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9 Best Slow Feeders for Horses – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 31.05.23


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Slow Feeder for Horses + Reviews


If you have a horse or you are planning to get one in the future, you must be aware that these creatures need particular care and especially the best slow feeder for horses that you can get. If you don’t know how to purchase such an item, this guide, which was based on our own analysis as well as plenty of slow feeder for horses reviews, will help you out. Our team conducted lengthy research and decided that the option to consider is the Derby Originals Supreme Four Sided Slow Feed. This product allows the horse to eat comfortably due to its exclusive design, it’s very sturdy, thanks to the double-layered 1200D nylon construction, and there are 4 sides that can be used for feeding. If this product is unavailable, another great option you might want to consider is the Derby Originals Super-Tough Bottom Slow Feed feeder.



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9 Best Slow Feeders for Horses (Updated Reviews) in 2023



If you want to purchase a good slow feeder for your horse, there are several criteria you should take into account. Even if they look similar, not all slow feeders are the same and not all might suit your horse’s needs. To help you make up your mind, our team put together a comprehensive overview of the most popular products with a slow feeder for horses review for each one.



1. Derby Originals Supreme Four Sided Slow Feed


The Derby Originals Supreme is one of the most popular slow feeder hay bags for horses currently available. It measures 24x24x9”. It ranks high in our top mainly due to its unique design.

This feeder has an exclusive patented design which aims to enable horses to eat as comfortably as possible. To achieve this goal, unlike other products, this feeder allows the horse to withdraw supply from each one of the 4 sides of the bag.

Additionally, this feeder also provides excellent airflow which means that the supply can be kept fresh and that all the debris is easily eliminated. This feature also helps reduce the dust which usually accumulates in hay and is unpleasant and also not healthy for your horse.

Another great asset of this hay bag is its sturdy construction – the product is made of double-layered 1200D nylon. All the straps are also resistant and for more durability, the bag has reinforced stitches.



The number one feature that recommends this product is its design. Allowing horses to grab hay from each side of the bag, you are basically helping them eat easier. Your horse will not struggle to grab pieces of hay from one side of the bag only, which will greatly increase its comfort.

This is considered a durable product as it is made of very resistant nylon and it was produced with the ultimate attention, having reinforced stitching to resist wear.

It has good airflow which helps eliminate the leftovers and keep the supply fresh.

A great aspect related to this hay bag is that it comes with a one-year warranty, so you can get a replacement if your product has flaws.



In case you have an overly aggressive horse, the product’s straps might become worn a lot faster than normal. The good part is that you get a one-year warranty to send it back if you have problems with it.

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2. Derby Originals Super-Tough Bottom Slow Feed


The Derby Originals Super-Tough Bottom has a great and resistant design. It isn’t called ‘super-tough bottom’ for no reason. The lower part of the hay bag is reinforced and made to stand the test of time. Due to its durability, this feeder is a good investment.

The overall confection is very reliable as it is made of double-layered nylon and provided with strong straps and hardware. The stitches were reinforced to ensure enhanced durability. Moreover, the bottom part of the bag also provides superior airflow which helps eliminate the debris while also minimizing dust.

This slow feeder was carefully designed in order to help the horse imitate how it would naturally graze outside in the open. It, therefore, promotes comfort, but also good digestion which is essential for horses’ overall health.

This product measures 21x25x7” and it comes in a wide range of colors including blue, pink, purple, black, and green. It has openings that measure 2” which is enough for an adult horse to eat comfortably.



First and foremost, the Derby Originals Super-Tough Bottom has a very sturdy construction. The bottom part of the bag is extremely tough and made to resist forces over a long period of time.

Overall, this is a very sturdy product that should last for a long time. On the one hand, it is made of double-layered nylon, which is a resistant material and, it has strong straps and reinforced stitches.

It provides a very good position for the horse’s natural feeding needs, thus enabling the animal to eat comfortably and to have good digestion.

Superior airflow – the advantage is that the waste which automatically comes with feeding horses is eliminated. Also, you reduce dust which is both uncomfortable and unhealthy.

The multiple color choice which makes it an appealing option.



In rare cases, the bag might deteriorate faster than expected, which is usually the case when more horses use it.

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3. Weaver Leather Slow Feed Hay Net


This is one of the most appreciated slow feeder hay nets for horses our team reviewed. It has a plain, but highly efficient design which enables the horse to easily reach the hay. The feeder has small holes and the horse can only take the pieces of hay bit by bit. Thus, the animal can eat comfortably, while maintaining good digestion.

The Weaver Leather Slow is a rope hay net that you can easily hang to any part of the stable or outdoors. It is not heavy and very easy to use. You will deploy very little effort with this feeder, which means that you will save time.

This is a cheap slow feeder for horses which does a great job. You can save money by investing in this model and it will work and last just like other products that cost even three times more.



This feeder was designed with smaller holes in order to meet its primary purpose, only allowing the horse to drag out small quantities of food.

It helps animals eat slowly which is just what a feeder of this kind must do in order to promote horses’ natural feeding needs and their digestive health.

It is perfect for greedier horses which try to pull out more hay as the holes are small.

Price is definitely one of the assets of this product. It is quite affordable for a model that is known to function well.

Most users are very satisfied with this feeder’s resistance and confirm that it can be used in the long term. The rope net that was used to build this product is strong.

It is good for those who have to take part in shows and need a feeder that’s easy to carry and attach.



Some users consider that the ropes which are used to hang the feeder are slightly slippery and difficult to tie.

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4. Partrade Trading Company Ultra Slow Feeder


First, it should be noted that this model has 1″ x 1″ openings and can hold 5-6 flakes of hay. Anyone who is searching for a slow feeder knows that these products are meant to determine horses to eat slower. To do this, a good feeder must allow horses to grab very small amounts of hay. This is just what the Partrade slow feeder is doing.

In other words, it helps the horse eat healthily – that is, small amounts over a long period of time and it also helps owners easily control the quantity of hay and eating pace.

Additionally, those who decide to try this product will be pleased by its ease of use. It takes very little time to fill this feeder and to clean it. It is also lightweight and easy to manipulate. Finally, it’s worth remembering that this model comes in several colors such as blue, green, red, and pink.



This is indeed an ultra-slow bag. Almost every available slow feeders for horse review that describes this product highlights its great capacity to control the horse’s eating pace. This makes it a great choice especially for animals who are used to eating too fast or too much.

The Ultra Slow Feeder has a generous size, so you don’t have to refill it very often. The size of the openings is also just right for adult horses.

It is very easy to hang and clean, requiring little time and effort. It also offers good quality per price and multiple color choices.

This is a resistant product. Even if the horse pulls it or grabs it with its teeth, the net is not going to wear very soon.



In very rare circumstances, the horse might reject the feeder due to its small holes.

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5. NEFTF Slow Feed Hay Net Bag Full Day


The NEFTF Slow Feed Hay Net Bag Full Day is one of the most popular choices in terms of slow feeders. What accounts for its great success is, as highlighted by its name, the product’s capacity to fit enough hay for a day.

This is a great feature as it helps owners easily take care of their horse’s needs, by simply filling the feeder once only. The holes of this feeder measure 1.2*1.2 inches and the overall size of the bag is 48*36 inches.

With this feeder, the horse is kept busy all day and eats slowly, just like it should in order to maintain good digestion. Furthermore, this way the horse is also less prone to develop behavioral problems as it has constant activity.

This model is very resistant – it is made of nylon mesh. The squares have a very good tensile strength and are made to last. Also, this bag feeder helps eliminate waste which means less time spent on cleaning.



The biggest advantage of this design is that it enables you to refill once per day only. It requires less time and effort as you don’t have to constantly check the horse’s feeder. This is a great choice for busy horse owners.

It performs well in terms of controlling the animal’s eating pace. The holes that allow the horse to grab the supply are only 1.2*1.2in. This is just the right size in order to make sure the horse doesn’t eat too much hay all at once.

This feeder is very resistant as its net is manufactured using nylon mesh.

Also, since this item is prone to wear as the animals spend most of the day grabbing it with their teeth, the manufacturer made the net’s squares of material with high-tensile strength. No matter how aggressive the horse is, this net should last.



Some might consider that the nylon used for the net feels too thin so it may not be that durable.

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6. Homend Full Day Slow Feed Hay Net Bag


This product stands out due to its great capacity; it can enable you to feed your horse enough hay for a full day. This means that you don’t have to worry too much about your horse’s hay supply as the problem is solved with this feeder.

With this model, you can also solve the behavioral problems arising from lack of occupation as the horse will be busy eating throughout the day. The size of this Homend feeder is 63″ Length x 40″ Width. The holes that force your horse to eat at a slower pace are only 1.2 x 1.2 inches.

The Homend Full Day Slow Feed Hay Net is very easy to use; there are two main handles located at the top and the bottom so that refilling the feeder is fast and fuss-free. This item is also very easy to lift, and it can be hung anywhere around the stable.

This is a sturdy design made of solid soft poly mesh. It is also a mildew-proof product and it is meant to be used in the long term.



It is a very good option for people with little time on their hands; the feeder must be filled once per day only.

Also, it has small-sized holes (1.2 x 1.2 in) which means that no matter how much the horse tries to, it can only pull out small quantities of hay. This guarantees healthy digestion as the horse eats slowly throughout the day.

The design of this product makes it very easy to use. To empty or refill it with hay, you simply have to pull its two sturdy handles. You don’t have to spend too much time replenishing.

The small holes ensure that the horse only eats at a moderate pace, thus protecting its digestive system.



Some clients report that they are not able to completely close the hay bag.

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7. Tough 1 Easy Loading Wall Mounted Hay Hoops


The Easy Loading Wall Mounted Hay Hoops is a premiere product in its category. This type of design is perfect for busy people who can spare very little time in replenishing the horse’s feeder with hay. As the name suggests, it is easy to load hay in this feeder because it has an open top.

You simply grab the amount of hay and place it inside. Unlike other net hay feeders, with this model you don’t have to take the feeder down from where it hangs- just open it and then add the supply. It is very efficient.

This product also aims to mimic the horse’s natural eating habits as it enables the animal to adopt a low position. Therefore, your horse will feel comfortable.

To install this feeder, you have to attach it to the wall once and then simply supply more hay when needed. It is therefore very economical in terms of time consumption. It comes with a nylon hay net that has 2″x2″ holes.



The highlight of this product is its ease of use. Unlike other similar items that require more time and effort in replenishing the horse’s hay supply, with this feeder all you have to do is take the food and put it inside.

There is also less time and effort spent on cleaning after your horse as you don’t need to take the feeder down each time you refill it, thus you also eliminate additional mess and waste.

This feeder is easy to attach to a wall and this also reduces the probability of getting worn. The horse is unlikely to pull it down.

With this choice, your horse will eat from a comfortable and natural position.

The net that is used for holding the hay is made of resistant nylon. Overall, this product is meant to last.



The netting might need to be replaced after a while.

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8. NATGAI Full Day Slow Feed Hay Net Bag


The NATGAI Full Day Slow Feed Hay Net Bag has several great features. It is one of those types of feeders that allow you to put sufficient hay in in order to feed your horse for a whole day. This is a great time-saver but it also minimizes the mess that comes with replenishing a feeder frequently.

Moreover, this design ensured that the horse is busy all day, thus minimizing the chances that it develops behavior issues. The size of this hay bag is 63″ Length x 40″ Width. The holes are 1.2*1.2 inches, which is the standard size that allows horses to eat the appropriate amounts of hay at a slow pace.

This item is very easy to open and also to fill due to its design which provides two main handles. You will also be able to easily hang the feeder onto different objects, at different heights. The poly mesh that makes up the net is resistant so that you can use this feeder for a long time.



It is a good choice if you don’t want or can’t invest too much time in taking care of your horse’s feeding needs. The feeder has to be filled only once each day.

It doesn’t take too much to replenish the feeder; you simply have to pull the handles. It has a simple and efficient design which reduces waste.

The small holes only allow the animal to pull out small pieces of hay, step by step so that it doesn’t eat too much or too fast.

It is a good choice for healthy digestion and it also keeps the horse busy all day, therefore avoiding behavioral issues.

It is made of resistant soft poly mesh and it is also mildew-proof.



Some clients complained that their horse was able to deteriorate the feeder in a short time.

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9. ASOOLL Slow Feed Horse Feeder Bag


The Slow Feed Horse Feeder Bag was designed in order to stand the test of time. It was made using highly resistant 600D oxford material. Even if the horse grabs the bag with its teeth, shakes and pulls it, this feeder aims to resist wear.

Another benefit of this hay bag, which also makes it different from other models out there, is its ability to be hung using its snap hooks. You can attach it very easily to any nail, thus investing little time and effort in figuring out where to place the feeder.

This is a foldable product which makes it super easy to carry. It is a good option if you have to go to shows or move it frequently. Its size is 17.5″x1.57″x11.

The small holes of this hay bag were carefully designed in order to only allow the horse to pull out small amounts of hay, and eat healthily.



This Asooll product is the perfect choice for horse owners who have to travel often, for example, because they take their horse to shows, as it is foldable and very easy to carry.

It can easily be used anywhere, in stalls, on pastures or anywhere else. This is not only due to its portable design but also to its ease of use. The bag can be attached in no time to a nail, using its incorporated hooks.

This hay bag is efficient as it only allows the horse to pull out the necessary amount of hay, preventing it from eating too much or too fast. It is a good choice for horses that tend to be overweight.

The Slow Feed Horse Feeder Bag is wear-resistant as it is made of strong 600D oxford material.



The horse can only pull the hay from a few holes on the front of the bag which might make it a little bit uncomfortable.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


A slow feeder for horses is a great accessory your horse definitely deserves. With this simple item, your horse can eat just the way it should: slowly and over a long period. These animals’ nutritional habits are different from those of other mammals. They don’t need two or three main meals, but a constant supply of food, which is mainly represented by hay or grass.

If you haven’t read at least a slow feeders for horses review or two till now, you might be tempted to think that all products are the same. Indeed, all products serve the same purpose, but they can differ from many perspectives.

Because it is your desire to choose the right slow feeder for horses, this guide will help you understand what you should be looking for. Several key features will be taken into account so that you can understand how slow hay feeders for horses work. Afterward, it will be your job to match these features with your horse’s exigencies and your own.

How does a slow feeder for horses actually work?

If you already own a horse or are familiar with what taking care of one implies, you’ve probably seen slow feeders before. These are basically recipients you use to feed your horse. The main types of feeders can either look like a net or a normal solid container.

Regardless of their design, these items aim for the same goal: allowing your horse to withdraw a small amount of hay so that the supply can last for long. To do this, the feeders are designed with holes in them. There are also models that bring together the idea of a solid recipient and a flexible net.


What features you should be looking out for when choosing a feeder?

There are numerous types of feeders out there and, while some owners prefer to improvise their own models, it is better to opt for a readily made product. This is the safest way because manufacturing your own feeder might be cheaper but it can also pose risks as the animals might get hurt while using it. There are countless products of this kind online you can choose from.

This being said, here are the main characteristics you should take into account before buying a slow feeder for horses.


Number of horses

It would be great if you could use one feeder only for several horses, but this is not feasible. As the horse has to spend a fairly large amount of its time feeding itself from the feeder, you will need one product for each horse.



Hay feeders are not extremely large, especially if you opt for net models. However, you do need to consider your available space before making a purchase. Solid feeders occupy more space so you might need to know the precise size of the place where you want to put the feeder.

Also, the feeder should be large enough to allow you to feed your horses enough hay for a day or at least several hours.



Weight is also an essential factor in choosing the right feeder. On the one hand, you need a product that is made from resistant material as the horse will pull it or kick it with its legs every day. On the other hand, you also have to remember that you will be cleaning the feeder so you have to be able to manage it with ease.



Safety is a prime requirement the feeder needs to meet. There are so many ways in which horses can get injured while using these products – for example, if the edges of the feeder are too sharp, or if there are loose ropes that can make your horse stumble. Try to anticipate the moves your horse might make and avoid any designs that pose risks.


The best slow feeders for horses are those that allow the animals to eat from a natural position. Unless the horse feels comfortable, it will not be able to spend hours a day nibbling at the hay. Good feeders should not force the horse to keep its neck and head in an uncomfortable position  and they should be close to the ground.

In case you opt for the type of feeders that are designed as bags, you have to place them at a safe level so that the animal’s legs cannot get entangled in the ropes.

In the case of solid feeders, you have to consider how deep they are and realize if your horses will be comfortable bending to reach its food.


Where to look for good slow feeders for horses?

There’s a vast range of providers that manufacture and sell slow feeders for horses. You can buy them online or you can purchase them directly from a store. There are two ways to get hold of a good feeder. You can either ask for a recommendation before you make the purchase, or you can make time to read some of the slow feeders for horses reviews found online.

It is always a good idea to see what other users have to say about the product you are thinking of purchasing. Therefore, the best way to make sure you invest in a quality feeder is to do a little bit of research and read product reviews, descriptions and guides.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is a slow feeder?

As its name suggests, a feeder is something you use in order to feed your horse. It is a special type of accessory that’s meant to hold the hay you give to your house. The purpose of slow feeders for horses is to allow animals only to take the food out bit by bit, so they can eat slowly and for long hours.

Slow feeders come in different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular horse hay feeder models is the one that basically has a net design. This type of feeder is pretty easy to manage; you just have to find a suitable place to hang it. These feeders have holes in them so that the horse can grab the supply found inside.

There are also solid hay feeders which are compact and usually made of resistant materials such as heavy plastic. These feeders too are provided with different openings that allow your horse to grab its supply piece by piece.

Q: Are slow feeders good for horses?

Slow feeders are good because they help these animals feed themselves in a way that imitates the natural process of grazing.

A slow hay feeder for horses will help your beloved friend eat at his or her own pace and make sure that there is sufficient supply available over a longer period of time. If you simply lay all the hay in front of your horse, it will naturally be tempted to eat all the amount faster.

This means that, by the time you are ready to give your horse the next meal, the animal will be left with nothing else to do and, gradually, the sensation of hunger will appear. This is not ok for a horse’s digestive system. These animals need to eat slowly and constantly, their stomach should be kept busy digesting the hay for hours.

Slow feeders are also useful because they keep horses busy, which is quite important for animals who live in captivity and tend to develop unpleasant behaviors due to lack of activity.


Q: How many times a day should you feed a horse?

Horses need a constant supply of roughage throughout the day. A horse’s diet should be mainly represented by hay. An adult horse is allowed to eat approximately 3% of its body’s mass. Another way to calculate how much hay you should feed your horse is by considering 1 pound of supply for 100 pounds of the animal’s weight.

How much food your horse receives also depends on how active it is. Horses that exercise a lot also require a higher intake of calories. When it comes to how many meals a horse may get, you have to keep in mind that these animals need a continuous amount of hay throughout the day.

You should not be feeding your horses twice or three times a day and let them wait in between the meals. A horse’s feeder should be filled daily with the necessary quantity it needs based on its weight.



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