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9 Best Firewood Log Carts – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 25.02.24


Top Firewood Log Carts – Guide & Comparison


When on the lookout for the best firewood log cart, a lot of aspects come into play. That is why we intend to make your choice easy by presenting you with easy to implement information that will help you decide on the right product. Our research team identified the 1900 Earth Worth Firewood Log Cart as the model that appears on top of the list for gathering the most positive reviews from users and most sales. The way the cart is designed makes it easy to protect the wood from mold and bug infestations as it holds it off the ground. Because it comes equipped with a pair of wheels, moving the cart around is easy as a breeze, and you’ll find it convenient when you have to move the logs close to a fire or store them away. Stacking the firewood neatly is a breeze, and you’ll be able to keep it in ideal conditions with ease. If this model is no longer available, the Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart is our second-best recommendation.



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9 Best Firewood Log Carts (Updated Reviews) in 2024



With so many firewood carts available on the market, making the correct choice from the get-go may appear as an impossible task. We put together a list of popular models to help you identify the one ideal for your needs without a problem.



1. 1900 Earth Worth Firewood Log Cart 


When you store firewood over long periods, problems can occur, such as mold and bug infestations. This model ensures that you won’t have to do with any such issues as it raises the wood off the ground, keeping it away from sources of damage. Even more, it serves directly as a means to store your firewood, as well as hauling it around as needed.

It should also be mentioned that it’s an affordable firewood log cart. Its simple design helps it work like a charm and doesn’t come with bells and whistles you might not need. Because it comes with 2 wheels, moving it is a breeze, and you don’t have to be a particularly strong person to manipulate it.

Another thing that will satisfy you about this model is its size. It offers the possibility to stock a substantial amount of firewood. Its overall design is that of a professional tool.



Due to its design, the wood is kept off the ground, which helps with ventilation and protection from rot, mold, and bugs.

Since it’s made from durable materials, it is designed to serve you for a long time without replacing the frame.

Assembling this firewood log cart is a breeze, and it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to put it together and then to work.

On top of it all, this log cart looks stylish and has a small footprint, so you will easily find a place for it in your shed.



You may find yourself forced to replace the rubber tires, as they are not exceptionally sturdy, and they are affected by excessive humidity.

An aspect of the design that may draw from the overall usefulness of the log cart is that there is no extra bar on the bottom, which causes smaller pieces of wood to fall through.

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2. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart 


Few options can beat the convenience of a firewood hauling wagon like this one. The model is easy to fill up with firewood and not only, and its quick-dump feature guarantees that you will not have any issues with unloading the cart. A stylish frame design makes assembling the unit a breeze.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how maneuverable this cart is. When you work in the garden, you often need to move dirt, mulch, and other things around. As you can easily see, this option is not only for hauling firewood when needed. Its versatility makes it stand out from the crowd.

The pneumatic tires will go over bumpy terrain without a glitch, while the poly bed won’t be affected by rust and corrosion. It looks like the manufacturer thought of everything, as the padded handle can attest. The excellent comfort and durability make this firewood log cart the perfect option for many buyers.



The dumping technology employed on this model increases its usability, as the quick-release feature makes your job a lot easier than before.

You can count on the balanced design that uses 4 wheels to ensure proper stability and extra comfort for the user.

When you need to put it together, you will notice that the operation is extremely easy, and it won’t take you a lot of time.

The ease of maneuverability counts toward naming this model one of the most convenient you can get at the moment.

For extra comfort, the pulling handle comes padded and provides a superior grip.



While well-made and durable, this dump cart has a minor issue, which is the hardware quality; to make things easier, purchase the necessary bolts and screws separately.

The maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds might be an overshoot, as loading the cart with that much amount of logs doesn’t appear achievable.

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3. WORX WA0232 Aerocart Carrier 


You may not need to invest in a full-fledge firewood log cart if the amount of wood you need to move around is small. If that’s the case, here’s a cheap firewood log cart accessory that will transform any wheelbarrow into the tool of your choice. Whenever you must move a bulky item or firewood, all you need to do is attach this accessory to a regular wheelbarrow.

The canvas has a heavy-duty construction, while the frame is made from durable steel. You can tell it is well made from first glance. The durability offered is only matched by its usefulness. The product won’t show signs of wear and tear anytime soon, and you’ll be able to use it for small tasks without an issue.

When you don’t need it, you only have to remove it and fold it. You will be happy to see that it folds flat, making storing it a walk in the park.



This hauler attachment is handy for various tasks in the garden, such as moving cut branches, stacking brush, and dealing with various bulky items, including firewood.

You won’t need any special tools to assemble this attachment, and you will find the entire process a breeze.

With a maximum load of 177 pounds, it may not seem much, but if you don’t need a full-size cart for your home and garden applications, it is more than enough.

When you need to store it away, you only have to detach it from your wheelbarrow and fold it flat.

A sturdy steel frame and a tough canvas offer superior durability.



A handy accessory, this product does have some drawbacks, such as the fact that it is quite small and narrow and might not fit your wheelbarrow.

Learning how to use it correctly is not exactly easy, so you will have to try it out with smaller loads until you get the hang of it.

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4. Sekey Folding Wagon Cart 


The following firewood log cart review focuses on a different type of product than the ones mentioned so far. It resembles a small hauling wagon, but it has a pouch made from canvas instead of a rigid material. The advantages offered by this design choice are multiple. First of all, it makes it foldable so that it doesn’t take up too much room in your shed.

Second, it allows you to stuff it with various items you intend to carry and maximizes the efficiency of using the space at your disposal. It can carry up to 176 pounds, and it’s a great helper in the garden and around the house.

The manufacturer employs a unique technology that makes the wheels move over uneven terrain without a problem. Plus, the wheels are considerably quieter due to a system of bearings, so you won’t experience the same nuisances you see in other wheeled options.



The collapsible design makes it the ideal choice for anyone without a lot of space at his or her disposal for extra equipment.

You will notice right away the convenient handle that can be adjusted so that it’s the most comfortable for your height.

The canvas pouch is made from 600D polyester fabric, and it’s highly durable; moreover, it doesn’t stain easily, and it’s not a burden to clean.

With a spacious interior and a weight capacity of 176 pounds, it is the type of wagon cart that will help you tremendously, no matter the task.



The large wheels are handy on rough terrain, but their steering capabilities are abysmal, and you will have to manipulate the cart with ease.

When folding it up for storage, you will discover that you will have to struggle a little to align the wheels correctly so that they don’t get in the way.

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5. Rock-N-Roller R6RT 8-in-1 Folding Multi-Cart 


The various log carriers with wheels you can find on the market may offer you different features and incentives to choose one over the others. In this case, the main selling point for the R6RT is its ability to modify its shape in 8 different ways to serve multiple purposes. If such extra conveniences are on your list, you will find it an excellent option.

You will notice that the cart comes equipped with R-Trac tires, designed to offer superior traction, on par with what pneumatic tires can deliver, but minus the effort and time required by maintenance and repairs.

The frame is generally well made and guarantees that you will get to enjoy your multi-cart for a long time. Adjustments are easy to perform, and you can modify your cart to handle either large or small stuff. When needed, it will fold for convenient storage.



You won’t get just a log cart when you purchase this model but 8 different configurations that will make it easy for you to adapt it to your needs.

When not in use, you can fold it and store it away; it takes up very little space, and it is a convenient choice for anyone.

The R-Trac tires offer excellent performance and do not come with the usual annoyances of pneumatic tires, which is a great plus.

You will notice that the frame is made from powder-coated steel that behaves well against wear and tear.

Due to the textured surface, the items you place on the cart won’t slip away during transport.



Be aware of sharp corners and areas where the frame was welded; using a file to smooth them out should do the trick.

Some hardware elements are not properly covered with anti-rust paint, which might become a problem later on.

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6. Sandusky Lee CW3418 Utility Garden Wagon 


This crate wagon is designed to hold up to 400 pounds of load, regardless of what you want to transport with it. From all the firewood log cart reviews out there, you can quickly learn that this type of cart offers multiple advantages, such as significant stability and maneuverability. This model is no exception to the rule, and you will find it convenient to use.

The sides are made from metal mesh, while the frame is made from powder-coated metal to resist corrosion and rust. When you want to turn your crate wagon into a flatbed, everything you have to do is remove the side panels.

A D-style handle makes things easy when you have to move a lot of stuff around. The model comes outfitted with 4 pneumatic tires that will navigate challenging terrain without a glitch. You can just fold down the sides when you have to unload the content.



You will find this model versatile, as it can help you carry tools around the garden, firewood, or even your kids when they want to be hauled around.

Overall, the crate wagon offers good durability since the frame and the mesh wire used for the crate is powder-coated to increase its resistance to corrosion and rust.

When dealing with bigger loads that take up more space than the crate allows, you will only need to remove the side panels and use it as a flatbed.

Pulling the wagon is easy due to the comfortable D-style handle.



The instructions supposed to help you assemble the wagon are not very good and somewhat misleading, but fortunately, putting it together is not very difficult.

Another thing to be aware of is that the side walls need to be detached to use the wagon as a flatbed since just dropping them will cause them to rub against the wheels.

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7. ShelterLogic Haul It Wood Mover 


One of the cheap firewood log carts that make it to our list, this ShelterLogic model offers several advantages. First of all, the construction is based on 14 gauge tubular steel, and the powder coating applied to it makes sure that you won’t see signs of rust or corrosion anytime soon.

Because of its slim design, you will notice that it is possible to go with it through most doors. Another thing that must be mentioned in the presence of pneumatic tires that come with pivot points that stabilize them without a glitch.

Going over challenging terrain is a breeze. The tread pattern ensures that it doesn’t matter what terrain conditions you need to face. Even rocky surfaces are not enough of a challenge for it. Because of the easy tilt pivot points, hauling firewood around is a real breeze. You will find it ideal for a multitude of uses.



Equipped with a dependable steel frame, this model appears to be durable and have a long service life.

Hauling wood around without a glitch is possible due to the easy tilt pivot points present on the wheels.

Rest assured that your log cart can navigate any terrain type from sandy or made of loose soil to rocky surfaces, which is possible due to the pneumatic tires.

Due to its slim design, you will notice that the log cart can go through any door opening.

It is a multi-purpose wagon cart, and you will find many uses for it.



You might experience some issues when putting together the log cart because some holes are not correctly drilled, and some hardware doesn’t fit.

The bottom is designed in such a way that smaller pieces of wood will fall through, so adding a bit of cardboard is needed to remedy the issue.

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8. LEADALLWAY Firewood Cart Wood Hauler 


One of the affordable firewood log carts that makes it to our list is this model from LEADALLWAY. First of all, you will notice its design that lets you accommodate quite the amount of firewood for hauling. The maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds, so this should give you an idea about what it can do.

Sporting 10-inch pneumatic tires, this model can navigate difficult terrain without too much trouble. You can tell right away that this model is a good option for hauling wood due to easy tilt pivot points on the wheels.

You will notice that the wheels work on any type of terrain and in any kind of weather, as they move over the snow with the same ease. Overall, the construction of this model is sturdy, and you may find it a good option for hauling wood all winter long.



With a total weight capacity of 220 pounds and ideal for logs that are 12-inch long or longer, it is an optimal possibility to consider.

The frame is made from wrought iron, so it will hold without showing signs of wear and tear anytime soon.

Besides serving its purpose as a wood hauler, it can also serve as a wood holder so that the firewood remains clean and dry until you need it.

The rubber wheels can be inflated, and they are big enough to offer advantages when moving the hauler over more difficult terrain.



There are some issues with how the holes for the screws were drilled at the factory, so you may find yourself forcing the hauler a little to come together.

If you are a tall person, you will soon notice that you have to lean down to manipulate this hauler, something that can make maneuvering it uncomfortable.

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9. Rural365 Wood Carrier 


Whenever you think of an optimal manner for storing your firewood, log carts with wheels come to mind because of the advantages they offer, with no shadow of a doubt. This firewood log cart is an excellent option because it raises the wood off the ground and ensures that it stays away from mold, rot, and bugs.

At the same time, since it’s a 2-wheel configuration, it helps you move the firewood around as you see fit. The model comes outfitted with pneumatic tires, and you will see how easily it can ride over difficult terrain due to this feature.

The frame is made from tubular steel that was powder-coated to ensure longer service life. You will get to use this product for a lot of time, as a result. Its maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds, which means that storing and using firewood just got better for you.



Rest assured that your firewood will be protected from rot and mold due to the design of this log cart that keeps it raised from the ground.

Hauling the wood around is a breeze, as the 2 pneumatic tires will do a great job helping you move the cart over more challenging terrain.

Ideal for 12-inch long wood logs, it is a go-to solution when you have to store firewood for the winter and also have the means to move it as needed.

The solid construction is a guarantee that you will get to use this option for a long time.



Some hardware pieces, such as the cotter pins, don’t appear too well made, and you might have to get some replacements when you want to put the wood carrier together.

You will notice that the instructions are not particularly helpful in describing the type of hardware you need for assembling the product.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Firewood log carts are an excellent option for hauling wood around and even storing it, which is why they are popular with consumers everywhere. If you want to learn what traits are the most desirable in such a product, reading our guide on the best firewood log carts and their features will help you identify the one that will suit your needs the most.

What options are available?

When talking about means to transport firewood around the house with ease, a few options must be mentioned. The classic design of a log cart has a vertical construction and comes with 2 wheels. This design allows you to stack the logs on top of one another, which means you will keep things organized without any issues.

The most significant advantage is that this type of firewood log cart serves as a storing option. It holds the wood raised from the ground so that it doesn’t rot or catch mold. When you need to use some of it, you can move it with the cart without a problem.

A wagon is another option to consider. For some people, the best firewood carts are those that fall in this category. The advantage is the high weight capacity, which is limited for the design mentioned earlier. The side panels can be removed from the wagon, so unloading such a log cart is easy.

You may not need a model with a high weight capacity. If that’s the case, there are accessories on the market that can be attached to a regular wheelbarrow so that you can transform it into a wood hauling cart. As you can see, there are plenty of options to bear in mind, and there is something suitable for any budget.


The overall quality of the materials

When talking about the best firewood cart, it’s paramount that we also talk about the materials used for making it. Typically, such a product should be made with a steel frame and sturdy wheels made from either rubber or a durable type of plastic.

The steel tubing used for the frame should also be powder-coated so that it doesn’t develop signs of rust and corrosion. You can tell the quality of a firewood log cart by how well it holds when used intensively.

A log cart has to be resistant to wear and tear, and seeing how you will be using it outdoors, it needs to remain unaffected by corrosion and rust, as mentioned earlier. By picking a model made from tough materials, you ensure that you are spending your money wisely.

Aluminum is sometimes used for at least parts of a firewood cart, such as the mesh panels on a wagon. It is still durable, but not as much as steel, and its main advantage is how lightweight it is. However, remember never to sacrifice the quality of a reliable firewood hauling cart for the sake of minor benefits.

Rubber wheels need a bit of maintenance, but they are suitable for traveling on uneven terrain. If you are looking for a less demanding option, plastic wheels are always an option.


Weight capacity and size specifications

Regarding weight capacity, you will find out that there are models that can pull up to 600 pounds, while others are a lot more modest since they can only carry around 150 pounds. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that one with a larger weight capacity is the better one. It all boils down to what kind of wood carrier you need.

You can pick whichever log carrier with wheels suits your needs best, but always bear in mind that you should know a few things about the product you are about to purchase. Log carts with 2 wheels and a vertical design are great for storing wood, but they might have a downside. Most of them don’t have the bottom crossed by additional bars, which means that losing small pieces through is possible.

Also, it is mandatory that you check the size specifications. For instance, you may find a model ideal for transporting 12-inch logs but doing poor work for smaller pieces of wood. The size specifications are important for another reason. You will most likely store the cart in your shed. Knowing what kind of footprint you’re dealing with can help you make a smart decision.

The models with 2 wheels take up less space, but models with 4 wheels might fold to reduce their footprint when you want to store them away. Depending on how much room you have at your disposal for this type of equipment, you should decide on a model that can be easily accommodated in your shed.

Should you pick a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler?

Wood carriers with wheels present the advantage of allowing you to haul substantial amounts of wood around without too much hassle. 2-wheelers are preferred for their vertical design, but they can be more difficult to manipulate than 4-wheelers. They can be used for storing wood, and they take up less space than the ones with 4 wheels.

On the other hand, 4-wheelers allow you to haul more wood, and they are easy to work with. Depending on which of these advantages matter more to you, you should take your pick.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do all firewood log carts have the same weight limit?

No, the firewood log carts present on the market offer different options to choose from. While they can carry a lot more than what an average person could, they are not all the same. Some can hold around 150 pounds, and they are ideal if you don’t need more than this quantity of wood to move from the shed to the house and so on.

On the other hand, some wagons can do a lot more. For instance, some models can accommodate up to 600 pounds of load above the number mentioned earlier. In case you want a firewood cart that can do so much, a wagon-style model would be your most suitable choice.

Manufacturers try to cover all the needs mentioned by customers, so you will find different models with different weight capacity limits. Just make sure to pick the one you need.

Q: Are firewood log carts reliable?

If you have ever tried to haul firewood using only your arms, you know how difficult it can be, unless you only need a couple of logs to make a little fire. You’re not the only one to think like this, which is why a firewood wagon is an immediate solution.

For hauling substantial amounts of wood, nothing beats the reliability and convenience of these carts for carrying logs. As long as you purchase a good quality model, you can count on it for a long time. Usually, they are made from strong materials, like powder-coated steel, and they can take a lot of wear and tear without showing signs of them.

A firewood cart is a sound investment because it will serve you for years to come, provided that you ensure proper maintenance. Without showing signs of rust and corrosion, good firewood carts have a lengthy service life.


Q: Should I choose a firewood cart with 2 or 4 wheels?

It all depends on what you have in mind regarding its uses. A model with 2 wheels has its set of advantages. First of all, it can be used for storing wood in good conditions. A firewood carrier with wheels keeps the wood away from bugs and prevents rot and mold from taking over.

Simultaneously, a cart with 2 wheels occupies significantly less space than one that comes with 4 wheels. The convenience offered might be considered the number one reason for choosing such a cart for many people.

Still, you must bear in mind that a model with 4 wheels can carry a lot more. If you have a lot of work to do in the garden, or your kids want to hop into the wagon for a ride, you will find a 4-wheeler a better choice than a 2-wheeler. Either way, each type has its upsides and downsides, and you should weigh them carefully before making a decision.



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