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10 Best Goat Feeds in 2024 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Top Feeds for Goats – Guide & Comparison


If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to read our article, this short paragraph will give you all the information you need to find the best goat feed. After an extensive analysis of the quality and value offered by the products on the market, we concluded that the option you ought to consider is the Derby Originals Hay Bag. It can serve multiple goats, and it is a product that can stay both on the ground or be suspended. This product can’t develop fungus thanks to its mildew proof nylon construction so it is always keeping food safe, but also the product will last for a longer period of time. In the event that you can’t find the first option available at your favorite shop but you still want to get a good goat feed, you might want to bear the TruCare 4 Top-dress in mind.



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10 Best Goat Feeds (Reviews) in 2024



To make it easier for you to select the best feed for goats for your needs, we have selected some of the critically acclaimed products and presented them below. The products you are about to see have garnered positive customer feedback and offer great quality and reliability.



1. Derby Originals Hay Bag


The Derby Originals Hay Bag offers all the benefits of a slow feed hay bag with an all-natural bonus since it does not feature hardware that could pose a risk of injury for your livestock. The bag and the nets will reduce the risk of ulcers and will decrease the secretion of cortisol.

The increased chew times will minimize and alleviate boredom. Since your goats will chew the hay for longer, that will improve digestion and will reduce the amount of hay that is wasted.

The bag weighs 3.25 pounds without hay and the total weight once full depends fully on how much hay you decide to add. The maximum amount that the bag can hold is around ¾ of a bale of hay.

The closing mechanism is constructed of several alternating 2-inch long loops that line up to interlock the top flaps. To ensure the longevity of the hay bag, the loops are held together by a thick cord that runs through them.  



The bag is constructed from mildew proof nylon which means that even if you use it on the ground or in humid conditions, it won’t develop this nasty fungus.

If you have more than one goat, there is no need to buy additional bags since this product is perfect for sharing thanks to its generous sizing and completely open design.

The bag can be used either on the ground or hung up if you so desire but eating from the ground will reduce the risk of the hay and dust falling into the animal’s eyes.

Every bag is fitted with handles on the top and bottom which will make lifting and carrying effortlessly.

The bag is sized perfectly so that all types of livestock can use it including horses, sheep, and cows.



Some customers felt that the system to tie and hang up the hay nets is not easy to use and can be very time-consuming.

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2. TruCare 4 Top-Dress Trace Mineral Blend for Livestock


The TruCare 4 Top-dress formula features a prized blend of organic and essential trace minerals that includes copper, zinc, manganese, and cobalt. This versatile blend can be used on goats, deer, elk, and beef and dairy cattle but it should not be used on sheep since it contains copper.

The supplement is developed to improve the nutrition of your livestock and provide better hoof health and integrity, better lactation support, improved reproductive performance and much more.

There are no side effects with this feed so you won’t have to worry about it hurting your goats or the quality of the milk in any way.

Customers are very satisfied with this option and many have claimed that they were able to notice immediate improvements in many areas including the health and look of the coat, thanks in part to the copper that is found in the formula. The only special precaution with this product is to keep it away from children and other animals.



The essential trace minerals will help the health and overall well-being of the animal without any side effects.

You will get to enjoy a better coat quality and density thanks to the addition of copper, not to mention that the skin health and wound healing will also improve.

Other benefits for this formula include improved digestive support and reproductive performance, and better bone, joint, and hoof health.

Customers reviews mentioned that this is a perfect choice for picky eaters since unlike other mineral additives, this one seems to be the one that picky goats like the most.

The versatile product can be used on goats, elk, deer, beef and dairy cattle which makes it a great choice for farmers that raise many types of livestock.



Unfortunately, this blend is quite costly which means that many potential buyers will likely avoid purchasing it for this exact reason.

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3. Purina Goat Feed 50 lb. Bag 


A lot of research has gone into formulating this goat feed, which may help explain why it is priced a bit higher than most of the other alternatives on the market. However, what you do get in return is a goat feed that is proven to offer health and vitality benefits for all breeds of goats thanks to the natural ingredients found in each pellet.

The highly palatable feed contains oats, barley, and corn that together have a coarse texture and a sweet taste that even the pickiest eaters won’t be able to refuse. Moreover, the pellets are also fortified with a mix of essential vitamins and minerals designed to keep bones strong and healthy, support fertility and immunity, and encourage optimal milk production.

This feed is also a source of 16% high-quality and wholesome plant-based protein. There are no animal protein sources in this premium option. The natural oils inside this feed will promote vibrant skin and coat.



The feed is highly palatable, and this will help ensure that each goat gets the right ration, and it reduces sorting behavior since each pellet tastes just as good as the other.

It is fortified with key trace minerals that will support stronger bones, immune function, and fertility, as well as vitamins for vibrant skin and coat and optimal milk production.

The pellets offer a good source of plant-based proteins, and you won’t have to worry about hidden animal protein sources finding their way in your goat’s feed.

It is formulated to be used for all breeds of goats, and the quality of the ingredients makes it a great choice to feed to young goats and turn them into strong and healthy goats.



The price is very high, and even though this feed does stand out thanks to the quality of its ingredients, it can be hard to justify paying this much when there are alternatives available for much less.

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4. BND 061008 Natures Best Organic Feed Thorvin Organic Kelp


If you are looking for a high-quality goat feed, the Thorvin Kelp Organic is the flagship product of the company and is designed to help keep livestock healthy and contributes to lowering your bills to the vet. The product is versatile since you can use it on almost all the animals on your farms including goats, cattle, horses, sheep, poultry, and swine.

The concentrated formula is a source of more than 60 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and beneficial phytonutrients, including polysaccharides which have prebiotic properties. It helps promote a shiny coat, better growth rates, and reproductive performance, and will also increase milk yields.

As you’ve probably already guessed from its name, this product is 100% organic and OMRI listed which means that all the ingredients come from safe sources and you won’t find pesticides, artificial preservatives, or any other toxic elements in this feed. The bag has a net weight of 50 pounds.



The exceptional nutrient density of the Thorvin feed means that even small quantities can deliver great results, and this makes this choice a cost-effective feed additive for your livestock.

The supplement has many benefits such as increasing milk yields, helping boost the immune system, promoting a shiny coat, and more.

This option uses organic ingredients and can be used for many types of livestock including goats, dairy and beef cattle, heifers and calves, horses, sheep, swine, and poultry.

You can also add this formula in the raw food that your cats and dogs eat since the minerals and vitamins present in this product will benefit them as well.

It does not alter the flavor or quality of the milk your goat produces.



The product is a bit pricey but once you consider its many uses, it’s quite hard to find another option that can offer similar value.

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5. Manna Pro Apple Goat Treats with Probiotics


The Manna Pro treats are enriched with vitamins and minerals and have a delicious apple flavor that goats won’t be able to get enough of.

They come in a small nugget form the size of an alfalfa pellet which makes it very easy for you to feed them to your goat. It will be much easier for you to offer the right amount of treats so that you don’t risk overfeeding the animal.

Similarly, the treats are formulated with probiotics which are a good preventative medicine tool for goats since they will support healthy digestion. You can use this treat for goats of all ages since it does not contain ingredients that could harm younger animals. With that said, make sure that you don’t feed baby goats too many treats.

Customers have reported that their animals are big fans of this treat thanks in part to its irresistible apple flavor.



The nuggets come in an easy-to-feed form no bigger than an alfalfa pellet and that will allow the 6-pound bag to last you for longer.

The treats come with all the vitamins and minerals that your goat requires which allows you to use it a supplement, but never as a replacement for a balanced diet.

As a plus, this product also contains added probiotics which will help support healthy digestion in goats.

The delicious and nutritious treats can be used to aid in training show animals but you can use it to show your goats just how much you love them.

The delicious apple flavor snacks can be enjoyed safely by goats of any age and it does not contain harmful ingredients.



One buyer mentions that he had a problem with this product since the goats did not find the treats very appetizing and they refused to eat them.

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6. Icelandic Kelp Meal


The Icelandic Kelp Meal offers an excellent source of macro and micro minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that have been carefully selected to ensure that your animals get all the elements they need. This versatile choice can be used for numerous types of livestock and pets, as well as for yards, pastures, trees, plants, and gardens.

When used on your goat it will promote a shiny and healthy coat, and help it have better growth rates and reproductive performance. It will also purge heavy metals, increase milk yields, and boost the immune system.

Make sure you don’t feed the kelp to rabbits and keep it out of the reach of children.

The kelp is harvested from some of the purest waters in the world and is then geothermally dried so that it can retain the most nutrients while also having the lowest possible moisture content. The feed contains 60 minerals and natural vitamins.



You won’t have to hurry using the entire meal out of fear that it will spoil once you open it since customers have commented that it will remain good to use for more than a year.

Thorvin has 30 years of experience working with kelp and that shows once you take a look at the overwhelmingly positive user reviews.

This is the only kelp feed supplement that contains selenium, copper, zinc, and cobalt, which are minerals that are needed to keep your goat healthy.

Since the formula contains 1/3 less moisture and 1/3 more total ash, you will get more value for your money.

Users were very satisfied with this product, especially with just how quick it shows results.



Customers have said that the product can seem a bit too expensive, but because of the way the kelp is harvested you actually get more product for the money.

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7. AniMed All-Pro for Sheep and Goats


The All-Pro alternative is an advanced formula specifically designed to support proper activity and balance of the naturally occurring digestive flora present in the digestive system of your livestock and pets. The product combines natural and premium functional carbohydrates, active yeast cultures, probiotics, and digestive factors.

All these ingredients are highly beneficial for goats, horses, sheep, cows, dogs, and cats of all ages. It will work wonders on animals that are stressed or suffer from the side effects of aging.

This supplement can assist with the digestion and the absorption of the essential nutrients from their feed.

For goats, the supplement is designed to be mixed with feeds at a rate of one large scoop daily. If you plan to use it for other livestock or for some of your pets, you should read the label as there you can find the feeding directions for all animals.



The advanced blend of all-natural probiotics, active yeast cultures, carbohydrates, and digestive factors will support the microflora in the digestive system of your goats.

This digestive remedy features a potent formula that can be used to treat goats, sheep, dairy and beef cattle, horses, swine, and can even be used for dogs and cats.

Buyers are pleased with this option and with the immediate results it shows when used on aging livestock.

The supplement comes in powder form which makes it easier for you to sprinkle it on the main feed of your goat.

The product includes an enclosed scoop which measures approximately ½ ounce and using it will make it easier to set the right dosage.



Customers that used this option for their pets have mentioned that the strong scent of the powder can be difficult to mask and some pets, especially dogs, might not want to touch it.

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8. Ridley All Stock Block


The Ridley All Stock Block is a self-fed supplement for goats, sheep, cattle, and horses that are on pasture or forage diets. It contains 20% protein and is fortified with trace minerals and vitamins. It does not contain added copper which makes it safe to feed to sheep.

This option offers quality nutrition and delicious ingredients at a great price, which will allow you to give your animals all that they need to stay healthy and happy without you having to break the bank.

The affordable block is the perfect supplement for anyone looking to get an economical product capable of providing optimal nutrition for active ruminant animals.

You can be certain that you will get the quality you need from this product since Ridley is an Australian company that is well known for its high-performance animal nutrition solutions that can deliver real results for a low price.



The high protein block is perfect during the winter when your livestock might not be getting all the nutrients they need.

It does not contain added copper which means that farmers that raise goats and sheep in the same pen will be able to use this block without having to worry about the ill effects of copper on sheep.

The supplement features 20% high-quality protein and it is fortified with trace minerals and vitamins so that your livestock can get all the nutrients that are required for a happy and healthy life.

The block can be used for all active ruminant animals including cattle, deer, and horses.

The 33-pound protein block will last you for a very long time and in this regard, Ridley offers great value for the money.



Customers were very satisfied with this option, but you need to make sure that you have a big enough holder that can fit this larger block.

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9. Manna Pro Goat Treats


The Manna Pro treats are designed to offer your goat a nutritional treat or reward. It will not create an imbalance for the normal ration as long as you limit the amount you offer to ½ pound per adult goat every day. Pygmy goats and younger animals will need to be fed up to ¼ pound per day. Make sure you follow these guidelines in order to avoid overfeeding.

The treats are made using real and fresh anise which will deliver a sweet, aromatic flavor and a chewy texture that your goats will not be able to resist.

Since the manufacturer uses only fresh ingredients, the feed is perishable which means that you will need to store it in an area that is cool, dry and away from rodents and insects.

If you notice that the product has changed its appearance or odor, or if it was infested by rodents, insects or mold, you should stop feeding it to your animals since it might cause illness.



The treats come in an easy-to-feed nugget form, and they have a chewy texture that your farm animals will love to gnaw at.

Manna Pro is very confident in the quality and reliability of this product, which is why it will offer you money back if your goats will not like the taste or texture of the treats.

The company has a history of over 100 years and it stands as a leader in the fields of animal nutrition and health.

You can feed the nuggets to young goats as well, as long as you make sure that you follow the feeding directions closely so as to avoid overfeeding.

The treats will also work as a feed additive since they contain vitamins and minerals that your livestock may not get enough of from the regular meals.



While not a big problem for goat owners, if you also raise sheep you should be careful not to accidentally give them this treat since it contains copper.

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10. Adm Animal Nutrition 81680AAAC4 Stock Sweet Feed


If you are looking to get a sweet feed for goats, the Sweet Unique formula features the use of highly digestible and fermentable fibers that will provide basic nutrition for multiple livestock species including all the classes or dairy and beef cattle, goats, adult horses, ewes, deer, and more.

The feed contains no more than 20% fibers, 12% protein, and around 2% fat. It is a very attractive option for farmers that want to get a fresh and high-quality feed for an economical price.

This product uses ADM’s cold pellet patented technology that can yield a superior sweet feed that can stay fresher for longer.

What this means is that the feed will stay fresh without the bricking and stickiness that is associated with the other traditional sweet feeds. Thus, there is no need to worry that the 50-pound bag is too large and that the feed will spoil before you get to use it all.



It is a very attractive option for goat owners that are in search for a fresh goat feed available at an economical price.

Unlike other sweet feeds that can start to brick and get sticky once the bag is opened, the ADM alternative will stay fresh and unaltered.

The manufacturer uses only the highest quality ingredients which allow farmers to rest assured knowing that their livestock will get a fortified and palatable feed.

Customers are very satisfied with this option especially since it can be used for many types of livestock.

ADM prides itself in providing customers with a high-quality feed at a low price that any farmer can afford.



While most goats like this option, they don’t go out of their way to eat it which means that if you have a picky eater you might find it difficult to make it eat this.

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Yearly Guide & Report


If you are still not certain about which product to get, we have compiled a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will help you decide. In it you will find useful information about what to feed goats, how much, and the many types of goat feed available on the market. Take a quick look below if you have the time.

Types of goat feed

As is the case with the food of other domestic animals, the feed you offer to your goat should contain the proper amounts of fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Goats also tend to drink less water than any other livestock, which is why, apart from a proper diet, you should also make sure that the water they have available is always fresh and clean.

Unlike cows, goats are browsers, not grazers which means that while they eat some grass they prefer a variety of green vegetation. Thus, they will nibble on hay but they will also pick at grass and weeds.

When choosing the feed, there are three main types: roughage, grainy feed, and feed additives. Goats are very good at eating and taking nutrition from roughage food thanks to their compound stomach. Roughage can be either dry or succulent. Succulent roughage can contain anywhere between 75-95% water.

Some sources of roughage that goats like include grasses, jack fruit leaf, guava leaf, cabbage, mango leaf, maize, and more.

Grainy feed, also known as feed mixer is enriched with various other types of nutritious ingredients such as fat, carbohydrates, and proteins. The main sources of grainy feed are wheat, rice, pea, potato, molasses, agricultural byproducts, and pulses. Do not feed grainy feed every day since it can cause constipation.

Finally, in order for your goat to have a balanced and nutritious diet, you will need to mix different types of minerals and vitamins in their grainy feed. There are many goat feed additives available on the market and apart from keeping your livestock healthy and happy, many of them will also improve the quality and quantity of the milk that your goat produces.

Along with this, you can also get more minerals and vitamins into the diet by giving fresh treats. Some of the healthy fruits and vegetables that these animals enjoy are pears, peaches, watermelons, grapes, carrots, celery, pumpkin, lettuce, spinach, and squash.

You may also purchase treats from your favorite shop. These will generally come in nugget form, and if you want to get the best option for the money you should search for products that use natural and fresh fruits and vegetables as the main ingredients.


Goat feeding schedule and how much to feed

Goats are ruminants, which means that they are animals who eat plants and digest them through a four-compartment stomach. Unlike cattle or sheep which eat a lot of grass, a goat’s diet should not consist entirely of fresh grass.

For goats, hay is the main source of nutrients apart from the food they get from the pasture and it’s what they eat the most during the winter when they can’t go outside. A goat will need about two to four pounds of hay per day, without taking into account what they might forage on the pasture.

As far as how much grain to feed a goat, many breeders like to feed around one pound of grain for every three pounds of milk that the goat produces. With that said, we found that most farmers will leave their livestock free choice which will allow the animals to eat as much food as they want. Do keep in mind that if your goat eats too many grains, it might get constipated.

If you find that your goats are getting too fat, you can cut down on the amount of hay and grains that you offer.

The feeding schedule is quite simple as well since it is best to offer fresh hay and other types of feed to your livestock twice a day. One popular type of hay that you can purchase for your goat is alfalfa hay because it has more protein, minerals, and vitamins than grass hay. It is also a good choice if you raise goats for milk since it has more calcium.

If you are wondering what to feed baby goats, for the first month or two the little ones will mostly rely on milk and water. During and after the weaning process, the goat will start to want to eat other foods and you can start by offering around a pound of grain per day and all the hay that it can eat.

Other aspects worth considering

In order to feed your goats properly, you will also need the right equipment. There is no need to purchase anything fancy, but having a manager to store your hay in will make it easier for goats to access the food and they will even end up wasting less of it.

If you don’t want to get a manager, or you don’t have the room or budget for it, you can consider purchasing a hay bag. This nifty option is very convenient to use since it acts as two products for the price of one. You can use it as a way to transport the hay but also as a container from which the goats will be able to gnaw at their favorite food.

It’s also worth considering what not to feed goats. While they might be resilient animals, there are many foods that you should never offer to your goat. Some of the common foods that people should be mindful of include avocado, chocolate, milkweed, wild cherries, plants with oxalates such as kale, rhubarb leaves, and lily of the valley.

If you are not 100% certain about a type of food, one way to make sure that you never accidentally feed something toxic is to google it and see if it is safe for your goat to eat.




Unavailable products


Best Dairy Goat Feed Non-GMO Soy free Corn free


The H and H pelleted goat feed rations are formulated using corn free, soy free, and non-GMO grains and are meant to supplement pasture, hay, and forage. The feed is also enhanced with all-natural minerals specially formulated to maximize your milking goat’s health and wellbeing.

What’s more, you can also use this option for dairy cows which makes it a no-brainer for farmers that raise cattle as well. The supplement contains copper to help improve the health and look of your goat’s coat but since copper can be toxic to sheep, it is advised to avoid using this product around them.

While the product meets the USDA standards for an organic feed, to keep the price reasonable the manufacturer has decided not to get certified. As far as customer feedback is concerned, we have only great things to report since the vast majority of reviews are very positive.



You can use the product as a supplement to grass and corn, and it will help your goat stay healthier and produce more milk.

The ingredients used for this pelleted feed are soy and corn free, non-GMO, and do not contain any pesticides, artificial preservatives, or colorants.

While the product is advertised as a goat feed, it works great for dairy cows as well making this option ideal for larger farms.

The manufacturer strives to include only healthy and sustainable varieties of grains, seeds, and protein sources.

Buyers say that this is one of the few options currently on the market that their goats fully agree with and don’t get tired of eating.



The 20-pound bag will not last you for long and that makes this option quite expensive in the long run, especially when you can find alternatives that offer more feed for a lower price.





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