The top panel is a solid structure that reduces hay loss. There is also a bottom tray that allows your goats to have their hay mixed with some grain or chaffhaye. The tray is removable which makes the cleaning process easier.



This hay and grain feeder allows mixing foods for a better meal for your goats.

The grid’s square holes have the right size for the goats to easily pull the hay through them.

Durability and stability are two main features of this item, being made of steel with a silver powder coat finish.

Food waste is reduced due to the grid holes which are small enough to keep the hay off the ground.

Cleaning the feeder and changing its content is much easier due to its removable bottom tray.

The feeder is very portable and it can be placed on bars in your stall.



There is a possibility that when the goats get under the feeder, they will lift it off the bar and make it fall.

When it comes to bad-tempered goats, the bolts that hold the grate may need to be screwed back in from time to time.

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9. Intrepid International Hay Rack-Wall Mounted


This rack is a heavy-duty structure consisting of half-inch round steel rods, ideal for holding hay. It is made in the U.S.A. and it works great for almost any type of herbivorous animals like goats, sheep, horses, and alpacas.

The hay rack features two hooks that allow it to be mounted on a wall. For your animals’ safety, it has rounded edges so the risk of any injuries is lowered. Its dimensions are 33 x 27 x 12 inches and it has a large size, holding about half a bale of hay.

Weighing 13 pounds, this item is long-lasting due to the powder coated finish and its steel rods. The finishing offers better protection against rust or any other type of time aging. This feeder allows you to easily check if your goats have enough hay. Additionally, it keeps the hay in place so it is not mixed with feces.



The hay rack has a very well constructed structure, being resistant to degradation in time due to the steel and the powder coat finish.

It has no sharp edges where metal may stick out and cause injuries to your goats.

Thanks to this feeder, there is less hay wastage which translates to better feed efficiency.

Due to its hooks, it can be easily mounted on your stall walls at a proper height for your animals.

The large opening of the rack allows you to easily fill it.

Eating from this hay rack, the inhaling of dust or ingestion of parasites is reduced so your goats suffer fewer respiratory or gastrointestinal diseases.



The hay rack does not come with any hardware in order to help you with mounting it, but using some screws will work.

Some hay may fall from the rack and it is recommended to place a tray under the rack to catch any wasted hay.

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10. Shires Deluxe Net


This strong hay net feeder prolongs the time it takes your goats to consume hay due to its 2-inch holes. It has a large ring at the base that maintains its form and a solid hanging rope which gives the net durability and resistance.

Hay waste is considerably reduced, resulting in less mud and smelly decaying hay around the feeder. The bag is safe to handle by humans and animals too because the risk of injuries is almost non-existent. It is portable and adjusting the height according to your preferences is an easy process.

This net has a large capacity that allows your animals to eat for hours which makes it ideal during the night or winter when you have to keep your goats inside. The slow feeder is also good for their health, giving them optimal digestion and fermentation which require time.



This hay net is suitable for a large variety of animals like horses, goats, sheep, and alpacas.

The large ring at the base prevents the net from unraveling.

It slows down the digestion and that is good for your goats’ health and it is also more efficient because less hay is consumed this way.

Eating from the hay net feeder prevents respiratory and digestive diseases by not letting your animals eat off the ground.

The goats are kept busy for a longer period of time which cuts the number of times you have to rebuild the stock.

A slow feeder helps with controlling the weight of your goats.



It is possible that goats could get a leg stuck in the holes of the net so it is recommended to check on your animals periodically.

Being a light item, it can be pulled off the wall by the goats.

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Yearly Guide & Report


There are various types of feeders, some only being able to hold hay, while others capable of keeping lots of different food for your animals. They each come with advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, after you buy a feeder or you make your own homemade goat feeder, make sure to also get a goat mineral feeder, for those added nutrients. Here are some details about the types of feeders you can find for sale.



Grain and hay feeders

These are usually the best models if you are looking to have one of them installed for each goat. That is because one animal can easily eat from such a feeder, but it’s difficult for more to do that, due to the reduced size. But if you have a single goat, it is ideal.

An advantage that these goat feeders have is that they don’t spill any food. Because of how they work, the food that is on the top rack will drop on the bottom plate, and not on the floor. This way, the risk of eating off the floor is eliminated, and the goats can eat the whole food.

You can use such a feeder to give two different types of food to your goats – the top part is made to hold hay, and any small pieces of hay will fall on the bottom part. You won’t need two separate hay and goat grain feeders. What is bad about this design, however, is that it usually doesn’t come with drain holes and the food will get damped and water will sit in the bottom part.

These double feeders are also very portable, which comes as an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. The good thing is that they can be placed nearly anywhere, requiring little effort to be moved around. They can be hung or they can sit by themselves. But because they are light, the goats can tip them over and they can get injured.


Hay nets

If you’re looking for some cheap goat feeders, hay nets are usually what you need. They represent a versatile alternative to troughs. People usually get these nets because they are good at making the goats eat slower. And that is a good thing, as it helps to improve the animals’ digestion.

Hay nets are also great for the cold seasons when the animals spend more time inside. Herbivores like to graze and eat a lot, and in the winter they, unfortunately, cannot do that. So a net full of hay will offer them the chance to chew for several hours, especially when eating is slowed by the design of the net.

This is the same reason why the nets are good for the night. Goats spend many hours being awake in the night, and during that time, when they are inside, they don’t have much to do. So they go to the hay net and start chewing. That is why a hay net is a good alternative to an automatic goat feeder.

Occupying so little space, the nets can be hung anywhere, be it inside or outside. You will save a lot of space using these nets, although you will need more of them if you have more goats. Wherever you hang the nets, make sure the goats can’t pull them down and injure themselves in the process.

Besides that, there is no real reason for concern as the nets are very safe and durable. The goats will thus have no chance of breaking them and eating their fabric. The only small issue is that naughty animals can jump around and stick their legs in the net, and if you’re not around to pull them out, they may stay like that for a long time.




Designed to hold more food, the troughs can be used if you want to feed more goats, and each of them can be used by 4 to 6 goats at the same time. Good goat feeders that are bigger can accommodate even more than that. So if you’re short on space, you just get one trough and feed the entire family of goats. A trough isn’t as big as a round bale feeder for goats, but it does a similar job.

Most of them come with drain holes, meaning that they won’t let water sit in them for too long. That is essential in maintaining the food fresh for the goats. This is the reason why the troughs can be used outside too. And to help with that, they are also very sturdy and resistant to weather. However not every trough comes with drain holes, so pay attention to that.

Because goats have the pleasure of jumping on and over objects, some troughs have a bar above them that won’t let the animals jump on them and trample the food. That is good for the animals’ safety, and also for their health, as they won’t contaminate the food with bacteria that they have on their hooves.

Also, those that are V-shaped don’t let the goats stand on them, due to their shape. The main advantage of a food trough is that you can place any kind of food in it, be it hay, grain, chaffhaye, weeds or forage.






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2) Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Goats

3) Tips for keeping goats in the city

4) Things goats need



Unavailable products


DPD Sheep and Goat Basket


Thanks to this basket feeder the consumption of hay is more simple. The goat hay feeder’s dimensions are 11 x 11 x 11 inches, and it’s specially designed for sheep and goats, storing a really good amount of hay.

The size of the feeder is suitable for small pens or birthing goat stalls, being enough for 1-2 goats. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to save a significant quantity of hay weekly, this item fits your needs.

It weighs 6.55 pounds and it has a strong and solid structure made from steel with a reinforced wire design that can take years of abuse. The basket presents the added features of being portable and very easy to clean.

There are no difficulties with installing it, being easy to hang on fences at a convenient level for your goats. It is good for any situation but especially for the seasons when grazing is less accessible.



Goats will not eat their food once it has been trampled so the basket feeder helps in this way, having an opening that is large enough for the goats to eat comfortably.

For extended support and protection, the back panel of this feeder can be securely attached to the fence and it is simple to drop hay in over the fence.

When feeding in a confined area using the basket feeder, you’re lowering the risk of animals getting ill.

Using a basket feeder helps in preventing paddock degradation.



As mentioned, the installing process is very easy but one minor problem is that it does not come with its own mounting screws.

This type of feeder is suitable for normal hay, but it will not prevent the fine hay being wasted and it might be necessary to add a drip pan under the basket.




Behlen Country 74023327 8-Feet V Trough Feeder


The V trough feeder is a very practical feeding method for your goats, with an innovative design that prevents standing water due to the two drain holes on each end. It is made from steel, with a premium powder coat paint finishing.

Its measures are 96 x 32 x 14 inches and it weighs 63 pounds, having suitable dimensions for small animals like goats. This item is what you need for your animals’ health and comfort, being large enough to feed up to 6 goats at the same time.

This trough is 14 inches off the ground and it has a bar above so the goats won’t jump in or over it. Its V-shaped legs also help in this way by giving the feeder more stability. The feeder comes in three pieces which are very easy to put together, resulting in a fine strong structure. This trough can hold a large variety of feedings like hay, grain, chaffhaye, and weeds.



This feeder is made from steel which means longer durability and also resistance to kicks or chewing.

The two drain holes prevent the water from stagnating in the trough by automatically draining it out so the food won’t get soaked and become inedible.

It has a large capacity, enough for 4-6 goats and it is a very good way to avoid food waste.

The bar above the feeder doesn’t allow goats to jump over it and spill the content out of the trough.



There might be a problem for some males that have big horns and therefore they may need to turn their heads a bit to reach the food but for the females, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The V trough is more suitable for the adults and less for the kids, being a little bit too tall for their size.




Rugged Ranch


The rugged ranch feeder has a heavy-duty construction made of galvanized steel, ideal for all livestock. It is 24.5 inches in width and 26 inches in length and it has two components – a top compartment which is ideal for hay and a catch base that can hold grain or chaffhaye.

It is a freestanding feeder which weighs 67 pounds and it’s easy to attach it to pipe corral, wood or stall walls as it comes with two U brackets. The rounded edges assure your animals’ safety.

There is enough space for 1-2 goats, having the right size for adults and kids too. It has a large capacity that allows your goats to eat for a couple of hours.

The design allows feeding of forage and grain in the same feeder, helping you save on food costs. Due to its bottom, the food is kept off the ground and your goats are protected from ingesting parasites.



The feeder’s design allows food to be mixed due to its base and the wire grid, the hay, and grain being effectively fed at the same time.

Loose hay falls onto the bottom plate, not on the ground, which lowers the risk of your goats getting ill because of microorganisms.

The entire structure is strong and durable due to the galvanized steel which makes it.

It comes with two U brackets for an easy attachment to stall walls or fences.

The round edges keep your animals safe, avoiding any possible injury.

Having a rectangular form, the feeder is very stable and hard to be pushed by goats.



This feeder doesn’t come with drain holes so it is more suitable for covered areas that are away from rain or snow.

It doesn’t have a lid to cover its content if the situation demands it.




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