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9 Best Milkhouse Heaters Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 02.07.22


Milkhouse Heater Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you are searching for the best milkhouse heater for the money, but you are in a rush and you don’t have the time to research the topic, we can help. After assessing what fellow buyers had to say about the available options, we have concluded that the Comfort Zone CZ798 5120 BTU Heater Fan is the product you should consider purchasing. This heater is energy efficient and it delivers a 1500-Watt performance. It features no less than three power settings that you can choose from and an adjustable thermostat so that you can also select the desired temperature manually. This choice comes provided with a caution and power indicator for safety reasons and it includes an overheat protection sensor and a tip-over switch for added practicality. If this model is unavailable at the time you go shopping, feel free to check out the Comfort Zone CZ798BK Utility Milkhouse Portable Heater.



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9 Best Milkhouse Heaters (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Shopping for a good milkhouse heater can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what features are important. So, if you are short on time, here is a list of options that you should take a close look at as they have received positive reviews from previous buyers.



1. Comfort Zone CZ798 5120 BTU Heater Fan 


This heater is energy efficient and highly compact. It has a power of 1500 watts and it can be used to heat enclosed spaces such as garages. The model features three power settings so that you can regulate the amount of heat that the heater emits. It also includes a thermostat.

Because of its design, this choice is simple to transport and it comes supplied with an oversized carry handle for increased practicality. On top of that, the unit comes equipped with power and caution indicator lights so that you can operate it safely. The housing of the heater is manufactured out of durable materials that won’t get heated.

The fan only setting that this model includes allows you to utilize it for cooling purposes as well. It can easily fit in your garage or workspace and it is, overall, simple to operate even by those who have never used a product of this sort before.



This heater is perfect to be utilized to heat areas such as garaged or various workplaces. It is safe, efficient and simple to use.

Because it comes provided with an oversized carrying handle, the option is very simple to transport from one location to the next.

It comes equipped with a safety overheat sensor that prevents it from getting too hot. Therefore, this model is also safe.

The stay-cool metal housing that the model includes is made of high-quality materials that can pass the test of time.



When compared to other similar models, this heater does not deliver as much heat. However, it also comes with a fan setting that is practical during the summer.

The control knobs that this choice features might be a bit difficult to turn, especially for people with a weak grip. This is not a major drawback that should deter you from giving it a try.

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2. Comfort Zone CZ798BK Utility Milkhouse Portable Heater 


This heater allows you to switch between two heat settings depending on the size of the space you want to heat up, as well on the temperature that you want to maintain in the said space. Because it includes a built-in fan, the option circulates the warm air in the room for an optimum degree of comfort.

Moreover, the item has a portable design and it includes an oversized carrying handle that makes it easy to transport. The body of the model is made of a material that stays cool to the touch. A safety tip-over switch, as well as an automatic shut-off function, are also included so that the product operates safely at all times.

The heater was built to last as it has a rugged, all-metal construction. It also has an adjustable thermostat that gives you total control over the air output. The choice is simple to use and practical to have around.



This option has an all-metal construction that makes it durable and, thus, suitable to be used for years to come.

It comes equipped with two safety functions, including an automatic shut-off function that cuts the power in case of overheating and a safety tip-over switch.

The design of the model is convenient and portable. In fact, it comes provided with an oversized carrying handle that makes it simple to transport.

Besides, the built-in thermostat that the heater includes allows you to control the amount of heat that this alternative emits.



In the case of mishaps during the shipping process, there is a slight chance that you will receive a broken item.

The knobs that this model includes can be a bit difficult to turn, especially for seniors or for people who suffer from arthritis. However, it should be noted that this is not a major drawback for all those interested in it.

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3. TPI Corporation 188TASA Fan Forced Portable Heater 


This model comes provided with a temperature control thermostat and it includes plenty of safety features, including a tip-over switch, an automatic reset control that features a thermal cut off function. It also includes a fast startup and it provides quiet operation. Therefore, you can install it in your workplace.

Another aspect that makes this heater practical is the fact that it has a compact design and that it is very easy to carry. This model is lightweight when compared to other alternatives and it is simple to travel with. It can be used for area heating, freeze protection, as well as for spot heating.

Because the model is simple to install, it is perfect for small spaces that have low traffic. Its design makes it suitable to use for even heat distribution from the floor to the ceiling. It runs on1500/1300W and it comes provided with the necessary installation and maintenance instructions.



This choice has a triple safety system that includes a thermal cut off, an automatic limit control feature and a tip-over switch.

It comes provided with a 6-foot long cord and with a special conductor cord. It can be used to heat and cool areas, depending on your needs.

The model was specially designed to heat up to no less than 150 square feet of space and it can be utilized in areas that have a ceiling of 10’ or less.

Moreover, this heater is user-friendly and it comes shipped alongside clear instructions on how to install, operate and maintain it.



This option might not put out as much heat as other similar devices. Still, it is convenient and simple to use even by novices.

When compared to other heaters, this one is a bit more expensive. So, if you are on a budget, it is recommended that you explore other models as well.

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4. Comfort Glow EUH352 Milkhouse Style 


If you value sturdiness, the EUH352 model distributed by Comfort Glow is a model that should make it to your list. The option comes provided with a built-in thermostat and an accidental tip-over shut-off function. Therefore, this model is simple to use and it is quite safe when compared to other choices that do not come supplied with these features.

On top of that, this 120V heater includes a metal cabinet that is made of durable materials and a carry handle that makes it simple to transport, as well as an upgraded 3-prong grounded cord is practical and also safe.

The heat emitted by this device is fan circulated so that the room that you decide to place it in is evenly heated. Because it is small in size, this heater is fairly simple to store on a shelf or in one of your closets. This device has a quiet operation and it can be used in offices.



This heater includes a built-in thermostat and it can circulate warm air evenly throughout the area that you want to heat.

It features dual wattage selection and a steel cabinet construction that makes it likely to pass the test of time.

Because it has an accidental tip-over shut-off function, this heater is safe and it won’t cause any unfortunate accidents.

What is more, the model comes with a 3-prong grounded plug and 16-gauge cord that makes it simple and practical to use.



The handles that this heater features are not made of metal, but of plastic. However, it does come supplied with plenty of safety features.

If you leave it on for hours on end, there is a slight chance that the cord that the model includes will eventually heat up. It should be added that this is to be expected from a product of this type.

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5. Comfort Glow EUH341 Milkhouse Style 


This model comes provided with a 20V, 16-gauge power cord and it stands out from other counterparts as it includes dual power settings as well as a built-in thermostat. The heater has a rather durable construction as it is housed in a metal cabinet. Moreover, it includes carrying handles so that you can carry it safely from one location to another.

The heat that it generates is evenly distributed inside the room that you want to heat up with the help of the fan that the model includes. Tip-over guards are also featured in the design of the option for safety reasons.

If you are searching for a silent device, you will be happy to learn that this choice is rather silent and, thus, suitable to be used in a wide array of areas, including at your workplace. The model can also be utilized during the summer as it comes with a fan-only function.



It has a sturdy construction because of the metal cabinet in which the heater is installed. Also, it comes with a 16-gauge power cord.

This option is simple to carry around as it includes a very handy carry handle. Consequently, you can travel with it when necessary.

Given that it operates quietly, this choice is suitable to be used at various locations, including at your workplace.

The option comes provided with a power-on indicator light as well as with an accidental tip-over shut-off function for added security.



Even though the heater itself is quiet, you will still be able to hear the fan when the product is on. This is, by no means, an aspect that should detract you from buying it.

If you suffer from arthritis, you might find it a bit difficult to turn the knobs. This is a concern that only a limited number of interested customers have to consider.

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6. Homebasix LH872 Mini Milk House 


If you want a heater that allows you to adjust its temperature, this model is definitely one that you should add to your list. On top of being simple to use, this choice is also highly portable and compact in its design. As a result, you can transport it around whenever you consider it fit or whenever you have to travel.

Because it features built-in emergency power controls, this heater is very simple to operate and, even more importantly, quite safe. It also comes provided with a tip-over safety shut-off function and with overload protection.

When it comes to its durability, it should be added that this model is made using heavy-duty materials. The product is also ETL/CETL listed. It comes with a 2-prong electric cord and it has a total power of 1500 watts. It can be used in various areas of your home or workspace.



Because it does not include a lot of heat settings, this heater is very simple to use and it can be used to evenly heat various spaces.

The thermostat that the model features works well and it shuts itself off when the desired temperature is reached.

This model is small in size and it can generate a lot of heat even when it is on the low function. It is practical to travel with.

It can be utilized in a wide array of spaces and it comes supplied with plenty of safety features that add to its overall appeal.



The only way to make sure that the model is off is by unplugging it. This is the case because the product does not include an on/off switch.

When compared to other heaters, this choice is a bit nosier. Still, it does get the job done and it is simple to use.

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7. Comfort Zone CZ798 1500 Watt 


If you are looking for a utility heater that can get the job done, this might be just the product for you. It is energy efficient and it has a portable design that makes it simple to travel with. It has a power of 1500 watts and it can provide you with the targeted heating in enclosed spaces.

The model includes three power settings that allow you to select between various temperature options so that you get just the amount of heat that you need. Because it features a fan only setting, you can also utilize it during the scorching days of summer. Consequently, you won’t have to invest in other appliances.

Durability-wise, this model includes a stay-cool all-metal housing that won’t get damaged or broken easily. Plus, the option comes supplied with several safety features such as a tip-over switch, caution indicator lights and an overheat sensor.



This device can be used to create a safe and warm environment that suits your needs. It has an adjustable thermostat that is simple to operate.

It has a durable steel body that won’t break easily. As a result, you can use this option for years to come.

The choice is regarded as a practical model that you can use to heat garages, workspaces or other areas.

It features power and caution indicator lights, as well as a safety overheat protection sensor that can prevent it from becoming a fire hazard in case it gets too hot.



At first, the model might give away a specific smell that you might find unpleasant. After a few minutes of continuous use, the odor goes away.

If you do not use this heater as intended, there is a chance that this choice will stop working as expected. The needed instructions are provided.

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8. King Electric PHM-1 1500-watt 


This portable alternative comes with two heat settings and it has a power of 1500 watts. It also features a Ni-Chrome heating element that is durable and efficient. The housing of the heater is made of coated steel and it can pass the test of time.

Plus, this model includes an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the amount of heat that this unit delivers. When it comes to safety, it should be added that this option comes with an overheat protection function that is quite practical.

The heater also features a 2-prong plug and it was specially made to be used in garages or for other applications where supplementary heat is needed. In total, it can heat areas that measure up to 200 square feet.

In case the product tips overheats or falls, a special internal switch cuts off the power so that you can avoid unfortunate accidents.



The model has a rugged construction and it features a scratch and rust-resistant finish that adds to its sturdiness.

Given its design, this option is ideal to be used to temporarily heat various spaces such as your work area or your garage.

The choice features two heat settings, a 1300W low one, and a 1500W, or the high setting. So, you get to control the amount of heat it generates.

It was specially crafted to include a high-temperature auto shut off function and a safety tip-over switch. Therefore, this model is safe.



The handles that this heater comes equipped with are rather thin, which is why you might find it uncomfortable to carry it around.

If the model is handled or transported improperly, there is a chance that it will not function as expected. This is rarely the case and this aspect should not be regarded as a major drawback.

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9. Soleil Milk House Utility Heater Fan Forced


This choice measures 7.28 inches in width, 15.55 inches in height and 9.65 inches in depth and it comes provided with three heat levels that you can switch between. It has a power of 750/1500 watts and a compact design that allows you to carry it around whenever you need to travel.

Given that it was made of high-quality materials, this model is quite durable and it can be used year after year before it needs to be replaced. Furthermore, because of its simple design and easy to operate knobs, this alternative is suitable to be used by seniors and novices who are not technically inclined.

This option also stands out because it is compact in size and lightweight. Because of this, it can be easily stored when you no longer need to use it. This heater can be utilized for a wide array of purposes and, as a result, it is a great investment, especially if you need to use devices of this time regularly.



This heater is compact, lightweight and simple to carry as it comes supplied with carrying handles that make it easy to transport.

It has a power of 750/1500 watts and no less than three heat settings that you can switch between whenever you want to adjust the temperature.

The model has a nice, classic design and it will look great no matter the space that you intend to install it in.

Because it has a simple design, the choice is not at all difficult to operate, even by novices or seniors.



In rare cases, due to manufacturing issues, the model that you receive might not perform as expected. Not many such cases have been reported.

Given its size, this heater is a bit pricey. However, it should be pointed out that it gets the job done and it can help you heat various areas of your home or workspace.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Shopping for a milkhouse heater implies doing a bit of research. If you are new to buying an item of this sort, we have composed a list of features that the specialists and previous customers recommend that you look for.

Heating capacity and energy efficiency

The best milkhouse heaters for your needs are those that can efficiently heat the space that you have available. A regular heater uses around 10 watts of power to heat one square foot of space. Therefore, a 1500 watts model can cover a 150 square feet room.

However, you should consider the fact that not all heaters are constructed equally and, thus, depending on the heating technology utilized to make them, each product might cover spaces of different sizes.

Generally, manufacturers provide, in the description of the options that they make and distribute, a clear approximation of the area that each model can heat. This is an aspect that you should take a close look at before making a decision.

Another aspect that you should keep in mind is the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling in the room that you want to install the heater in is rather high, you should invest in a more powerful option that provides you with sufficient heat.

If you don’t plan to have your electric bills skyrocket, you also have to consider whether or not the milkhouse utility heater that you intend to buy is energy efficient or not. A choice that comes provided with extra features such as an adjustable thermostat, energy-saving modes, a low wattage or programmable timers can also help you minimize the power usage.


Noise level and safety features

No matter if you get a cheap milkhouse heater or a more expensive option, these devices tend to emit at least some noise during operation. This mainly happens because they include fans that circulate the air through the heater and into the room.

Once again, the particularities of a heater depend on how a product of this sort is designed. So, while some choices are more silent, others tend to get a bit noisier. If you decide to install your brand-new acquisition in your workspace, you should consider getting a quieter one. However, if you need a heater that you can place in your garage, one that is a bit noisier is fitting.

To get a better understanding of how the model that you like works, it is recommended that you take a close look at what previous buyers had to say about the unit that you like. This way, you can better assess its suitability.

All milkhouse heater reviews also point out that a good device of this kind has to be equipped with safety features. This is necessary because, in specific conditions, these units can become fire hazards.

Some of the most practical safety features that a heater can have are an internal switch that shuts off the power in the event the device is tipped over and overheat protection. Of course, no matter if the device that you get comes provided with these features, you still have to pay close attention to how you use the heater so that you can avoid any unwanted accidents.

Extra features

It comes as no surprise that one of the most important features that you should not overlook is an adjustable thermostat. Being able to control the temperature that the product emits is essential, as this means that you have complete control over the level of comfort that you get to enjoy.

To make it easier for users, some models come supplied with heat levels that the user can switch between. These units are especially simple to use and, thus, more suitable for seniors and novices.

If you suffer from arthritis, or if you have limited hand strength, you also have to consider the fact that not all units that you can find for sale are fitting for you because not all options feature easy-to-operate knobs.

If you are searching for milkhouse heaters that you can travel with, it is often advisable that you get one that is space-efficient and that comes provided with carrying handles. Because they were designed to be simple to store, most of the options that you can find online are small in size and rather compact in their design. Therefore, finding one that you can bring with you during trips should not be that difficult.

The length of the power cord that the affordable milkhouse heater that you like includes is also vital. By buying a device that has a long cord, you will be able to place the model in various locations within the room. This is important, especially if you want to invest in a powerful heater, as there aren’t a lot of extension power cords that you can utilize with a device of this kind.

If you notice that the area that you heat with your new device does not stay warm, you should consider adding insulation so that warmth is maintained. Insulation can also help you avoid draught and it can help you save some money on electricity bills.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is a milk house heater?

Milk heaters were invented decades ago. Back then, their main purpose was to keep dairy barns warm during the colder months of the year. Nowadays, these practical devices are mainly utilized to heat various spaces such as garages and workshops.

These models run on electricity and they stand out because of their compact design. Besides, these devices come provided with built-in thermostats that allow you to select the level of heat that you want the heater to emit, as well as with added safety features that makes them safe to operate.

To cater to your needs, some manufacturers also design their heaters to include a fan only option. This way, you can also use the heater during the warm days of summer when you need to cool down.

Given the many features that these devices include, it comes as no surprise that they are so well-liked and recommended.

Q: How does a milk house heater work?

If you have read any milkhouse heater review before, you probably already know that these devices run on electricity, in other words, a product of this type converts electricity into heat energy. This process is known in physics as the principle of Joule heating.

Basically, these models feature an electric resistor that produces heat. The resulting heat is pushed onto the space that you want to keep warm with the help of a fan.

Depending on the design of each heater, these devices also come supplied with safety features that make them safe to operate in a wide array of spaces. Some of the available options also include a fan-only function that proves practical, especially in the summer.

Most milkhouse heaters are specially constructed to be simple to use and highly compact and easy to travel with. They are made of sturdy materials and, generally, they can pass the test of time.


Q: Can you leave a milk house heater on overnight?

The answer is no. No matter how many safety features the option that you like has, there is always a chance that an unfortunate accident might happen. As a result, when it comes to electrical devices, it is recommended that you turn them off before you go to bed.

Moreover, when you install the heater in a room, you have to make sure that there is a three-foot perimeter around it that is clear of any items. You should also avoid putting clothes or towels near the heater, as they might catch fire. It is also advisable that you never place the heater near the bed or close to the curtains in your room.

Many of the fires caused by the use of heaters are related to extension cords. This is the main reason why you should never use an extension cord that could overheat with a product of this kind. Instead, you should plug the device directly into an electrical outlet.




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